17 Nov 2018

Early election are inevitable – but Netanyahu is denying it
Nearly all of the Likud’s coalition partners have called to go to an early election as soon as possible, but Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu publicly continued to express hope that it won’t happen on Friday afternoon. Netanyahu met with Education Minister Naftali Bennett to discuss the government’s future. A source with knowledge of the meeting said that Netanyahu said there was no way for the coalition to function with only a one-seat majority…

Hezbollah money laundering has a ‘safe home in Germany’
Lax German illicit terror finance policies permitted the US and EU proscribed Lebanese terrorist organization Hezbollah to run a vast criminal enterprise to raise funds through a money laundering operation in Europe and South America. French prosecutors put fifteen members of the criminal organization on trial on Tuesday in Paris.

US to cut Africom troops amid focus on Russia and China
The US is cutting hundreds of troops in Africa as it focuses on countering threats from Russia and China. Around 700 counter-terrorism troops will be removed over the next few years, the Department of Defense said. About 7,200 US soldiers are currently based in dozens of African countries including Nigeria and Libya.

Xi Jinping: US-China trade war will produce no winners
Countries which embrace protectionism are “doomed to failure”, China’s Xi Jinping has warned in a veiled swipe at the US’s America First policy. Mr Xi was speaking at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) summit, where US-Chinese tensions are likely to be centre stage. US Vice-President Mike Pence later said he was prepared to “more than double” the tariffs imposed on Chinese goods.

US to join Australia in Papua New Guinea naval base plan
The US says it will join Australia in developing a naval base in Papua New Guinea (PNG), in an apparent move to curb China’s growing influence. Vice-President Mike Pence said the three countries would work together on the facility on Manus Island. Australia announced last month that it would work with PNG to develop the island’s Lombrum Naval Base.

France fuel protest: One dead in ‘yellow vest’ blockades
A protester has died and there are reports of several injuries as demonstrators angry at rising fuel prices disrupt traffic across France. The female protester was struck after a driver panicked and drove towards demonstrators, reports said. Some 120,000 “yellow vests”, so-called after the high-visibility jackets they are required to carry in their cars, have gathered in 2,000 locations.

Jamal Khashoggi: CIA ‘blames Saudi prince for murder’
The CIA believes that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, according to US media reports. Sources close to the agency said it had assessed the evidence in detail. It is understood there is no “smoking gun” but US officials think such an operation would need the prince’s approval.

Trump ‘personally answers Mueller Russia questions’
Donald Trump says he has finished answering questions about alleged Russian meddling during the 2016 presidential campaign. The US leader told reporters he had personally answered the questions “very easily”, but his responses had yet to be submitted to the investigating team. Special counsel Robert Mueller has been looking into allegations of collusion between Mr Trump’s campaign and Russia.

Household debt hit a record high of $13.5 trillion last quarter
The total debt shouldered by Americans has hit another record high, rising to $13.5 trillion in the last quarter, while an unusual jump in student-loan delinquencies could provide another signal that the nation’s economic expansion is growing old. Flows of student debt into serious delinquency — of 90 or more days — rose to 9.1 percent in the third quarter from 8.6 percent in the previous quarter, according to data from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Food Regulators to Share Oversight of Cell-Based Meat
Two U.S. food regulators agreed to share oversight of meat grown from animal cells, moving the emerging technology closer to consumers’ dinner plates. The U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Food and Drug Administration will jointly oversee cell-culture meat technology… The decision settles a debate between agency officials over which department would regulate the technology…

Mathematician Exposes Global Warming Study Inflating Temp Rise By 600%
Researchers who were attempting to prove evidence of climate change recently published a study claiming that ocean temperatures were increasing at a dramatic rate, much higher than previous estimates.

California Fire Death Toll Hits 63 as Sheriff Confirms 631 People Still Missing
Officials have confirmed that 63 people have now been killed by the Northern California wildfire, with 631 people still missing and feared dead.

Terror experts warn of jihadi threat coming from Canada
“Canada is today the happy home of thousands of radical Islamists, ex-ISIS fighters and the Muslim Brotherhood. Their numbers continue to grow, with Islamists infiltrating the Canadian government on several levels,” the report explains. “But security experts [in Canada] warn that by welcoming radical Islamists, Canada now presents a danger to the United States.”

Democrat Eric Swalwell Calls for Confiscation of Semi-Automatic Weapons in US — Nuke Those Who Resist
In a USA Today op-ed entitled…Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., argued Thursday that prior proposals to ban assault weapons “would leave millions of assault weapons in our communities for decades to come.” Swalwell proposes that the government should offer up to $1,000 for every weapon covered by a new ban…and “criminally prosecute any who choose to defy [the buyback] by keeping their weapons.”

Algorithm may one day be able to alter Bible’s style for its audience
Computer scientists have used various editions of The Bible to develop an algorithm that identifies different author’s writing styles..

DC Bans Churches From Handing Out Straws With Free Coffee
Washington, D.C., will begin enforcing its ban on plastic straws on Jan. 1, which would penalize churches for offering free coffee if it comes with a stirrer.

Big Pharma To Create AI Generated 3D Pills That Can be Printed at Home
Scientists working with Big Pharma are creating a way to print “personalized pills” using derived through artificial intelligence, according to news reports.

Ohio House Passes Bill Banning Abortion After Heartbeat Begins
The pro-life movement won a significant victory in Ohio this week, where the state House passed a bill that would ban abortions on unborn babies after a heartbeat is detected in the womb.

The Time That Pope Francis In St. Peter’s Square At The Vatican Declared To The Entire World That Lucifer Is The God Of The Catholic Church
On April 27th, 2014, Pope Francis held a ceremony in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican to induct two former popes into sainthood. Catholic sainthood ceremonies are fairly standard procedures, and happen quite often. But on this particular occasion, Pope Francis wanted it broadcast around the world in 3D, HF and 3K.

Former Planned Parenthood Worker Says Medication Abortions ‘Far More Dangerous’ Than Surgical Abortions
Medication abortions are far more dangerous than surgical abortions, former Planned Parenthood clinic director Abby Johnson told The Daily Caller News Foundation in an exclusive interview Wednesday.

Are Mexico and Russia Starting a Modern Day Cuban Missile Crisis?
Are the Russians amassing tanks in the jungles of Mexico in preparation for a “Red Dawn” type of invasion of the American Southwest. In the history of The Common Sense Show, has such an allegation gained such traction among the rank and file followers of the Independent Media.

Elite Plan to Crash ALL Paper Currencies and Usher In a Digital Currency
The ultimate “gold-digger”, IMF Director, Christine Lagarde issued a statement yesterday in which she said that all countries should go to an electronic currency and they should abandon their national currency is very clear that the elite plan to destroy the  current paper currencies by collapsing the world’s economy.

Chaos As Snow Hits New York City Unprepared, Mayor Catching Heat
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is catching heat from all corners as several inches of November snow has virtually crippled one of America’s major cities.

US Military’s Strength Has Eroded
Americans often assume their military is the strongest in the world, capable of handling any threats that come its way. But a new report by the National Defense Strategy Commission challenges that idea. It points out how significantly the U.S. military has deteriorated, placing the U.S. in an increasingly precarious position compared to its potential adversaries.

Florida recount: Democrats launch plan with altered form to fix ballots
A day after Florida’s election left top state races too close to call, a Democratic party leader directed staffers and volunteers to share altered election forms with voters to fix signature problems on absentee ballots after the state’s deadline.

After Abstaining For 22 Years, US Will Vote Against ‘Useless’ Annual UN Resolution on Golan Heights
A U.N. General Assembly committee will on Friday endorse nine resolutions critical of Israel, but – for the first time in more than two decades – the United States will change its position from “abstain” to “no” when a resolution on the Golan Heights is put to the vote.

Are all pharmaceuticals designed for population control?
What’s the fourth leading cause of death in the United States? Don’t guess heart attacks, cancer, respiratory disease, strokes, diabetes, or traffic accidents. It’s death by prescription.

Leaked Documents Prove Soros Working with UN Supporting Illegal Migrant Crisis
On Sunday, the United Nations admitted it is supporting the illegal immigrants and caravans from Central America, currently marching towards the US southern border.

16 Nov 2018


Two Major Brexit Developments, as UK and EU Try to Seal the Deal
We do not know at this stage when and what details of the draft agreement will be made available, although media reports have suggested the draft agreement focuses a lot on new proposals over the Irish/Northern Irish border and an arrangement to keep the U.K. within the EU ‘s customs union after Brexit, for a certain amount of time.

‘Mini Ice Age’ Looms As NASA Scientist Warns Lack Of Sunspots Could Bring Record Cold
Our sun was not expected to head into a solar minimum until around 2020, but it appears to be heading in that direction a little early which could prove to be bad news for warm weather lovers. Data from NASA’s TIMED (Thermosphere Ionosphere Mesosphere Energetics and Dynamics) satellite shows that the thermosphere (the uppermost layer of air around our planet) is cooling and shrinking, literally decreasing the radius of the atmosphere. This reduction of solar activity could result in a global cooling phase.

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Claims ‘Tremendous Respect’ for George Soros
A report published by the New York Times on Wednesday claimed Facebook had hired Definers Public Affairs, an opposition research company led by Romney-Ryan 2012 and Jeb! Bush 2016 alumni, to discredit critics of Facebook, including conservative commentators Diamond and Silk. “I learned about this relationship when I read this New York Times piece yesterday,” Zuckerberg declared. “I have tremendous respect for George Soros.”

Giant meteor crater found under Greenland ice cap
Scientists led by the University of Copenhagen’s Centre for GeoGenetics at the Natural History Museum of Denmark have found an ancient meteor crater under the Greenland ice cap that’s larger than Paris. Discovered using ground-penetrating radar data gathered by NASA, the possibly three-million-year-old impact crater is 19 mi (31 km) in diameter, about 1,000 ft (305 m) deep, and is buried under 3,200 ft (1,000 m) of glacial ice.

Fusion breakthrough as China’s “artificial sun” reaches 100 million degrees
The day of clean, limitless energy from nuclear fusion has taken another step closer thanks to China’s Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST). During a four-month experiment, the “Chinese artificial sun” reached a core plasma temperature of over 100 million degrees Celsius – that’s more than six times hotter than the interior of the Sun – and a heating power of 10 MW, enabling the study of various aspects of practical nuclear fusion in the process.

Haley: U.S. to oppose UNGA call for Israel to return Golan Heights to Syria
The United States is expected to reject a United Nations General Assembly resolution that calls on Israel to return the Golan Heights to Syria. US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley said that in past years the US has abstained…“However, given the resolution’s anti-Israel bias, as well as the militarization of the Syrian Golan border, and a worsening humanitarian crisis…the United States has decided to vote no on the resolution,” Haley said.

Islamic Jihad publishes picture of new rocket allegedly fired on Ashkelon
Islamic Jihad released pictures on Thursday of the new rocket with a heavy warhead, which they announced had been fired toward Ashkelon during the escalation of violence earlier this week. The IDF has been concerned about heavy mortars which could carry 150-200 kilogram warheads, and which would inflict heavy damage on the Israeli home front.

Australia, Malaysia butt heads over possible Jerusalem embassy move
Australia’s treasurer on Friday said Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad had a history of anti-Jewish statements, in an escalating war of words over the possibility Australia might move its Israeli embassy to Jerusalem. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison proposed the embassy move during a local election campaign last month, sparking concern from Indonesia and Malaysia.

Saudi women in ‘inside-out abaya’ protest
Some Saudi women have launched a protest against the abaya – a long loose-fitting robe used to cover their bodies in public – by saying that they will wear it inside out. Under the hashtag “inside-out abaya” they have posted pictures of the robe, which they feel under pressure to wear. In March Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said the garment was not a legal requirement.

Trump Tax Cut to Be Eroded Next Year by Inflation Switch
Last year’s big tax cut is about to start shrinking. The Internal Revenue Service on Thursday announced the tax code’s parameters for 2019, implementing a new method for making inflation adjustments that will result in higher tax payments—and government revenue—over time. The shift will cost Americans $133.5 billion over a decade, according to Congress’s Joint Committee on Taxation.

Venezuela is rolling out a new ID card manufactured in China that can track, reward, and punish citizens
In April 2008, former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez dispatched Justice Ministry officials to visit counterparts in the Chinese technology hub of Shenzhen. Their mission…was to learn the workings of China’s national identity card program. Chavez…wanted help to provide ID credentials to the millions of Venezuelans who still lacked basic documentation needed for tasks like voting or opening a bank account.

North Korea’s Kim inspects newly developed ‘tactical’ weapon, releases U.S. prisoner
North Korea’s leader publicly inspected a new weapon for the first time in nearly a year, state media reported on Friday, while it also decided to release a U.S. prisoner, sending conflicting signals at a time of sensitive negotiations. Kim Jong Un’s visit to the test site of a new “tactical weapon” threatened to sour the diplomatic atmosphere as negotiations between his country and the United States appear to have stalled.

‘Great Things Are Taking Place Whether The Media Tells Us Or Not’: Christian Musicians Hold Spontaneous WH Worship Session
A “faith briefing” at the White House this week saw Christian music artists hold an impromptu worship session, singing songs of praise near the Oval Office.

Snow-vember! The earliest Houston snowfall ever just happened!
An incredible sight danced over the city’s glistening skyscrapers of Houston this morning and likely caused many to rub their eyes and shake their heads. No, it wasn’t your lying eyes but rather the earliest snowfall ever observed in the city of Houston and surrounding areas.

Cold San Antonio weather ‘shatters’ 102-year-old record
San Antonio reached a low of 23 degrees at the airport this morning, which tied for the fourth-coldest November low temperature on record. The only colder temperatures were recorded in 1976 and 1886, and both were later in the month.

Republican Governor Blames Mass Shootings on Zombies, Abortions, US ‘Culture of Death’—Not Guns
R epublican Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin blamed the continuing occurrence of U.S. mass shootings on America’s culture that “celebrates death” through zombie television shows and abortion.

WAR ON CHRISTIANITY: China plans to rewrite the Bible to include Buddhist teachings, which would infuse worship songs with Chinese elements
To better control the growth and influence of Christianity, the Chinese government plans to incorporate Buddhist scripture and Confucian teachings into the Bible and edit worship songs to include Chinese characteristics, the head of a persecution watchdog has revealed.

SHAMEFUL: Over 500 rockets were fired into Israel by Islamic terrorists in Gaza, and not ONE word of condemnation from the United Nations
U.N.’s top body fails to agree on any action on fighting between Israel and Hamas in Gaza • “Security Council must condemn Hamas for its aggressive assault on civilians and finally, finally designate it a terrorist organization,” says envoy Danny Danon.

Over the weekend, Palestinians in Gaza fired hundreds of rockets into Israel, and Israel responded with strategic attacks on terrorist camps.

Hollywood Feminists Promote ‘Shout Your Abortion’ Book
Hollywood feminists are joining forces in the fight to take the sting out of abortion and will gather together in a “Stand Up for Shout Your Abortion” party this coming Friday.

Winter Storm Avery Leaves 5 Dead as Snow Blankets Northeast
One of the first big storms of the season moved across the eastern half of the country Thursday, leaving five people dead and closing schools as the freakish weather brought snow as far south as central Alabama.

Singer Céline Dion Launches Gender-Neutral Clothing Line In Creepy Ad Promoting The New World Order
There is so much going on in this commercial, it’s hard to know where to look first as your eyes are drawn all over the place. In a nutshell, Céline Dion has launched a new line of clothing for babies, the outstanding feature of which is that it is gender neutral. But it is much more than that. The commercial makes great fanfare of doing away with the traditional, and might I add, festive colors of pink for girls and blue for boys. But what does Dion replace that with?

Witches Now Outnumber Presbyterians In The United States As Wicca And Paganism Experience Explosive Growth
ll you need is an Instagram account in order to see how witchcraft has so throughly infiltrated American culture. Everywhere you look, people who don’t even necessarily identify as a witch are praying to the ‘spirit of the universe’, using incantations, potions, spells, charms and other things that have long been associated with witches and witchcraft. I have been in Christian churches where preachers were teaching their congregation how to ‘manifest what they want’ by tapping into the ‘universal spirit’.

Pope Francis’s Approval Ratings Hit All Time Low After Child Abuse Cover-Up
Pope Francis’s approval ratings have plummeted after a series of scandals and his cover-up of clerical child abuse have been recently exposed.

Notre Dame President: Not ‘Helpful’ to Turn Child Sex Abusers ‘Into Monsters’
Although investigators with the Archdiocese of New York found accusations of child sexual abuse against Archbishop Theodore McCarrick both “credible and substantiated, ” the University of Notre Dame says it will not rescind an honorary degree it awarded to McCarrick in 2008. Further, Notre Dame President Rev. John Jenkins says it is not helpful to view child sex abusers as “monsters.”

A Glimpse Into a World Without Men
The New Gender Equality Authority has a leadership consisting of 100 percent women. Ten months after its inception, an internal report now reveals a work environment so bad that 70 percent of its employees are distressed enough to be at risk of ill health…

Florida Democrats Urged Voters To Submit Absentee Ballots After Election Day Using Altered Forms
Florida Democrats urged voters to submit absentee ballots after Election Day, using an official form that had been altered to make it look like they were doing so within the legal deadline, hoping a judge would later allow the votes.

FDA Bans Sales Of Flavored E-Cigarettes At Convenience Stores
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, concerned about the rising tide of nicotine use among teenagers, announced on Thursday that it will ban flavored tobacco products, including electronic cigarettes, from being sold at convenience stores.

Klavan: Male Teacher Punished For Refusing To Watch Trans Student Change In The Locker Room
With a “gag order,” school administrators forbade teachers from talking about the change, and ordered a male P.E. teacher to supervise the potentially undressed girl in the Chasco Middle School locker room, the letter says. When he refused to “knowingly place himself in a position to observe a minor female in the nude or otherwise in a state of undress,” administrators told him “he will be transferred to another school as discipline for ‘not doing your job in the locker room.’”

The Wildfire Death Toll In California Rises To 58
Wildfires burning in California have killed at least 58 people since last week and displaced thousands more through forcing evacuations and destroying homes, The Associated Press reported.

Democrats Launch Training Sessions for “1000 Volunteer” Lawyers to Manage Recount and Steal in Florida
Democrats have produced tens of thousands of ballots several days after the election–even worse, Broward County refused to disclose how many ballots they had left to tabulate which allowed them to count however many they needed to bring the Democrats within the margin of a recount.