28 Nov 2023

“We’re Entering A Whole New Era”: AI Video Generation Becoming ‘Shockingly Good’
AI may be a few years away from creating custom-tailored VR movies based on whatever you can imagine, but it’s become surprisingly good over a very short period of time.

‘War Is Peace’: MSNBC Claims (Again) That Voting Is Anti-Democratic
it’s worth emphasizing just how stupid the corporate state media thinks its viewers are — and, by extension, the public-school-educated American public generally — that it can ram down its audience’s slack-jawed throats the narrative that voting for unapproved parties or candidates is a violation of sacred Democracy™. That’s how stupid they think their loyal Democrat viewers/readers are, that they can’t see through the most glaring contradiction in all of human history; that merely by waving hypnotically the avatar of the Orange Bad Man in front of their faces, back and forth, they can convince them that voting the wrong way makes the fascists.

Inside U.S. Efforts to Untangle an A.I. Giant’s Ties to China
When the secretive national security adviser of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Tahnoon bin Zayed, visited the White House in June, his American counterpart, Jake Sullivan, raised a delicate issue: G42, an artificial intelligence firm controlled by the sheikh that American officials believe is hiding the extent of its work with China.

Iraq sees risk of regional conflict if Gaza war resumes
Iraq sees a risk of regional conflict if the current truce in Gaza is not turned into a permanent cease-fire, the Iraqi prime minister’s foreign affairs adviser said, as mediators sought an extension of the temporary four-day Israel-Hamas truce.

Kim receives spy satellite images of White House, Pentagon, US aircraft carriers
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un received photos of the White House, Pentagon and US aircraft carriers in the naval base of Norfolk, taken by its recently launched spy satellite, state media KCNA said on Tuesday. North Korea last week successfully launched its first reconnaissance satellite, which it has said was designed to monitor US and South Korean military movements.

Magnitude 6.5 earthquake strikes northern Papua New Guinea, no tsunami warning issued
A shallow, 6.5-magnitude earthquake struck off the northern coast of Papua New Guinea on Tuesday, the US Geological Survey said, but no tsunami warning was issued. The quake hit about 20 kilometres (12 miles) off the coast, a short distance from the town of Wekak, capital of the Pacific island state’s East Sepik Province.

Ballistic missiles fired from Houthi-controlled Yemen at US warship rescuing ‘Israel-linked’ tanker
Incident is latest in a series of attacks in Middle Eastern waters since October 7; Iran-backed Houthis in recent weeks have threatened to attack any ship that is connected in one way or another to Israel

Visits by EU Leaders to Israel Highlight Growing Divisions in Brussels Over War in Gaza
The leaders of Spain, Belgium, and Germany have all made the trip in recent days, with German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier earning plaudits from his hosts for his remarks while in Israel — in marked contrast to Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Croo, who were accused by Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen of giving “support to terrorism.”

Elon Musk: ‘No choice but to kill those who insist on murder’
Elon Musk thanked the President and said, “Thank you for having me. there’s three things that need to happen in the Gaza situation, there’s no choice but to kill those who insist on murdering civilians. You are notgoing to change their mind. But the second thing is to change the education so the new generation of murderers is not trained to be murderers.

Hamas: We are willing to negotiate release of captive Israeli soldiers
his would be a major step by the terrorist organization that perpetrated the October 7 massacre, as the international pressure is far more focused on the release of civilians than it is of IDF soldiers. Hamas, in the meantime, is said to be using the ongoing ceasefire as an opportunity to move hostages it is holding in captivity to different locations,

“A Palestinian state should be demilitarized,” says Egypt’s president
What is happening now is an interim phase. Everyone understands that one day the war will end and the barbaric Hamas regime will be history. Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said something that is today deemed novel. He presented basic principles for the establishment of a future Palestinian state, noting Israel’s long-held conditions for such a solution.

Arab countries promote ‘Neither Abbas nor Hamas’ in new rulership of Gaza
The new Palestinian body would be tasked with rebuilding Gaza under the auspices of significant economic aid from the Arab and Gulf countries, with Qatar playing a possible leading role. In talks hosted by Qatar and elsewhere, senior Arab officials are promoting the goal of establishing a new Palestinian body to rule the Gaza Strip, ruling out a return of the Mahmoud Abbas-led Palestinian Authority.

The PA cancels Christmas in Bethlehem to show solidarity with Hamas
“Bethlehem Municipality crews announced the dismantling of Christmas decorations installed several years ago in the city’s neighborhoods and removing all festive appearances in honor of the martyrs and in solidarity with our people in Gaza,” the municipality wrote on Facebook.

Egyptian Sheikh: Israel war will usher in Gog and Magog between Russian and US; Jesus will win the war for Islam
“If Israel is finished and America moves in, what will happen?” Sheikh Gomaa said. “Russia will immediately move in. Who are these Russians? They are Gog and Magog, well-known tribes in Armenia. It is all known in the books.”

Hamas and Israel agree on 2-day extension of truce and hostage releases, according to White House
Israel and the terror organization Hamas agreed on a 2-day extension of their original 4-day truce agreement, U.S. National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby stated on Monday evening. The original agreement was set to end on Monday but will be extended by two days according to prearranged terms. This means that 20 additional Israeli women and children will be released by Hamas, while Israel will release 60 additional Palestinian prisoners and there will be a pause in fighting during those days.

GOOD FOR BIBI: Netanyahu was right to invite Elon Musk to Israel, and Musk was right to come
Amidst vicious attacks coming at Elon Musk from multiple directions, accusing him of being antisemitic, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu today welcomed Musk to Israel. And rightly so. Netanyahu took Musk on a tour of Israeli communities on the border of Gaza that were savaged by Hamas on Oct. 7, and continue to be attacked with Hamas rockets on an almost-daily basis. Introduced Musk to Jewish families directly impacted by Hamas terrorism. Made sure Musk was briefed by Israeli military commanders about the ongoing war in the Gaza Strip.

Trudeau signs partnership with EU to promote digital IDs, counter ‘disinformation’
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced a digital agreement with the European Union (EU) to advance the implementation of a digital identification system and to counter online “disinformation.” On November 24, Trudeau released the official terms of the Canada-EU Digital Partnership which aims to create digital credentials for Canadians, counter “disinformation,” and cooperate on artificial intelligence (AI).

Ukraine’s military says Russia launched its largest drone attack since the start of the invasion
Russia on Saturday morning launched its most intense drone attack on Ukraine since the beginning of its full-scale invasion in 2022, targeting the Ukrainian capital, military officials said. In total, Russia launched 75 Iranian-made Shahed drones against Ukraine, of which 74 were destroyed by air defenses, Ukraine’s air force said. “Kyiv was the main target,” Ukrainian Air Force Commander Mykola Oleshchuk wrote on his Telegram channel.

Search algorithm reveals nearly 200 new kinds of CRISPR systems
Microbial sequence databases contain a wealth of information about enzymes and other molecules that could be adapted for biotechnology. But these databases have grown so large in recent years that they’ve become difficult to search efficiently for enzymes of interest. Now, scientists at the McGovern Institute for Brain Research at MIT, the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, and the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) at the National Institutes of Health have developed a new search algorithm that has identified 188 kinds of new rare CRISPR systems in bacterial genomes, encompassing thousands of individual systems.

World’s largest iceberg, double Greater London-size wakes after 30 years
The iceberg known as A23a broke away from the Antarctic shoreline in 1986 and got stranded in the Weddell Sea. Over the past year, the iceberg has shown signs of slow drifting, and it is currently on the verge of extending beyond Antarctic waters. The thickness of its ice slab is 400 meters (1,312 feet).

Severe ‘black blizzard’ in Moscow: Snowfall hits 35% of monthly average overnight, Russia
The Russian capital of Moscow is facing an extraordinary ‘black blizzard’, a weather pattern typically seen in the country’s Far North. Severe weather in the capital started overnight, resulting in heavy snowfall and reduced visibility to approximately 100 m (328 feet), with the situation expected to persist until Tuesday, November 28, 2023.

Powerful Storm Bettina ravages Black Sea region with hurricane-force winds, severe storm surge, flooding and snowstorms 
Hurricane-force winds reaching speeds of 144 km/h (90 mph) and a significant tidal surge caused by a powerful Mediterranean cyclone named Storm Bettina have devastated parts of the Crimean Peninsula, particularly impacting Sevastopol and surrounding districts on November 25 and 26, 2023. The storm has led to widespread power outages, affecting nearly 500 000 residents, and causing considerable flooding and property damage. Bettina’s center moved over land early November 27 and is now heading northward.

Heavy snow and blizzards hit Romania and Bulgaria, claiming lives and disrupting power supply 
Heavy snowfall, strong winds, and blizzards, unleashed by Storm Bettina, have led to severe weather-related incidents and extensive damage in parts of Romania and Bulgaria on November 26 and 27, 2023. The storm resulted in the deaths of at least 3 people and left dozens injured in several countries, including Moldova, Ukraine, and Russia. The adverse conditions are expected to persist, with forecasts predicting low temperatures and moderate rainfall across central-western Romania and north-western Bulgaria in the coming days.

Lightning strikes claim 24 lives in Gujarat, India amid unseasonal severe thunderstorms 
In a rare winter weather phenomenon, the western Indian state of Gujarat experienced severe thunderstorms and lightning strikes, resulting in 24 deaths and approximately 25 injuries. The state, known for rain-related calamities, was unprepared for such a storm during the winter months.

Top Bible Prophecy Stories in 2023 — Longing For The Man Who Will Guarantee Peace And Stability
As each year winds down, I like to review and see how Bible prophecy was fulfilled, or has elements of fulfillment, throughout the year. I always have too many options to choose from—and maybe that is a nice dilemma. We’re in a countdown to the close of the Church Age.

If Modern Israel Is Not Biblical Israel, Then Why Is The God Of The Bible Protecting It?
All throughout the modern history of Israel – the hand of God in rescuing the remnant from the gas chambers and the death camps in Europe; the hand of God in bringing them back to a land that once was a barren wasteland and now is one of the most fertile grounds in the world; the hand of God in reviving the old forgotten Hebrew language as the only means of communication between people that come from more than 80 different diasporas; the hand of God in making sure that the efforts to destroy the newborn state will fail.

Hamas Official: We Kidnapped Foreign Nationals For ‘Their Own Protection’
Hamas official Hisham Qasem spouted a new propaganda talking point for the terrorist group this week, claiming that Hamas terrorists had kidnapped Thai nationals “for their own protection” during their October 7 attack on Israel.

ICE agent warns that ‘terror groups like Hamas’ are already in U.S. thanks to open border
A former Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent said Wednesday that Hamas and other terrorist groups are already in the United States thanks to the flood of migrants crossing the southern border.

The Entire Banking System Is Shaking
Why are big banks suddenly rushing to shut down so many local branches all over the nation?  As I have discussed in previous articles, U.S. banks are currently sitting on hundreds of billions of dollars in unrealized losses.  When financial institutions get into trouble, they start getting really tight with their money and they start cutting costs.  In addition to laying off workers, our banks have been cutting costs by permanently closing local branches.  For example, between November 12th and November 18th, the sixth largest bank in the United States initiated filings to close  19 more local branches…

Chinese Government Sent Millions in Payments to Biolab in California
Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-Wis.) is investigating an illegal biolab located in Reedley, California. According to Gallagher, the biolab received “over two million dollars of unexplained wire transfers from China.” Local officials in Reedley reported that the FBI did not investigate the biolab because there was no evidence of weapons of mass destruction, and the CDC was forced to investigate after a local congressman called attention to the lab.

The FCC is voting to seize American internet infrastructure in the name of ‘equity’
When regimes capture power, it’s often not in the dramatic fashion of the storming of the Bastille. Instead, it’s a bureaucratic takeover, hidden in jargon and filled with clichés, for the greater good. The Federal Communications Commission is poised to vote today on a sweeping set of new rules called the “Preventing Digital Discrimination Order.”

Girl Scouts of America Now Tells Girls White People are Evil Oppressors 
The Girl Scouts of America used to be a wholesome, all-American institution that taught girls how to be patriotic young women. Now they are teaching kids to be baby-killing, feminists who hate white people. No exaggeration. The Girl Scouts have committed to becoming an “anti-racist” organization.

Secretive White House Surveillance Program Gives Cops Access to Trillions of US Phone Records
A little-known surveillance program tracks more than a trillion domestic phone records within the United States each year, according to a letter WIRED obtained that was sent by US senator Ron Wyden to the Department of Justice (DOJ) on Sunday, challenging the program’s legality.

U.S. Justice Dept. takes surprising action with church plan to feed the hungry
The Department of Justice has issued a statement of interest in a fight going on in Oregon between a church whose members want to give food to their community members and a city that wants to restrict that activity.

Palestinian Solidarity or Western Civilization’s Undoing: The Real Agenda of Pro-Hamas Rallies
Disguised as a call for Palestinian solidarity, the ‘National March’ on Ottawa unveils a more insidious agenda, representing the unsettling initiation of the unraveling of Western civilization and a calculated assault on its core values.

Hustling in the Name of Jihad: Hamas’ Billionaires are Following the Example of Prophet Muhammad
Hamas leaders live luxuriously funded by oppressive measures and exploiting aid, starkly contrasting with Gaza’s poverty, justifying their wealth like Prophet Muhammad, all while prioritizing personal gain over the welfare of their populace.

New South American President Orders End to Drug Decriminalization Experiment: ‘A Whole Generation of Addicted Children’
American liberals have been getting some bad news lately from Latin America. Not only did last week see the election of a libertarian fan of former President Donald Trump to the presidency of Argentina, another new South American leader much closer to the border just overturned a policy in his own country that U.S. leftists have been pushing for years.

Pope Red Francis Goes from Meeting with Transgender Sex Workers in the Vatican to Accusing Jews of Terrorism
Pope Red Francis went from holding a transgender rally at the Vatican to targeting Jews.  This man does not represent Catholics.

French government takes aim at covid “conspiracy theorists” and complementary and alternative medicine in draft bill to combat sects
In mid-November, the French Senate reviewed a draft law that aims to crush dissent using hefty fines of up to EUR 15,000 and threat of jail time.  Anyone daring to criticise medical treatments could fall foul of this law.  Considering the “covid vaccines are safe and effective” false narrative propagated by the government, this law is nothing short of outrageous.

27 Nov 2023

NATO’s Proposed “Military Schengen” Is A Thinly Disguised German Power Play Over Poland
The liberal-globalist opposition coalition’s victory in last month’s Polish elections, which its Foreign Minister earlier accused Germany of meddling in, will likely result in former Prime Minister and European Council President Donald Tusk’s return to the premiership. In that event, this German-aligned politician could voluntarily subordinate his country to Berlin, thus resulting in Poland ceding its envisaged regional sphere of influence to that country and becoming its largest-ever vassal indefinitely.

What Are The Saudis Really Preparing For?
It was announced the other day that Saudi Arabia and China are opening a $7 billion local currency swap line. The announcement of the swap lines is likely a pre-announcement of an Economic Hitman-style attack on Saudi Arabia by the US. It’s not really that difficult to foresee.

Inside The UN Plan To Control Speech Online
A powerful United Nations agency has unveiled a plan to regulate social media and online communication while cracking down on what it describes as “false information” and “conspiracy theories,” sparking alarm among free-speech advocates and top U.S. lawmakers.

The Russia-Ukraine War Is Just About Over
The United States controls how the war in the Ukraine proceeds and always has. Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder said it was the American side which scuttled any chance of peace in Ukraine as early as March 2022, soon after the war began. “The only people who could resolve the war over Ukraine are the Americans. During the peace talks in March 2022 in Istanbul, Ukrainians did not agree to peace because they were not allowed to. They had to coordinate everything they talked about with the Americans first.

Former Google Engineer Pardoned By Trump Reboots ‘AI Church’
Anthony Levandowski, … has made headlines again. This time, it’s not about groundbreaking tech advancements or legal battles, but something far more unorthodox: the resurrection of his AI-centric church, “Way of the Future.” It was an ambitious endeavor, aiming to merge technology and spirituality by fostering a “spiritual connection” with AI. Despite its closure a few years later, Levandowski’s renewed venture, as discussed on Bloomberg’s AI IRL podcast, has already attracted a “couple thousand people,” “Here we’re actually creating things that can see everything, be everywhere, know everything,

Israel raids put Damascus airport out of service again
“Israeli warplanes on Sunday afternoon carried out a new raid targeting Damascus international airport … putting it out of service again,” said the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. It said the raid targeted the runways, and reported the sound of an explosion from the direction of a military airport elsewhere in the capital.

Be On Guard: The End Times Church Is One Inundated With Apostasy
There is much talk going around these days about how unified, triumphant, and glorious the Church will be in the end times right before the return of Jesus. This pollyanna image of the Church is certainly attractive, but it does not correspond with what the Bible prophesies. The picture of the Church in the end times that is portrayed in the Bible is not a very pretty one.

Soldier: ‘My dog gave me the signal – get back!’
Oketz (K-9) Unit fighters and dogs from the Marom Special Operations Brigade exposed approximately 50 booby-trapped explosive devices and dozens of weapons stockpiles.

Min. of Defense: ‘Hezbollah will withdraw and Israel’s northern residents will go home’
Minister Gallant said: “Here, in the Lebanese eastern front, which also looks towards Syria, the forces are doing an excellent job. The result is the injury and elimination of over 100 Hezbollah terrorists and the destruction of dozens of observation posts, warehouses, bunkers, and headquarters. And the retreat of Hezbollah forces from the front, into the depth of the [Lebanese] territory.’ He continued: “These are very impressive results. The combination of all these tactical achievements will translate into a new situation, which will later enable the return of [Israeli] residents [to the northern communities] under completely different conditions than when we started this campaign.

Musk to visit Israel Monday, meet Netanyahu
Billionaire tech entrepreneur Elon Musk will visit Israel on Monday and meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The X … owner met with Netanyahu in California in September to discuss artificial intelligence and investments in Israel.

Hamas Confirms Northern Brigade Head al-Ghandour, other Commanders Killed
The terrorist organization Hamas announced on Sunday the deaths of four commanders, particularly the head of its Northern Gaza Brigade, before the ceasefire that went into effect on Friday morning. The Northern Gaza Brigade commander, Ahmed al-Ghandour, was also a member of the Hamas Military Council. The terrorist organization had denied previous reports of his death, as well as the assassinations of other senior leaders.

ZAKA360 Working With IDF To Scan Off Road Areas
50 days have passed since the October 7th massacre, and ZAKA360 teams are still working hard in the South to recover bodies. Even now, more remains are being found every day. ZAKA360 is working with the military in off-road areas, where many hid or were found and killed.

Netanyahu visits Gaza, is first Israeli PM to do so in two decades
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu became the first Israeli head of state to travel to Gaza in two decades when he visited IDF troops stationed there on Sunday and was shown Hamas tunnels. “We continue until the end – until victory,”

Hamas formally requests Gaza ceasefire extension from Israel
Palestinian terror group Hamas seeks to extend its truce with Israel beyond the initial four-day ceasefire period, it said in a statement on Sunday night.

Palestinian terrorists brutally kill two suspected collaborators
Palestinian terrorists in the Tulkarem refugee camp shot and killed two alleged collaborators with Israel early Saturday, Palestinian officials said. Mobs then kicked the bloodied corpses and dragged them through alleys before trying to tie them to an electrical tower.

Congress probes news outlets accused of knowing about planned Oct. 7 invasion
Members of Congress are asking the Associated Press (AP) and UK’s Reuters news services what their front-line journalists knew about the October 7 Gaza terror attack on Israel, prior to the invasion, amid allegations photojournalists working for both outlets were aware of the planned attacks ahead of time. News reporters and photojournalists on-site at the early morning raid seem to indicate advance knowledge of the event, an investigative report found earlier this month.

Israeli-owned ship attacked by Iranian drone in Indian Ocean
An Israeli-owned commercial vessel was attacked by an Iranian drone in the Indian Ocean on Friday, the Associated Press reported, citing a US defense official. The attack on the CMA CGM Symi container ship, which caused no injuries, came a week after Yemen’s Iranian-backed Houthi rebels hijacked an Israeli-linked ship in the Red Sea.

Pope Francis describes Israel’s war on Hamas as genocidal “terrorism”
A ruler who listens to lies, All his ministers will be wicked. Proverbs 30:12
the Pope met with families of hostages taken by Hamas. He also met with Palestinians whose relatives were security prisoners in Israeli jails or were in Gaza. No media representatives were present at the meetings but members of the Palestinian delegation told the media that the pope had described Israel’s actions as “genocide”.

Archaeologists discover ancient sling stone factory
Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) research, … reported the earliest evidence for warfare and organized arming in the Southern Levant, specifically in the area of modern Israel yet discovered. The research revealed that the hundreds of sling stones were almost identical, indicating they were mass-produced.

Dean Phillips says ‘it’s delusional’ to think Biden can beat Trump
Democratic Rep. Dean Phillips of Minnesota said in a tweet Saturday that claims that President Joe Biden can defeat former President Donald Trump are “delusional.”

Minnesota one of the worst states for education freedom, report says
The report, which assesses states on criteria such as education choice, teacher freedom, transparency, and return on investment, highlights a decline for Minnesota in every category.  In the second annual Education Freedom Report Card published by The Heritage Foundation, Minnesota found itself at 45th place in the overall rankings. “The state declined in every category, most notably a seven-spot drop in education choice,” the report card states.

Topeka digs out after seeing its heaviest November snow since 1888
Topekans dug out Sunday after experiencing what the National Weather Service said was the capital city’s snowiest November day in 135 years.

Major lake-effect snow event expected in Great Lakes region, threatening road closures and power outages 
As Arctic air sweeps across the Great Lakes, meteorologists are warning of the season’s first significant lake-effect snow event, poised to cause travel disruptions and potentially feet of snow in some areas. This weather phenomenon, intensifying early next week, is expected to bring hazardous conditions, particularly along I-90 and in snow-prone regions of Michigan, Ohio, and New York.

NYC Jewish Teacher Forced Into Hiding At School After Being Swarmed By Hundreds Of ‘Radicalized’ Students: Report
A Jewish teacher in New York City was forced to lock herself in an office at her school after hundreds of “radicalized” students began rampaging through the school after they learned that she attended a pro-Israel rally, according to a report.

Museum’s Tree Festival Allows Satanic Worship Tree for Inclusivity
A Satanic Temple tree at a Wisconsin Christmas festival has some outraged, but the event host said it was permitted in order to remain “an inclusive organization.”

Chicago: 25 Shot By Saturday Night of Thanksgiving Weekend
At least 25 people were shot, one of them fatally, by Saturday night of Thanksgiving weekend in Mayor Brandon Johnson’s (D) Chicago.

Segregated Classrooms Spark Controversy As Proponents Criticize ‘White Standard’ 
School districts across the country, primarily in major, Democrat-run cities such as Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco and Oakland, have been offering segregated classes in the hopes of battling a decades-long, race-based achievement gap.

Connecticut City Rejects 5G Citing Evidence of Health Risks
The Board of Representatives in Stamford, Connecticut, earlier this month voted to reject a model agreement that would have allowed AT&T and Verizon to install 5G equipment on city-owned utility poles.

Tucson Sector Border Patrol Announces It Will Stop Posting Photos of Biden Border Crisis to Social Media Amid Record Surge of Illegals
The Tucson sector Border Patrol paused its social media activity on Sunday amid a record surge of illegal aliens.

Elon Musk Sounds The Alarm: Is Microsoft Building A Real-Life Skynet?
Elon Musk has sounded the alarm on Microsoft and its artificial intelligence plans. Microsoft’s new Maia A.I. chip is set to be the cornerstone of Microsoft’s A.I. infrastructure and aims to bring artificial generalized intelligence to “every facet” of our lives.

Rule 2.13 – Isolation And Quarantine Procedures 
The Appellate Division of the Fourth Judicial Department reversed the Borrello, Lawler, Tague, Uniting NYS v. Hochul ruling. Senator George Borrello, Assemblyman Chris Tague, Assemblyman (now, Congressman) Michael Lawler and the citizens’ organization, Uniting NYS had initially sued New York Governor Kathy Hochul and the New York State Department of Health over Rule 2.13 “Isolation and Quarantine Procedures.” What does this mean? The state can now force ANYONE into quarantine for any reason as this is not limited to the coronavirus.

CDC Issues Warning: Just 14 Percent Of US Adults Have Received An Updated COVID 19 Vaccine
….In other words, a whopping 86 percent of Americans don’t trust the Biden administration’s agenda and see through one of the biggest scams forced on the public to date.

“Litigation Floodgates are Now Open” for mRNA Vaccine Injured: Comprehensive List of 90 Attorneys Around the World Available for Lawsuits Against Vaccine Manufacturers 
Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) held a hearing on COVID-19 vaccine injuries earlier this month, where she vowed to expose “the TRUTH behind the COVID-19 vaccines.”

Former Google Engineer Pardoned By Trump Reboots ‘AI Church’
…According to Levandowski, more sophisticated AI systems could help guide humans with moral, ethical or existential questions. “Here we’re actually creating things that can see everything, be everywhere, know everything, and maybe help us and guide us in a way that normally you would call God,” he said.

James Rickards: When the next financial crisis hits the elites are planning to freeze the financial system, worldwide
During an interview in 2017, James Rickards revealed that there is a network of 189 people who are positioned in the world’s financial systems that hold the fate of the global financial system in their hands. They share one vision – One World Order, One World Taxation and One World Money – and have been working behind the scenes preparing to make that vision a reality.

US, China, Israel and others are developing AI killer drones; this poses significant risks
The Pentagon’s recent developments in AI technology have drawn concern and criticism as they approach the deployment of autonomous AI weapons systems capable of making lethal decisions independently.

DEADLY SECRETS: Unvaccinated account for just 5% of COVID-19 Deaths since beginning of 2023 but 3 & 4x Vaccinated account for Shocking 95% 
A report quietly published by the UK Government confirms the COVID-19 injections are far from effective because the unvaccinated population has accounted for just 5% of COVID-19 deaths in England since the beginning of 2023, while the 3 and 4 times vaccinated population has accounted for 95% of COVID-19 deaths among the vaccinated, with the vast majority of those deaths being recorded among the 4x vaccinated.