12 May 2024

James Carville Rages At Trump’s Success: “It’s Going The Wrong Way, It’s Not Working!”
Trump’s more ahead than he’s ever been,” said Carville, lamenting how fewer Americans than ever are concerned about what happened on January 6. “It’s going the wrong way. It’s not working. Everything we’re that throwing is spaghetti at a wall, and none of it is sticking, me included,” said Carville. “We gotta try to think of something different. Because what we’re doing is really, really not working,” he emphasized.

They Went Woke: Oscars Facing Liquidity Crisis, Launch $500 Million Fundraising Drive As Viewers Flee
the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences has launched a $500 million fundraising initiative in an effort to offset the Oscars dramatic drop in viewership – which went from nearly 44 million in 2014, to just 19.5 million in the latest ceremony, according to Statista.

Good News, VERY Bad News, More Solar Shockwaves Coming
Earth’s magnetic field is weakening.  Earth’s geomagnetic excursion is progressing.  Watch.

“It Simply Does Not Make Any Sense”: Judge Trashes Election Lawsuit By The Elias Law Firm
The firm of former Clinton campaign general counsel Marc Elias has lost another election case in a spectacular fashion. The Chief Judge of the Western District of Wisconsin, James Peterson (an Obama appointee), did not just reject but ridiculed the Elias Law Group challenge to a witness requirement for absentee voting. Elias have been previously sanctioned in court and accused of lying in the Steele dossier scandal by journalists and others.

Rhodes Scholarship Recipient Is Leading Harvard’s Anti-Israel Encampment
A Pakistani Rhodes Scholar at Harvard College is one of the key organizers of the school’s anti-Israel encampment. Asmer Asrar Safi, a Harvard senior and international student from Pakistan, has distinguished himself as a primary organizer of the ongoing encampment, which has successfully maintained its presence for over two weeks. Months earlier, in November, Harvard congratulated Safi on being named a Rhodes Scholar,

The Week in Israel News: The World’s Upside-Down Response to Oct. 7 Gets Even Worse
Welcome to 2024, the year where each week brings a new batch of fresh insanity, especially on Israel. While Donald Trump, the former president and presumptive Republican nominee in the upcoming presidential election, sits in the dock and unprecedented numbers of illegal aliens flood across our borders, elites are turning on Jews and demonizing Israel, apparently forgetting that the Jewish state is merely responding to the worst pogrom since the Holocaust.

Senators: Protesters Calling for Violence Against Jews Should Be on No Fly List
Sens. Roger Marshall, R-Kan., and Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., introduced two measures that, if passed, would achieve a similar objective: to place individuals on the nation’s No Fly List who encourage violence against Jewish persons and support terrorist organizations.

NOAA Warns About Biological Radiation Hazards from Extreme Solar Event
In a warning sent out this evening, the Space Weather Warning Center (SWPC) said that a Proton 100MeV Integral Flux above 1pfu is expected. In simpler terms, the SWPC wrote, “An enhancement in the energetic portion of the solar radiation spectrum may indicate increased biological risk to astronauts of passengers and crew in high latitude, high altitude flights.” Trans-Pacific and Trans-Atlantic flights are an example of such high-latitude / high altitude flights.

A Problem With Truth: God And Satan Have Very Different Versions Of ‘Free Speech’
Many people I speak to in Christian circles often lament the same issue: the world has a problem with truth. However, I want to go a step further and say that the world also has a problem with truth-telling and truth-tellers.

Israel’s war reflects the struggle between democracy and tyranny
As Gaza war rages, Russia deepens ties with Iran, while China harnesses widening divide between US and global south; this new ‘triad of evil’ has all it takes to pull the hegemon into a predicament…

Gaza rocket devastates Ashkelon home in direct strike
Sirens sound in southern city shortly after 1 a.m.; no casualties reported as apartment stood empty; Israeli jets said to launch airstrikes in Rafah amid artillery fire targeting city’s center and east

Liberal media is still in denial about post-Oct. 7 antisemitism
Rather than acknowledge the link between woke ideology and hate, “The New York Times” tries to blame the problem on their conservative political foes.

Biden’s policy marks a dark turning point in US-Jewish relations
American Jews, traditionally Democratic supporters, criticized President Biden’s decision to halt military aid to Israel, signaling a potential shift in political allegiance.

Is the US withholding information from Israel?
The Biden administration has offered Israel both intelligence and supplies, if Israel will agree to end its ground invasion of Rafah, the Washington Post reported. The intelligence would help Israel locate both Hamas’ leaders and hidden tunnels, four people familiar with the offer told the Post.

‘Deeply concerned’ about message Biden admin sending to Hamas, 26 House Democrats say
We are deeply concerned about the message the administration is sending to Hamas and other Iranian-backed terrorist proxies by withholding weapons shipments to Israel, during a critical moment in the negotiations.’ With Jew-hatred “spreading globally like wildfire,” the 26 representatives “fear that public disputes with our critical ally only emboldens our mutual enemies,

Sinwar is not in Rafah, Israeli officials report
Contrary to prior speculation, October 7th terrorist mastermind, Yahya Sinwar is not hiding in Rafah, but according to intelligence reports, is most likely in tunnels under Khan Younis, an area the IDF left about a month ago,

Day 218: IDF intensifies Rafah operation, re-enters two Gaza neighborhoods as Hamas fire stops humanitarian aid
Israel Defense Forces on Saturday called on additional neighborhoods of the southern city of Rafah in the Gaza Strip to evacuate ahead of an expected widening in its ongoing military operations over the past few days.

Missouri governor signs law defunding Planned Parenthood, other abortion businesses
Missouri Republican Gov. Mike Parson signed legislation Thursday disqualifying Planned Parenthood and any other abortion vendor from receiving taxpayer dollars in the Show Me State.

Wildfires erupt in western Canada, forcing evacuations
The combination of warm temperatures and an ongoing drought have helped fuel several fires in western Canada, which has triggered thousands to leave their homes.

600 Tornado Warnings later, 2 weeks of severe weather storms finally come to an end

Late April and early May are smack dab in the middle of severe weather season. Unfortunately, this season has brought two weeks of nonstop storms, which have left residents in the U.S. scrambling for shelter as more than 600 Tornado Warnings blared and twisters left trails of devastation across multiple states.

Hailstone found Thursday may rank among largest in Texas history
Severe storms over Texas on Thursday produced dozens of reports of damage, but giant hailstones outside of Austin have people talking.

‘STORM FROM THE NORTH’: Russian Forces Open New Front in Northern Kharkov, Take a Dozen Villages In a Day

And so it begins, the ‘Storm from the North.’ The long-awaited new front in northern Kharkov Oblast. Group of the Russian Armed Forces ‘North,’ which has been talked about for a long time is now a reality, has advanced crossing into Ukraine and, on the first day, Russian forces have already seized Zelene, Ohirtseve, Hatyshche, Pletenivka, Strilecha, Krasne, Pylna, and Borysivka.

Planned Parenthood’s latest report shows the sickening truth about its atrocities against the unborn

392,715 murdered babies. 392,715 families torn apart.  To those of us who care about the preborn and their mothers, the number of abortions at Planned Parenthood in the 2022-2023 fiscal year is a travesty. To Planned Parenthood, this number is cause to brag.

Pro-LGBT Minneapolis parish hosts homosexual man’s ‘cabaret’ about his dead ‘husband’ 
A notoriously pro-LGBT parish in the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis hosted an explicit musical written by a homosexual man about his relationship with his deceased “husband” this past weekend.

In protest of resolution: Erdan shreds copy of UN Charter using a paper shredder 
Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations addressed the UN General Assembly before it voted to adopt a resolution granting the Palestinian Authority the powers and rights of a UN member state.

ITVGate: AstraZeneca pays doctors to promote vaccines on ITV
Every year, members of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry are required to disclose money that has been paid to healthcare professionals.  Disclosures for the year 2022 reveal that AstraZeneca paid doctors for “contracted services” who then appeared on ITV to promote vaccines or downplay vaccine injuries.  The affair is being dubbed ITVGate by social media users.

US doesn’t need to sign up to the Pandemic Treaty for it to take effect; One Health has already been rolled out through federal government institutions
The International Health Regulations (2005) are already being “strengthened” with a One Health approach and One Health is embedded in the Pandemic Treaty. However, the United Nations and the World Health Organisation came late to the One Health party.

BORDER INSANITY: Illegal Immigrants Now Working With Criminal Networks to Steal Oil in West Texas
The border crisis has entered a new phase of insanity with some illegals working with criminal networks to steal truckloads of oil in west Texas

Irish non-binary ‘witch’ makes Eurovision final with song aimed to ‘make everybody join witchcraft’
An Irish witch and self-professed “non-binary” individual is representing the once-Catholic nation in the 2024 Eurovision song contest, performing a song with blatant representations of satanism and occult behavior.