“After the Rapture” Directory of Articles :: By Dick Ainsworth

Due to the increasing number of emails wanting back copies of articles, I have put together this directory of previous “After the Rapture” articles. In each listing will be the number of the article, a brief list of its contents and the date it was posted on the Rapture Ready website. This should make it easier for you to scroll down in their previous articles list and find what you are looking for. 

#1 – Overview of upcoming articles; Physical & spiritual survival; Items to start stockpiling; Forming an underground church; What’s in store from antichrist (December 5, 2017).

#2 – How-to projects; Resources; Supplies to store away; Moving into the wilderness (December 12, 2017).

#3 – Stockpiling Bibles; Threats to your survival & detection; Underground church; Supplies, tools & equipment; Caves & cellars (December 22, 2017).

#4 – The 666 mark; Spiritual growth supplies & needs; Antichrist sets up his government; Society is changing (December 29, 2017).

#5 – West Virginia abandoned coal mines & nature’s abundant supply of natural resources; Left-behind boxes; Survival manuals (January 5, 2018).

#6 – Many present-day churches are not teaching the complete Bible; Form your own wilderness church; Bits & pieces of survival information; Low-cost Bibles (January 14, 2018).

#7 – Making choices; Wilderness tips & information; Tracking dogs; Robots & drones (January 19, 2018).

#8 – Ideas on how to distribute tracts; starting a tract ministry (January 26, 2018).

#9 – The “Evil Big Three;” President Donald J. Trump; Survival tips (January 31, 2018).

#10 – Ponds, lakes, rivers, creeks; reaching the right people; survival tips; left-behind’s sex life (February 7, 2018).

#11 – The Fake Trinity; Hindu terrorists burn down Christian Church; Jews in the rapture; Marriage Supper of the Lamb; Safety in numbers (February 11, 2018).

#12 – Pass the Potato Salad; Artificial Intelligence; Left-Behind Tips (February 16, 2018).

#13 – Don’t Start a Militia; Diseases; Clones; Wilderness Boot Hill (February 25, 2018).

#14 – Prayer Kit for Crazy Uncles (March 4, 2018).

#15 – EMP, CME, Artificial Intelligence; Lye Soap; Staying Warm; Billy Graham; Reader Feedback (March 7, 2018).

#16 – Tribulation-Period Happiness; 144,000 witnesses; Left-Behind Tips; Reader Feedback (March 16, 2018).

#17 – Only Two Kinds of Law in this World; Welcome Visitors in the Wilderness; Other Survival Tips; Prayer Requests; Reader Feedback.

#18 – The Rapture, Tribulation Period & Millennial Kingdom (March 27, 2018).

#19 – Join the Crazy Uncles Club; Bold & Faithful Servants; More Wilderness Tips; Reader Feedback; Prayer Requests.

#20 – The Pick and Choose Christians and their fate; the Dummy Satan is a Fool; From the tribulation to the millennium; Reader Feedback; Prayer Requests.