11 May 2024

Strong geomagnetic storm reaches Earth, continues through weekend
NOAA space weather forecasters have observed at least seven coronal mass ejections (CMEs) from the sun, with impacts expected to arrive on Earth as early as midday Friday, May 10, and persist through Sunday, May 12, 2024. The First of Several CMEs reached Earth on Friday, May 10 at 12:37 pm EDT. The CME was very strong and SWPC quickly issued a series of geomagnetic storm warnings. SWPC observed G4 conditions at 1:39 pm EDT (G3 at 1:08 pm EDT). “This is an unusual and potentially historic event. Clinton Wallace, Director, NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center

Biden’s Reckless Betrayal Of Benjamin Netanyahu And The Jewish People
The Gog/Magog prophecy of Ezekiel 38-39 is remarkable for its absence of any nation, including America, coming to the aid of Israel as massive forces invade the Land. I could never have imagined, however, that a U.S. President would choose to protect an organization so barbaric and monstrous as Hamas at the expense of Israel

Hezbollah rockets ignite widespread fires across northern Israel
Direct hits and multiple fires near Highway 90 and Kiryat Shmona following 35 rocket launches from Lebanon; 10 firefighting teams on site; IDF responds with extensive strikes in southern Lebanon, multiple destroying Hezbollah sites

‘Israel stands on the front lines of the fight for civilization,’ say 80 former US generals and admirals
The Jewish Institute for National Security of America warned that Iran and its proxies are watching closely to see if the United States will abandon its ally.

Israel Strikes Eastern Rafah as Ceasefire Talks End With No Deal
Israeli forces targeted areas of Rafah on Thursday, Palestinian residents said, as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dismissed US President Joe Biden’s threat to withhold weapons from Israel if it launches a major offensive in the southern Gaza city. A senior Israeli official said late on Thursday that the latest round of indirect negotiations in Cairo to halt hostilities in Gaza had ended and Israel would proceed with its operation in Rafah and other parts of the Gaza Strip as planned.

After Iran attack, will the US stand with Israel against Hezbollah?
Statements from the Biden administration and its supporters before the Iranian attack have shocked Israelis as never before. Former House speaker Nancy Pelosi signed a letter written by antisemitic members of Congress calling to end the transfer of weapons to Israel. Biden called for an immediate ceasefire without an explicit linkage to the release of all the hostages, who are continually sexually abused.

IDF destroys terrorist launch sites in Rafah that were used to fire at Beersheba
IDF soldiers of the 401st Brigade destroyed two launch sites in Rafah where terrorists had used to fire at Beersheba earlier on Friday afternoon, the IDF announced later that evening. After destroying these sites, secondary explosions were detected, testifying to the presence of additional weapons stored at the site.

House Democrats: We cannot undermine our ally Israel
26 Democratic members of Congress urge White House to deliver security aid to Israel, after the Biden administration cancelled a shipment over Rafah operation.

Israeli UN ambassador shreds organizations charter after passage of Palestinian status resolution
United Nations General Assembly votes to revive Palestine’s bid to become a full UN member and granting it additional rights at the global body.

Biden reportedly delayed saying he withheld arms from Israel until after Holocaust speech
“There seem to be two Bidens,” wrote Abe Foxman, director emeritus of the Anti-Defamation League, the one who “spoke at the Holocaust event, who flew to Israel during war against Israel” and who supported Israel militarily and financially,” and the “political Biden, who engages in party politics—telling Israel it has [a] right to defend itself—but we will tell you when and how.”

Rubio: Revoke visas for foreign university students who support Hamas
“For those international students who defied university orders, and police instruction, in favor of acting on pro-terrorist views, this should result in immediate expulsion from their host institution and our generous country,” Rubio wrote on May 8. “No questions asked.” He wrote, “Let me be clear: espousing support for a designated Foreign Terrorist Organization is grounds for the termination of a visa and immediate removal from our country.”

David Friedman leads Jews and Christians in thanking Trump for rejecting Palestinian state
Former Ambassador to Israel David Melech Friedman responded to a petition by Jews and Christians of the Keep God’s Land coalition and sent a letter signed by more than 400 Jewish and non-Jewish leaders, thanking President Donald Trump for rejecting the ill-named “Two-State Solution.”

Trump says he’s rethinking his support for two-state solution after Oct 7, says he’d ‘protect Israel’ if war comes with Iran
President Donald J. Trump is making it very clear these days that he would manage the U.S.-Israel alliance very differently than President Joe Biden. Trump also says he would be far more supportive of Israel – and far more protective of the Jewish state – than Biden as Israel fights its radical Islamist neighbors and faces war with Iran.

New genome testing company helps customers weed out babies with imperfect genetics
A burgeoning West Coast genome testing company is promising prospective parents “healthy babies” by helping them to selectively discard embryos that show any sign of predisposition to unwanted physical or mental conditions. San Francisco-based Orchid Health purports to have developed technology capable of sequencing more than 99 percent of an embryo’s DNA, allowing for the detection of an enormous array of potential disorders, predispositions to diseases, and birth defects.

Red Alert! 6 Absolutely Gigantic Geomagnetic Storms Are About To Hit Earth, And Authorities Won’t Know Their True Power Until Friday Night
A series of enormous geomagnetic storms is about to start pummeling our planet, and some of the most important technologies that we depend on are potentially at risk.  For the very first time in nearly 20 years, the NOAA has issued a severe geomagnetic storm watch.  We were initially warned that “at least five earth-directed coronal mass ejections” were headed our direction, but now it is at least six.

At least 60 killed in Afghanistan flash flooding
At least 60 people have died and more than 100 have been injured after flash flooding in northern Afghanistan, according to Taliban officials.

Student At Philadelphia’s Leaders Academy Cultural Day Event Praises Jihad And Martyrdom
When they tell you who they are, believe them. On May 7,  Philadelphia’s Leaders Academy held a cultural day event. They shared a video on their YouTube channel of remarks by a student, Raneem Mustafa, where she spoke about Palestine.

Hungary’s Orbán Signs Big Deals with Xi Jinping, Thanks China for Saving Lives in Pandemic
China and Hungary signed 18 cooperation agreements on Thursday following an in-person meeting in Budapest between Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and visiting genocidal dictator Xi Jinping, who is on the last leg of a week-long trip to Europe.

Israel sees rise in opioid use, study finds
The Israel National Institute for Health Policy Research recently published a study showing that Israeli patients who received high doses of painkillers tend to have higher mortality rates – similar to the United States. The findings are published against the backdrop of a series of data indicating a sharp increase in the use of painkillers in the country.

100 make decisions for Christ in aftermath of Hawaii wildfires
Around 100 people professed faith in Jesus at worship services held in wildfire-ravaged Hawaii last week, the culmination of Harvest Christian Fellowship’s “Hope for Lahaina” outreach efforts to share the hope of Christ with a community devastated by the deadliest wildfire in the United States in over a century.

Planned Parenthood’s latest report shows the sickening truth about its atrocities against the unborn
392,715 murdered babies. 392,715 families torn apart.  To those of us who care about the preborn and their mothers, the number of abortions at Planned Parenthood in the 2022-2023 fiscal year is a travesty. To Planned Parenthood, this number is cause to brag.

Archbishop Aguer: ‘Smoke of Satan’ has made the structures of the Church ‘unbreathable’ 
The progressive officialdom installed in Rome for slightly more than a decade continues its policy of “canceling” those who, with freedom of spirit, seek to serve Jesus Christ from orthodoxy and Tradition. What is meant by “canceling” is all forms of ignoring, conspiracy of silence, marginalization, prohibition to publish in the media and on social networks, and even the termination of the functions of those who do not “synodally” bow to Vatican ideologies and discretions.

One Health is embedded in WHO’s Horrific Pandemic Treaty; it must be stopped 
“Preventing” pandemics is one of the most lucrative areas in medicine. Sadly, this money has incentivised “preventative” research which frequently leads to disastrous leaks and suppresses effective solutions for the pandemics that emerge.

The UK will not sign the Pandemic Treaty in its current form 
Britain is refusing to sign the World Health Organisation’s (“WHO”) Pandemic Accord or Pandemic Treaty because the country says it would have to give away a fifth of its vaccines,

While America Props Up Ukraine, Former Afghan Soldiers Trained by U.S. Forces Are Coming to the Aid of Russia—And It’s Through Their Embassy in Iran
Ironically, a growing number of soldiers once trained in Afghanistan to fight against the Taliban alongside U.S. forces are now teaming up with Russia to defeat Ukraine—not through Wagner Group, but simply through the Russian embassy in Iran.