11 Oct 2023

New Study: Big Jet Stream Waves Have Doubled Since The 1960s…
A new study has joined the growing mountain of evidence linking atmospheric shifts to prolonged spells of extreme winter conditions, particularly in North America and Europe, with these extreme patterns doubling since the 1960s. These patterns often synchronize across the two continents, continues the paper, causing significant disruptions.

Biden: Hamas stands for murdering Jews, not Palestinian dignity or self-determination
Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris spoke on Tuesday afternoon with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. About an hour later, he addressed the nation for about 10 minutes, addressing the “unadulterated evil” of Hamas’s attack on Israel. “The people of Israel lived through one such moment this weekend,” Biden said. “The brutality of Hamas, the blood-thirstiness brings to mind the worst rampages of ISIS. This is terrorism, but sadly for the Jewish people, it’s not new.”

Chinese Container Ship Completes First Round Trip Voyage Across Arctic
A Chinese container ship has completed a three-months round trip voyage from the Baltic Sea to China and back. It is the first step in establishing regular, albeit small-scale, container liner service utilizing Russia’s Northern Sea Route.

In 1st since Hamas attack, shelling from Syria lands in Israel
Third front? Troops respond with artillery fire and mortar shells, targeting site from which first attack originated; Syrian war monitor claims shelling carried out by Hezbollah-affiliated Palestinian groups

Iran-backed terror groups threatening to join war against Israel, expert says
According to Joe Truzman, a research expert on Palestinian armed groups in the Middle East, other terrorist organizations that are allegedly funded by Iran have threatened to join the war against Israel, presenting the possibility of increased danger for one of America’s closest allies.

Black Lives Matter groups post pro-Hamas terrorist messages
Black Lives Matter Grassroots issued a statement in “solidarity with the Palestinian people” on Monday after Hamas terrorists attacked Israel, killing hundreds of civilians and wounding thousands more.

Six Ways From Sunday? Ex-CIA Director ‘Jokes’ About Assassinating US Senator
The reactions to the ex-head of an agency that’s been known to ‘reach out and touch’ their enemies, suggesting Tuberville’s assassination, are about what one would expect: Them: The media and the deep state are not out to get Republicans, that’s a conspiracy theory CNN National Security Analyst And Former Head Of The CIA Michael Hayden: Tommy Tuberville should be assassinated pic.twitter.com/mig8jma8Lg

Syria Launches Missiles On Golan Heights As US Begins ‘Surging’ Defense Aid To Israel
The Syrian Army has fired missiles toward the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights Tuesday evening (local), breaking reports indicate. The Israeli Defense Force have confirmed the attack: This came within an hour of President Biden in a speech confirming that the US will begin ‘surging’ defense aid to Israel. …Boeing accelerated delivery of 1,000 smart bombs to Israel as the country steps up retaliation against Hamas … Meanwhile, various countries have begun evacuation efforts of their citizens from Tel Aviv:

Nord Stream 2.0? Finland-Estonia Undersea Pipeline In Baltic “Has Been Deliberately Damaged”
Months after famed journalist and Pulitzer Prize winner Seymour Hersh revealed the US blew up the Russia-to-Germany natural gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea in September 2022 during a covert operation under the guise of the BALTOPS 22 NATO exercise, yet another undersea gas pipeline, this time, connecting Finland and Estonia has allegedly come under attack.

Hamas, a reincarnation of Nazis and all others targeting Jews must pay
We must strike Gaza and if necessary, Lebanon and Iran, for this tragedy, in a manner that would resonate in their families for generations. October 2023 must be remembered by all nations of the world as the month when Jews finally declared, we will not allow you to take us on, ever again.

Hamas terrorists executed Israeli hostages in Kibbutz Be’eri, Washington Post probe indicates
At least four Israelis taken hostage by Hamas during their unprecedented incursion into Israel on Saturday were killed soon after being taken captive, according to videos reviewed by The Washington Post.

Hezbollah claims responsibility for anti-tank missile as northern front risks exploding
The Hezbollah terror group in Lebanon took responsibility on Tuesday evening for firing anti-tank missiles across the border with Israel, raising fears of the war with Hamas broadening to the northern front, Arab media reported. An IDF combat helicopter responded by attacking a Hezbollah post.

IDF: 1,500 Hamas terrorists killed inside Israel
Some 1,500 Palestinian terrorists have been killed in Israeli territory since Hamas launched its cross-border assault on Oct. 7, the Israel Defense Forces revealed on Tuesday morning. IDF spokesman Lt. Col. Richard Hecht added that security forces had “more or less” regained control over the Gaza border.

‘It’s a Massacre’: Babies Reportedly Slaughtered by Hamas Terrorists in Kibbutz
Scenes of indescribable horror in which infants and babies were slaughtered — with some beheaded — in the kibbutz of Kfar Aza in southern Israel by Hamas terrorists were reported by international media on Tuesday morning. A reporter with i24 News said that one witness recalled seeing the mutilated bodies of babies. Up to 40 babies, she said, had been murdered by Hamas terrorists.

Ayatollah writes veiled threat in X post about “heads of Zionist regime”
Ayatollah Khamenei wrote a veiled threat to Israel in a post on X, … on Tuesday afternoon. It read “Heads of the Zionist regime and their backers should know that the massacre and mass murder of the people of #Gaza will cause a larger calamity to come upon them.”

Heavy fire reported as Hamas terrorist infiltrates Israel’s South
Heavy gunfire was reported near Sderot in southern Israel after the IDF located a Hamas terrorist who infiltrated into Israeli territory, Israeli media said Tuesday.The Palestinian terrorist reportedly entered Mefalsim before escaping to an open field toward Sderot.

Homeward Bound Heroes: Israelis Globally Unite in a Defiant Stand for Their Beloved Homeland
In an awe-inspiring show of solidarity, Israelis scattered across the globe are rallying to return to their cherished homeland, steadfastly determined to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with their compatriots amidst the profound challenges facing the nation.

This is alarming! Tree rings predict the most dangerous radiation storm to hit us soon
In September 1859, astronomers Richard C. Carrington and Richard Hodgson observed the most intense geomagnetic storm ever recorded in human history. It is called the Carrington Event.
However, the Carrington Event is nothing compared to what we are gonna tell you next. Many astronomers believed that in about every thousand years, a solar storm, nearly 12 times more intense, disastrous, and powerful than the Carrington Event takes place in the cosmos. It is referred to as the Miyake Event. “The leading theory is that they are huge solar flares.

Israeli survivors recount terror at music festival, where Hamas militants killed at least 260
Maya Alper was standing toward the back of the bar with teams of environmentally conscious volunteers, picking up trash and passing out free vodka shots to party-goers who reused their cups. Just after 6.a.m., as a light-blue dawn broke and the headliner D.J. took the stage, air raid sirens cut through the ethereal trap music. Rockets streaked overhead. Alper, 25, jumped into her car and raced to the main road. But at the intersection she encountered crowds of stricken festival attendees, shouting at drivers to turn around. Then, a noise. Firecrackers? Panicked men and women staggering down the road just in front of her fell to the ground in pools of blood. Gunshots. … at least 260 dead and a still undetermined number taken hostage.

Floods hit Bago city in Myanmar after record-breaking October rainfall 
14 000 people living in Myanmar’s Bago city were forced to evacuate their homes over the weekend after record-breaking rains hit the region, causing severe flooding.

M6.0 earthquake hits Jujuy, Argentina at intermediate depth – The Watchers
A strong earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.0 hit Jujuy, Argentina at 10:01 UTC on October 10, 2023. The agency is reporting a depth of 246 km (152 miles). EMSC is reporting M6.0 at a depth of 255 km (158 miles).

When Hamas Decided To Kill And Abuse Women, Children And The Elderly, They Made Peace Impossible
Hamas has crossed lines that can never be uncrossed, and they have nobody to blame but themselves for what is about to happen.  Throughout human history, it has always been acceptable for soldiers to attack other soldiers.  But when they launched their surprise attack against Israel, Hamas showed no restraint whatsoever.

Schools Are Normalizing Intrusive Surveillance
…As the authors detail, among the technologies are surveillance cameras. These are often linked to software for facial recognition, access control, behavior analysis, and weapon detection. That is, cameras scan student faces and then algorithms identify them, allow or deny them entry based on that ID, decide if their activities are threatening, and determine if objects they carry may be dangerous or forbidden.

NYC Public Hospitals to Offer Chemical Abortions via Telehealth
New York City public hospitals will be among the first public health systems in the United States to facilitate the killing of the unborn via telehealth,

Netanyahu vows to turn Gaza into ‘rubble’: Israeli PM tells Palestinians to ‘leave now’ and says Hamas will pay an ‘unprecedented price’ after they kidnapped grans and launched shocking attack that has left hundreds dead on both sides
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to defeat the Hamas militant group after its deadly incursion into southern Israel which has seen them snatch grandparents, children and women off the streets but says the war will ‘take time.’

REPORT: New York City Hospitals and Medical Centers Are Being Overwhelmed by Illegal Immigrants
The medical system in New York City is straining under the weight of the constant flow of illegals. Hospitals and medical centers are being overwhelmed by the sheer number of people seeking treatment and it’s not surprising. When you suddenly add tens of thousands more people than a system was designed for, this is what you get.

The Big Distraction: Global War Is Good For Joe Biden
While all eyes have been drawn to what is happening now with the terrorist group Hamas attacking Israel, and Israel officially declaring war for the first time in 50 years, the “benefit” for the Biden regime is that all of those same eyes are not quite as focused on what is happening right here in America.

UK university to launch ‘magic and occult science’ degree with feminism, anti-racism ‘at the core’ 
The University of Exeter in Devon, England, is introducing a course studying the history and impact of esotericism, witchcraft, occultism, and magic. The full-time, one-year course will commence in September 2024.

Was “Unfavourable” Deal Intentionally Designed to Aid Plan to go to War With Iran?
An agreement negotiated between the Biden administration and Iran to secure the release of five American citizens in exchange for five Iranian prisoners and $6 billion was deemed “unfavourable” by Donald Trump. However, it looks as if the deal has benefitted Trump in more ways than one, he is using the barbaric attack to bolster potential votes in his election campaign and worse, the U.S. has been given reason to point the finger at Iran for the barbaric attack in Israel and therefore an excuse to go to war with them.

Are Revenues Evaporating As Globalists Wake Up To The Myth Of US Green Science?
Electricity has real value, but the concept that the EPA invented a valuable electrical commodity known as “certified” energy efficiency is a total myth. The specific charade has played a critical role in the Global Warming myth for over three decades. This began with a US Dept of Energy program initiated by President George H. W. Bush, who created the ENERGY STAR program in 1992.

New report: The internet has never been less free and AI is making it worse
Globally, internet freedom has never been lower, and the number of countries that have blocked websites for political, social, and religious speech has never been higher. Also, the number of countries that arrested people for online expression reached a record high, according to a report released last week by human rights advocacy group Freedom House.

The Faces & Names of the 150 Bilderbergers who controlled the COVID-19 “Pandemic” response 
Over 150 Bilderbergers (of the 1,861 who are still alive) have played important parts in the Covid-19 event. Many, perhaps most, of the below have been active in various roles; this page attempts to name and shame them and reveal the roles they have played.