Time for Prayer, Faith and Trust :: By Daymond Duck

Some of my thoughts on the Coronavirus Crisis:

  • If this is a birth pain (and I believe it is), then it is the hardest birth pain (one-third of the world is in lockdown) the world has experienced, and there are more birth pains to come (Matt. 24:3-8; Rev. 6:5-8).
  • Jesus said, “in this world you will have tribulation” (Jn. 16:33), and we are having it, but this is not the Tribulation Period (it is a mild glimpse of what the world will be like after the Rapture).
  • This came upon the world with startling speed, but the Rapture and the “sudden destruction” of the Tribulation Period will come upon the world even faster (Luke 21:35; I Cor. 15:52; I Thess. 5:3).

Some possible reasons why God is allowing the Coronavirus Crisis:

  • He wants revival in the Church before the Rapture (II Chron. 7:13-14).
  • He wants a harvest of the lost before the Rapture (Matt. 9:37-38).
  • He is reminding the world that Jesus said false Christs, wars, famines, pestilences, and earthquakes will precede His coming, and they will be the “beginnings of sorrows” ( 24:5-8; the beginning of greater disasters).
  • He is showing the world that borders are a good thing, and erasing borders to create a one-world government is a bad thing (Rev. 13:4-8).
  • He is showing the world that globalization is a bad thing when essential products are not produced at home (Rev. 13:14-18).
  • He is reminding the world that the age of grace is almost over and the end of the age is close (Matt. 24:33).

Some speculation on why New York now has more cases than any other nation:

  • God may be attacking the economic center of the world (New York; Wall Street), and the home of the wannabe world government (the UN) as a warning that He set Israel’s borders and world leaders should leave them alone.

Some suggestions:

  • Do all you can to protect your family and yourself from the Coronavirus, and leave the rest up to God (I Tim. 5:8).
  • Pray that you will be accounted worthy to escape all of the things that are coming to pass (Psa. 20; Psa. 91; Luke 21:36).
  • Support Israel. God will bless those that do (Gen. 12:1-3).
  • Understand that physical survival is important, but spiritual survival is more important (Rom. 3:23; Jn. 3:16, 14:6; Matt. 10:32-33; Eph. 2:8-9).
  • Oppose mandatory vaccinations that contain chips. Know that there is a proposal to track those that are vaccinated for the Coronavirus (when a vaccine is developed) that will permit people to leave their homes to work, buy, sell, etc., and forbid (fine, jail) those that refuse to be vaccinated permission to leave their homes to work, buy, sell, etc. Know that the recent stimulus package contained $500 million for public health data surveillance and analytics infrastructure modernization. New Yorkers should be aware that their state cancelled religious exemptions for mandatory vaccinations on June 13, 2019. See Rev. 13:14-18.

Prophecy Related Events:

One, concerning persecution: on Mar. 27, 2020, an article in the New York Times blamed the Coronavirus on Evangelical Christians and other religious Americans that supported Pres. Trump.

Two, concerning a global economic collapse: on Mar. 23, 2020, one-third of the world was on lockdown (Rev. 8:1-13, 9:15).

On Mar. 27, 2020, Pres. Trump signed into law a $2.2 trillion economic stimulus package, and it allows the government to get another $4.5 trillion.

On Mar. 27, 2020, several states in the U.S. were under, or considering, “stay at home” orders.

If this lasts for weeks or months, the global economy could collapse (that will happen in the Tribulation Period; Rev. 6:5-6).

Three, concerning wars and rumors of wars: fighting in the Middle East and Africa has destroyed factories, hospitals, clinics and equipment; killed medical staff; and left millions without supplies and trained people to deal with the Coronavirus.

On Mar. 26, 2020, an Iranian proxy fired rockets at a U.S. base in Iraq.

At the time of this writing, there are reports that the U.S. and Israel could be planning an attack on Iran inside Iran’s borders (implications for Gog and Magog).

Four, concerning the cashless society: in early March, the World Health Organization said cash could be spreading the coronavirus; So. Korea stopped the use of cash for 2 weeks;  the Federal Reserve started looking at ways to replace the dollar; and several major banks in England and Europe started studying the possibility of using some form of digital money.

Five, concerning tracking all buying and selling: the push to track the movement of people, keep data bases on people, and share that data has been speeded up all over the world.

Six, concerning wickedness on earth: on Mar. 23, 2020, U.S. Sec. of State Mike Pompeo said Iranian officials have used more than one billion dollars of EU aid that was given to help victims of the Coronavirus crisis to enrich themselves.

They bought masks, gloves and medical supplies, sold them on the black market and kept the profits.

Seven, concerning famine: on Mar. 24, 2020, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization said the locust plague in the Horn of Africa represents an unprecedented threat to the food supply of millions of people.

Eight, Israel has a new “emergency” unity government.

Following the collapse of Prime Min. Netanyahu’s government, Israel held three elections and the government was still stalemated.

On Mar. 26, 2020, it was reported that Prime Min. Netanyahu and his closest challenger, Benny Gantz, met with Israel’s Pres. Rivlin and they agreed to create a unity government.

Netanyahu will serve as Prime Min. for 18 more months, and Gantz will serve as Foreign Min. during that time.

Then, Gantz will become Prime Min.

Some believe this “emergency” unity government came into being because Iran is becoming more aggressive.

Nine, on Mar. 29, 2020, a great Bible prophecy teacher, J.D. Farag, said, “I truly believe that this (Coronavirus Crisis) may, in fact, be that which ultimately leads to the Rapture of the Church, the Antichrist’s revelation, and the seven-year Tribulation, in that order. I submit that what’s happening now may, in fact, be creating the perfect storm for one-world government, a one-world economy, and a one-world religion.”


Finally, on Mar. 23, 2020, Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of Billy Graham, said God may be using the coronavirus “to get our attention.”

She said, “It’s time to pray . . . and turn to God in faith and trust.”

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Daymond & Rachel Duck

Speeded Up :: By Daymond Duck

One, because of the Coronavirus, the church I attend cancelled its regular worship services and started meeting in homes with no more than 10 people per home.

Some say this has never happened before, but is that right (maybe yes, maybe no)?

After Israel spent more than 400 years in Egypt (many as slaves), God raised up Moses to tell Pharaoh to “Let my people go,” but Pharaoh refused.

God sent 10 plagues, and the last plague is often called the “death angel.”

God told the Jews to sprinkle the blood of an unblemished lamb on the upper and side door posts of their houses, go inside, stay until the death angel passed, and be prepared to leave on a moment’s notice.

God said the firstborn children of those that obeyed God would be spared, but the firstborn children of those that did not obey God would die.

Many Jews spent the first Passover in their homes out of obedience to God because He said the death angel would pass over their house, if He saw the blood.

Following that incredible event, the Jews left their houses and embarked on a trip to the Promised Land.

Most lapsed into unbelief, and only two made it.

Church members that are worshipping in homes today need to be ready to go to the Promised Land on a moment’s notice.

I pray that I am wrong, but I am concerned that some will go back to Church for one or two Sundays when the Coronavirus is over (like what happened after 9/11), quickly become lukewarm and not be ready when the trumpet sounds.

Two, a reader in Australia reminded me that the beasts of the earth will kill multitudes during the Tribulation Period (Rev. 6:8).

He wondered if this could refer to something like the Chinese people eating animals (cats, dogs, bats, etc.; possible sources of the Coronavirus) purchased at the so-called Wet Markets.

We only know that beasts will cause the death of people in the Tribulation Period.

Three, another reader from Australia wrote that some of the parking meters in Melbourne and Sydney will no longer accept coins, notes or credit cards.

People that park there are instructed to download an app, transfer funds to an account and pay with their cell phone (the parking meters are cashless).

Four, Shiite Muslims want the Tribulation Period to happen because they believe it will speed up the appearance of the Muslim Mahdi and hasten the establishment of a one-world Islamic government and Islamic religion.

On Mar. 17, 2020, it was reported that a high-ranking Iranian official said the Coronavirus crisis is a prelude to the emergence of the Mahdi, and he urged the Iranian people to actively spread the Coronavirus because it will accelerate the Mahdi’s appearance (for God’s view on this, read Amos 5:18-20).

Five, several people have told me they are concerned that a vaccine for the Coronavirus will be developed and people will be required to be vaccinated before they can return to their usual lifestyle. (I am not advising anyone what to do, but if a vaccine is developed with a tracking device in it, at this point I am not inclined to let anyone vaccinate me.

On Mar. 19, 2020, it was reported that Big Pharma and Microsoft are working together on a way to put implantable chips in vaccinations.

Video: “Anybody Know Who This Man Is?” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0tSbtUg1e0&feature=youtube

On Mar. 16, 2020, it was reported that Denmark has passed a law that gives the government power for one year to fine and/or jail citizens and deny them the right to “enter shops, grocery stores, public institutions and hospitals while also being restricted from using public transport.”

Six, I want to share something (not recommend) for those that might want to know.

A reader sent two links to me that purportedly show a way to heal the Coronavirus with heat, but both videos have been removed from the Internet over concern that people will harm themselves.

Know that Dr. Fauci, advisor to Pres. Trump, has suggested that the Coronavirus does better in colder weather than it does in hot, humid weather (and Pres. Trump has said it too).

Coronavirus could become seasonal: top US scientist


Know also that Dr. John Nicholls, one of the world’s foremost experts on viruses, believes sunlight, temperature and humidity are key factors in the demise of the virus.

Coronavirus expert says he knows when the virus ‘will burn itself out,’ according to leaked analysis


As I remember, one of the videos suggested sitting in a sauna for about an hour, waiting 3 hours and repeating it.

Those that don’t have access to a sauna can use a hair dryer (low heat, at least 18 inches from the face; 5 minutes at a time) and a sprinkle of water (use a sprinkle bottle) on the face for humidity (for one hour at a time if possible and repeat).

I want to emphasize that I am not recommending this, each person is responsible for their decision, it should be a last resort decision, and I have no proof that it will work.

By the way, I believe the quickest and surest way to get rid of the Coronavirus in the U.S. would be to tear up Pres. Trump’s peace proposal to divide Israel, and the quickest and surest way to get rid of it in the world would be for the UN Security Council to abandon the Two-State solution (II Chron. 7:13-14 would also help).

Seven, remember what James, the half brother of Jesus said: “Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded” (James 4:8).

People all over the world are being told to wash their hands, but people also need to purify their hearts (repent and get saved).

Eight, remember that borders started with God, and He may be using the Coronavirus to show world leaders that closed borders can be a good thing before world leaders throw open their borders for the satanic one-world government of the Antichrist.

Nine, there will be hyper-inflation and a global economic collapse during the Tribulation Period (Rev. 6:5-6).

If millions of citizens are required to stay in their houses for several months, it is difficult for me to see how that wouldn’t create hyper-inflation and a global economic collapse.

Ten, starting about the middle of the Tribulation Period, the False Prophet will force people to worship the statue of the Antichrist and take the Mark of the Beast (Rev. 13:12-18).

If millions of citizens go without jobs for several months, many will gladly worship the statue and take the Mark for the right to buy and sell.

Eleven, one reader asked if God could be closing churches because they have compromised the Scriptures (ok with LGBTQ; ok with abortion; ok with gay pastors; against Israel; against preaching Bible prophecy; against preaching Old Testament; against literal Second Coming and Millennium; etc.).

I do marvel at our amazing God’s patience with what some are preaching (lack of sound doctrine; departure from the faith; but the Gates of Hell will not prevail against the Church).

Finally, the Tribulation Period hasn’t started, and it can’t start as long as the Church is here.

Also, Ten Kings (Ten Horns; Ten regional globalist leaders) have to appear before the Antichrist (Eleventh Horn; Little Horn) appears, and that could start shaping up soon.

Only God knows, but as far as I am concerned, we are getting warnings or foreshadows of things to come and the birth pains have speeded up.

Salvation by grace through faith in Jesus should be an urgent matter for those that haven’t accepted Jesus and repentance should be an urgent matter for those that have.

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Daymond & Rachel Duck