10 May 2024

Biden acting like a man who wants Israel to lose war with Hamas – has he no shame?
Joe Biden has supported Israel and truly stood with the Jewish state, I have given him credit, both here on ALL ISRAEL NEWS and on my TBN TV show, THE ROSENBERG REPORT. But what Biden is doing right now is not only wrong, it’s unconscionable. In recent days, President Biden, his Secretary of State, Tony Blinken, and his CIA director, Bill Burns, have been actively working to undermine Israel’s efforts to defeat Hamas in Gaza.

China’s Third Aircraft Carrier Completes First Sea Trial
Satellite imagery shows China’s third aircraft carrier Fujian has returned to Shanghai Jiangnan Shipyard after completing an eight-day maiden sea trial. In a Planet Labs image from May 9, 2024, obtained by Radio Free Asia, the Fujian was seen moving back to its berth at Jiangnan, where it was built and fitted out over the last six years.

An FBI agent was victim of a Havana Syndrome ‘attack’ in Key West, lawyer tells Congress
An FBI agent was the victim of a Havana Syndrome “attack” in Key West, the agent’s lawyer told members of Congress in during a hearing Wednesday expanding on new information recently published by three media outlets suggesting Russia might be attacking U.S. officials at home and abroad. An active FBI special agent, identified only as Carrie, who appeared in disguise in a CBS 60 Minutes show on March 31 about Havana Syndrome, told the network she was “hit” in an undisclosed place in Florida

Seattle may close 20 public elementary schools amid mass exodus of students
The Seattle School Board is moving to close 20 out of 70 elementary schools to address a $100 million annual budget shortfall. KOMO News reported that Seattle Public Schools (SPS) presented the plan during a board meeting, suggesting that nearly one-third of the district’s schools could close starting from the 2025-26 school year. The district said elementary schools are operating at only 65 percent capacity due to a significant decrease in student numbers

West Fueling Global Conflicts, Trying To Topple Moscow, Putin Says On WW2 Victory Day
Russian President Vladimir Putin struck a defiant tone in his speech at Moscow’s Red Square for the annual events commemorating Russia’s WW2 victory. Addressing thousands of soldiers in ceremonial attire, Putin accused the “arrogant” West of stoking conflict around the world. “We know what the exorbitance of such ambitions leads to. Russia will do everything to prevent a global clash,” he said. “But at the same time, we will not allow anyone to threaten us.

Chinese Drone Hovers Over US Nuclear-Powered Supercarrier In Japan
A major security scandal is developing at Japan’s Yokosuka Naval Base, where drone footage was recently filmed above an American nuclear-powered supercarrier without any activated anti-drone systems to intercept hostile unmanned aerial vehicles. This comes as loitering munitions, also known as kamikaze drones, are the hottest weapon on the modern battlefield in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Judge who fined Trump $454 million for ‘fraud’ now under investigation
Arthur Engoron, the New York judge who found there was “fraud” by President Trump and his companies in a case where no one lost money and the “victims” wanted to do more business with him, now reportedly is under investigation. the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct is looking at whether Engoron broke the rules.

Brig. Gen. Avivi: US demand to halt Rafah operation is a call for Israel to lose the war
“What the administration is saying is basically it’s calling Israel to lose the war. Israel cannot lose the war. Israel cannot go back to a reality where Hamas can build itself back to tens of thousands of militants on our borders, threatening all the towns along the border and threatening all of Israel with rockets.” He reiterated that Israel must achieve the real goals of the war and that it is not just about Gaza, referring to its ability to stand strong against Lebanon, Hizbullah, Iran, and militias in Syria and Iraq.

Biden is betraying American interests as well as Israel
The arms cutoff shows that Washington wants to let Hamas win the war it started on Oct. 7. This will do incalculable harm to U.S. interests abroad and at home.

State Dept: Biden’s CNN interview doesn’t indicate Israel violated international law
State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller on Thursday distanced President Biden’s remarks on possibly withholding future arms shipments to Israel from the findings of the impending report evaluating the credibility of Israel’s assurances it’s following international law.

Netanyahu intends to replace ambassador to US, Michael Herzog
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in closed conversations in recent weeks that he does not intend to keep Israeli Ambassador to the US, Mike Herzog for another year in the post, against a background of severe differences of opinion that emerged between Netanyahu’s office and Ambassador Herzog, according to a Channel 13 report on Thursday. According to the report, Herzog’s tenure is expected to run out in four months.

Hamas fires at Kerem Shalom crossing hours after reopening
The crossing was shuttered after four soldiers were killed in a Hamas rocket attack on Sunday. Hamas fired rockets at Kerem Shalom on Wednesday afternoon, hours after Israel reopened the crossing for the entry of humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip. A deadly Hamas rocket attack from Rafah on Sunday had caused the IDF to close the crossing.

‘If we need to stand alone, we will stand alone’ – ahead of Memorial and Independence Days, Netanyahu gives resilient message
“We are on the eve of Independence Day,” Netanyahu stated. “In the War of Independence 76 years ago, we were the few against the many. We did not have weapons. There was an arms embargo on Israel, but with great strength of spirit, heroism and unity among us – we were victorious.” “If we need to stand alone, we will stand alone,” Netanyahu stated. “I have said that if necessary – we will fight with our fingernails.” Netanyahu’s statements appear to also be a response to the remarks by White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby earlier today, who told reporters that Biden does not believe a Rafah operation will advance Israel’s objective of defeating Hamas.

Israel’s UN Ambassador Claims US Aid Cuts Empower Israel’s Adversaries
As Israel continues its crucial operations against Hamas in Gaza, particularly in Rafah, the Biden administration’s recent decision to withhold a critical arms shipment has stirred significant concern among Israeli leaders and the global community supporting Israel’s right to defend itself.

Securing Safety: IDF Asserts Control at Rafah Border
The 401st Armored Brigade played a crucial role in securing the crossing and severing it from Salah a-Din road, a major arterial route which was simultaneously overtaken by the Givati Brigade. This coordinated effort effectively disrupted key logistical routes for Hamas, diminishing their ability to mobilize within the region.

Satellite images reveal devastating flooding in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil 
Heavy rainfall across southern Brazil has caused severe flooding and landslides over the past 9 days, significantly affecting the states of Rio Grande do Sul, Parana, and Santa Catarina.

3 dead from severe weather, tornadoes in Tennessee, North Carolina
Severe weather continued to wreak havoc nationwide this week, with Wednesday marking the second most active severe weather day of the year after nearly 400 combined reports of damaging winds, hail, and tornadoes.

Doctors warn of deadly whooping cough epidemic sweeping Europe as calls for vaccine booster
European countries have reported a surge in whooping cough cases in first quarter of 2024, with 10 times as many identified as in each of the previous two years.

34,000 Accepted Christ During Winter Jam 2024: ‘Gen Z Is Hungry’ for Truth, Tour Pastor Says
More than 34,000 young people made professions of faith during this year’s Winter Jam Christian concert tour, underscoring what the tour’s pastor says is Generation Z’s deep hunger for authenticity and truth. Launched in 1995, Winter Jam is an annual multi-city tour that is known for its expansive lineup — this year featured 10 artists, including Crowder and Lecrae —

Neom: Saudi forces ‘told to kill’ to clear land for eco-city
Saudi authorities have permitted the use of lethal force to clear land for a futuristic desert city being built by dozens of Western companies, an ex-intelligence officer has told the BBC.

Erdan: Biden’s pause of arms encourages Israel’s enemies
Israel’s ambassador to the U.N. on Thursday morning slammed U.S. President Joe Biden’s decision to withhold weapons shipments, saying the move gives hope to Jerusalem’s enemies that they may achieve their genocidal aims.

UNRWA caught stealing, selling humanitarian aid
UNRWA has been caught stealing and then selling humanitarian aid that came into Gaza that was intended to be given to Palestinian civilians, UN Watch reported on Wednesday, citing reports published by Palestinians in “an UNRWA-related chatroom.”

Pessimism About The U.S. Economy Is Going To Have An Absolutely Massive Impact On The Outcome Of The Election In November
Americans are extremely pessimistic about the state of the U.S. economy, and that is really bad news for Joe Biden.  Despite the glowing economic numbers that the Biden administration has been relentlessly feeding us, there is an overwhelming consensus among the American people that the economy is rapidly heading in the wrong direction.

Greece: Hamas Supporters Hunt Down Jewish Israeli Tourists, Try To Breach Hotel 
Hamas supporters in Greece attempted to breach a hotel housing Israeli tourists on Tuesday. The incident required local police to intervene and break up the violent mob of pro-Hamas/Palestine protesters.

‘Kuffār’, ‘Zionist’, ‘Jew’, ‘Allah’: Tags Discovered Once Again in French Cemetery, 82 Graves Defaced
After the majority of jihadist attacks and crimes, politicians and media often deflect, attributing motives to mental health issues or simply hiding the identities, religion, and immigration statuses of the perpetrators.

Palm payment systems linked to IDs are being rolled out in retail outlets in USA and UAE
New deployments, technologies and markets are driving the implementation of biometric payment systems for in-store and online purchases. Formula 1 racing’s Miami Grand Prix is expanding biometric payments for fans. Qualcomm is launching a new palm payment terminal with Telpo. A patented palm biometrics system, with its contactless palm recognition, developed by Astra Tech is poised to be rolled out in UAE supermarkets.

Online Witch Doctors Lure South African Christians……
Millions of Black South Africans seek guidance from sangomas, traditional healers or so-called witch doctors who use their spiritual gifts to connect with ancestors, prescribe herbs to heal illnesses, and throw dry bones to predict the future.

3 years after serious safety issues were reported, AstraZeneca withdraws its covid vaccine worldwide
The Oxford-AstraZeneca has withdrawn its Covid-19 vaccine worldwide.  The decision to withdraw the vaccine was made on 5 March but came into effect on 7 May.  It brings to an end the use of the injection and comes months after AstraZeneca admitted for the first time in court documents that it can cause “rare” and dangerous blood clots.