7 July 2024

HuffPo Encourages Biden Campaign To Openly Push Disinformation Using AI
In a bizarre op-ed, Huffington Post writer Kaivan Shroff suggested that the President Joe Biden and his campaign should consider using artificial intelligence to dupe the American people into voting for him.
Shroff began by noting that “the stakes” of the election “cannot be overstated” because the future of democracy “hangs in the balance,” rhetoric which, he assured the reader, “is not hyperbolic.”

Report: New study exposes UN’s skewed portrayal of ‘intentional starvation’ in Gaza
A groundbreaking study has cast doubt on the United Nations’ portrayal of the humanitarian situation in Gaza, revealing substantial discrepancies in reported aid figures and challenging the narrative of widespread famine. The research, conducted by the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) and first published in Israel Hayom, exposes a pattern of selective data reporting that has potentially misled international opinion and legal proceedings against Israel.

End of an era: Keir Starmer appointed UK PM by King Charles
After a landslide victory following the UK general elections, Labor leader Keir Starmer arrived at Buckingham Palace, where King Charles tasked him with forming a new government. The new Prime Minister delivered a speech on the steps of the house, stating: “Tonight, people here and around the country have spoken.

Florida ‘will not comply,’ with US surgeon general’s gun violence advisory, DeSantis says
Gov. Ron DeSantis on Wednesday said Florida “will not comply” with U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy’s declaration that firearm violence is a public health crisis.

Beryl Churns In Gulf Of Mexico With Crosshairs On Texas
AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Tyler Roys told Bloomberg that Beryl will make landfall around northern Mexico or southern Texas as a Category 1 hurricane between 0400 and 0600 local time Monday. Computer models show Beryl’s forecasted track has been shifting slightly north in recent days, which may allow the storm to stay in warmer Gulf waters longer. “It would not shock me if there is further intensification,”

US Mainstream Media Await New Orders Now Their Big Lie About Biden Is Rumbled
The debacle that was President Biden’s performance at last Thursday’s Presidential debate divided America. Half were astonished to see someone with a crypt-keeper vibe who was obviously dazed and confused and whose language consisted mainly of mumbling nonsense that often trailed off into sheer incomprehensibility. The other half merely saw business as usual from Biden. Political pundits refer to this phenomenon as, in the words of Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams, “one screen, two movies”.

Amtrak Service Halted Between NYC-Boston For “Electric Power Issue”
An “ongoing electric power issue” suspended train service in the Northeast Corridor between Boston and New York City on Saturday afternoon, Amtrak wrote in a press release. “Our crews are working hard to correct the issues,” Amtrak said but did not explain the cause of the service disruption.

Iran reformist Masoud Pezeshkian wins presidential election
Masoud Pezeshkian, Iran’s only reformist candidate in the latest presidential election, has risen from relative obscurity to become the ninth president of the Islamic Republic. Pezeshkian, 69, won around 53.6 percent of the vote in a runoff election against the ultraconservative Saeed Jalili.

Fauci: ‘No Doubt’ Biden Has The ‘Vigor and Mental Capability’ to Have 2nd Term
Good thing Anthony Fauci has never gotten it wrong or lied to us in the past, or else I would be skeptical about his diagnosis that President Biden is ready and raring to go to have a successful second term as president.

Wildfires rage through Russia’s Far East
Yakutia, a Republic in Russia’s Siberia, is currently dealing with over 350,000 hectares of fires, the regional operational headquarters has reported. The fires, which have devastated vegetation all over the region, are also in the vicinity of eight different populated areas, and will devastate homes.

Extreme Solar Blasts and Weak Magnetic Fields Threaten Life on Earth
These phenomena, occurring roughly every thousand years, can significantly disrupt the Earth’s ozone layer, leading to severe consequences for all life on our planet.

Day of disruption’: Mass protests planned for Sunday throughout Israel
Thousands of people protested Saturday evening on Kaplan Street in Tel Aviv and at several intersections across the country, demanding the approval of the deal with Hamas and the announcement of an elections date.

Deadly strikes in Gaza as Israel commits to talks
Israel carried out deadly airstrikes in Gaza on Saturday and engaged in combat with Hamas fighters, while to the north it exchanged fire with Hezbollah militants across the Lebanese border. The fighting raged as diplomatic efforts to halt the war, which will enter its tenth month on Sunday, continued with Israel saying on Friday it would send a delegation next week to continue talks with Qatari mediators.

A Christian Creator God in All 50 US State Constitutions
Every state constitution refers to God, as understood by the writers, as a Creator Christian God, not the impersonal god of Hinduism or the deified Buddhist god. Furthermore, the Judeo-Christian Creator God, from whom comes our freedoms and rights, is written into all 50 state constitutions, directly or indirectly.

Hezbollah air defense expert eliminated in IDF airstrike
According to the military, Meitham Mustafa Altaar, known by his call sign Hadi, “led many of the unit’s activities and took part in the planning and carrying out of numerous terror attacks against the State of Israel.” Meitham reportedly traveled to Iran multiple times, where he “gained knowledge and assisted in building up the Hezbollah terrorist organisation’s force and arsenal of Iranian weapons.”

Rare ‘polar rain’ aurora seen from Earth for the first time
A remarkably smooth and puzzling Christmas Day aurora observed over the Arctic in 2022 was the result of a ‘rainstorm’ of electrons direct from the sun, says Japanese and US-based researchers. It is the first time that a rare aurora of this kind has been seen from the ground, and it came at a time when the gusts of the solar wind had almost completely dropped off, leaving a region of calm around the Earth. … No type of aurora like it had ever been seen from Earth before.

Armenian church commemorates Ark of the Covenant
The Armenian Apostolic Church commemorates the Ark of the Covenant (Tabernacle of the Old Testament) and the Feast of the New Holy Church on Saturday 6 July. The Ark of the Covenant is the most sacred sanctity of the Old Testament. It consisted of a pure gold covered wooden chest with an elaborate lid called the Mercy seat. The Ark is described in the Book of Exodus as containing the two stone tablets of the Ten Commandments. According to the New Testament Book of Hebrews, it also contained Aaron’s crosier (rod) and a golden urn full of manna.

Violent tornadoes rip through east China’s Shandong, damaging 2,800 homes and leaving at least 5 dead
A series of destructive tornadoes struck China’s Shandong province on July 5, 2024, claiming at least five lives and leaving 83 injured. The tornadoes damaged 2 820 houses, 48 powerlines, and 4,060 ha (10,032 acres) of crops, according to local media reports.

Hurricane “Beryl” is forecast to make landfall in Texas, U.S.
Tropical Storm “Beryl” is anticipated to re-strengthen again and is forecast to become a hurricane again before making landfall in Texas, U.S. on Monday, July 8, 2024.

Moscow records highest July 3 temperature since 1917, Russia 
Cities across Russia saw temperatures above 35 °C (95 °F) this week, while in Moscow, the mercury hit 32.7 °C (90.86 °F) on July 3 — the highest temperature for July 3 since 1917, according to the FOBOS weather center. This week, records were broken from Russia’s Pacific coast and the wilds of Siberia to the European parts of Russia.

150 Million Americans Under Weather Alerts As “Potentially Historic Heatwave” Tests Major Power Grids
Let’s start with the good news: The Lower 48 has reached peak summer, backed by 30 years of seasonal temperature trend data from Bloomberg. Now for the bad news: A heat wave continues to set records across the Lower 48, with 150 million Americans under weather alert this holiday weekend.

Pfizer and Moderna are rolling out catch-all mRNAs for ‘pandemic influenza’
Pfizer, Moderna, and the mRNA gang are unleashing a new “vaccine” enterprise upon the public, and U.S. Government Health is all too happy to assist in the operation.

‘Dirty Jew, Dirty Old lady, This is What You Deserve’: Jewish Grandmother (88) of Israeli Politician Beaten by Arab Muslims in France 
A Jewish elderly woman was violently assaulted by Arab Muslims in a violent antisemitic attack outside her home in Val-d’Oise, a northern suburb of Paris called SunBreeze. Israeli National Unity Party MK Sharren Haskel announced on Wednesday that her 88-year-old grandmother was the victim. French authorities have initiated an investigation into the attack.

Immigration, Migration, Invasion, and the Colonization of America – Part 3: Stranger Danger!

…DHS reports almost 25,000 Chinese military-age individuals crossed our border in 2024 alone. Most of these have been fit males who appear to have military training. Several of them have probed US military bases, even entering them on occasion, and not through authorized entries. Aside from military facilities, our entire infrastructure is open and was never designed to resist sabotage or attack.

‘Eco-Theology’: The Latest Departure From The Faith
…Wallace explores what it might mean for Christian theology to embrace the animist worldview.” Might I say very strongly that no Christian should be adopting an animist worldview…Generally, animists will deify animals, stars and idols of any kind…they practice spiritism, witchcraft, divination and astrology.  To protect themselves from evil spirits and placate the good spirits, animists use magic, spells, enchantments, talismans and charms.  The Bible very clearly prohibits such practices!

New House bill would impose ‘lofty financial punishments’ on schools lenient on Jew-hatred 
Colleges and universities that receive “generous” tax benefits from the federal government “should be doing more than simply giving a slap on the wrist to perpetrators of hate,” according to Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-N.Y.).

Even While Fighting An Existential War, Israel Remains The Safest Country For Jews 
I grew up in France in a Jewish family that had survived the Holocaust and with a Great-grandmother who had fled the pogroms of Eastern Europe. Yaakov and Rachel Schimkowitz left Russia with very little, mainly to save their own lives from the looming pogroms that often came unannounced and destroyed much on their path.

Prof. Angus Dalgleish: The use of mRNA injections is criminal negligence
“The first thing that I’d ask they do is ban all messenger RNA vaccines! Ban the whole concept of giving the booster; there’s no way in the world these vaccines prevent infection,” said eminent oncologist Professor Angus Dalgliesh during a webinar held by the Channel Islands & UK Alliance in April. The use of the mRNA platform is “a gross medical negligence… really, this criminal negligence now, knowing what we do,” he said.

Climate and climate change do not cause or influence weather 
It has become the go-to for climate alarmists and their corporate media collaborators to blame all types of weather on “climate change.”  However, as Roger Pielke Jr. explains, climate is the statistical outcome of the weather.  As such, it cannot be the cause of and does not fuel or influence weather.

Corey Lynn: Who is “they”? 
…It is a global agenda that goes back centuries, and even the most brilliant researchers, historians, and investigators can’t name every person involved at the top of this hierarchy. However, there are thousands that can be named, and most everyone has acknowledged the fact that it is a very small percent attempting to rule the world under their “new world order.”

The trans narrative is getting more insane: media now touts ‘nonbinary transgender’ Olympian 
There have been a lot of truly delusional headlines over the past decade as the press herded itself into line with the transgender movement’s ever-changing language diktats. From solemnly using phrases such as “her penis” to obediently using Orwellian terms such as “gender-affirming surgery,” the propagandists did their part for the revolution – and only recently did the mainstream media allow any fact-checking of the transgender movement’s claims. Reading anything in the press about the transgender movement requires a translator at this point (is that a he? A she? What’s a “transwoman”? etc.).