18 May 2024

US Nazi prosecutor says Israel and world has duty to eliminate genocidal Hamas
‘[The Geneva Convention] Treaty obligates all signatory nations not just not to commit genocide and punish it, but to prevent it.’ A veteran war crimes prosecutor told The Jerusalem Post that Israel and other countries have the legal obligation to prevent Hamas from carrying out their stated goal of committing genocide against the Jewish People. not only does Israel have the right to eliminate Hamas, “but Israel has a legal obligation under international law as a signatory of the Genocide Convention [1948,

2 House Panels Clear Contempt Resolutions Against AG Garland
After a spirited debate, members of the House Judiciary Committee voted 18–15 on May 16 to approve a resolution to hold Mr. Garland in contempt for refusing to provide impeachment investigators with the recordings in defiance of congressional subpoenas. The House Oversight Committee followed suit hours later, voting 24-20 to approve their own resolution.

Shooting of Slovak Prime Minister Reveals ‘Hateful’ Rhetoric Against Ukraine Heretics
The gunman, Juraj Cintula, confessed to interrogators that he targeted Fico over opposition to the Prime Minister’s political policy. Fico has repeatedly rejected calls for the country to send armaments to Kiev. The Slovak Prime Minister had previously warned about the potential for polarization in the country to boil over into political violence,

We Are Being Warned That Nanobots Will Be Flowing Through Our Bodies “By 2030” And Will Be Used To Connect Our Brains To The Internet
Once thousands of nanobots are zipping around inside your body, will you still be in control of your mind, will and emotions or will the nanobots be running the show? I realize that all of this sounds quite crazy, but as you will see below, everything that I am sharing with you has been documented.

WHO’s Fascist XXXXXXX: “Homicidal Racketeering Scheme Masquerading As Disease Prevention”
The agreement, to be finalized at the end of this month, will cede what’s left of your liberty to this unelected bureaucracy for the sake of global “equity and inclusivity,” meaning more lockdowns, constant surveillance, forced “vaccinations,” restrictions on medications, and censorship of anyone who voices a contrary opinion of these actions.

Aid trucks begin moving ashore via Gaza pier, US says
Trucks carrying badly needed aid for the Gaza Strip rolled across a newly built US floating pier into the besieged enclave for the first time Friday as Israeli restrictions on border crossings and heavy fighting hinder food and other supplies reaching people there.

House Passes Bill To Stop Biden From Withholding Arms To Israel
The “Israel Security Assistance Support Act,” which President Joe Biden has threatened to veto, received support from 224 lawmakers. A total of 187 members, including three Republicans and 184 Democrats, voted against the bill. Nineteen lawmakers did not vote.

IAF jet strikes building in Jenin, PIJ terrorist killed –
The strike, which was done with real-time intelligence by the Shin Bet, killed Islaam Hamaisa, one of the commanders of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad’s Jenin Brigade.

The bodies of the hostages Yitzhak Gelernter, Shani Louk, and Amit Buskila were rescued overnight during a joint IDF and ISA operation.
The bodies are those of Yitzhak Gelernter, Shani Louk, and Amit Buskila. The IDF noted that based on verified intelligence, Gelernter, Louk, and Buskila were murdered during the October 7th Massacre at the Mefalsim Intersection, and their bodies were abducted to Gaza.

Buried facts about the Gaza war
The extent to which the political class and the media are burying facts that undermine their poisonous narrative in order to defame and undermine Israel’s war of survival has become simply jaw-dropping. The Biden administration has gone to great lengths to appease the genocidal and terrorist Iranian regime. It has funneled billions into Tehran’s coffers through sanctions relief. It has …

Christian leaders send letter to President Biden warning that failure to support Israel could endanger US
In the letter, the leaders warned that these actions would embolden the mutual enemies of both Israel and the United States and encouraged Biden to make “a course correction.” Among the actions the leaders specified were:

Hezbollah rockets rain on northern Israel as alarm sirens since Oct 7 surpass southern Israel
Northern Israel experienced one of its most intense days of fighting in the past seven months, with alarm sirens blaring along large sections of the border with Lebanon throughout Thursday. This marked the culmination of one of the worst weeks of conflict in Israel’s north.

Fmr PM Naftali Bennett tells THE ROSENBERG REPORT: Israel’s rebirth is fulfillment of Ezekiel 37 prophecies, it’s time to get tougher with Iran, and two-state solution blew up in our faces twice
After all, Bennett is one of the most compelling – and controversial – leaders in Israel today. He made history in June 2021 by becoming the country’s first Orthodox Jewish, kippah-wearing, kosher-keeping, religious prime minister. Since the founding of the state in 1948, not a single other premier has been religious and openly so.

Catholic Leaders Petition to Remove Pope Francis
A coalition of high-level Catholic teachers and writers have produced an 18-page document of charges against Pope Francis demanding that he resign the papacy. They are accusing him of criminal behavior and heretical teachings. If he does not resign voluntarily, they are petitioning the College of Cardinals to remove him. Signers of the petition include experts in canon law, editors of Catholic publications and prominent Catholic philosophers and theologians from around the world. They claim that Francis has violated canon law, natural law, divine law and the harboring and even promotion of clerical sex offenders.

Wild Weather: Powerful Storms Turn Downtown Houston into the Apocalypse and Send Residents Fleeing in Terror – At Least Four People Dead 
At least four people were killed Thursday night in Houston, Texas, as powerful storms swept through the city, causing severe flooding and extensive property damage.

Milan hit by heaviest rainfall in 170 years as severe storms, tornado impact northern Italy 
Severe storms over the past few days have caused historic rainfall and significant damage in northern Italy, particularly affecting the regions of Veneto and Lombardy. Milan experienced its heaviest rainfall in 170 years, leading to widespread flooding and travel disruptions.

It’s about to get colder and CO2 levels may drop to dangerously unproductive levels
…Professor David Dilley discussed his perspective on global warming and the importance of understanding Earth’s natural climate cycles. He emphasised that the current global warming cycle is the first time instrument data has been available and that there have been multiple global warming and cooling cycles throughout Earth’s history. “Global warming will be dead by 2030,” he said.

Desperate Ukraine Launches Massive Kamikaze Drone Attack Against Russian Black Sea Coast, Sparking Fire At Major Refinery 
In defiance of repeated warnings from the Biden administration, the Ukrainian military continues ramping up kamikaze drone attacks on the Russian energy complex, a move to crush the nation’s crude oil and crude product export revenues and curtail Moscow’s ability to fund President Putin’s ‘special operation’ in Ukraine.

House Passes Bill To Stop Biden From Withholding Arms To Israel
…“The Biden Administration’s decision to withhold weapons is catastrophic and goes directly against the will of Congress,” House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) said in a statement. “With the passage of the Israel Security Assistance Support Act, we send a clear message of solidarity and support to Israel and demand the urgent delivery of defense weapons to our most important ally in the Middle East.”

Why Has The Vatican Chosen This Precise Moment To Drop Bombshells About UFOs, Aliens And “Apparitions”?
For centuries, the Vatican has been carefully guarding their most precious secrets…The press conference at the Vatican on Thursday is the very first time that the Vatican has held a press conference about UFOs, aliens and “apparitions” since 1978.  So this is a really big deal.  It is being reported that the Vatican has decided to issue new guidelines “on aliens and how it will deal with potential encounters in the future”…

We Are Being Warned That Nanobots Will Be Flowing Through Our Bodies “By 2030” And Will Be Used To Connect Our Brains To The Internet
…Scientists here in the United States have been working on nanobots that can travel through our bodies at astonishing speeds, deliver medicines to targeted locations, and even enter our brain cells.  Eventually, researchers hope to use nanobots to connect our brains directly to the Internet.

Sharia March in Hamburg: German Muslims Advocate for Islamic State
Defying a police ban, over two thousand Muslims, led by Joe Adade Boateng of the terror-tied Muslim Interaktiv group, gathered in Hamburg advocating for an Islamic caliphate and demanding media compliance with Sharia.

Geert Wilders’ Triumph: The Netherlands’ Conservative Revolution 
“They persecuted and denounced me for years. Others have wanted to kill me for 20 years. But I never stopped; instead, I continued with passion and conviction. And now, we have become the largest party in government, with a lot of influence for our people. The sun will shine again in the Netherlands! ”

Commie Pope Francis Tells 60 Minutes that Conservativism Is “A Suicidal Attitude”
During his homily, Red Francis preached that “sharing ownership is not communism but is pure Christianity.” Of course, that was complete nonsense Sharing ownership is exactly the definition of communism. In January 2022 Pope Francis lectured to tax authorities that taxation is “a necessary tool for wealth redistribution.”

The digital euro is already being developed through European banks
Through the European Central Bank’s ‘climate and nature plan’, banks that fall under its supervision are being reviewed and subjected to on-site inspections to monitor the progress of their “digital transformations.” Although no specific details are given on what “digital transformation” goals banks have been set, we can deduce by following the document trail that this equates to the preparation phase of the digital euro, the European Union’s central bank digital currency (“CBDC”).

NHS’ coordinated plan to break doctors and nurses who raise concerns about patient safety 
…More than 50 doctors and nurses have told The Telegraph they have been targeted after raising concerns about upwards of 170 patient deaths and nearly 700 cases of poor care.  Instead of trying to fix the problems, NHS bosses are spending millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money hiring law firms and private eyes to investigate them.