After the Rapture #62 :: By Dick Ainsworth

After the Rapture – Part 62
No Big Deal?

Our world from corner to corner is dominated and overrun with the vilest of evil. The Bible tells us of this that the end-times will usher in the rapture, followed with 7 years of tribulation, and then by the second coming of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is all part of His Plan for His Creation. Every living soul, past and present, needed to either follow God or reject Him. Woe to them who make the wrong choice.

But Satan has planted the belief in many people’s minds that a person who doesn’t openly reject God can and will be saved. Not so. Jesus said in both Matthew 12:30 and Luke 11:23 that “He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth.”

It can’t be any plainer than that.

A person may erroneously believe that just because they don’t openly say in public that they reject God, they are home free. They know there is a God and He is the creator of everything, but they are too busy and preoccupied with their worldly lives. They don’t reject God; they just don’t have time for Him – it’s no big deal to them. They are sitting in the dark corner of life.

I believe these are whom Our Lord refers to as the “lukewarm” in Revelation 3:16 when He declared, “So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold or hot, I will spue (vomit) thee out of my mouth.”

Once again, it doesn’t get any plainer than that!

So many people that believe there is a “higher authority” absolutely do not have it “made in the shade”! Let’s discount the fact that many people believe that their “higher authority” goes by the names of Mohammed, Confucius, the pope, Buddha, the virgin Mary, Allah and a very long list of false gods, self-proclaimed prophets and others. There are many who know the God of the Bible does exist but their god is the world. They believe in the world instead of believing in God, the creator of the world. Imagine what a dive they will take when that new tribulation-period god, identified as “antichrist,” comes onto the scene? Talk about a rude awakening?

I believe Satan has worked out a very efficient plan to take away God’s creation and pull them all into the eternal Lake of Fire. It should really work except for the fact that he is dealing directly with Almighty, all-knowing and all-powerful God. After all, God did create Lucifer and knew him completely before he became Satan. God knows how the end of the book reads because He wrote the book.

Lucifer was supposedly the brightest angel of all, but I believe Satan to be very stupid. Satan knows himself how all of this ends, yet he keeps charging forward thinking he can overthrow his Almighty Creator. He doesn’t believe in the power of God (that is the ultimate understatement).

This all began with the angel Lucifer’s rebellion against God in heaven in which he wanted to be like God. Lucifer was the first false god and probably the inspiration behind God’s first of His Ten Commandments in Moses’ Book of Exodus 20:2-3, “I am thy Lord thy God … Thou shall have no other gods before me.”

There is only enough room in heaven for one God (“THE God”); He consumes all false gods. As He tells us six times, He is a jealous God (starting with Exodus 34:14). And the devil still thinks he can pull it off even to this day?

God already knows who of His creation accepts Him and who doesn’t. But each individual must do the accepting, or by becoming lukewarm, or outright rejecting Him.

So He cast Lucifer (now known as Satan) and one-third of the angels out of heaven and gave them the earth; and they tempt and lure its population into sin. God allowed this to be done over 6,000 years ago; His creation will spend their earthly lifetime being tested with satanic temptations. Some will pass the testing but many will flunk out.

Let’s try to take a count of what we are up against today. To start with, we don’t know how many “one-third” of the angels are. One-third of what? We know it is a bunch. In the 5th chapter of Mark, Jesus and His apostles sailed to Gadarenes where they came upon a demon-possessed outcast named Legion who lived in a cemetery. He was named “Legion” because he was possessed by many demons (a Legion). Jesus cast out the demons into a herd of 2,000 hogs feeding nearby (verse 13), so we know Legion was possessed by at least 2,000 demons/fallen angels.

And there are other instances in the New Testament where Jesus cast out multiple demons from individuals. And He passed on this power to cast out demons to His apostles.

Satan and the one-third fallen angels/demons are immortal. They have been around lying and tricking people into sin for over 6,000 years. So we look at the sinful condition of the world today. They have led many humans to follow Satan, and these humans breed other demonic human offspring.

A good example is Bill and Hillary Clinton’s only child Chelsea who is now pregnant with her third child. One of her latest public statements is that all pro-life people were anti-Christian. First off, I personally don’t believe Chelsea Clinton would know what it is to be a Christian if one were to fall through her roof and hit her in her empty head! And then, what if she teaches a Sunday school class somewhere; that would be a disaster!

Those three kids (so far) being raised by nutcases Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton don’t stand much of a chance with rotten influences they surely will be subjected to. Satan is using human reproduction to further increase his army against God and His Kingdom. I pray that those three or so kids will learn the Biblical truth God has prepared for them instead of the false teachings from their immediate family.

Look at fake news media, the twisted entertainment industry, falling-away Christian churches, false gospel cults, crooked politics, etc., that have increased Satan’s evil recruiting efforts. No wonder so many good Christians are giving up hope.

Satan’s army is both spiritual and human. We have the one-third fallen angels along with evil generations of humans who wrote books, created a following of subordinates and bred like-minded enemies of God. Look at how many of today’s politicians, celebrities, media talking-heads, etc., that quote, follow and push the ideology of these early deranged loser “leaders.”

And we live in this headed-for-hell world of today. About five years ago I developed a “going down with the ship” attitude, except I changed it to “going up with the small rowboat”! This world is going down the commode by its own doing, which is all the more reason for Christ’s soon return to permanently make all things right.

Let’s examine Jesus’ words to His apostles in His Olivet Discourse (Matthew 24). Disease and pestilences are increasing at an awesome ever-rapid rate. The fake news folks won’t report it, but many new death traps plus an increase in the old standbys are flocking onto the world scene, many of which are sexually transmitted. LGBTQ can assume credit for much of this.

Extreme weather events are either caused by God or else He is allowing them to happen naturally. Records show the vast increase in the number and intensity of earthquakes, hurricanes, droughts, floods, tornados, volcano activity, etc. A recent report stated the top 50 active volcanos in the USA where 32 were in the Alaska area, 14 on the west coast (Calif., Ore., Wash.), three in Hawaii and Yellowstone in Wyoming. So the rest of the USA is safe? No, they can share the tornados, floods, hurricanes, etc. All of these extreme weather events will strongly affect the food and safe drinking water supplies, shelter, communications, health services, etc.

What can we say about wars and rumors of wars? And it isn’t just a nation against nation thing. Their leadership meets with each other but not so much to find peaceful solutions. I believe it is to plan attack strategies. This week North Korea’s Kim is meeting with Russia’s Putin. I didn’t like the sound of that from the get-go.

Many other nations are either in or planning wars. Look at the Middle East around Israel? Or India and Pakistan? Or many of the African nations?

And also the “rumors of wars” prophecies? So many nations are near civil wars amongst themselves. The USA included. Not counting widespread violence, riots and terrorism. One nutcase drives a vehicle into a crowded market, killing a number of people; so the next thing you know, others are doing the same. Monkey see, monkey do.

It is normal now for Trump supporters and staff members not to be able to eat dinner with their families in public-eating establishments without being attacked by wackos. Students at high schools and colleges are being attacked for wearing a MAGA hat. Even teachers and professors are attacking and ripping off Trump shirts in filled classrooms. Freedom of Speech is dead as the education administrative heads now endorse who says what at graduations and their other guest-speaking forums.

All of this is Bible prophecy being fulfilled by the Creator who wrote it. Don’t pay any attention to those who say “we have always had earthquakes and diseases, so no big deal” That is Satan talking through his human being followers. He wants to convert everyone’s thinking that God’s big deal is “no big deal.” He knows it is. He just doesn’t want the world to know. Lying by omission.

There is so much sin and evil that now so many are overwhelmed with it all. But I feel there are way too many who have become lulled into this way of life to where they become “underwhelmed”? It’s becoming more and more “no big deal.”

By my own personal estimate, I have suggested that five billion humans will be left behind after the rapture. None of us know God’s schedule for these judgments being poured out on earth, but I think much of it will be during the 7-year tribulation period. But much of it is happening at this present time (extreme weather events, wars and rumors of wars, violence, disease and pestilences, etc.).

Our Blessed Hope is that after our rapture and then later return with Jesus, He will put a permanent end to all hate, anger, conflicts, diseases, etc., and replace them with pure 100% peace and love. We true believers know that will happen. The big challenge is to get 5 billion others to believe the truth before it is too late for them.

Reader Feedback

Hi Dick,

I really enjoy your articles. They are always well thought out & are full of common sense.

I noticed in your today’s article about the LDS canneries, that the area code for the one in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada is incorrect. The area code is 780. The other area codes are fine.

God bless you & your ministry.

Lorna Robb



I just finished your RR article mentioning LDS canneries and the one in Bridgeton. Thank you for the information; I would have never thought of getting left-behind supplies from such a place, though I know Mormons prep extensively. Also, I didn’t realize you are a Missourian! I live in Saint Peters.
So, hi neighbor! (kind of) and thanks for your great articles!

God Bless,



Wilderness Survival Tips:

Maintaining your health in the wilderness can be difficult for some unless they are willing to eat certain foods they particularly don’t like. They need to get used to it as they are eating for survival now. Such is the case with items like sauerkraut which is a fermented food with many health benefits.

It is easy to make. The recipe is basically 3 tablespoons of salt to 5 pounds of shredded cabbage. After making sure the salt is thoroughly blended in the cabbage, add the other seasonings you prefer such as black pepper, caraway seed or garlic. Blend in a large clean bucket (if there are 10-12 in your group) with a lid. Place in cool place (like a cellar) to ferment 10 to 14 days. Constantly check to make sure the shredded cabbage is covered with liquid. If not, add salt water. It will last 6 months if in a cool place. For centuries this was the method used. The left-behind should eat a small portion 2 or 3 times a week.


Before refrigerators and ice boxes, Zeer Pots were a common item for keeping food cool and not spoiling. You can buy them online, but remember: if you are dealing with 10-12 in your group, you might consider several. And you would want to keep them in a cool place like a cellar. You don’t want to leave them out in the sun.

You can make your own. Get a large pot and then a smaller pot to fit inside. Fill the space or crack between the two pots with wet sand. Fill the inner pot with food and cover the top with a damp cloth. Place in a cool place but check frequently to keep the sand and the cloth covering wet. The method causing the cooling is called “evaporation cooling.” It has been used for centuries (before Christ).


On the subject of water, you may be confronted with either too much or too little water.

When you plant potatoes, plant on high ground where excess water (rain) will drain off. Potatoes don’t like too wet of soil.

But develop a method of saving rainwater and a way to store it. Especially if you are not close to a running stream or large creek.

Crazy uncles need to put a good water filter in their left-behind boxes. The more popular by expert outdoorsmen are the Sawyer Mini and the Life Straw. You can get them online. Get several as you are dealing with a possible 7 years of use and their replacements. In earlier articles I recommended a large supply of iodine tablets.


If you are new to the wilderness, then plants, shrubs and vines like poison ivy, poison sumac (we called it “itch weed”) and poison oak will be new to you. Learn to recognize it when you see it.

Some medications to sooth and cure are hydrocortisone cream, calamine lotion and 100% aloe vera.

Homemade remedies are pastes made up of baking soda, cooked oatmeal, minced potatoes or cucumbers. Don’t mix. This is four different pastes. You can also soak a piece of cloth with apple cider vinegar and pat on infected areas. And applying sliced cucumbers on infected areas provides relief.


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