Pre-Rapture Prayer List #18 :: Compiled by Dick Ainsworth

Pre-Rapture Prayer List #18

I’ve been in the ministry for over 30 years, and it does have its ups & downs! I have had times where I felt like giving up the ministry work and just concentrating on my own salvation, but other times my enthusiasm goes through the roof.

In this article I will present my thoughts on two aspects of both others’ and my ministries.

First, I have noted recently some of the Rapture Ready (RR) article writers announcing in their articles that they would not be writing RR articles anymore. When I saw this, I contacted them immediately expressing my disappointment. I am hoping you readers would do the same, as when these writers receive positive feedback, it brightens their day and creates a bright light in their hearts that encourages them to march on. They are doing what God has called them to do.

I am a firm believer that these discouraging thoughts are placed into the hearts and minds of Christian warriors by Satan himself as he is constantly trying to stop the flow of Biblical truth to the world.

This discouragement comes from Satan who is trying to shut them up. He places these lies in their minds and hearts because as long as they are spreading the light of His Word, the darkness of the devil’s world is exposed and brought into the light. Satan can’t get more souls into hell if they are presented with the truth.

So I am overjoyed to see that these top-notch writers have continued to write excellent articles, sending Satan somewhere to go cry in his beer. And I wish that all prayer warriors would join me regularly in praying for all those serving the Lord not to be discouraged and give up. Satan and his imps never give up. They never sleep and are lying to the world 24/7. I believe they will be lying, screaming and flailing wildly all the way into the intense flames in the lake of fire. They will stand before God at final judgment and continue to lie in the Lord’s face without any remorse or repentance. I realize that “every knee will bow,” but they can lie on their knees just as well as standing upright.

As long as we all continue putting up the good fight all the way up to our earthly death or the rapture, Satan continues to lose the battle that he had already lost long ago.

I was also overjoyed with this Prayer List #18 in that it received its first church bulletin of church members in need of prayer. I will forever have a warm place in my heart for the Fisherville Baptist Church in Louisville, KY, as they broke the ice in my hopes that other churches will follow.

And there was an increase in group prayer lists from individuals, so I urge you all to flood heaven with prayers for those listed in this article. I am sure that this is very pleasing to the Lord.

I am thinking that if this trend continues, I can start making this prayer list a weekly RR post? But that is up to you prayer warriors. Please send in prayer requests, church bulletins’ prayer lists, pass the word to others, etc., to help send Satan running with his head between his legs. That loser is history.

One reason I want to go weekly with the prayer list is that prayer warriors send in prayer requests that sit inside of my computer for days and even weeks, waiting for enough prayer requests to come in for an article to be submitted and posted.

But as you can see from this article #18, a large number of prayer requests came in in a 10-day period of time, so I was able to submit #18 to RR quickly after #17. I really wish that this trend would continue and even grow.

Thanks to all of you for joining God’s prayer army against Satan!  Send your prayer requests to:


Fisherville Baptist Church Prayer List, June 16, 2019

Jeff McCarty-having heart cauterization this morning

Brother Brian’s sister-in-law, Audrey has cancer

Stratton’s neighbor, Jennifer has cancer throughout her body

Bobby Vanhooser-Leukemia, undergoing chemotherapy and stem cell transplant

Leah Huff – lung problems – needs diagnosis

Patsy Drury Hunt- one active cancer spot on liver remains, 3 previous spots are gone.

Cathy Drury-back problems

Matt & Alyssa Kuiper

Carol Stratton- continued success of cancer treatments

Venny Miranda-recovery from back surgery

Chad, Alcorn’s son-in-law, seizures under control, recovery is slow

Philip Campbell-stroke

Utah Mission Group is back

Annie Eades

Carolyn Drury Hatfield – has pain in her stomach – need diagnosis

Tommy Kirby-Judy May’s son

Kerry Robertson-Judy Melear’s nephew, has lymphoma

Tibbott’s- beginning the adoption process

Summer Promisloff-pain from fall and six broken teeth

William Wiedemer-rectal cancer

Dolly Buechele-having test

Our families that need saving

Vernie Daniels-rare virus

Liz Myers

Sandy Smith-rehab

Christy Zawisza-Thyroid surgery tomorrow morning

Ashley Stratton and her gym team traveling to Florida for competition

Our need to evangelize

Kenny Morris family-he passed away and was a Christian

Caylea, Savanna Depew, and Gayle Brown, on trip to Europe, travel grace

Mary Davis

Utah-2020 (Morgan Grace)

Billy Griffith family

Evelyn Barnett

Nada Hoskins

Lisa Hoffman-Strength to speak God’s grace to a family

Chance’s son-in-law being moved from Kuwait to Iraq


Kenny Davis-healed

Andrew Kull-hip replaced, in rehab and doing well


Lisa Hofmann has sent in a prayer list from her church’s Sunday School (Fisherville Baptist Church, Louisville, KY) for the preceding week. Please offer up prayer to the following:

Anna Young – panic attacks and healing

Anna and Larry – married couple going through difficulties

Brian Cox – upcoming job interview

All Adult Children – who are not walking with the Lord

Savio’s Brother – salvation and healing (almost lost him this week)

Christy – surgery and recovery, pray for Sam and Mike as well

Be with our Country during Pride Month that people will come to know truth.

Wade and Heather and Damon – traveling to North Dakota

Opportunities to share the gospel


I received the following letter from Shonda in western Georgia. She is requesting prayer for her troubled children. Excerpts from her letter are as follows:

Dearest Mr. Ainsworth,

I find great peace in going to the Rapture Ready website. It truly amazes me to find like-minded individuals that write articles about the very things that cross my mind. However, I never have anyone (family, friends, co-workers, etc.) to relate to face-to-face. I am a 46-year-old African American conservative, God-fearing female who lives alone in west Georgia. I grew up in prosperity gospel church, but thank the Lord I have now awakened.

My entire family and I have parted ways since I voted for Trump in 2016… smh.

I am asking prayers for my three grown children in the Name of Jesus.

Caiah White (age 25) claims he is bi-sexual. Another child Caleb White (also age 25) is locked up in a Chicago jail. My daughter Dasia Jones (age 22) had my granddaughter who is now 2-years-old, but Dasia refuses to let me spend any time with her at all. Also pray for my granddaughter Nylah Jones.

I pray all is going well with you and your family.

We fly soon!

Warmest regards.


(Dick’s reply) Your load is heavy but your Christian beliefs are strong. Jesus tells us to fear not, because He has overcome the world. Remember and practice John 14:14.


I received a letter from Lisa L. in Oregon who is seeking God’s favor for salvation for a group of people. Her letter is as follows:

Dear Dick,

Please add the following names to the prayer list for the prayer warriors to pray on. To seek salvation for Bev H. and Gideon H. Also, Brian H. who is living in a homosexual lifestyle. Please pray that God will break up that relationship and lead Brian into a straight holy lifestyle.

Please pray that they all will not lose their salvation.

Also pray for Cassidy (age 20) and Saige (age 16) also not to lose their salvation. Pray that they stay faithful and true to God who will work on their hearts through the Holy Spirit and not let Satan steal them away. They both really need Christian friends to help them grow in their faith and to help draw them into a closer, right relationship with God. Right now they don’t have any, and there is no one their age at church.

Pray for Cassidy that she can find Christian peers and a Christian husband who shares her interests. She has no way of meeting anyone right now. Also, that God will lead her to the right job that He has in mind for her. She’d like to have her own business but doesn’t have the $. She also would like to move out on her own.

Pray for Saige to find Christian peers and for God to provide a Christian husband when the time is right, who has the same interests. Also pray that God will lead her to the right college (one that is good for her faith as well as her career), and that she won’t quit going to church while in college. Pray that God will provide the money needed for college so she can pursue what God has put on her heart.

Pray for the 2020 Presidential election. Also pray that our church will grow. And pray that the changes in my workspace/job (school librarian) don’t go through.

I pray all of these prayers to God in the Name of His Son Jesus Christ.

Thank You!

Lisa L. – Oregon


Good afternoon,

My name is Heather Grobler, and I need prayer to find work, please.

I love reading your articles.

God Bless

Heather from South Africa


Thanks to all who will pray for:

Danny, whose lung cancer has spread to his brain, and for his salvation; Ann, Danny’s mother; Susanna who has Potts Syndrome and needs prayer for her health as she plans to go on a mission trip to Moldova in August; Jonathan, for salvation and deliverance from alcohol, tobacco and energy drinks; Kent has had a massive stroke, prayers for recovery; Noveta, who has melanoma in left leg. Started in heel and has moved up the leg into groin area; Born-again pastors everywhere who preach the whole counsel of God, including prophecy.

In Christ’s Name,



I wish for all prayer warriors to pray for my bladder cancer diagnosis and the constant fear and anxiety that is getting worse by the day. This would be greatly and deeply appreciated. Also, please pray for all those that are living with this horrible decease.

In Jesus’ Name

Linda Sellers


Please pray for all of my family who need salvation: Lisa Hofmann is requesting prayer for all of her family who need and will find salvation with the Lord Jesus.


Bill and Karen

Laura, Dave, Beth, Blake, Madison, McKenzie


Jenny and Randall

Lynn and John

George and Deirdre

Colleen and Kyle

Caroline and Robert

Libby and Barry



Nick and Kylie

And for my immediate family who profess Christ, to grow in Him and be ready for whatever trials may come, as the world grows darker and Christians are hated.

Joe and Lisa (me)

Maggie and Andrew and Liam

Max and Sarah

Kathryn and Josh


Jon Backlund was rushed to the hospital June 17 with a severe heart attack. The doctors found his kidneys were failing, so they couldn’t tend to his heart until the kidneys were back in order.

Please pray for Jon through Jesus’ Name in his time of need.


I received the following prayer request from Murray Lorance:

“Her cry in the latest (& possibly last) article is a clarion call for our intercessory prayer for her lost family members, and her country.

“Perhaps this weekend’s Prayer Center would be a good place to call on your large readership to earnestly beseech our Heavenly Father for breakthrough as she kneels in the gap! We must care for our own!

“Blessings on your ministries, brethren!”

Murray Lorance in Shoreline, WA

Here is the link to Geri’s article posted June 11.

Lucky for all of us, Geri was back with a June 16 RR posted article as the Lord spoke to her and her husband to keep doing what you are doing. That article was entitled “Loneliness of the Christian in these Last Days,” and we see from it how Christians who minister His Word in many various ways experience suffering caused by Satan trying to discourage them into quitting. That article link is as follows:

All of you readers will see how God fixes our problems through other Christian believers. Your letters to these writers help to relieve the loneliness. Those that feel lonely really aren’t alone.

Another way all of you readers can battle Satan is if you notice other ministers, pastors, lay persons or teachers who seem to be discouraged or backsliding a bit, that it all is coming from Satan. You need to pass this article on to them with your personal encouragement.

But by all means, PRAY for all of those trying to serve God by spreading His Word to the world.

And as Gene Autrey sang in one of his signature songs, “I’m back in the saddle again.”


God promises us all in the Bible that He will bring us “a new heaven and a new earth” (Revelation 21:1). The planet Earth has been Satan’s playground for over 6,000 years, and one can see what a mess he has made of things. We all look forward to the new perfect world with no Satan and his imps.

So we must pray that all earthlings on this planet will join us in His new paradise forever. We must pray that Satan will suffer complete defeat by the hand of our Lord, and we will all enjoy an eternal reunion with our creator.

Pray that the pastors, preachers, teachers, crazy aunts & uncles, etc., will be unhindered by Satan in these last days in their efforts to better serve God. Amen.


Please pray for my daughter, Danielle. She said when she was younger she asked the Lord to come into her heart and save her, and later she wanted to be baptized because she said she felt it’s what God wanted her to do. At age 12, she was given the hpv vaccine and became disabled. Since then (she’ll be 20 in Nov), she is depressed, withdrawn, and when I try to talk to her about God, or anything, she tunes me out.

She only leaves the house for doctor appointments. When I asked her if she thought she’d go to heaven, she said she hoped so, but she obviously has no faith or confidence in her salvation, which worries me that she is not saved and will be left behind. Before the shot, I’m sure I heard the Lord tell me ‘don’t give her that shot’ and I didn’t. But as time went on and I heard many ‘professionals’ say how it protected girls from cancer, I allowed the doctors to give it to her.

I feel like Eve in the garden and Satan saying, did God really say that? How could I have been so stupid?! Her life has never been the same. She could no longer attend school, lost all her friends, and after her father’s death at age 9, her paternal family stopped contacting her as well, stealing her small inheritance. She is so alone except for me. Please help me pray for her salvation. I don’t know if she’s saved or not, but I’m so worried she’ll be left behind, and I need help praying for her.

Also, my entire family is lost. My aunts, cousins, their families…Vicky, Gwen, Matt, Susan, Mickey, Courtney, Tim, Gerry, Terri, Sandy, Rick, Toni, Lindsey, Sara Beth, Amy, Jeff, and friends I’ve witnessed to: Frank, Amy, Mike, Anne, Phyllis, Karen, Steve, and Cindy.

Finally, please pray for my mother, Julie, who has told me to stay out of her life. She is a very troubled person, I’m told, probably a narcissist. She is 77 and in poor health. I was the only person she had in her life to help her as the rest of the family, save her 85-year-old sister several states away, has walked away from her due to her narcissistic ways.

She caused a minor car accident recently; and when I tried to talk to her about no longer driving, she said once again to get out of her life, and she threatened me. I can no longer take her abuse but, at the same time, I surrender to the Lord’s will; and if she contacts me for help, I’ll help her. Otherwise, I can only keep praying for her and that she doesn’t cause any more accidents. I wonder how can someone who’s a narcissist be saved? They cannot see their sin nor their need for a Savior. She has caused me decades of pain. But I continue praying for her salvation.

Thank you, brothers and sisters in Christ. You are my family, and I know one day soon I will meet you all.

May the Lord come soon,

Bless you, Brother Ainsworth, and thanks for all your hard work.

Robin Reese


Dear Beloved Dad and Blessed family in The Lord, greetings from Light Of The World Family in India. We Praise God for the #64, #65 editions of RR. We keep Remember Prayer List each and Every Saints in our Prayers. We give glory to Our Lord for His Mercy upon us and Spiritual Strengthen through Prayers as well as Fellowship.

During this Summer we have wonderful privilege to reach youth groups, VBS Bible Study through kids, women retreats, reached lost souls through Outreach Camps, as we know that our team able to reach through powerful prayers behind us.

Pray for India and government.

Pray for The RSS, Siva Sena groups.

Pray for sick people in and around us.

Pray for Carol growth.

Pray for Gospel through music in India.

We keep sharing and remember your family eternal salvation and your health. We make copies and distribute your articles to those who knows English to youth groups. So many people under the blessings.

God’s Love,


Light of the World ministry

WGD, Andrae Pradesh, India


Hi Dick,

Thank you for putting this prayer list out on the Rapture Ready Website!

Please pray for my Husband, Mike, who is a non-believer and not even remotely close to accepting that Jesus is the Son of God – or that there is even a God.

Prayer for my Son, Dustin, that he would remember who Jesus is. He was brought up attending church and made the profession of faith, but has since turned his back on God. He later told me that he said what he had to say to get through that part of his life. He is now 33, and though he knows the Bible, has no use for it.

Prayer for my age 75 Mom, Sharon, to gain a desire to read and walk in God’s Word. She was baptized when she was a little girl; and when we discuss Jesus, she says, “I was baptized.” I told her it isn’t about the baptism, but the relationship. She has been praying and repenting of her previous sins and asking for forgiveness, so I think she is learning and growing, even though she is not reading God’s Word.

Thank you,




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Prayer List info and guidance

A good way to build a stronger prayer life is to print off hard copies of Prayer Lists #1 to #15 and following, and at any time of day or night when you as an individual want to pray to the Lord, take out your printed copies and read/pray over them again. This is also great for family group prayer and home-church group prayer. God has a very big memory, and all prayers are recorded by Our Lord and Savior.

Below are the links (in blue) to all prayer lists thus far:

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Email your prayer requests to:


Thank You!

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