Attention Getters :: By Daymond Duck

Below are some facts from the news that recently caught my prophecy attention.

One: In early March 2018, it was reported that Israel is surrounded by enemies and the situation is becoming ominous. This is clearly that inner circle of nations that is not mentioned in the Battle of Gog and Magog (Ezek. 38-39).

Israel is responding by preparing for war on five fronts. Some prophecy teachers see this as the Psa. 83 War. Others see it as part of the Battle of Gog and Magog or the war between Israel and Syria (Isa. 17).

Either way a person looks at it, Israel is preparing for war with her neighbors.

And incidentally, Israel acknowledged that her military is taking into consideration the presence of Russian planes in Syria.

Two: As far as I know, the U.S. has approved the sale of 33 F-35 stealth fighter jets to Israel. Seven have been delivered and put into service to date with more to arrive soon.

It was recently reported that, during the month of March 2018, two of those jets flew in Syrian, Iraqi and Iranian airspace without being detected by Russian Radar.

Three: On Mar. 25, 2018, Iranian-backed Houthi rebels fired several missiles at Saudi Arabia’s capital, International airport and other targets.

A Saudi spokesperson said, we “reserve the right to respond against Iran at the right time and right place.”

Iran’s aggression is forcing Saudi Arabia toward a regional peace treaty with Israel.

Four: On Mar. 27, 2018, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman spent just over an hour in a New York meeting with leaders of several influential U.S. Jewish groups.

The purpose of the meeting was not revealed; but the descendants of Jacob and Esau have been fighting for thousands of years, so the fact that a Crown Prince from an Arab nation held a public meeting with a group of Jews in New York is astounding.

Five: The U.S. House Intelligence Committee has decided to investigate China’s growing military and economic power in Africa.

If the Tribulation Period is near and the leader of the kings of the East is China, her growing military and economic power should be expected.

Six: In late Mar. 2018, it was reported that recently uncovered documents strongly suggest collusion between the Obama Administration, CIA, FBI, DOJ and Clinton Campaign to prevent the election of Pres. Trump; and after they failed, they launched an effort to remove him from office (treason).

Because the danger is so great, it is critical for U.S. voters to understand that the New World Order (NWO) with its shadow government, deep state, swamp, globalists, progressives, or whatever one wants to call it is the real threat to America.

These people include both Republicans (RINOS) and Democrats that are entrenched in Washington politics and secretly cooperate in an effort to surrender the sovereignty of the U.S.

They are bound together by their globalist agenda, not their political party.

They deny what they are doing, but FBI Deputy Director, Andrew McCabe, was recently fired for lying about it (at least twice to the Inspector General while under oath).

God will allow Satan’s globalist dream to succeed (witches are casting spells against Pres. Trump at every waning moon), and they will get their satanic world government after the Rapture of the church; billions of people will die and the world will suffer unimaginable destruction for seven years.

Seven: In late Mar. 2018, reports that Facebook and Twitter have been mining and selling people’s personal information, and YouTube (Google) has been censoring conservative and Christian groups caused an uproar.

This is strong evidence that the long-held belief that the shadow government is building a left-leaning surveillance society that will eventually track and control everything people say, do, buy and sell is true.

Prophecy Plus Ministries, Inc.
Daymond & Rachel Duck