16 May 2024

UAV explodes in lower Galilee
IDF ground forces on Saturday evening entered the Jabalia “refugee” camp in the northern Gaza Strip once again in an attempt to prevent Hamas from restoring its rule in the camp. During the day, the IAF and IDF artillery bombarded buildings known to be housing Hamas terrorists with thousands of kilograms of explosives. Explosions were heard all the way in central Israel.

Why Israel can say ‘no’ to American diktats
There’s no alternative to the alliance with the United States. But support from ordinary Americans and the GOP means it doesn’t have to sacrifice its security to please Biden.

Six months after election: Deal reached to form government in Netherlands
Geert Wilders on Wednesday said a deal had been reached to form a new government, almost six months after a major election victory, Reuters reported. Wilders, whose PVV party won the elections in November, had been in talks with potential allies but they did not bear fruit. In March, Wilders said he was ready to forego the job of prime minister in an effort to facilitate the formation of a new right-wing government. On Wednesday, he announced the successful outcome of the deal between four parties.

Erdogan claims: Israel will target Turkey next
Recep Tayyip Erdogan claimed on Wednesday that Israel would “set its sights” on Turkey if it succeeded in defeating Hamas in the Gaza Strip, AFP reported. “Do not think that Israel will stop in Gaza,” Erdogan told his party lawmakers in the parliament in the capital Ankara.

Jordan thwarts Iranian plan to smuggle weapons into kingdom
Amman thwarted a suspected Iranian-led plot to smuggle weapons into Jordan to carry out acts of sabotage and undermine the ruling Hashemite dynasty, Reuters reported on Wednesday, citing two sources familiar with the matter. The arms were transferred from Iranian-backed militias in Syria to a cell of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan

Who is behind Biden’s decision to deny military aid to Israel?
Jonathan Finer, Deputy National Security Adviser, an anti-Israel Jew who called assistance to Israel after Oct. 7th as a ‘misstep,’ and Maher Bitar, former leader of SJP at Georgetown and UNRWA employee, now employed at the US National Security Council.

EU warns Rafah operation threatens Israel’s relations with Europe
EU’s foreign affairs chief presses Israel to end military operations in Rafah, warning of ‘heavy strain’ on ties between the Jewish state and Europe.

Israeli Cabinet rejects UN Palestinian statehood resolution
The government voted unanimously to reject the United Nations’ decision to grant the Palestinian Authority unprecedented rights for a non-member state.

Day 222: Israel pushes further into Rafah, tanks reach residential areas as 450,000 Gazans evacuate
Israeli tanks penetrated deeper into Rafah on Tuesday, with reports stating IDF tanks were seen in residential areas in three neighborhoods. On Tuesday evening, Israeli military spokesman, Brig.-Gen. Daniel Hagari said the IDF currently has three divisions maneuvering in the Gaza Strip:

Effects of hypomagnetic field on adult hippocampal neurogenic niche and neurogenesis in mice
The elimination of geomagnetic field (GMF), also called hypomagnetic field (HMF), is one of the major environmental hazards faced by deep-space astronauts and the workers in magnetically shielded rooms on Earth. We previously reported that long-term HMF exposure impaired adult hippocampal neurogenesis (AHN) and cognition by reducing endogenous reactive oxygen species (ROS) levels in adult neural stem cells (aNSCs).

Coldest early May on record in European Russia 
The first ten days of May in the European part of Russia may be recognized as the coldest on record, according to Roman Vilfand of the Russian Hydrometeorological Center. Cold air masses from the Arctic Ocean caused temperatures to drop significantly, affecting not only Russia but also Turkey with severe weather.

Canada Starts Evacuating Oil Town as Wildfires Surge
Authorities ordered residents of Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada, to be ready for evacuation at a moment’s notice as wildfires draw closer, threatening a region that produces more than one million barrels of oil per day.

Secret, Leaked Speech by Former Chinese Defense Minister Demonstrates China’s Intent to Destroy America
“The central committee believes, as long as we resolve the United States problem at one blow, our domestic problems will all be readily solved. Therefore, our military battle preparation appears to aim at Taiwan, but in fact is aimed at the United States, and the preparation is far beyond the scope of attacking aircraft carriers or satellites.” – Chinese Defense Minister Gen. Wei Fenghe

Congressional witnesses claim China is sequencing DNA for forced organ harvesting
New testimony given before Congress has indicated that the allegations of forced organ harvesting in China have taken an even more disturbing turn.

Canada’s Descent into Tyranny: John Carpay Exposes Trudeau’s War on Free Speech and Religion with Bills C-63 and C-367 
“Government that is big enough and powerful enough to provide you with everything is also a government that is big enough and powerful enough to take everything away from you.”

WHO To Link All Pandemics To Global Warming PR Campaign
The runaway power-grabbing United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) will use an ESCAPE HATCH to return the entire world to the human misery of universal LOCKDOWNS on a May 27 deadline. WHO’S easy-to-see see-through-escape hatch is based on a typical 11th-hour UN language change. What started out as a “Treaty” has been watered down to “AMENDMENTS”.

Slumbering Preachers Need To Wake Up To The Reality That The King Is Coming 
A ministry supporter in Washington State a few years ago sent me a flyer that was handed out in his church. It is more mocking. The flyer asks if folks have met “End-Times Eddie” in the church. It denigrates “Eddie” and suggests he is so focused on end-times that he has missed all the present opportunities and people in front of him.

Data forensic analyst exposes horror of data buried in EU’s drug adverse event reporting system 
Earlier this month investigative journalist Sonia Elijah interviewed Dutch data expert and ethical computer hacker Wouter Aukema.  He exposed the true horrors of the trove of data buried within the European Medicines Agency’s EudraVigilance adverse event reporting system.

Many countries have reached the point of over-medication
There is not only evidence for the uselessness of much medical research: there are also sound indications that many developed countries have reached a point of over-medication which is harmful to health.

Flu vaccine manufacturers contract the National Immunisation Lead for the Royal College of GPs
…In this article, we delve into payments from pharmaceutical companies to UK medical royal colleges.  As we noted in our previous articles, little detail is given about these payments but we know that these payments do not relate to research and development activities.

Dangerous heat envelops Florida with feels-like temperatures topping 100 degrees
A spring heat wave is baking parts of South Florida beginning Wednesday and through the rest of the week, with feels-like temperatures surpassing 100 degrees.

IN HELL? Charles III Unveils Creepy First Oil Portrait of Him as King – And People Are Freaking Out
They say an image is worth a thousand words. If the image turns out to be an impactful high-end oil painting of one of the world’s most influential heads of state, it is probably worth many more words.