After the Rapture #66 :: By Dick Ainsworth

The gathering of Satan’s buzzards

I feel we are very close to the rapture, which is good for us, but a disaster for those who will be left behind. My main reason is simple. We are members of Christ’s church; thus, He leaves us for now on earth in order to serve Him. That used to include mowing the church lawn or maybe driving the church bus for weekly Bible study and weekend services, but mainly to witness His Word to the unsaved world and further our own walk with Christ.

But not so much any more. Many of the churches today don’t deserve to have their lawns mowed by church volunteers, and many pastors preaching prosperity and other false gospels from their pulpits would better serve their church congregations by mowing their own lawns.

The same holds true for volunteer bus drivers, and they would be doing Christianity a favor if they would leave those buses parked. There is no sense in bussing in people to hear false gospels.

Witnessing His Word is being trampled out by Satan’s buzzards, and it is nearly impossible to bear witness to Our Lord and Savior without being suffocated out by the buzzards in this present evil world.

Mid-week Bible Study has been replaced by many fallen-away churches with substitutes like co-ed volleyball leagues and bingo nights, as Bible study nights just weren’t drawing the crowds the governing pastor wished for. He/she has been deceived into believing that it is best that their flock be happy and entertained on earth with their fun & games plus prosperity gospels rather than being saved for eternity in heaven. So he/she would prefer 200 people yelling “BINGO’ rather than ten people learning God’s Word that can ensure eternal salvation with Him.

I believe that, in the eyes of God, ten Bible students are more apt to receive His grace and forgiveness than an auditorium full of bingo and volleyball players.

The pastors are supposed to lead their churches, but now one must ask “who’s leading whom?”

The “new church normal” is a Satan-designed apostasy that is growing in popularity by leaps and bounds. And Satan’s “herd of birds” (scavengers) are spearheading this evil movement. Recently, a Christian friend of mine was shut down by a social media outlet for posting too many conservative Christian articles. Been there, done that.

God does want everyone to be happy, but that is ensured and promised for eternity in heaven, not before, as our lives on earth have no promise of continuous happiness. There is some happiness on earth mixed with sorrow, tribulation and unhappiness, but eternal, continuing happiness is only in heaven forever.

Another very efficient piece of trickery by Satan is the misinterpretation of God’s infallible Word. Upon reciting a clear-cut Bible version of sin, many times it is followed by statements from the pulpit out of the mouths of wolves like “what that really means is ……………..” The result is to tickle the ears of the sheeple to make them feel good and happy, with the end result being to make them feel more comfortable and happy in their sins.

“It really isn’t sin because God wants everyone to be happy.” This is from Satan’s New Age movement that now has deep roots in the established, once-truthful, Biblical Christianity.

Granted, too many pastors are leading their sheep in the wrong direction. But the sheep are headed towards the lake of fire in which nobody is forcing them to follow that wide path. Everyone is responsible for their own salvation. The sheep need to make better personal decisions, follow the infallible word in the Bible and not be so easily deceived. They are making poor choices.

I want to go on to say that anyone who silences or changes the Word of God (Revelation 22:18-19; Deuteromony 4:2) will suffer His great harsh judgment and wrath. So much for prosperity gospels, the New Age movement and many other wide paths (Matthew 7:13-14).

This is a major reason I believe the rapture is near. We can gobble up all of the ongoing daily news showing end-times Bible prophecy being fulfilled before our very eyes, but I believe God hasn’t raptured us yet as we are still serving Our Lord here on earth. That is where He needs us to be. I believe He will call us home when we are unable to serve Him (through no fault of our own) anymore on earth. We believers are His servants; and when Satan’s buzzards block our abilities to serve Him, He will then take us home to serve Him before His throne.

But what has happened to my Christian friend is a mere drop in the bucket compared to worldwide Christian/Jewish persecution. These many times violent onslaughts by the collective buzzards of the world are rapidly choking out the voices of those crying in the wilderness with God’s perfect Word.

Of course, in the end, we will win and Satan’s side will lose, but we all must endure this persecution until then. And it hurts us all as we read about a believer trying to witness to lost souls, only to be shut down by the imps of Satan; thus, Our Lord’s Word is muffled. That hurts all believer’s souls and hearts. But that will end for us at the rapture as we will continue to serve God; there will be no battles between good and evil as there is no sin and evil  in heaven.

This is all happening now before the antichrist has yet to be revealed. Imagine, if you will, this readymade hell presently on earth awaiting the antichrist, for him to step into the readymade earthly hell without resistance. The Christian resistence will be gone in the rapture.

So if organized evil has suffocated those of us from spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we are no longer of service to God here on earth. It’s not our fault. We are trying to serve Him. So He may rapture us out so we may continue our service to Him before His throne in heaven.

So be cautious in what you read and consume. If Satan’s buzzards can shut us down, they will surely substitute with their own false gospels to further “tickle the ears” of the sheeple in need of His truth (2 Timothy 4:3-4; Acts 28:27; Matthew 13:15).

All of us servants of God are under constant temptations from the buzzards, which is a good thing. It aggravates all of us believers to no end, and our God in heaven could end all temptations in the blinking of His eye if He so wished. But He allows it to be for our own good. Our victory is in overcoming the buzzard’s temptations.

11 – Now all these things happened unto them for ensamples: and they are written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the world are come.

12 – Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall.

13 – There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it” (1 Corinthians 10: 11-13).

The role of the 144,000 in the tribulation period

According to our Lord Jesus Christ, in His own words to His Apostles during His Olivet Discourse just before his kangaroo court trial, He said, “For there shall be great tribulation, such as was not seen since the beginning of the world, to this time, nor shall ever be” (Matthew 24:21). That includes Noah’s flood (only 8 people survived by the Grace of God) and other judgments like Sodom and Gomorrah, etc. This will be the worst by far with nothing topping it in the whole of eternity. I don’t include the eternity in the lake of fire as that is not tribulation. It is final judgment.

This is the 66th article in this “After the Rapture” series, and I have harped repeatedly about many of the plans Satan’s has for the multitude of those left behind and what they must suffer through for up to seven years. Again, I say, the easiest, safest and less painful way to heaven is through the rapture.

Revelation 14:1-6 and 7:1-8 raises within me several new questions concerning the 144,000 sealed witnesses. Who are they and where did they come from?

We know they are “redeemed amongst men,” but I’m not sure if they are living and/or dead men risen from their graves. We know the sealing takes place in heaven before the throne in the presence of angels, the four beasts, the elders, etc., amid heavenly harps and new songs. So, it appears to me, the 144,000 are actually in heaven before coming to this planet and their earthly mission field.

Are they angels or angelic? It appears to me they are in glorified bodies. None of the antichrist’s mob can harm them as they are sealed and marked in their foreheads by God Himself, so are they immortal? They can’t harm or kill any angel.

I have “guesstimated” that 5 billion earthlings will be left behind after the rapture. The tribulation period is the “last call” for eternal salvation in heaven. The Holy Spirit-guided 144,000 have a lot of work ahead.

God doesn’t wish that any should perish (John 3:15-16; 2 Peter 3:9), so I believe only those of the guesstimated 5 billion who are guilty of the unforgivable sin (Matthew 12:31-32) cannot be saved. The Gospel of Jesus Christ will be preached to all the world before His second coming. Those with hardened hearts can’t be saved, but they will be unable to harm or kill any of the 144,000.

I have always had a problem with 144,000 Jewish virgin men redeemed from the earth (12 thousand from each of the 12 tribes of Israel). I wonder if one could count 144,000 Jewish male virgins at this present time in all of Israel, let alone 12,000 from each of the twelve tribes (and two of those tribes have nearly disappeared over time).

That is why I speculated dead Jewish men redeemed from their earthly graves. Maybe counting Old Testament saints will get the numbers up if they are raised up from their graves (raptured?), plus those not participating in Israel’s many present and upcoming raging wars during these end-times. Add to that the fact that Israel is not a Christian nation but rather a Jewish nation awaiting the first coming of their Messiah. How can they teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ when they don’t believe in Jesus Christ? How many Jews will be raptured? Will they go up only to turn around and come back down as one of the 144,000?

It could be that the 144,000 meeting before The Throne with many angels, 24 elders, etc., present may be a schooling and training session on the Gospels of Jesus Christ? After all, the apostle John the Divine was taken up from Patmos into heaven to witness the end-times to come and record it in the final book of Revelation in the Bible (even though many Bible teachers believe John saw these visions of the end-times in dreams while still on and not leaving Patmos).

I don’t believe that. When he dropped to his knees before the throne (chapter 1), I believe John literally did that. And when he was told to “come up hither” (chapter 4), that wouldn’t be necessary if one was dreaming. Many other instances tell me John was raptured up into heaven to witness the end-times and then “write these things down.” John had conversations with angels and others. He was even told to “eat up the little book” (Revelation 10:9-10), which I don’t know how one eats up a dream.

I believe he was then “un-raptured” and returned to the Isle of Patmos.

But I also included the possibility of the 144,000 being angels taking human form as Jews. That happened frequently throughout the Bible with the good angels. An angel rolled back and was sitting on the large stone at Christ’s grave. The angel carried on a conversation with the women who came to Jesus’ tomb (Matthew 28:5-7). An angel appeared to Joseph, telling him to flee with Mary and the child Jesus into Egypt during the reign of King Herod (Matthew 2:13-19). Two angels appeared to Lot and the gay community in Sodom and Gomorrah just before God’s judgment of fire and brimstone fell from heaven (Genesis 19:1-15). This is just three of many instances of good angels taking human form and intermingling with earthlings that is recorded in the Bible.

God’s good and faithful angels outnumber Satan’s fallen angels two-to-one. And they appear frequently in human form at times of need for Christian believers today. Of course, the evil fallen angels appear frequently also, but they are outnumbered 2 to 1. But according to our world culture today, the sin and evil is winning out over good. If evil wasn’t winning, I doubt there would be need for the rapture as of yet? If evil is so dominant and good is being erased, God will call the good home (the rapture) as their witness is no longer working.

It isn’t the good angels’ fault. They try hard to teach the good Christian way of life, but the human sin nature of man frequently wins out over good – “If it feels good, do it.”

Fallen angels, on the other hand, appear in other forms, starting with the talking snake with Eve in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3:1-5). It is interesting to know and ponder that there are over 3,000 species of snakes in this world today with over 600 being venomous! (Google).

I can flip on my 100-channel tv on any given night and see hundreds of snakes in suits and ties, plus revealing nearly nude dresses and wardrobes on news, politics, entertainment and religious, etc., programming.

I have stated before that all of the 144,000 would witness the Word to both Jews and Gentiles during the tribulation period. Others say they are to witness to the Jews only. God doesn’t wish that any should perish. The trib is the final call. I take that to mean all who have not repented of their sins and accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Why would God leave the Gentiles behind to perish at the hands of antichrist and just save the Jews?

The world Jewish population is nearly 15 million, which includes 8.7 million inside the country of Israel itself. That is a little over 100 for each of the 144,000. They can handle a lot more than that, especially when all of them are to be led and guided by the Holy Spirit.

In an article back in early 2018, I expressed my beliefs that these 144,000 witnesses would be guided and placed all over the world by the Holy Spirit of God. I believe they wouldn’t have to wait in delayed airline ticket lines or wait for a rent-a-car check-in in order to reach the left-behind. No hotel reservations or long drives into the wilderness searching for hidden, scared, left-behind souls. They won’t be burdened with these time-consuming chores involved in travel and their daily existence.

I believe God will hand all Bible-study classes and their witnessing – complete with thorough question & answer sessions and Godly fellowshipping – over to the Holy Spirit-driven 144,000. I believe the Holy Spirit will inspire the left behind to ask the right questions. All the left behind need do is accept the Holy Spirit-guided answers. God is still offering His creation free choice. The left behind will be told that God does not wish that any should perish, so this is their very last chance for eternity in heaven.

It is my belief that none of the 144,000 will need an introduction, as the left behind will know them right off the bat. But they will have to believe their witness over their fearful existance of being hunted by the AC gestapo, living in the dreadful wilderness, coping with wild beasts and the harsh elements, living off of dandelion greens and tepid pond water, etc. No one will lack for God’s truth with complete directions as to “the only way.” It will be up to each of the left-behind to make their own personal decision one way or another. Remember that the fallen, evil angelic imps will also be present in evil-spirit form to tempt and lie in behalf of Satan.

God has done this sort of miraculous thing before. In the Book of Acts 8:26-40, we find the Holy Spirit sending Philip into the Gaza desert to catch up with the Ethiopian eunuch to teach him scripture and to baptize him. Finding water in the desert is no problem at all for God (He created all water, so knows where He put it!). He put Philip where he needed him to be in short order, so I don’t think 144,000 will be any problem worldwide 24/7. He will put them where they need to be.

So there is very good reason to hope and pray for those left behind in the tribulation period. We must add this to our prayer lists in the end-times we are now in. Most of those who will be left behind have no idea what lies ahead for them, but us believers know for sure, and it tends to stress us out. Just like allowing your teenage kids going out at night on dates. They aren’t worried a bit about anything, but the parents wear holes in their carpet pacing back and forth until after midnight and they all arrive home safely.

I hope this gives relief and lessens the worry for crazy aunts & uncles stressing out over left-behind family, friends and loved ones. God doesn’t want you to be stressed and worried over anything as He is in control over the universe. If you trust Him (John 14:14), it will turn out perfectly for eternity. Trust in the Lord rather than mankind. Satan cannot steal a person’s soul from God’s Hand (John 10:29).

Reader Feedback:

I recently wrote a letter to Pete Garcia, a regular RR writer, asking him his views on some end-times prophecies. Here is my letter, followed by his reply:

Hi Pete,

I really enjoy your RR articles and look forward to them (even when there is a long time-gap since the last. Where ya been?).

I’m really glad that you plan follow-up articles on the Holy Spirit after the rapture. I do wonder what the Holy Spirit’s function will be since He is omnipresent and available to all new believers everywhere? I believe a certain number must survive the tribulation period as they are needed to repopulate in the 1,000-year millennial period? So I don’t think Satan and antichrist can kill and destroy all of the left behind? So I believe there will be “restraining” during that time.

Also, what do you believe will be the overall function of the 144,000 witnesses? I think they will be able to witness to all people of different tongues worldwide.

Thanks again for your very educating articles.

Dick Ainsworth


My apologies for not responding sooner. I meant to, and then life happened (work, five kids, writing, etc.) I thought I had responded but then realized I didn’t. Anyway, forgive my absence of mind.

I believe that the Holy Spirit’s role will be very much like it was before the age of the Church (Acts 2 to present). The Holy Spirit could come upon people to accomplish certain things (Samson, David, John the Baptist, etc.), but the sealing/indwelling (Eph. 1:11-14, 4:30) is unique to the Church-age believers. So yes, people will still get saved, but they are not “once saved always saved” like we are today. Because, if someone made a profession of faith (after the Rapture), and then later decides to worship the antichrist and take the mark of the beast, we would be at a Biblical conundrum of two paradoxical truths, which I don’t think God would ever allow to happen.

As to the 144K, I don’t know what their roles will be. God had His 7,000 who didn’t bend a knee to Baal during Elijah’s day, but it didn’t say what they did or what their role was other than to stand against the current tide of his day.


Wilderness Survival Tips

One of the most skilled commando military units was the Japanese Ninja units. This article will center on food and water survival, so you will have to look elsewhere for battles with Samurai swords, etc. This section will list recipes for foods that will have long shelf life and were invented by the master Ninja inventers themselves.

There are many recipes for Ninja survival foods on the internet, and I will include one of the more popular where a well-trained Ninja can go for 45 days without water or weeks without food. Mind you, I didn’t say the average American could go 45 days, etc., as the Ninja of years past was a warrior second to none, and their intense training would be on a par with our Navy seals and other elites.

You can make these energy survival foods at home and store them away for the left behind, preferably in a deep freeze. The military foods by name are: Hyourougab, Kikatsugan, and Suikatsugan. I will give you a recipe for Suikatsugan. On the internet, you can find information on the others:

1 part – finely chopped Spearmint leaves (use a mortar & pestle to grind up into powder)

3 parts – finely ground Kudza starch (grind into powder like Spearmint. Can be bought online)

5 parts – finely ground Licorice root (slice & dice thinly. When dried, chop finely)

10 parts – Plum paste or prune paste (prepare the same way as licorice root)

Dump all four ingredients in mortar, and mix and mash very finely.

½ tsp. – water (dump water in mortan and mix and mash. DO NOT OVER-WATER)

Roll into small balls about one centimeter in size. Let dry in sun. 3 balls will last a person 3 days without water and food. Don’t forget your One-a-Day supplement plus a fish oil capsule each morning. Most of you are not Ninja-trained, so don’t expect the same results as a Ninja would. But you will experience an improvement in survival. Eating and drinking requires mental discipline to go without food and water.


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