5 May 2024

How Can You Love The King Of The Jews While Despising The Jews Of The King?
As we watch our world spiral downward into Nazi-era antisemitism, we need to recognize that the side effect of this will be and is a disdain, and eventually hatred, for those in support of the nation of Israel. This will eventually migrate into a hatred of those who love not only the Jews but also the King of the Jews, Jesus of Nazareth.

Trump vows to fight ‘anti-white feeling’ in the United States. His allies have a plan
Donald Trump’s pledge to fight what he calls “anti-white feeling” in the U.S. will likely embolden allies who seek to dismantle government and corporate programs created to battle racism and boost diversity in American life.

Hamas agrees to release 33 Israeli hostages in first phase of hostage deal, report
Saudi news outlet Al-Akhbar reported late Saturday Hamas agreed to release 33 Israeli hostages in the first stage of the Egyptian-mediate hostage deal, “contrary to its previous position,” during discussions held in Cairo.

The derangement of the university
Pro-terrorist “protesters” dare to demand that the university they have disrupted give them food and drink. We have lost the battle against insanity. Perhaps we never fought it. Regardless, the world has gone quite mad.

Saudi Arabia reportedly cracking down on anti-Israel voices
The series of arrests is driven by security concerns connected to Oct. 7, according to Riyadh-based diplomats and human rights groups. As the war between Israel and Hamas drags on, Saudi Arabia is intensifying arrests of citizens for social media posts criticizing Israel or expressing pro-Palestinian views,

Hezbollah’s air defense system more sophisticated than Israel has previously thought
Arab media reports reveal that alongside the Iranian Shahed UAV, air defense is a major factor pointing to Hezbollah’s development. Apart from artificial intelligence-based missiles, Hezbollah also has missiles capable of overpowering advanced Israeli drones such as “Hermes 450” and “Hermes 900.”

Israeli sources: If Hamas insists on remaining in power – there will be no deal
Meanwhile, senior Israeli sources on Saturday night said that if Hamas insists on ending the war while it remains in power, the deal with not happen. They also said that Israel may agree to a deal in stages, only if Hamas leaders agree to be exiled from Gaza.

Red Cross official exposed as Hamas stooge
In the latest example of a deep-seated anti-Israel bias within the International Committee of the Red Cross, the head of the ICRC’s office in Algeria and director of the Libya subdelegation has been outed as a pro-Hamas shill.

Washington deploys fighter jets and drones to Qatar amid Iran-led regional tensions
The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported on Friday that the U.S. military intends to deploy fighter jets, reconnaissance planes and armed drones to the Al Udeid Air Base in Doha, Qatar. The move is reportedly designed to circumvent restrictions on airstrikes conducted from an airbase located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

72% of Americans say Israel should invade Rafah to finish war against Hamas, despite objections by Biden and Blinken
Netanyahu told Blinken that Israel will proceed with a Rafah operation soon if Hamas rejects a hostage deal, or if continues to condition the release of Israeli hostages upon an end to the war. Netanyahu further stressed that Israel will not agree to conditions regarding a military incursion into Rafah.

Israel insists: End to the war not part of hostage deal as Hamas is set to accept
Arabic reports: Hamas ready to agree at least to first phase of hostage deal. “Up to this moment, Hamas has not given up its demand for an end to the war, thus thwarting the possibility of reaching an agreement,” he added. Earlier on Saturday, an official stated that “The IDF will enter Rafah and destroy the remaining Hamas battalions there — whether there is a temporary pause to free our captives or not.”

Southern Brazil has been hit by the worst floods in more than 80 years. At least 39 people have died
Heavy rains in the southern Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul killed 39 people, with another 68 still missing, the state civil defense agency said Friday, as record-breaking floods devastated cities and forced thousands to leave their homes.

Permanent relocation of 9,800 people after series of powerful eruptions at Ruang volcano, Indonesia
The Indonesian government has decided to permanently relocate 9,800 people living within 7 km (4.3 miles) of Ruang volcano, North Sulawesi, following a series of significant volcanic eruptions that began on April 16, 2024.

SJP members show support for October 7 massacre in leaked messages 
Texts written by Boston University students belonging to the university’s Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) organization chapter show them enthusiastically celebrating the October 7 massacre on the day it occurred, according to leaked texts obtained by N12.

‘Somebody Is Radicalizing Our Students’: Weapons and Terrorism Book Discovered at Pro-Hamas Encampment by NYPD
The New York Police Department (NYPD) has uncovered alarming discoveries within a pro-Palestinian encampment on a college campus. According to reports, the police found weapons and a book on terrorism while clearing the encampment.

IDF holds surprise exercise in northern Israel
The soldiers of the 282nd Artillery Brigade have been operating in defensive and offensive operations on the northern border for three months after operating in the southern arena.

Fire Jihad Unleashed: Acres of Forests Engulfed in India, Multiple Muslims Arrested, Video Exposes Jihadis Boasting ‘We Will Burn Down the Entire Forest’
Arson provides Islamic terror groups with a cost-effective, low-skill method to inflict casualties, economic damage, and widespread fear within communities.

‘Be in awe’: everything you need to know about the US cicada-geddon 
The cicadas are arriving. The periodic emergence of trillions of cicadas, on a scale not seen in several hundred years, is underway in parts of the US, with several states reporting the orange-eyed insects are bursting from their underground dormancy.

Flock, the AI license plate surveillance startup, put up cameras without permits
Flock, a startup that promotes a surveillance state has installed car tracking cameras in 4,000 cities among 42 states. The company makes its money and shareholder value by delivering AI-based tracking hardware and software to local police departments, which are more than happy to pay Flock’s $3,000 annual fee. The Atlanta-based company has grown nearly 2,700 percent since 2020, and at least some of that growth, according to a new report from Forbes, has come from a willingness to bend the rules to get their cameras installed and track your every movement.