24 Oct 2021

Jordan blasts Israel after 1,300 apartments approved for sale in West Bank settlements
Jordan slammed Israel on Sunday saying that it “rejects and condemns” plans to build 1,355 housing units in the West Bank. Last week, the US expressed concern about Israeli plans to build 3,000 new homes in settlements as well as the legalization of two illegal outposts.

Bennett: Putin is attentive to Israel’s security needs
Israel and Russia have reached good, stable agreements, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said ahead of Sunday’s cabinet meeting, hours after landing back in Israel from Sochi. Bennett met with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday, and the prime minister said he found Putin to have “an attentive ear for Israel’s security needs.”

Turkey to expel US envoy and nine others, Erdogan says
Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said…he had told his foreign ministry to expel the ambassadors of the United States and nine other Western countries for demanding the release of philanthropist Osman Kavala. Seven of the ambassadors represent Turkey’s NATO allies and the expulsions…would open the deepest rift with the West in Erdogan’s 19 years in power.

Uganda: Suspected bomb attack in Kampala after terror warnings
One person has been killed and three others injured in a suspected terrorist bombing in Uganda’s capital, Kampala. The blast went off on Saturday night at a bar, killing a 20-year-old waitress and scattering panicked revellers on to the street outside. Police say three suspected bombers disguised themselves as customers and planted explosives in a plastic bag.

Iran’s supreme leader urges Arab countries to reverse normalization with Israel
Arab nations that normalized ties with Israel last year have “sinned” and should reverse such moves, Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei said… The United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan, and Morocco all said in 2020 they would normalize ties with Israel, as Washington under…then U.S. President Donald Trump made Arab-Israeli rapprochement a foreign policy priority.

BYU conference: Elder Bednar, Elder Gong invite mutual understanding, respect among Latter-day Saints and Muslims
Two Apostles encouraged members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Tuesday, Oct. 19, to better understand the similarities and differences they have with the globe’s 1.8 billion followers of Islam. “The two faiths are different in many of our core doctrines, but many of our values and the ways in which we practice our respective faith are similar and reflect our love of God and of our fellow man,” said Elder David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.

Strong Earthquake Rocks Caribbean; No Tsunami Threat to U.S. East Coast
The quake, originally classified as a magnitude 4.9 earthquake, struck at 6:47 pm ET. USGS reviewed data and lowered the magnitude of the actual quake down to a 4.6. The earthquake struck 21 miles northwest of Saint John’s, Antigua and Barbuda. USGS said the earthquake struck at a depth of approximately 57 miles.

The military is preparing for a ‘space superhighway,’ complete with pit stops
U.S. Transportation Command and the U.S. Space Force see a future space superhighway system where the United States, commercial partners, and allies would be able to make repeat, regular trips to the moon or beyond by using multiple hubs where they could gas up, have maintenance done, and even throw out their trash.

After sub accident, China demands US end free navigation ops
China is demanding the United States stop its freedom of navigation operations in the South China Sea, and has accused the U.S. of a “stupid mistake” when one of its nuclear-powered submarines collide with an unidentified object this month.

Vaccine mandates decimating police forces across U.S.
As crime rates surge, so are vaccine mandates — and resistance by police to those mandates. That means major cities across the United States risk losing one-third or more of their police forces, hesitant about getting the COVID-19 shot. Chicago Fraternal Order of Police President John Catanzara said last week, “It’s safe to say that the city of Chicago will have a police force at 50% or less for this weekend coming up.”

The majority of voters blame Democrats for inflation
America is currently enduring the fastest rate of inflation it’s seen in 30 years. Voters blame Democrats, according to a new poll. 62% of Americans blame Democratic policies, putting even more pressure on President Joe Biden to address the issue heading into the 2022 midterm election cycle.

Syria executes 24 charged with lighting wildfires last year
Syria has executed 24 people who were convicted of terrorism charges for igniting last year’s devastating wildfires that left 3 people dead and scorched thousands of acres of forests, the Syrian Ministry of Justice said Thursday. The perpetrators confessed that they had set fire to several locations in the three governorates, and were first arrested last year, the Ministry of Justice statement said. They were executed on Wednesday.

Rick Expected to Become A Hurricane Later Saturday, NHC Says
Tropical storm Rick is expected to become a hurricane later Saturday as it approaches the coast of Mexico, according to the National Hurricane Center. At 1 a.m. central daylight time, the center of Rick was located near latitude 13.7 North, longitude 101.3 West and was moving toward the northwest at 6 miles (9.7 kilometers) per hour, the center said in an advisory. It is expected to turn to the north-northwest later Saturday.

Drone footage shows La Palma volcano continuing to erupt, spewing lava and ash into the air
Recently released drone footage shows hypnotic images of the volcano in the Spanish island of La Palma as it continues to shoot sprays of lava, smoke and ash into the air.

A tour of the Wailing Wall Tunnel shows a new underground area in Jerusalem
After more than 150 years of excavation, the buried building, built around 20 AD, will be open to the public this year. The underground building is right next to the Wailing Wall, a retaining wall on the west side of Temple Mount, the most sacred place in Judaism, where the First and Second Temples of Jerusalem were once located.

Macron, Biden discuss ‘stronger’ European defence after submarine row
Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron discussed strengthening European defenses in a telephone call Friday, the White House said as Washington seeks to mend ties after a bitter row over submarine contracts. Biden will meet Macron in Rome later this month, and the statement said he looked forward to the chance to “take stock of the many areas of US-France cooperation, and reinforce our shared interests.”

New Colorado River basin projections show dire conditions for reservoirs as drought persists
New projections of Colorado River system inflows into Lake Powell and Lake Mead released this week by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation show both reservoirs could reach critical, and lower, levels in the next two years with another drier La Niña weather pattern setting up for the basin this winter.

State Department Privately Admits ‘Nearly 400’ Americans Still Stuck In Afghanistan
“We now know this administration repeatedly lied…

Hurricane “Rick” forecast to make landfall over Mexico near or at major hurricane strength

Tropical Storm “Rick” formed at 21:00 UTC on October 22, 2021, as the 17th named storm of the 2021 eastern Pacific hurricane season and strengthened into a hurricane at 12:00 UTC today, becoming the 8th hurricane of the season. Rick is forecast to approach the coast of Mexico on Sunday and Sunday night, October 24, possibly as a major hurricane.

No Jab? No Food! Planning for Food Rationing Is Underway Designed to Control the Public
I am in the process of writing a series on the coronavirus-induced martial law in New Zealand and Australia and what we have to look forward to here. However, and quite unexpectedly I have received intel that the Biden adminstration is beginning to lay the ground work for using food as a weapon. That means the food rationing is right around the corner.

Biden Lawyer Caught Criticizing Pro-Life Christians: They’re Not “Sincere” in Their Beliefs
A lawyer in the Biden administration has been caught in a phone call criticizing pro-life Christians and questioning the sincerity of their beliefs. The White House official was captured criticizing the religious beliefs of federal workers on abortion, specifically the religious exemptions to the COVID vaccine mandate.

Shannon Olsen: 22-year-old Wisconsin newlywed healthcare worker says having only two seizures is a “good day” in the 10 months since second Pfizer mRNA injection
A 22-year-old respiratory therapist and newlywed did everything by the proverbial book to live her American dream. Now she’ll live with neurological disorders for the rest of her life.

Sweden Suspends Moderna Vaccine Indefinitely After Vaxxed Patients Developed Severe Heart Condition
According to reports, Swedish health authorities have decided to impose an indefinite suspension on administering the Moderna vaccination to anybody under the age of 31. The Moderna shots were originally supposed to be resumed on December 1st.

Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg Tells His Unvaccinated Citizens To Prepare To Be Locked Down Unless They Agree To Take The Jab
In case you haven’t noticed, exactly none of the nations who mentioned any percentage of people needing to be vaccinated in order to achieve ‘herd immunity’ have declared herd immunity after arriving at their goal number. The concept of herd immunity, a meaningless phrase dangled in front of you to get you to take the vaccine, does not figure in the plans of any world leader. They only have one number that will satiate their vaccine lust, and that is 100%.

Inflation Is Approaching a Tipping Point at the Grocery Store
Confident consumers have swallowed higher supermarket prices so far this year, but the risk of indigestion is growing. For companies that make staple goods, asking for more money is delicate.

Buck Up World – Your Last and Worst Dictator is Approaching Quickly
If this seems a bit hard for the snowflakes and the woke, consider this.  Even in those days there is still a way out. Here it is, in all its grand simplicity.  “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.”

Biden’s Adminstartion Has Run Out of “Legal” Compliance Options-False Flag Events Blamed on the Unvaxxed Are Next As the Pretext for Quarantines and Gun Confiscation 
When outright compliance, or genocidal enforcement of governmental mandates is not possible, look for false flag events to occur in order the justification for any use of force to gain citizen compliance. The American public, as a whole, has never faced the dangers that the Biden administration is preparing to bring their way. You may not want violence, but your oppressors will not likely grant any quarter, nor give you any choice. We are already seeing the precursors to these strategies in New Zealand and Australia.

Chinese & Russian Warships Still Circling Japan As ‘Counterweight’ To US “Destabilization” In Region
State media: Encircling Japan, particularly sailing to the east side of Japan, is of significance because many key military installations are located on that side.

23 Oct 2021

US, UN ‘alarmed’ by terrorist designation of Palestinian NGOs by Israel
The United States will engage Israel seeking more information about the designation of six Palestinian NGOs as terrorist organizations, State Department spokesperson Ned Price said on Friday…”We will be engaging our Israeli partners for more information regarding the basis for the designation,” Price said on a regular briefing call.

Bennett, Putin discuss Iran, airstrikes in Syria in five-hour meeting
Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed on the continuation of current policy regarding Israeli airstrikes in Syria at their Sochi meeting on Friday. The meeting between the Israeli and Russian heads of state lasted five hours, leaving Bennett in Russia for Shabbat.

Vaccine mandate will have ‘catastrophic’ effect on jobs, business group warns Biden
A business group representing wholesalers told President Joe Biden that jobs will be lost if he follows through with requiring companies with federal contracts to have their employees vaccinated. Eric Hoplin…of the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors, laid out the case against the mandates and urged the president to back off his edict…

EU leaders give Merkel an ovation at final summit
Last week I waited in a packed press pen for German Chancellor Angela Merkel to descend the stairs at the Egmont Palace in Brussels. She’d already had lunch with King Philippe and later would go to a farewell concert featuring the works of Mozart and Beethoven. In other words, they were laying it on for her.

Middle East: Palestinians and Israelis clash over hillside
Eight people have been killed and hundreds injured in protests in the occupied West Bank. The number of Palestinians killed in confrontations with Israelis this year, in the area, is already more than 70 – the highest figure in five years. The worst hotspot for violence has been in the Palestinian village of Beita…

Hypersonic warfare: how China is edging ahead in the race for the fastest missile
The hypersonic arms race between China, Russia and the United States has taken a surprising and dramatic turn…lowering of the nuclear threshold. China is believed to have carried out a successful test…combining Cold War ballistic missile technology with new, super-speed advances to demonstrate an ability to place a nuclear-armed, hypersonic “glide vehicle” into orbit.

Illinois Sheriffs Reject Mayor Lightfoot’s Urgent Plea To Cover Police Shortage In Crime-Hit Chicago
As hundreds of Chicago police are being put on “no-pay leave” over their refusal to submit their personal Covid vaccination status with the city, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot appears to have fewer and fewer allies as she desperately tries to fill the gap of officer shortages due to the vax order. Area county sheriffs are refusing to send additional manpower that’s she requesting to urgently cover the gaps, telling her that’s it’s a problem of the mayor’s own making. Joe Biden during his CNN Town Hall remarks Thursday night continued pushing his view that emergency responders should be fired for defying local vaccine mandates. Biden just said first responders should be FIRED for refusing the vaccine. Wow.

‘Build Back… You Know, The Thing’: Americans Have No Idea What’s In Biden’s Economic Plan
In a Wednesday speech in Scranton, PA, Biden tried – and failed – to convey how his economic agenda would help working class families – by intermingling stories about growing up in the area and programs contained in the legislation. “Frankly, they’re about more than giving working families a break; they’re about positioning our country to compete in the long haul,” said Biden, doing his usual poor job of reading a teleprompter. “Economists left, right, and center agree.”

Russia Gives No Explanation of Navy Ships off Iceland’s Coast
In late summer of this year, a convoy of Russian military ships set off from the northern port of Severomorsk. The expedition was intended to be a routine Arctic voyage, but it did not end up that way. Three ships from the convoy took an unexpected turn west, sailing close to Norway’s Svalbard archipelago and then into Icelandic waters on August 20, RÚV reports. The ships made their presence clear to Icelandic authorities, yet Russia has not answered their inquiries as to why the ships entered Icelandic waters, or why the destroyer Severomorsk circumnavigated the country.

The vaccine and the mark of the Beast
My inbox overflows with the same question from dozens of readers — Is the vaccine the mark of the Beast? The short answer — the COVID-19 vaccine is not the mark of the Beast. Taking the vaccine is not an automatic condemnation to spend eternity in hell. The opposite is also true — refusing the vaccination does not grant anyone eternal life. Heaven and hell will contain both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated.

Lesbian Presbyterian Pastor Blames God for Her Relentless Support of Child Sacrifice
She then goes on to attribute her affinity for child sacrifice on God, blaspheming him by saying: As clergy, our calling comes from a higher power. We’ve taken sacred vows to accompany people, to love them, and to follow God’s call on our lives; to follow God as we move and breathe and exist in this world. If there are consequences for doing that, so be it.”

Putin says Russia mulling removing Taliban from terrorist list
Vladimir Putin says Moscow is considering removing the Taliban from its list of extremist organizations as it expands engagement with the new rulers in Kabul. The comments during a meeting of the Valdai Discussion Club on October 21 come a day after Russia hosted a high-level Taliban delegation for talks attended by officials from China, Pakistan, and eight other countries.

La Palma volcano, live updates today: eruption, tsunami warning and latest news | Canary Islands
Volcanic activity enters 33rd day on Friday, having begun on 19 September. 35,000 earthquakes and tremors recorded in La Palma during the past month

US response to Russian and Chinese hypersonic missile tests; 2 wins, one fail
The US ran three missile tests in response to Russia and China testing hypersonic missiles. While China and Russia hit their targets, one US missile exploded just after leaving the launch pad.

Liberals exclude Jewish groups from climate activism: “Zionism not compatible with Democracy
Sunrise DC, an affiliate of the national group the Sunrise Movement that aims to organize youth to protest against climate change, tweeted a statement on Wednesday stating that it has declined its speaking slot at Saturday’s Freedom to Vote Relay‒Rally at the Finish Line because of the inclusion of Jewish organizations. The statement singled out the Jewish Council on Public Affairs (JCPA), National Council of Jewish Women and the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism (RAC), which are scheduled to participate at the rally as these groups support Zionism and the State of Israel.

Historic: Israeli and German Aircraft Fly Over Jerusalem
As part of the international Blue Flag exercise, Israeli Air Force Commander Maj. Gen. Amikam Norkin and German Air Force Commander Lt. Gen. Ingo Gerhartz led a joint flight over Jerusalem. The commanders also visited the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Center, where they participated in a memorial ceremony at the Hall of Remembrance. During the ceremony, the commanders lit the eternal flame and laid a memorial wreath in honor of the victims of the Holocaust.

Will Biden make it till January’s State of the Union?
All things considered, it doesn’t take a fortune-teller or palm reader to predict Joe Biden isn’t long for this earth. At least he isn’t long for this earth in a bipedal position. It’s not just delusional and an outright lie to argue Biden is competent to execute the most basic functions associated with the office his minions stole; it is a sign of psychological impairment. Biden is a shuffling, mumbling, disaster of a human being who, as I have oft said, needs sticky notes with pictures on them posted in bathrooms to show him how to pull down his zipper. He is the semi-ambulatory textbook definition of non compos mentis, which is a legal phrase for “not of sound mind or not mentally competent to conduct one’s affairs.”

Powerful storm wreaks havoc across Europe, leaves over 500 000 homes without power and at least 4 fatalities
A powerful autumn storm named Aurore by Meteo France brought severe weather to France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Poland, the Channel Islands, and parts of southern England on Wednesday, October 20, and Thursday, October 21, 2021. This is the year’s first violent autumn storm in Europe. In Germany, this storm is known as Ignatz.

Vaccination Rates Not Linked to Lower COVID Rates, Epidemiology Paper Finds
A new paper in the European Journal of Epidemiology that analyzed 168 countries and 2,947 US counties found that higher vaccination rates were not associated with fewer COVID-19 cases.

Millions Of Americans Are Getting Fired For Not Taking A Jab That’s Now 3% Effective
CNN is reporting that a new study involving over 600,000 veterans has found that Johnson & Johnson’s covid vaccine’s protection “fell from 88% in March to 3% in August.”

Five Days In, Here’s How the John Deere Worker Strike Is Already Impacting Farmers During Harvest 
More than 10,000 John Deere workers have been on strike for five days. Both Deere and United Auto Workers Union (UAW) insist negotiations are ongoing, but the strike is already impacting farmers who are busy with harvest. From sourcing parts to manufacturing tractors and planters, the strike could sting a supply chain that’s already strained.

Unvaccinated lawmakers now getting locked out of government buildings
Members of the Washington House of Representatives who have not gotten “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) are being locked out of the Capitol building in Olympia, according to new reports.

Victoria, NSW mask rules: Experts shred Burnet Institute study
A “world-first” Australian study which Victoria’s government has held up as proof its mandatory face mask policy worked is riddled with basic errors and should never have been published in a major journal, medical researchers and experts say.

HORROR: In order to make covid vaccines, Pfizer cuts open live babies without anesthesia to harvest tissues
A disturbing, but not surprising, revelation has surfaced about how Pfizer harvested organs and other body parts from live babies in order to produce Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines.”

Are the US Supply Chain Disruptions Deliberate? 
Deputy Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo may have accidentally leaked the cause of America’s supply chain issues. “The reality is the only way we’re going to get to a place where we work through this transition is if everyone in America and everyone around the world gets vaccinated,” Adeyemo admitted in an interview with ABC News.

COVID Has Become The New Religion And Adherents Must Receive The Sacrament Of Vaccination In Order To ‘Buy And Sell’ In The New System 
Today on the podcast, we talked about how coronavirus has become the new religion, and that the congregation must receive the sacrament of vaccination in order to be allowed to ‘buy and sell’ in the new economy.

In-N-Out Fined for Refusing to Check Customers’ Vaccination Status
An In-N-Out in Contra Costa County, California, has been hit with fines for refusing to ask customers to present evidence showing they are vaccinated against COVID-19, according to reports.

Farmers struggle to find more space to grow crops, Biden makes the situation worse 
Farmers say the surge in demand for food means they need more space to grow crops to meet the demand. But their situation is about to get even more dire as President Joe Biden pushes to increase the use of renewable fuel.

Illinois Sheriffs Say They Won’t Send Deputies To Help Fill Gap Created By Chicago’s Vaccine Mandate
Multiple sheriffs in jurisdictions near Chicago said they will not respond to fill the potential gap in police manpower created by Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

Maine Hospital Fired So Many Unvaxed Employees They Had to Close the ICU

A hospital in Maine fired so many of its employees for being unvaccinated that the place was forced to close its ICU because it didn’t have enough workers to staff it. The administrators of Central Maine Healthcare in Lewiston, Maine, enacted a vax policy demanding all employees to take the vaccine.

Union Pacific Railroad enacts federal vaccine mandate
Union Pacific Railroad is the latest company to board the mandatory vaccine train. The company’s 31,000 employees across 23 states have been given just under two months to comply or face additional consequences.

In Australia, DOUBLE vaxxed to be locked up if they fail to take all required “booster” shots
Premier Daniel Andrews, a politician from the Australian state of Victoria, has announced that people who are “fully vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) will only remain such if they agree to also take all existing and future “booster” jabs.

China’s Military Declares Biotechnology Warfare as its Fundamental Guiding Principle
China’s People’s Liberation Army believes that biological weapons, not nuclear weapons, are the key to global military dominance.

National security laws may suggest that COVID-19 is a falsified pandemic ‘exercise’
One of the approaches used to determine whether COVID-19 may be a falsified pandemic is to observe the legal actions, plans, and strategies leading up to and during COVID-19 in any way relevant to emerging infectious diseases, vaccinations, or pandemics.

Texas Governor Abbott: Border Crisis “Escalating Into a Firing War”
On Sunday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott, a Republican, told Fox News that the situation at the U.S. Southern border with Mexico has deteriorated to the point where “aggressive” Mexican cartels feel emboldened to fire on National Guard troops patrolling the area for illegal immigrants. Abbott further stated that the Biden administration has “abandoned” the people living on the U.S. side of the border.

Chaos coming to streets of Chicago as mayor won’t back off vaccine mandate and 3,200 cops refuse to take the jab 
As bad as murder and violence is in parts of Chicago at present, things are about to get a lot worse across the entire city if Mayor Lori Lightfoot doesn’t stop playing the role of Democrat tyrant with her nonsensical COVID-19 vaccine mandate, especially when it comes to the Chicago Police Department.

Civil War By Politicians Via Covid
..Governments want A New World Order and are doing everything to get you to comply – they are pushing people too far. As time marches on, people are waking up and realizing their government is the enemy.

White House Getting Ready To Have 28 Million Children Between 5 and 11 Vaxxed By Christmas
Pertinent Question in ‘The Time of Covid’: Why should a White House administration, including an abortion advocating President and House Speaker be trusted on its plans to vaccinate 28 million children age 5 to 11 with the Pfizer shot by Christmas?

America’s Frontline Doctors agree: murdered infants at the heart of vaccine research “Not only are the babies delivered alive, horrifically, their organs are often removed when they are still alive. This is how they got the HEK293 kidney cells used in the manufacture of the vaccines and why Pfizer wanted it to remain a secret…”