13 May 2024

US, Philippine troops sink China-made vessel in war games
US and Philippine forces sank a decommissioned China-made Philippine Navy ship on Wednesday during South China Sea war games simulating an attack on an enemy vessel, officials said. The exercises are being held near the city of Laoag, around 400 kilometers (250 miles) south of Taiwan, amid a backdrop of increased confrontations between Philippine and Chinese vessels around South China Sea features claimed by Manila and Beijing.

Blame Canada? Justin Trudeau Creates Blueprint For Dystopia In Horrific Speech Bill
Trudeau was lying when he said C-63 was “very, very specifically focused on correcting kids.” The purview of the Online Harms Act extends far beyond speech, reimagining society as a mandated social engineering project, creating transformational new procedures that would:
enlist Canada’s citizens in an ambitious social monitoring system, with rewards of up to $20,000 for anonymous “informants”

Rep. Scott Perry calls KKK ‘militant wing’ of the Democratic Party
U.S. Rep. Scott Perry, R., Pa., is facing criticism after he reportedly called the Ku Klux Klan the “military wing of the Democratic Party” in a closed-door briefing for lawmakers on antisemitism Tuesday,

Newsom Forced To Slash California Budget, Blames Crippling Deficit On “Rain Bombs” And Tax Shortfalls
In the course of two years, California has turned a $100 billion surplus into a $73 billion deficit, forcing governor Gavin Newson (D) to propose painful (token) spending cuts on Friday while announcing his revised state budget.

Former CDC Director: ‘I Could Make’ Bird Flu ‘Highly Infectious For Humans In Months’
Leaked internal Pfizer email confirms separate vaxx batches for employees. colleagues and contractors at Pfizer’s Pearl River research site that site-essential workers would be offered COVID-19 vaccinations that are ‘separate and distinct’ What was in the free and widely available public shots that you didn’t want your employees exposed to? And why did it take a leaked email to confirm this practice in the United States?

Putin removes defense minister Shoigu
Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday moved to replace defense minister Sergei Shoigu in a major shake-up to Russia’s military leadership more than two years into its Ukraine offensive. Putin proposed economist Andrey Belousov as Shoigu’s replacement, according to a list of the ministerial nominations published by the Federation Council, Russia’s upper house of parliament.

Hezbollah unveils new heavy rocket in attacks on Israel
Terror group launches new rocket at Israel’s Mount Dov named after Jihad Mughniyeh, son of senior Hezbollah figure Imad Mughniyeh, both eliminated in Israeli-linked attacks.
While the claim that this is a newly developed rocket has not been independently verified, reports from Lebanon describe it as a heavy rocket that was used for the first time.

Islamic Hardliners Cement Grip Over Iran’s Parliament After Election Runoff
Iran’s hardliner Islamist on Saturday won the bulk of the remaining seats in an election run-off to claim full control of the Islamic Republic’s parliament.

Egypt threatens to ax treaty with Israel over Rafah op
Egypt has again threatened to suspend its 45-year-old peace treaty with Israel if the latter further expands its offensive against Hamas in Rafah. Cairo has lodged formal protests with Israel, the United States and European governments following the Israel Defense Forces’ invasion of eastern Rafah, which was launched last week,

GOP senators sponsor bill to cut UN funding over PA benefits
Current U.S. law prohibits funding to organizations such as the United Nations which give the Palestinians full membership or standing as a member state outside a political settlement with Israel.

Congressman files articles of impeachment against Biden over Israel arms embargo
Florida Representative Cory Mills launches bid to impeach President Joe Biden for freezing arms transfers to Israel for personal political gain.

US witholding ‘sensitive intelligence’ on Hamas from Israel
Biden admin willing to share “valuable” information regarding the whereabouts of Hamas’s leaders to stave off invasion of Rafah.

Trump vows support for Israel’s ‘right to win its war on terror’
At a rally in New Jersey on Saturday, former President Donald Trump voiced his support for “Israel’s right to win its war on terror,” and claimed Hamas’s Oct. 7 attack would not have occurred under his watch.

IDF Spokesman Hagari ahead of Memorial Day: We will ‘achieve an enduring defeat of Hamas and bring all our hostages home’
The IDF spokesman affirmed that the IDF’s ground incursion into Rafah has focused on “military targets, eliminating dozens of terrorists, exposing underground tunnels, destroying military installations and seizing a vast amount of weapons, while avoiding densely populated areas.”

Day 219: IDF continues operations in Central Gaza and Rafah despite warnings from Egypt
According to Palestinian reports, the IDF again dropped tens of thousands of leaflets in eastern Rafah, warning civilians to evacuate to the expanded humanitarian zone in al-Mawasi. The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) estimated that around 300,000 people have already evacuated Rafah since the IDF began to issuing warnings last week.

Israel salutes its fallen on first Memorial Day since Oct. 7 tragedy
Israel’s Memorial Day, commemorating the soldiers who fell in the nation’s wars and victims of terrorist attacks, began at 8 p.m. on Sunday with a nationwide siren for a minute of silence. On this year’s particularly mournful Memorial Day, the people of Israel remembered 1,600 soldiers and civilians who perished – either in combat or due to an act of terrorism – over the past year

Thousands of homes destroyed, over 300 dead as flash floods ravage northern Afghanistan 
Northern Afghanistan is facing a catastrophic humanitarian crisis following severe flash flooding that began on Friday, May 10, 2024. The latest reports confirm 315 deaths and injuries to over 1 600 people, with Baghlan Province bearing the brunt of the devastation. Authorities fear the death toll will continue rising.

Strong M6.4 earthquake hits near the coast of Chiapas, Mexico
A strong earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.4 hit near the coast of Chiapas, Mexico at 11:39 UTC (06:39 LT) on May 12, 2024. The agency is reporting a depth of 75 km (46 miles). EMSC is reporting the same magnitude and depth.

Severe dust storm strikes Delhi-NCR, killing three and injuring over 20, India
A sudden and severe dust storm swept through Delhi-NCR on the evening (LT) of Friday, May 10, 2024, causing extensive damage. The storm, with wind speeds of up to 90 km/h (56 mph), resulted in three fatalities and 23 injuries, alongside causing widespread disruptions across the capital.

Russia’s New Invasion Is Targeting Ukraine’s Second Largest City, And That Could Bring Us To The Brink Of “Nuclear Armageddon”
The war in Ukraine has just moved to an entirely new level, but most Americans do not even realize that we are closer to “nuclear Armageddon” than ever.  Very early on the morning of May 10th, Russian forces began to pour across Ukraine’s border north of Kharkiv.  In the short-term this will enable the Russians to create a buffer zone around the Belgorod region and force Ukraine to pull desperately needed forces away from the eastern front.

Dallas church with link to Planned Parenthood launches pro-abortion ‘pregnancy center’ 
A church in Dallas, Texas, with a history of supporting the abortion industry is in the news again after opening a pregnancy resource center that aims to promote abortion.

South Carolina Passes Ban on Transgender Surgeries for Children and “Secret Transitions’ at Schools
On Thursday, South Carolina’s Republican-led legislature approved House Bill 4624 to protect children from permanently altering gender mutilation with a 28-8 vote in the Senate and a  67-26 vote in the House.

WHAT COULD GO WRONG? San Francisco Using Tax Dollars to Buy Vodka and Beer for Homeless Alcoholics
The city of San Francisco is using tax dollars to buy vodka and beer for homeless alcoholics. Who thought this was a good idea?

New ‘Portal’ Bridging NYC and Dublin to “Bring the World Together” Goes Awry After Disturbing 9/11 Terrorist Attack was Displayed
In an ambitious attempt to “bring the world together,” two large circular livestream portals have been installed connecting New York City and Dublin, Ireland. However, the project’s intent of fostering global unity quickly soured due to unexpected and controversial content.

Pope Francis accused of ‘crimes,’ and is the Bible soon to be illegal?
Prominent Catholics urge bishops and cardinals to declare Pope Francis has “lost the papal office” if he refuses to resign, presenting a detailed summary of Pope Francis’ scandals that have gravely harmed the Church. Meanwhile, a priest in the Archdiocese of Chicago has officiated at a homosexual blessing that looked very much like a wedding — with no sanction! And both in the USA and Canada, bills are proposed that threaten to make the Bible illegal under the charge of “antisemitism.”

Day 218: IDF intensifies Rafah operation, re-enters two Gaza neighborhoods as Hamas fire stops humanitarian aid
Israel Defense Forces on Saturday called on additional neighborhoods of the southern city of Rafah in the Gaza Strip to evacuate ahead of an expected widening in its ongoing military operations over the past few days.

DISGRACE: Pro-Hamas Thugs Raise Palestinian Flag at Daley Plaza in Chicago Higher Than American Flag
Pro-Hamas agitators throughout the United States are undermining the freedoms and what our American flag stands for.