14 May 2024

A new united Israel
The failed Two-State Solution plan may need to be replaced with a Jewish State plan that brings forth a “New United Israel.” In this United Israel, all terrorist organizations are dismantled and banned. Israel takes sovereignty over all its territories including Gaza, Judea, and Samaria (West Bank). Cities that are primarily Palestinian might have their own leadership as long as they respect Jewish sovereignty and stop supporting terrorism. The past dividing up of the Jewish state dictated by various accords are nullified in this new United Israel. Israel then annexes all the territories in its borders. David Ben Gurion once said, “Our future does not depend on what the Gentiles will say, but on what the Jews will do.”  .” It may be time for Israel to make some new history by plotting a bold new course that puts Hashem and the Jewish people first, above outside expectations for peace.

‘I Gave Up Shame Years Ago’: Clinton Denounces Trump For Doing What She Did In 2016
“I gave up shame years ago.” Those words from actor John Lithgow appear to have been taken to heart by Hillary Clinton who has severed any sense of self-awareness or shame in her public comments. Lithgow, who played Bill Clinton in Broadway production of Hillary and Clinton, appears to have inspired the subject of his play. In a recent interview, Hillary Clinton heralded the prosecution of former president Donald Trump in Manhattan as “election interference” by keeping “relevant information” from voters before an election. For those of us who criticized Clinton for the funding of the infamous Steele dossier, it was a perfectly otherworldly moment.

15.6% of US population are foreigners,
According to the Center for Immigration Studies, the foreign-born population “hit new record highs” in March, with roughly 51.6 million legal and illegal immigrants in the United States. The independent research organization noted that since March of 2022, the foreign-born population has increased by 5.1 million individuals, representing the “largest two-year increase in American history.”

Biden’s daughter’s diary declared authentic after fact-checker said it was ‘unproven’
In response to a question concerning whether the contents of Ashley Biden’s diary had been verified, the fact-checking website wrote, “On April 29, 2024, Snopes changed the rating of this fact check from ‘Unproven’ to ‘True’ based on testimony provided by Ashley Biden. In an April 8 letter to a New York judge requesting jail time for one of the two people convicted of stealing her diary, Biden wrote ‘I will forever have to deal with the fact that my personal journal can be viewed online.’”

Ben-Gvir: ‘Hamas loves Biden’
The Hamas terror group loves Joe Biden, Israeli National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir asserted on Thursday. Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich noted that during the 1948-49 war, Israel “also had to face an arms embargo implemented by the United States against a state that was just newly formed. Once again, today, we will achieve complete victory in this war despite President Biden’s pushback and arms embargo.”

Netanyahu: Stability in post-war Gaza requires ‘sustained demilitarization’ and ‘civil administration’
“We do not need to be prompted by anyone on adhering to the laws of armed conflict or to seek to minimize civilian casualties. It’s in our national DNA.” On Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that for the foreseeable future, the Israeli military will have to keep an overriding security responsibility in Gaza to prevent the resurgence of terrorism.

South Carolina passes ban on transgender surgeries for children, secret ‘transitions’ at school
South Carolina Republicans, backed by Gov. Henry McMaster, voted to ban ‘gender transitioning’ children, taxpayer funding for ‘sex changes,’ and secret ‘gender transitions’ at school.

Biden ends the US-Israel alliance at a fortuitous moment
So far, administration sychophants have not succeeded in turning the American people against either the Jewish state or the Jewish people. Hamas and the U.S. positions are in complete alignment.

Sinwar had secret police force to quash dissent in Gaza
Documents seized from Gaza reveal Hamas General Security Service, which made files on 10,000 Gazans believed to critical of Hamas, including journalists and protesters.

University of Minnesota rewards protesters, holding hearing on Israel divestment
Minnesota appears to be the first US school with a major Jewish population to hold a debate on divestment in response to the demands of students protesting Israel’s conduct in the war in Gaza. That debate has raged on quads, in student newspapers and at student government meetings for years.

Palestinian Authority turns down offer to control Rafah Crossing
US pressured Israel to turn control of Rafah Crossing over to Palestinian Authority – but the PA rejected the proposal, report says.

Man who received first pig kidney transplant dies
The first man to receive a genetically modified pig kidney transplant has died two months after the operation, the hospital which carried out the procedure has said.

HAARP’s aurora switch was turned on last week to create “artificial airglows”
AI search summaries show that on the same day the aurora borealis was seen across the northern hemisphere, HAARP was running experiments to artificially create aurora-like glows or “airglow” in the ionosphere.

Massive dust storm engulfs Mumbai, killing at least 8 and injuring over 60 
A catastrophic dust storm swept through Mumbai, India, on Monday, May 13, 2024, beginning at 15:00 local time and persisting for more than two hours. The storm claimed the lives of at least eight individuals and injured over 60 others, wreaking havoc across the city.

A “Restaurant Apocalypse” Is Starting To Sweep Across America, And That Is Really Bad News For The U.S. Economy
You can get a really good idea how the U.S. economy is doing by watching restaurants in your area.  When the economy is booming, restaurant parking lots are full, and chains are feverishly establishing new locations.  But when the economy is struggling, restaurants get a lot less traffic, and poor-performing locations get shut down.

What Is Causing This? “Demographic Winter Is Coming” As Fertility Rates Plummet All Over The Globe
Fertility rates have fallen way below replacement level throughout the entire industrialized world, and this is starting to cause major problems all over the globe.  Aging populations are counting on younger generations to take care of them as they get older, but younger generations are not nearly large enough to accomplish that task.  Meanwhile, there aren’t enough qualified young workers in many fields to replace the expertise of older workers that are now retiring.  Sadly, this is just the beginning.

Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Castro: Progressives are always mass murderers 
Mao, Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, and Castro were all lefties. Progressives always push back on Hitler in spite of his leading the National Socialist Party, but give this a listen:

In-Depth: How Do We Contend With The Rising Deception Darkening Minds All Around Us?
Demonic deception began in the Garden. Satan first attempted to redefine the words of God, then attempted to denounce God by discrediting His words altogether. The Devil and his hordes have followed the same pattern of deceit ever since.

Biden Blasted After Withholding Key Intel From Israel To Keep Forces Out Of Rafah
The Biden administration is under fire after reportedly withholding intelligence on the locations of senior Hamas officials to pressure Israel into giving up its planned invasion of Rafah.

One Health, Gaia Worship, Wicca and Neo-Paganism 
“One Health” policies that seek to merge man and the earth into oneness is an age-old religion associated with paganism, Wicca and Gaiaism.  And the United Nations is pushing to implement the One Health religion globally.

Iranian Lawmaker Claims Tehran Now Equipped with Nuclear Bombs
Iranian lawmaker Ahmad Bakhshayesh Ardestani claimed on Friday that Iran possesses nuclear weapons, despite the country’s formal policy under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). This statement came shortly after the UN’s atomic watchdog highlighted Iran’s capacity to produce multiple nuclear bombs.

Here Come the Lying AI Robots: Study Alerts That AI Systems Are Getting Adept at Deceiving Humans
…now it surfaces a study claiming that AI systems have grown in sophistication to the point of developing a capacity for deception. The paper states that A range of AI systems have learned techniques to systematically induce ‘false beliefs in others to accomplish some outcome other than the truth.’

Former French Intelligence Officer Warns of ‘Catastrophic’ Islamization of European Societies
Former DGSE (General Directorate for External Security) agent Pierre Martinet recently shared insights on CNEWS, shedding light on the growing threat Islam poses to European societies. Leveraging his extensive intelligence background, Martinet discussed the pervasive reach of Islamic terrorist organizations such as Hamas and the broader trend of Islamization across the continent.

SICK: Climate Scientist Suggests “Culling” the Human Population with a Deadly Pandemic to Solve the “Climate Crisis” 
…Bill McGuire, a Professor of Geophysical & Climate Hazards at University College London (UCL), authored a tweet Sunday that lamented the fact carbon emissions were not falling nearly as fast as needed and suggested solving the “climate crisis” with a deadly pandemic to wipe out swaths of the human population.