24 Jun 2019

‘Entire world will pay’ if mosque on Temple Mount harmed
The Twitter comments by Mahmoud Al-Habbash, Abbas’ adviser on religious and Islamic affairs and a Shariah judge, were spotlighted by Palestinian Media Watch. “The “Israeli plot against the Al-Aqsa mosque is becoming more dangerous and expanding from day to day. If the Muslims don’t act now, something will occur whose end is bad and bitter, and then the entire world will pay dearly. The Al-Aqsa mosque is religion and faith, and nothing is too valuable for it. ‘So take warning, O people of vision’ [Quran, Sura 59:2,

Judge sides with 1st Amendment after gun shows banned
A federal judge has sided with the First Amendment in a lawsuit against a California fair board that banned gun show and other event organizers from its facilities, which otherwise are available to the public. U.S. District Judge Cathy Bencivengo issued a temporary order to stop the Del Mar Fair Board from enforcing a recently enacted moratorium on gun shows at the fairgrounds.

US working on additional secret plans against Iran
The officers have been pushed by the White House to develop new options that could help deter Tehran without escalating tensions into a full-out conventional war, according to the report.

Abbas: We are ready to return to the negotiating table
The Palestinian president said that he would not ask for anything outside of what is already prescribed by the international community as legitimate, including the most recent United Nations Resolution 2334. “I will go to the White House and continue what I started with [US President] Donald Trump,” Abbas said.

High Court Relinquishes Messiah’s Gate to Muslim Authority
Regavim, a pro-Israel nongovernmental organization (NGO) that focuses on legal issues, reported that the Israeli High Court rejected a second petition requesting the court delay or stop Muslim construction adjacent to Sha’ar Harachamim (Gate of Mercy, also known as the Golden Gate). The construction, intended to turn the site into a permanent mosque, is being carried out without permits and is in contravention of agreements between the Waqf (Muslim authority), Jordan, and Israel.

400-Year-Old Prophecy Connects Recent Events in Iran to the War of Gog and Magog
the Strait of Hormuz, or Basra, was identified as the location of the War of Gog and Magog by Rabbi Shlomo Ephraim ben Aaron Luntschitz, a 16th-century Polish Torah scholar known by the pseudonym ‘Kli Yakar’. Shirat Devorah cited the Rabbi Luntschitz as identifying the Strait of Hormuz as the location of the War of Gog and Magog. “This is just the beginning,” Rabbi Fish told Breaking Israel News, noting that many prominent rabbis are calling for Jews to move to Israel as soon as possible. “This situation in the region is very serious. According to our calculations, there will be a war by the end of the summer, certainly before the Jewish high-holidays.” “People should not look to political solutions or even solutions from a natural source. The war will go far beyond that and the only solutions, the only hope is from heaven.”

UN Displays Arch of Palmyra Combining New World Order, Idolatry and Quantum Physics
A recent display in Switzerland brought together elements of a New World Order, Idolatry, and experiments in Quantum physics. Ten days ago, a 20 foot-tall replica of Roman Victory Arch of Palmyra was unveiled for a 12 day display in Bern, Switzerland….CERN, briefed reporters about some of the possible implications of an experiment labeled AWAKE. He speculated that the experiment could possibly open portals into the “unknown”. “Out of this door might come something, or we might send something through it,” Bertolucci was quoted as saying.

Trump Explains Why He Aborted Airstrikes On Iran, Which Underscores Something The Anti-Trump Masses Will Ignore
In a series of morning tweets, Trump said he called off strikes on three Iranian sites minutes before they were to be launched because he was informed of the likely loss of life among Iranians.

While some claim to have evidence that the ark is in Ethiopia, and of course, moviegoers were treated to a fanciful version of the story in “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” in reality, the expression “lost” ark is not an accurate description for the Jewish people’s point of view… This location is recorded in our sources, and today, there are those who know exactly where this chamber is.

Iran and Iraq: Tehran envisions joint military exercises, missile defense and Mosul influence
Iran wants to hold joint military exercises with Iraq, an Iranian news website reported on Monday, potentially increasing the alliance and link between Baghdad and Tehran. It comes as an Iranian diplomat visited Mosul and also after a commander of Iran’s air defense indicated Tehran could work with Baghdad on its air defense requirements. Joint military exercises would be a major step in the alliance between Iraq and Iran.

Iranian minister: U.S. cyber attack failed
US cyber attacks against Iranian targets have not been successful, Iran’s telecoms minister said on Monday, within days of reports that the Pentagon launched a long-planned cyber attack to disable the country’s rocket launch systems. “They try hard, but have not carried out a successful attack,” Mohammad Javad Azari-Jahromi, Iran’s minister for information and communications technology, said on social network Twitter.

U.S. working on covert operation plans against Iran -report
US army and intelligence officers are working on plans for covert operations against Iran in the Persian Gulf in an attempt to deter Tehran without increasing existing tension and leading to war, according to officials… The officials did not provide details…but several options have been considered: More cyber attacks, disabling Iranian boats, or the more on-the-ground approach of spreading false information so as to undermine support…

Erdogan’s party suffers blow after Istanbul re-run poll defeat
Turkey’s ruling AK Party has lost control of Istanbul after a re-run of the city’s mayoral election, delivering a stinging blow to President Erdogan. With nearly all ballots counted, main opposition party candidate Ekrem Imamoglu had a lead of 775,000 votes, a huge increase on the margin of 13,000 he achieved in the earlier election. That victory in March was annulled after the AKP alleged irregularities.

Storms strand passengers in Dallas, thousands without power
About 1,000 flights were canceled or delayed in Dallas on Sunday night and more than 80,000 homes and businesses left without power early Monday, after a line of thunderstorms rolled across a northeastern swath of Texas before heading east. A lightning strike at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport about 7:40 p.m. knocked out communications between the control tower and planes on the ground, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

Oil prices up on U.S.-Iran tensions
Oil prices rose on Monday, extending vast gains last week prompted by tensions between Iran and the United States, as Washington was set to announce new sanctions on Tehran. Brent futures were up 11 cents, or 0.17%, at $65.31 a barrel by 0845 GMT. West Texas Intermediate crude was up 40 cents, or 0.7%, at $57.83 a barrel.

Black SUNY Prof.: Seeing Poor White People Makes Me Happy
“…white people begging us for food feels like justice. It feels like Afro-Futurism after America falls…”

WILD WEST: Illegals cross into US — then OPEN FIRE on border wall!
Don’t worry, America, it’s just more “poor, tired huddled masses yearning to breathe free” — not violent thugs breaking the law and flagrantly firing weapons for no good reason.

“Social justice” homosexuals actively working to contaminate the blood donor supply with blood-borne diseases, claiming safety is “discrimination”
The me-centered mindset of LGBTQP cultists knows no bounds, as homosexual men in the United Kingdom are now knowingly contaminating the blood donor supply with their tainted blood in order to selfishly achieve what they perceive and demand as “equality” with non-LGBTQPs.

Following in the footsteps of communist China, CANADA begins harvesting organs from euthanized humans
Twenty years ago, I remember telling a physician friend of mine that China was harvesting organs from political prisoners. The doctor — a wine-drinking liberal academic — scoffed at the idea and claimed that if something like that were going on, he would have heard about it by now.

Nine Abortionists Caught Doing Abortions on Girls as Young as 12, Not Reporting Sexual Assault to Authorities
Nine abortion practitioners in the state of Indiana have been caught failing to report child sex abuse in cases where they did abortions on the babies of young girls. The nine abortionists in question did abortions on the girls as young as 12 years of age without reporting cases of sex abuse or statutory rape to law enforcement officials as required by law.

Global Recession: Is the Perfect Storm Coming?
The International Energy Agency (IEA) has slashed its estimate for global oil demand growth for the second consecutive month, citing intensifying trade concerns amid fears of a global recession.

9th US Circuit Court Delivers MASSIVE Blow To Planned Parenthood
The 9th U.S. Circuit Court on Thursday ruled that the Trump Administration’s new family planning laws can take place while multiple lawsuits happen at the same time.

AOC Advises Illegal Immigrants on Evading Law Enforcement, Cites Soros Group
New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez advised illegal immigrants on evading Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) round-up, citing a George Soros funded group United We Dream.

Family Sues Ontario School Over Gender Indoctrination
An Ontario family has filed a formal complaint with the provincial Human Rights Tribunal after a public-school teacher tried to convince their 6-year-old daughter that “there is no such thing as girls and boys.”

Florida City Pays $600,000 Bitcoin Ransom To Hackers After Ransomware Attack
The ransomware paralyzed city operations…

23 Jun 2019

Bolton in Israel: Iran can never have nuclear weapons
US National Security Advisor John Bolton met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday, amid ongoing tensions with Iran. Netanyahu delivered his remarks, saying that the US has no better ally than Israel and vice-versa, and added that Bolton’s visit will only strengthen the relations between the countries to discuss ongoing threats in the Middle East.

Iranian MP’s celebrate drone attack: “Psychological defeat” of US
Iranian members of Parliament and officials are continuing to celebrate the downing of a US drone last Thursday. In a letter that Fars News published, 250 parliament members put out a statement praising the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, celebrating the downing and the “overthrow” of American technology as a “psychological defeat of the enemy after its aggressive [drone] flew into Iran’s airspace.”

Kushner’s economic peace plan faces broad Arab rejection
US President Donald Trump’s economic vision as part of the wider plan to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was met with contempt, repudiation and exasperation in the Arab world, even as some in the Gulf called for it to be given a chance. The $50 billion “peace to prosperity” plan, set to be presented…in Bahrain next week, envisions a global investment fund to lift the Palestinian and neighboring Arab state economies.

Fatah calls for days of violence against Israel over Bahrain Conference
Fatah, the ruling party of the Palestinian Authority, has called for days of violence against Israel in response to the Bahrain Conference, where the economic part of President Trump’s Middle East plan will be unveiled. The PA has refused to send any representation to the conference and several senior officials in the faction have called for violence against Israel.

White House releases detailed economic plan for Palestinian people
Three days ahead of the Bahrain summit, the White House unexpectedly released the financial part of its Middle East peace plan…highlighting a potential $50 billion in investments over the next decade. Under the title “Peace to Prosperity – The Economic Plan: A New Vision for the Palestinian People,”…lays out a detailed vision…from roads and rail to taxes and education, which…is to be built upon…: “the people, the economy and the government.”

North Korea’s Kim Jong-un receives ‘excellent’ letter from Trump
North Korea leader Kim Jong-un has received a personal letter from US President Donald Trump, state media report. Mr Kim praised the letter as “excellent” and said he would “seriously contemplate the interesting content”, the KCNA news agency says. He also praised Mr Trump’s “extraordinary courage”. Earlier this month, Mr Trump said a beautiful letter had been sent to him by the North Korean leader.

Climate protesters storm Garzweiler coalmine in Germany
Police in western Germany are removing climate change protesters from an open-cast coalmine after hundreds of them stormed the site. Activists broke through a police cordon on Saturday to get into the Garzweiler mine, in a campaign against fossil fuel use. Many protesters are resisting attempts by police to clear the huge site.

Deportations after deal: The new reality for migrants in Mexico
Mexico is sending thousands of troops to the border with Guatemala as part of a deal with the US to stem the flow of undocumented migrants…At an improvised checkpoint on the main road leading to Tapachula, soldiers and the federal police now stop all cars while immigration officials check the identification of people travelling by bus and shared taxis. Any foreigner caught without proper documentation is taken away and likely to be deported.

US ‘launched cyber-attack on Iran weapons systems’
The US launched a cyber-attack on Iranian weapons systems on Thursday as President Trump pulled out of air strikes on the country, US reports say. The cyber-attack disabled computer systems controlling rocket and missile launchers, the Washington Post said. It was in retaliation for the shooting down of a US drone as well as attacks on oil tankers that the US has blamed Iran for, the New York Times said.

Trump announces a two week DELAY on planned dawn raids by ICE…
President Donald Trump has said that he is delaying planned enforcement actions by Immigration and Customs Enforcement to remove thousands of illegal immigrants… ‘At the request of Democrats, I have delayed the Illegal Immigration Removal Process (Deportation) for two weeks to see if the Democrats and Republicans can get together and work out a solution to the Asylum and Loophole problems at the Southern Border. If not, Deportations start!’ Trump said…

Mutant DNA-edited babies created by ‘Frankenstein’ scientist ‘secretly born in China’
Scientist He Jiankui was condemned around the world last year where he brazenly announced in a YouTube video he had produced the first gene-edited humans in history – dubbed “Frankenstein babies” by some critics. Dr Pete Mills, the Assistant Director of the Nuffield Council on Bioethics, attended the scientific conference in Hong Kong where the world first learnt about the experiment.

Human trafficking in America among worst in world: report
The United States is again ranked as one of the worst countries in the world for human trafficking. According to a recently released report by the State Department, the top three nations of origin for victims of human trafficking in 2018 were the United States, Mexico and the Philippines.

The Earth Is Being Terraformed for the Purpose of Depopulating All Humans
…..At this point, we must consider two important possibilities. First, we may be in the process of being setup for Project Blue Beam which would the use of advanced technology to “simulate” a fake alien invasion. The goal of this project would be to present a fake image of Jesus commanding the governments of the planet to unite (ie New World Order).

Jesuit high school stripped of ‘Catholic’ label over gay teacher, Indianapolis Archdiocese says
A Jesuit high school in Indianapolis, Ind, will no longer be recognized as Catholic by the Archdiocese of Indianapolis because it refuses to fire a teacher who’s in a same-sex marriage.

New York State To Issue Driver’s Licenses For Illegal Immigrants
The state of New York, will be joining the list of twelve other states plus Washington, D.C., that allow undocumented immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses, including California and Connecticut.

A Surprising Unanimous Pro-Life Ruling from America’s Most Liberal Appeals Court
The most liberal federal appeals court in the country has unanimously delivered a surprising ruling in favor of a Trump administration pro-life policy.

Iran Activated Air Defenses In Syria After Learning Of US Attack: Report
The Iranian forces in Syria activated their air defenses after learning of the U.S. planned attack this week, the Russian publication Avia.Pro reported on Friday.

Dozens of Christian Girls in Pakistan Targeted for Rape, Abduction, Forced Conversion
A poor Christian family in Pakistan is calling for justice after their teenaged daughter was reportedly kidnapped at gunpoint and raped by five Muslims.

‘Unlike Anything You’ve Seen’: A Powerful Show About Jesus’ Life
Filmmaker Dallas Jenkins has broken records and boundaries with his new project, “The Chosen,” the first-ever multi-season TV series about Jesus’ life. This innovative project is also the biggest crowdfunding media project in world history, with more than 16,000 investors giving over $10 million.

Disgraced Vice President of Walt Disney Convicted of Child Rape, Gets 6 Years
The disgraced top executive at Disney has been convicted and sentenced to nearly seven years in prison on multiple counts of sexually abusing children.

Churches In London Suffer Arson Attacks as ‘666’ Pentagrams Marked on Doors
Three churches located in the East end of London have suffered arson attacks in just two days, with each door being marked with satanic pentagrams and the number 666.