31 Mar 2023

Rabbis petition government to allow Passover sacrifice on Temple Mount; Arabs decry the attempt
A group of rabbis sent a letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Itamar Ben Gvir, the Minister of National Security, requesting that Jews be permitted to perform the Biblically-mandated Passover ritual on the Temple Mount.

Belief In Traditional American Values Plummeting: WSJ Poll
According to a depressing new poll from The Wall Street Journal, belief in the importance of traditional American values has plummeted in the United States in recent decades. If that is the case, Democrats will never be out of power again. They never tire of dissing the country, its founders…and the concept of objective truth, morality…and God.

Huge Block Of Gulf Of Mexico Auctioned For Oil Drilling, Infuriating Biden’s Climate Activists
As required by the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) of 2022, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) auctioned oil and gas drilling rights across 73.4 million acres in the Gulf of Mexico despite the Biden administration’s pledge to end new leasing as part of climate change initiatives.

Saudi Aramco Bets On Continuous Growth Of Chinese Oil Demand
Saudi Aramco announced this week two major refinery and petrochemical deals in China, which not only give the world’s largest oil firm a share of the Chinese downstream market but also an additional export outlet for 690,000 barrels per day (bpd) of Saudi crude in China.

Finland Clears Last Hurdle, Will Become The 31st Member Of NATO
Late Thursday night (local time), Turkey’s parliament approved Finland’s NATO application, which puts the Nordic country on the verge of formal membership in the Western military alliance as the 31st nation. This comes after on Monday Hungarian parliament ratified Finland’s for NATO membership.

The Spirit Of Adolf Hitler Is Alive In The World Today… For That Spirit Is Satan
Many pastors and churches sold out to the Nazis or else turned a deaf ear and a blind eye to the suffering of Europe’s incarcerated. Satan worked himself into the very heart of the church in Germany and caused many church people—pastors and laymen alike—to rationalize and compromise with the Nazis. A hear-no-evil, see-no-evil mentality swept the country with regard to her treatment of the Jews and other “undesirables.”

Israel among targets of Russian spy who infiltrates D.C. circles
The story of Russian spy Sergey Vladimirovich Cherkasov came to light after he was charged last week, with acting as an agent of a foreign power, visa fraud, bank fraud, wire fraud, and other charges stemming from his illegal activities in the United States, on a years-long mission for Russian Intelligence Service (“RIS”). and all the way to sharing cocktails at parties with senior members of the Biden administration in D.C.

US illegally froze Iranian assets, World Court rules
In a partial victory for Iran, judges at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on Thursday ruled Washington had illegally allowed courts to freeze assets of some Iranian companies and ordered the United States to pay compensation but left the amount to be determined later.

‘Real enemy is humanity itself’: Exposing the occult roots of The Club of Rome’s climate agenda
The evidence for the influence of occultism over the global environmental movement begins with the man who is credited with founding it: Maurice Strong. Maurice Strong was a Canadian oilman, a rich entrepreneur whose involvement with the Club of Rome saw him rise to promote a worldwide green agenda based on fantasy, misanthropy, and the deliberate manipulation of public sentiment. The Club of Rome was founded at David Rockefeller’s estate in Bellagio in 1968.

Netanyahu dismisses contempt of court petition as an “attempted coup”
The High Court petition accuses Netanyahu of violating the conflict-of-interest agreement he signed in 2020, which prevents him from being personally involved in legislative issues that could affect his ongoing corruption trial. Netanyahu has been indicted on charges of bribery, fraud, and breach of trust in three separate legal cases. “This is a grave attempt to drag the judicial system into the political turmoil and cause it to decide illegally and in opposition to the decision of the representative democratic institutions, without explicit authority in law,” said Rabilo.

Why is Biden killing Muslims during Ramadan?
Biden administration officials have repeatedly warned Israel to “de-escalate” its actions against Palestinian Arab terrorists because Ramadan has begun. But how did the Biden administration mark the start of Ramadan this past week? By killing Muslims. After the US warned Israel to de-escalate during Ramadan, Biden retaliated for Iran’attack on US contractor in Syria with F-15E jets.

Deri’s compromise would keep Gallant as Defense Minister
Gallant expected to apologize for timing of speech calling for legislation to be stopped and remain in the position of Minister of Defense.

Attorney explains ‘insidious’ nature of ‘trans refuge’ bill
Minnesota-based attorney Robert Roby appeared on Fox News this week to warn that HF 146, the so-called “trans refuge” bill passed by the state House last week, may result in parents losing custody of their children if they do not consent to mutilating their bodies. “The insidious thing about this bill is it puts children who are being denied these treatments that are permanent and will sterilize the child for life … they’re now in the same category as kids who are being abused or neglected,”

Senate Votes 68-23 to End Covid Emergency
The Senate on Wednesday passed a GOP-led resolution that would end the COVID-19 national emergency that’s been in place since 2020. The measure passed the upper chamber 68-23.

Mother of Peaceful J6 Prisoner “QAnon Shaman” Jake Chansley – Announces He Will Be Released From Prison “Really Soon!”
Martha Chansley, the mother of J6 political prisoner Jake Chansley, who was peacefully escorted through the Capitol by police, told The Gateway Pundit on Wednesday that Jacob will be released from prison soon, though it is unclear exactly when. He is the victim of media slander, government abuse, and ridicule.

Strong and shallow M6.4 earthquake hits off the coast of Chile – The Watchers
A strong and shallow earthquake registered by the CSN Chile as M6.4 hit off the coast of Maule, Chile at 17:33 UTC (14:33 LT) on March 30, 2023. The agency is reporting a depth of 22 km (13.7 miles). The USGS is reporting M6.3 at a depth of 13.1 km (8.1 miles); EMSC M6.3 at a depth of 12 km (7.4 miles).

Odisha hit by over 5 000 lightning strikes in 30 minutes, leaving five dead 
Five people have been killed during a severe thunderstorm in Odisha, India, as the Basudevpur area of Bhadrak district experienced an unprecedented 5 000 lightning strikes within a 30-minute span.

Deadly floods and storms sweep across Kenya and Ethiopia, leaving at least 19 people dead
At least 19 people have died, and hundreds have been displaced in Kenya and Ethiopia due to storms, heavy rain, and flooding affecting various parts of the region over the last week. The situation has been exacerbated by the ongoing drought in the region, which has put millions of lives at risk.

State of national emergency declared in Tumbes, Piura, and Lambayeque, Peru 
Heavy rains affecting Peru since January 2023 have led to 12 deaths, 134 000 affected people, and 19 000 severely affected or homeless individuals.

France: Migrant Who Murdered French Priest Gets 4 Years in Prison for Setting Fire to Nantes Cathedral 
In open borders France, an illegal can burn down a church, stay in the country despite an order to leave, then murder a priest.

Islamized Los Angeles: For the First Time, Major Landmarks Are Lit Up Green for Ramadan
Marxist Councilmember Nithya Raman and the Islamic terror-tied group MPAC have teamed up to overthrow our Constitutional republican form of government without firing a shot.

ENDLESS WAR: Pentagon Demands Budget Increase of $842 Billion to Prepare for War Against China 
The Pentagon is demanding a budget increase of an astounding $842 billion in order to prepare for war against China, even as they are already waging a costly and counter-productive proxy war against Russia in Ukraine.

Transgender athletes condemn ban on inclusion in female events
Transgender athletes have condemned World Athletics’ exclusion of transgender women from elite female competitions, while the decision was welcomed by some sportswomen as a win for fairness.

Media Ignore Bank Records: “Biden Has Been Bought Off by the Chinese Communist Party”
The evidence is so profound, mind you, that commentator Thomas Lifson writes, “Joe Biden has been bought off by the Chinese Communist Party.” This doesn’t mean the mainstream media will report on it, though.

Following China: JP Morgan Chase wants people to pay for goods with face scans
JPMorgan Chase has announced plans to pilot a new payment technology that would allow customers to pay with their palm or face instead of a traditional credit or debit card. Following similar technological implementations in China, if the pilot program goes well, the bank intends to roll out the service to its broader base of US merchant clients and usher in a new wave of biometric payments that privacy enthusiasts have been concerned about.

SBF Charged With Funneling $40M In Crypto To Bribe CCP Officials
Federal prosecutors in Manhattan have hit FTX founder Sam Bankman Fried (“SBF”) with a new 13-count indictment accusing him of funneling $40 million in cryptocurrency to ‘one or more’ Chinese government officials, in order to “influence and induce them” to unfreeze Alameda Research trading accounts holding over $1 billion in crypto.

Bombshell Vax Analysis Finds $147 Billion In Economic Damage, Tens Of Millions Injured Or Disabled
A new report estimates that 26.6 million people were injured, 1.36 million disabled, and 300,000 excess deaths can be attributed to COVID-19 vaccine damages in 2022 alone, which cost the economy nearly $150 billion.

Kroger Hit By A Flood Of Store Closures As A Nightmarish Scenario For Retail Bankruptcies Begins
Now one of the most famous grocery chains in the U.S. is getting hit by a massive wave of store closings as a nightmarish scenario for retail bankruptcies starts to unfold. Earlier this month, a spokesperson confirmed that Kroger is shuttering multiple stores, and by early 2024 over 400 locations could go dark permanently. Thousands of jobs will be slashed and many communities may lose their main grocer. And the worst part is that Kroger will not be the only one.

Radical Pro-Transgender And Gun Control Activists Storm The Tennessee State Capitol, Will We Now See An ‘M30 Select Committee’ To Punish The Guilty?
Things are getting nuttier, crazier and definitely scarier with each passing day as the radical Leftist elements which control America – the White House and the media – inch closer and closer to all out violent confrontation on every street corner.

The ‘Trans Day Of Vengeance’ Will Go Ahead As Scheduled Even Though 6 Christians Were Just Killed By Transgender Shooter
…Who’s the target? Christians. Who’s doing the shooting? Transgenders. What do they want? Complete and total submission by Christians to their demonic ideology. When asked about events of the last days by His disciples, Jesus said that time would be like the ‘days of Lot’.

29 Dems Join GOP in House Vote to Block Biden Admin From Limiting Access to Gas Stoves
U.S. House lawmakers voted in support of an energy bill amendment that would prevent the Department of Energy from introducing energy efficiency standards that could outlaw most gas stoves on the market today.

The Devil is Real
In today’s watered-down Christianity we have lost sight of the Spiritual War that is raging around us.  Most Christians have very little understanding that the Spiritual War is not a “personal” war…although it does affect us individually.  The battle is between the “seed” of the Serpent and the “Seed” of the woman.  Humans are pawns in the game.  Control of the world is the prize.

UK Gov. confirms COVID Vaccines are deadly with new data showing Mortality Rates per 100k were LOWEST among the Unvaccinated throughout 2022
The UK government has just published a report that confirms Covid-19 vaccination is deadly, with figures showing mortality rates per 100,000 were lowest among the unvaccinated throughout the whole of 2022.

Official Government data confirms the COVID Vaccinated are suffering Antibody-Dependent Enhancement & the Pfizer Documents prove Pfizer & the FDA knew it would happen 
…the confidential Pfizer documents published in 2022, confirm that both Pfizer and the FDA knew Vaccine-Associated Enhanced Disease was a possible consequence of the mRNA Covid-19 injections, and they received evidence of it occurring, including several deaths, but swept it under the carpet and claimed: “no new safety issues have been raised”.

IT WAS ALL A LIE: NHS Director confirms Hospitals lied about Cause of Death to create illusion of ‘COVID’ Pandemic 
“Patients being admitted and dying with very common conditions such as old age, myocardial infarctions, end-stage kidney failure, haemorrhages, strokes, COPD and cancer etc. were all now being certified as covid-19 via the Medical Examiner System.

Scotland’s Incoming Anti-White Terror-Tied Muslim Prime Minister Humza Yousaf is a Major Threat
The New leader of Scotland is of Pakistani origin and a racist known to hunt down whites in Scottish Institutions. Scotland’s governing party elected radical Humza Yousaf as its new leader on Monday, making him the first “person of color and the first Muslim” to lead the country of 5.5 million people, celebrated the left-wing media.

Conquered NYC: Islamic Supremacists Seize Control of Times Square for Ramadan
Is multiculturalism or other religions mentioned by any Islamic leaders, promoted in the Islamic press, or appear in any form in Muslim countries?

30 Mar 2023

China influencing Utah state lawmakers through Mormon beliefs:
The Chinese government has been influencing Utah lawmakers by appealing to their Mormon beliefs within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The highly coordinated effort has resulted in numerous propaganda victories that promote false positive images of China, delaying legislation for action against Chinese government propaganda, and even the complete cancellation of resolutions condemning the communist nation. According to an investigation by The Associate Press, China capitalized on the Mormon Church’s long-held desire to expand to China.

John Kerry Says New Climate Change Executive Orders Are Coming
Joe Biden is preparing a series of new executive orders to address climate change, according to recent comments by his special envoy on climate-related issues, John Kerry.

All Talk, No Action On China
It might be easy to embrace recent warnings against a bellicose bipartisan consensus in Washington regarding China. But the real peril is that the true China consensus — which includes Democrats and Republicans, the administration and Congress — is to do nothing but talk, especially if action comes at a price.

RESTRICT Act Is Orwellian Censorship Grab Disguised As Anti-TikTok Legislation
Warner, a longtime opponent of free speech who, as Michael Krieger pointed out in 2018 (and confirmed in the Twitter Files) pushed for the ‘weaponization’ of big tech, crafted the RESTRICT act to “ake swift action against technology companies suspected of cavorting with foreign governments and spies, to effectively vanish their products from shelves and app stores when the threat they pose gets too big to ignore,”

Tenn. Gov. Tells Grieving State: ‘What Is Meant for Evil Can Be Turned for Good’
Tennessee’s governor on Tuesday urged the state’s citizens to respond to the Nashville school shooting with prayer, love and forgiveness, as he hinted that policy changes would be debated down the road.

Kentucky Legislature Overrides Democrat Governor’s Veto On Bill Banning Sex Changes For Minors
The Kentucky legislature overrode Democrat Gov. Andy Beshear’s veto of a bill banning sex change surgeries for minors on Wednesday. Kentucky Republicans revived the bill last minute, combining a bill banning child sex changes with one that prohibited schools from requiring that teachers use “preferred pronouns” and required parental notification of a child’s gender transition. The bill was passed with just enough time for the legislature to override a potential veto from the state’s Democratic governor.

Disney lays off Marvel Entertainment Chairman Ike Perlmutter
Walt Disney Co (DIS.N) has laid off Marvel Entertainment Chairman Isaac “Ike” Perlmutter as part of a cost-cutting campaign, a source confirmed on Wednesday. Perlmutter, 80, had supported activist shareholder Nelson Peltz’s unsuccessful bid this year to obtain a seat on Disney’s corporate board.

Israel launches new spy satellite – ‘groundbreaking innovation’ – into space
Israel launched a new spy satellite, the “Ofek-13,” into space early Wednesday morning, which will deliver higher-quality images to the Israel Defense Forces than has been possible, a crucial part of Israel’s military-intelligence gathering. “The ‘Ofek-13’ satellite is a [synthetic-aperture radar] observation satellite with advanced capabilities,” the Israeli Defense Ministry said,

Astrophysicist claims to be close to building a time machine
Prof. Ron Mallett believes that he has found the equation to make time travel possible, even if it’s highly unlikely to happen during his lifetime. The researcher believes that he finally cracked the code which will enable time travel after he had a revelation while being hospitalized. He now believes he has all the tools to “bend the space-time continuum” with the help of “a ring of rotating lasers forming a loop in time.”

Syria blames Israel for Damascus airstrikes, two injured
An airstrike targeted Damascus in Syria late Wednesday night, carrying out attacks against several positions of the Syrian army in the Al-Midan neighborhood of Damascus, injuring two Syrian soldiers and causing “some material damage,” state media reported, citing a military source.

New Scottish leader sides with Palestinians, has ties with terror groups
Scotland’s new leader served as media spokesperson for Islamic Relief Worldwide, which the Israeli government had designated a “terrorist front.”

Nobel Prize Winner Is in Favor of Israel’s Judicial Reform
Top economic thinker slams “irresponsible self-fulfilling prophecy” that judicial reform will harm Israel’s economy, insists overhaul will ultimately lead to growth.

Netanyahu reject’s Biden’s call to ‘walk away’ from judicial reform
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday rebuffed U.S. President Joe Biden’s call earlier in the day to “walk away” from his government’s judicial reform push. “Israel is a sovereign country which makes its decisions by the will of its people and not based on pressures from abroad, including from the best of friends,” said Netanyahu.

Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs’ press secretary resigns after threatening violence against ‘transphobes’
The Democratic governor’s press secretary tweeted a picture of a woman pointing two guns with the caption, ‘Us when we see transphobes,’ one day after the Christian school shooting in Nashville.

Pope Francis hospitalized after reported ‘heart problems’
Pope Francis has been admitted today to Rome’s Gemelli hospital for “previously scheduled tests,” as news outlets now report that his scheduled has been cleared for the upcoming days after he experienced heart problems prior to arriving at the hospital.

Potentially intense, widespread severe weather outbreak with tornadoes could impact 20 states late this week
The highest severe weather threat on Friday is predicted to stretch from Iowa and Illinois southward into Arkansas, northern Mississippi and West and Middle Tennessee. Tornadoes, damaging wind gusts and large hail will all be possible in this region.

River Ranch fire now 100% contained, 1,000 acres burned
…The Florida Forest Service says 200 outbuildings were destroyed.. As of Wednesday evening, the fire was 100% contained. The Florida Forest Service said 1,000 acres were burned.

Second Large Chain Closes All Locations in Portland: Cracker Barrel Permanently Shutters Remaining Area Restaurants
..Local businesses have shut their doors because of the violence, crime and theft. Even major national chains have had enough.

Videos: Football Players Still Collapsing, Having Heart Attacks, And Even Dying On The Pitch 
In the past week, two high profile football (soccer for Americans) players have collapsed on the field of play, continuing a trend that has seemingly now become the norm.

Zelensky Admits Ukraine Already Ran Out Of Ammo – The Automatic Earth
The US-led West’s Mainstream Media (MSM) began reporting more accurately on the military-strategic dynamics of the NATO-Russian proxy war in Ukraine since the start of the year, but the true test of their comparatively improved integrity will be whether they raise awareness about Zelensky’s latest damning admission. In an interview with Japanese newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun, he candidly told his interlocutors that “We do not have ammunition. For us the situation in the East is not good.”

Blac Chyna Removes Her ‘Demonic’ Baphomet Tattoo
Popular model and reality TV star Blac Chyna is removing her Baphomet tattoo, saying “I just don’t want anything negative or demonic on my body anymore.”

Japan and Germany Are Again Preparing for War
Memories of World War II still cause anxiety in both countries, but a rising generation feels less constrained—and less sure of the U.S.—in the face of Russian and Chinese aggression.

Exclusive: FAA Quietly Updates Guidelines to Clear Some Pilots Previously Diagnosed With Guillain-Barré Syndrome
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in January quietly updated its Guide for Aviation Medical Examiners (AMEs), allowing aviation doctors for the first time to give medical clearance to some pilots diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS), a rare neurological disorder connected to certain COVID-19 vaccines.

Going to war? Good news! The United States is 13 years behind in ammunition production
The United States’ commitment to support Ukraine against the Russian invasion appears to have rattled the stability of the domestic stockpile of missiles and munitions.

School Bans Easter Tradition After Migrants Complain
The next attack on our culture by migrants aided by left-wing radicals occurred in a first-grade classroom. In an AHS in Upper Austria, a teacher wanted to decorate the class with palm branches. A trip to the Easter market was also planned. A student’s father complained. With success: The school director then reprimanded his teacher for her “Christian fundamentalism.”

Ottawa School Board Endangers Young Girls with Forced Trans Agenda
…Many left-wing activists without children in the school came to intimidate parents who wanted to protect their children against sexualization and gender ideology in schools. Parents speaking at the event had to fight through the crowd of trans-activists who pushed and shoved them and screamed obscenities at them.

Angry French protesters shift focus from pension fiasco to Macron himself – “do you know the guillotine?”
The blue collar worker-led protests that erupted in Paris have shifted in tone from focusing solely on the pension fiasco to demanding that President Emmanuel Macron’s head be served to them on a platter.

Groundbreaking Analysis: COVID Vaccines Caused 300,000 Excess Deaths, $147 Billion in Damage to Economy in 2022 Alone 
In the U.S., COVID-19 vaccines injured 6.6 million people, disabled 1.36 million people, caused more than 300,000 excess deaths and cost the economy an estimated $147 billion in damage — in 2022 alone — according to a new analysis by Humanity Projects, a wing of Portugal-based research firm Phinance Technologies.

The drug being readied for the avian flu plandemic causes side effects that include BELIEVING false narratives, making it perfect for social control – NaturalNews.com

…The drug company behind the treatment, BioCryst Pharmaceuticals, has already prepared a list of common side effects for their blockbuster drug. These side effects include: “holding false beliefs that cannot be changed by fact” and “seeing, hearing, or feeling things that are not there.” The drug’s insert sheet might as well say that “other side effects resemble a zombie apocalypse.”

World’s Biggest Seller of Carbon Offsets Accused of Being a Scam
This is a big story that will probably fly under the radar. That’s too bad because it gets at the underlying scammy nature of the climate change movement.

The Pfizer Effect: Government Reports suggest COVID Vaccine-Induced Autoimmune Deficiency Syndrome is partly to blame for 2 million Excess Deaths in the West over the past 2 years
Recent reports from the Governments of the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK and most of Europe have raised alarm bells as they confirm that 2 million excess deaths have been recorded since the mass roll-out of the Covid-19 injections.