10 Dec 2018

GOOGLE CONSPIRACY: Google Possibly Killing Off Potential Leakers! China Involved?
“Two New York City Google employees, both in their twenties, are dead. Twenty two year old Scott Krulcik and twenty seven year old Vanessa Marcotte, both of the NYC Google headquarters have both met an untimely death in their twenties.” “Employees at the company’s headquarters …, are encouraged to monitor their colleagues and list on a web page within Google called “Stopleaks” any confidential information that they see externally. Anyone who is caught revealing information to the press is fired. Despite its ethical objections to helping the Pentagon, Google …. assists the Chinese military,….

Hail Pounds Saudi Desert, Kills Cattle in Swaziland
Skeptics of the Biblical account of the Ten Plagues will be chagrined to see shocking videos of a recent wave of hailstorms that struck simultaneously around the world in the most unlikely of places. The Saudi Arabian desert was covered in ice and, in precisely the manner described in the Bible, hail in Australia was accompanied by fire. Fire and ice raining down on beast and man, mirroring the Biblical account of the Exodus. Prophecy predicts that the plagues of Egypt will reappear before the arrival of the Messiah. Could it be that is what we are witnessing?

Tehran Sinking Into the Earth: Divine Retribution?
Scientists warned that Iran, the arch enemy of Israel, is in danger of suffering a fate explicitly described in the Bible as being reserved for the evil: being swallowed up by the earth. Though it is impossible to ascribe divine intentions onto such events, some rabbis emphasized that such a phenomenon requires an attempt to understand God’s will. Satellite images recently revealed that Tehran, the capital of Iran, is sinking into the earth at a rate of 10 inches per year.

Europe Beats Iran’s War Drums
How are we to understand Europe’s behavior? What is possessing Germany and France and Brussels and even Britain, (which is reportedly considering joining the Germans and French in their sanctions-busting operations) to stand with Iran against the US? It isn’t because Iran has proved its good intentions to them. To the contrary, over the past six months, Iran has plotted three terror attacks in Europe.

How Iran turned a ‘counterterror’ meeting into a push for new global order
A key meeting took place on Saturday in Tehran between Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and officials from China, Pakistan, Russia, Turkey and Afghanistan. Rouhani used the meeting to attack “the US, the West and the Zionist regime,” which he claimed are supporters of terrorist groups. As such he leveraged a meeting on terrorism to attack Iran’s adversaries. The Tehran meeting came a day before the Gulf Cooperation Council, which consists primarily of western allies, gathered in Riyadh on Sunday.

ISIS preparing for radioactive and biological attacks
The Islamic State group is now threatening to stage biological and radio-active attacks to finish off the anti-ISIS coalition. The organization’s Al-Taqwa Media Foundation last week started to publish new inciting material, including animation videos depicting a burning capitol building and abandoned military vehicles as well as civilian cars – as ISIS terrorists raise their black banner.

Popocatepetl Volcano Eruption Creates Impressive Ash Plume in Mexico
An explosion at Popocatepetl Volcano in Mexico sent a a stream of ash into the sky on December 9. No injuries were reported at time of writing but an ash advisory was sent out for the surrounding area. (video)

Campaign to Construct Messianic Golden Royal Crown
“For 2,000 years, Israel has waited for the moshiach (messiah),” Rabbi Berger said. “As a symbol of our belief that this period of waiting has ended, we should prepare a crown, since the first act of the moshiach will be to restore the Davidic Dynasty, which will be visibly unlike any other kingship that has ever existed.”

The Pope calls on the Jews in Israel to hand over a large part of their country to Muslims, so ‘Palestine’ can be created
His comments came during a meeting with Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas at the Vatican. The PA’s official news agency Wafa said that Abbas briefed the Pope on the latest developments in “Palestine” and the implications of the US decision recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and moving its embassy to the city.

Israel planned to initiate a massive attack Iran and start all-out regional war, according to PM Netanyahu’s former spy chief
Tamir Pardo, who served as head of Israeli spy agency Mossad from 2011 to 2016, told local investigative program Uvda in an interview set to air Thursday that Netanyahu instructed his military command in 2011 to prepare for a strike against longtime foe Iran, which Israel has accused of developing nuclear weapons and supporting militant groups abroad. Pardo said then-Israeli chief of staff Benny Gantz informed the prime minister that the armed forces would be ready within 15 days.

Netanyahu announces Oman allowed El Al to utilize its airspace
Oman’s leader Qaboos bin Said al Said has given El Al the right to fly over his country’s airspace, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday. Netanyahu said that the sultan’s permission to El Al came during his visit there in October. His comments came at an annual conference for Israeli ambassadors serving abroad.

IDF forces comb West Bank in search of Ofra terrorist cell
Israeli security forces carried out searches across the West Bank overnight in search for a cell of Palestinian terrorists who carried out a drive-by shooting of a bus stop outside the settlement of Ofra on Sunday night. The shooting injuring seven people, including a pregnant woman, who delivered a 30-week premature baby, said to be in serious condition.

Brexit ruling: UK can cancel decision, EU court says
The European Court of Justice has ruled the UK can cancel Brexit without the permission of the other 27 EU members. The ECJ judges ruled this could be done without altering the terms of Britain’s membership. A group of anti-Brexit politicians argued the UK should be able to unilaterally halt Brexit, but they were opposed by the government and EU.

Anti-Semitism pervades European life, says EU report
Anti-Semitism is getting worse and Jews are increasingly worried about the risk of harassment, according to a major survey of 12 EU countries. Hundreds of Jews questioned by the EU’s Fundamental Rights Agency said they had experienced a physical, anti-Semitic attack in the past year, while 28% said they had been harassed. France is identified has having the biggest problem with anti-Semitism.

100 Christians snatched in overnight raids on underground Chinese church
Chinese authorities targeted members of the Early Rain Covenant Church across various districts of Chengdu, the provincial capital of Sichuan, in what appears to be an effort to close down one of the country’s most prominent Protestant house churches. Members’ personal accounts and cell group discussions on social media channels were blocked at around 9pm on Sunday while the church’s telephone line was also cut.

Trump backs $750 billion defense budget request to Congress: official
U.S. President Donald Trump has backed plans to request $750 billion from Congress for defense spending next year…signaling a Pentagon spending hike at a time of potential belt-tightening elsewhere in the government. Trump, faced with a budget deficit at a six-year high, told his Cabinet earlier this year to come up with proposals to cut spending by their agencies by 5 percent, but he suggested the military would be largely spared.

Pope Francis says the basic human rights of Muslim migrants, trump the security concerns of citizens…so borders need to be OPEN
Pope Francis urged political leaders on Monday to defend migrants, saying their safety should take precedence over national security concerns and that they should not be subjected to collective deportations.

The UN hits a new low, as their leader suggests deploying armed forces to protect Muslim ‘Palestinians’ from the Israeli Army
The protection of Palestinian civilians could be improved by the deployment of UN-mandated armed forces or unarmed observers, a beefed-up UN civilian presence or expanded UN assistance, Secretary-General Antonio Guterres wrote in a report on Friday.

In US, some Holocaust survivors fear having to hide Jewish identity again
They survived the Europe of the Holocaust. But a recent rise in anti-Semitic acts in the United States has rekindled old fears: Should they again go into hiding, or should they instead reach out to share their experiences?

North Carolina, Virginia face immobilizing storm with heavy snow and ice
A storm unloading heavy snow and ice from North Carolina to central and southern Virginia will bring the likelihood of widespread power outages, travel shutdowns and disruptions to daily activities into Monday.

VIOLENT ANTIFA LEFTISTS Attack Police and Anti-Open Borders Protesters in Ottawa, Canada
Hundreds of Protesters turned out in the bitter cold in Ottawa, Canada in a protest against the UN Open-Borders Migration Pact.

US slams ‘absolutely disgusting’ West Bank terror attack
US President Donald Trump’s Middle East envoy Jason Greenblatt on Sunday slammed the terror attack near the West Bank settlement of Ofra, terming it an “absolutely disgusting” act and calling on Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to condemn it.

LGBT Liberals Get Brutal Dose Of Reality When They Show Up At Chicago Muslim Convention
…as soon as they arrived to hear self-proclaimed LGBT ally Sarsour give her address, they were removed from the event because their homosexual stance is vehemently rejected and brutally punished in Islam.

WILDFIRE: French President Macron’s Stunning Defeat In Paris As Its Citizens Rise Up To Reject Globalism And Climate Taxation
Don’t let the fake news media steal this story from you by underreporting on it, what is happening in France right now is very important. The French people have risen up en masse to reject the globalist policies of their boy president Macron, and to reject the Climate tax he is attempting to place on the backs of the French people.

While France BURNS, Macron gives 20 million dollars to Islamic terrorists
While crushing the French working man with the burden of the Paris climate ruse, Macron funds Jew hatred and jihad.  Let them eat cake!

BDS groups claim victory as New England police pull out of Israel training
Two New England police departments withdrew from a seminar in Israel last week following a public backlash from pro-Palestinian activists.

Russia building up forces near Crimea amid tensions with Ukraine, satellite photos show
Two weeks after Russia fired on and seized three Ukrainian vessels in the contested Kerch Strait, satellite images obtained exclusively by Fox News on Sunday show that additional forces may be headed to the region.

A NEW LOW: Leading American Faculty Union publicly condemns anyone who holds the belief that their are only two genders
An association of university and college faculty and other academic professionals called the American Association of University Professors (AAUP), founded in 1915, recently released a statement in which it condemned attempts to define gender as biologically determined at birth, insisting that the traditional position regarding gender has been “thoroughly discredited by over fifty years of feminist, trans, queer, and critical race research and by lived experience.”

India planning to scrap $500 million missile deal with Israel
India is reportedly planning to scrap a $500 million deal to purchase Spike anti-tank missiles from Israeli defense contractor Rafael, in what would be New Delhi’s second time abandoning the half-billion dollar arms deal.

Petition Urges Federal Law to Uphold ‘Scientific Definition of Sex’
More than 2,200 signatures of supporters from across the political spectrum are currently affixed to a petition that calls for the federal government to uphold the “scientific definition of sex” in federal law and policy.

9 Dec 2018

Netanyahu: Counterstrike in Gaza possible regardless of Northern Shield
With Israel focusing on decreasing Iran’s presence in Syria and neutralizing Hezbollah’s precision-guided missiles and terror tunnels from Lebanon, it has no interest in an escalation now with the Palestinians, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said… At the same time, Netanyahu said… “we are poised to act in any situation that requires a military campaign in Gaza if needed, because we have the time to prepare for it, which gives us an advantage.

Hezbollah’s second-in-command: All of Israel in our missile range
The entirety of Israel is within range of Hezbollah missiles, the group’s Deputy Secretary-General Sheikh Naim Qassem said Sunday. “There is not a single point in the occupied territories out of reach of Hezbollah’s missiles,” Qassem told al-Vefagh newspaper, adding that “the Zionists cannot tolerate such a high level of threats in confrontation with Hezbollah, which is why they have no motive for entering another war with Lebanon.”

Israel fired warning shots across its northern border
The IDF fired warning shots across its tense Lebanese border to halt an attempted infiltration as it continued to publish information on a third Hezbollah attack tunnel. It was the first instance of gunfire along the border since the IDF last week began Operation Northern Shield along its side of the northern border to destroy Hezbollah tunnels.

Yellow vest protests: France’s Édouard Philippe seeks ‘unity’ after unrest
French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe has vowed to “restore national unity” after violence broke out during a fourth consecutive weekend of protests. Police used tear gas and rubber bullets on Saturday – the latest day of “yellow vest” demonstrations against fuel tax rises and high living costs. More than 1,700 people were arrested, but the violence was not on the same level as a week earlier.

Climate change: COP24 fails to adopt key scientific report
Attempts to incorporate a key scientific study into global climate talks in Poland have failed. The IPCC report on the impacts of a temperature rise of 1.5C, had a significant impact when it was launched last October. Scientists and many delegates in Poland were shocked as the US, Saudi Arabia, Russia and Kuwait objected to this meeting “welcoming” the report.

Clashes as yellow vest protests grow in Belgium, Netherlands
Belgian police fired tear gas and water cannons at yellow-vested protesters calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Charles Michel after they tried to breach a riot barricade, as the movement…made its mark Saturday in Belgium and the Netherlands. Protesters in Brussels threw paving stones, road signs, fireworks, flares and other objects at police blocking their entry to an area where Michel’s offices…and the parliament are located.

Storm hits Carolinas and officials warn of potential widespread power outages
A winter storm brought snowfall and freezing rain to North and South Carolina on Saturday, creating hazardous conditions on roads and threatening to leave hundreds of thousands of people without power, officials said. The snowfall began on Saturday evening and was expected to last until early Monday in some areas, with up to 18 inches (46 cm) forecast for North Carolina’s Mount Mitchell, the National Weather Service said.

U.S. wants to continue support for Saudi-led coalition in Yemen
The United States wants to continue support to the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen’s war and will remain engaged in efforts to combat Iranian influence and Islamist militancy in the Arab state, a State Department official said on Sunday.

Under Oath, James Comey Admits The FBI Never Validated The Phony ‘Russian Dossier’ That It Then Used As A Pretext To Wiretap Trump Campaign 
One of the greatest crimes in modern American history was not perpetrated by Al Capone, John Gotti, the Clinton Crime Family or the Bush Crime Family. No, those people are rank amateurs compared to what time man pulled off while serving as the head of the FBI.

Franklin Graham defends Trump not reciting Apostles’ Creed: ‘The pharisees are after POTUS’
Leading evangelist Franklin Graham has come to the defense of President Donald Trump who did not recite the Apostles’ Creed at former President George H.W. Bush’s funeral on Wednesday.

If US Quits INF Treaty, Europe Loses
“Arguably, it may suit Moscow to enhance its own deterrent capability by targeting Western Europe with nuclear missiles at a juncture when NATO continues to expand menacingly to the east and encircle Russia. If US scraps INF Treaty, Europe is going to be the loser…”

Italian School drops Jesus’ name from Christmas song to avoid offending Muslims, 10-year-old girl gets it restored
“A 10-year-old girl launched a petition and managed to get Jesus’s name put into a school’s Christmas song after it was left out so as not offend the sensibilities of non-Catholic students.”

As Israel starts to act against Hezbollah’s terror activities, Lebanese troops mobilize on the border fearing all-out war breaking out
Lebanese army says troops are tasked with monitoring Israeli ‎activity and ensuring it does not compromise ‎Lebanese sovereignty UNIFIL says it is also monitoring IDF operation seeking to neutralize Hezbollah ‎‎terror tunnels snaking into Israel.

Turkish leader Erdogan promises to help Venezuela’s abysmal economy with major investments in the country – but it comes with a catch, mosques will also be built too
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan proclaimed that his country would “cover most of Venezuela’s necessities” economically during remarks in the Latin American country Monday.

Russia Pledges to Hold over 4,000 Military Drills in 2019
Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu pledged on Tuesday to hold over 4,000 military drills throughout 2019, as well as around 8,500 practical combat training events as the Putin regime seeks to shore up its military preparation.

ISIS issues major threat against NYC: “Soon, Allah willing, the disbelievers will see the very thing they feared: 1-1-2019”
An ISIS-supporting media group threatened New York City attacks for New Year’s with suggested tactics including snipers and package bombs. The latest threat circulated online follows other message from jihadists that have specifically cited Jan. 1 in calling for attacks.

Muslims Declare That They Must Cannibalize Human Flesh For Allah, They Take An Innocent Man, Carve His Heart Out And Eat It In Islamic Ritual
Muslims in Iraq declared that they needed to eat the flesh of a human being for Allah. They took an innocent man, carved his heart out and ate it. One of the people present was so disgusted that he vomited.

California Nuns Accused Of Embezzling As Much As $500K From Catholic School For Gambling
Two nuns are accused of embezzling as much as $500,000 from a California Catholic school for gambling and travel expenses.