26 Jul 2023

Texas public universities offering women’s studies courses on witchcraft, ‘worship of the devil’
Students at publicly funded Texas universities are now able to enroll in courses about witches, black magic and the supernatural — under the guise of women’s studies.

How after-school clubs became a new battleground in the Satanic Temple’s push to preserve separation of church and state
Over the past few years, conflict has trailed attempts to establish After School Satan Clubs sponsored by the Satanic Temple, which the U.S. government recognizes as a religious group. Organizers have tried to form clubs in California, Colorado, Illinois, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia. Organizers in Broome County, New York, also formed a summer Satan Club that meets at a local library.

Navy, Marine Corps to conduct second ‘Large Scale Exercise’ — a warfighting simulation
The live, virtual, constructive exercise will use real-world intelligence as part of a simulated scenario, putting 25,000 sailors and marines on a “road to war” in which they interact with each other and adversaries in a cyber battlespace — no different than a multiplayer video game.

European Countries Restrict Trans Health Care for Minors
Citing insufficient research, European health bodies from Sweden to France are taking a more conservative approach to gender-affirming care for minors.

Wildfires bring death and destruction to sun-scorched Mediterranean
Large areas of the Mediterranean sweltered under an intense summer heatwave on Tuesday and firefighters battled to put out blazes across the region. In Algeria, at least 34 people have died. In Croatia, flames came within 12 km (7.5 miles) of the medieval town of Dubrovnik late on Tuesday. Greece has been particularly hard hit,

Depths Of Depravity: Gay Parents Pressure Surrogate to Kill Baby After Her Cancer Diagnosis
It’s hard to imagine the depths of depravity involved in the utterly heartbreaking story I am about to tell you. All I can do is cry out against such evil along with the Psalmist, “O Lord, God of vengeance, O God of vengeance, shine forth!” (Psalm 94:1). I know we aren’t as bad yet in society, but it’s accounts like this that really do make me feel as if we are living in days like Noah

A Step Toward Eradicating Antisemitism on Campus’: George Washington University Ends Partnership with Middle East Studies Association
George Washington University (GW) will ends its partnership with the Middle East Studies Association (MESA), an academic professional organization that has widely endorsed boycotting Israeli academic institutions, a university spokesperson told The Algemeiner on Tuesday. “GW and MESA agreed to enter into a four-year partnership that has run its course, and we are now parting ways …

Police accuse media of biased reports on anti-reform protests
The Israel Police has accused several media outlets of deliberately ignoring and not covering the violence of the left-wing protesters yesterday “as part of a biased coverage against the police”, according to a statement. The police stated that policemen who were stationed at protests last night experienced physical violence from protesters who refused to obey orders to disperse and assaulted police with sticks.

Israel’s enemies see opportunity in its crisis
The crisis sweeping Israel has become a focal point for its enemies across the Middle East who have convened top-level meetings to weigh the turmoil and how they might capitalize on it, sources familiar with the discussions say.

Russian jet damages US drone, flies ‘dangerously close’
Lt. Gen. Alexus Grynkewich, Commander, 9th AF and Combined Forces Air Component, reported Tuesday, “On 23 July, 2023 at 12:23 a.m. (EST) Russian fighter aircraft flew dangerously close to a U.S. MQ-9 drone on a defeat-ISIS mission, harassing the MQ-9 and deploying flares from a position directly overhead, with only a few meters of separation between aircraft.”

Hamas, Iran and Hezbollah decided not to get involved in Israeli crisis
Hamas, Iran and Hezbollah decided not to get involved in the crisis that is brewing in Israel in wake of the government’s proposed judicial reform, so as not to help Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Reuters reported on Tuesday.

US Jews side with Biden and Hezbollah in opposing Israel’s judicial reform.
As the first stage of the judicial reforms passes in the Knesset, criticism begins to roll in. Politics makes strange bedfellows, and this issue has US Jews siding with their president and… Hezbollah.

U.S. Congress pushes back against Biden’s dangerous Iran strategies
He’s not usually known for truthfulness, but in June Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei tweeted an honest, straightforward statement about what he considers the golden key for his homicidal proxies in Israel. “The continually growing authority of resistance groups in the West Bank is the key to bringing the Zionist enemy to its knees, and this of course must be continued.” That’s a statement we should take seriously.

Ready for your eye scan? Worldcoin launches—but not quite worldwide
“The US does not make or break a project like this,” says OpenAI chief. Sam Altman’s cryptocurrency project, the Worldcoin Foundation, is rolling out its services globally even as the company cofounded by the OpenAI chief faces regulatory pushback in the US.

Widespread forest fires wreak havoc in Algeria, 34 confirmed dead 
Destructive forest fires have been burning along Algeria’s Mediterranean coast over the past couple of days, leading to at least 34 fatalities. The fires, which were fueled by strong winds and intense heatwave, spread across multiple provinces and even extended to neighboring Tunisia.

New European hail record set as Italy witnesses second record-breaking hailstone in less than a week
Europe’s record for the largest hailstone has been broken again within a mere five days as a massive 19 cm (7.48 inches) hailstone was confirmed in Azzano Decimo, Italy, just 1.3 cm (0.52 inches) smaller than the world record.

Violent thunderstorms spawn unprecedented tornadoes, produce giant hail in Italy 
Italy confronts contrasting weather extremes as violent thunderstorms, accompanied by giant hailstones, struck northern parts of the country on July 24, 2023, leaving two people dead and causing widespread destruction. In contrast, southern Italy grapples with persistent heatwaves, causing wildfires and the temporary closure of Palermo airport. Civil Protection Minister Nello Musumeci described the current conditions as some of the most complicated Italy has faced in recent decades.

‘The deadliest threat America’s ever faced’: Mass-produced in China, trafficked from Puerto Rico and available online for just $1 a KILO – why the flesh-rotting zombie drug ‘tranq’ has the DEA terrified
A cheap animal tranquilizer being mass-manufactured in China and flooding America’s illicit drug supply is terrifying health officials. Xylazine, or ‘tranq’ as it’s known on the street, has been dubbed a ‘zombie drug’ due to the hunched-over, lifeless state it leaves users in and fact that it causes users’ bodies to erupt in gaping wounds.

Unreal VIDEO: I’m Beginning to Seriously Believe DC Is Run By Literal Demons
I speculated some time back at Armageddon Prose that the governing authorities in the West might be demonically possessed. My speculation — which was actually more tongue-in-cheek than sincere at the time — was based on the explicable behavior of one WEF-backed Canadian technocrat Chrystia Freeland, a top lieutenant of Chinese dictatorship admirer Justin Trudeau.

Japan To Deploy Pre-Crime Style “Behavior Detection” Technology
The Japan National Police Agency has decided to adopt AI-enhanced pre-crime surveillance cameras to bolster the security measures surrounding VIPs.

Islamized France: New Security System Deployed on Beaches to Protect Women from Sexual Harassment 
Women can activate one of three alert levels on the free app – ‘I feel uncomfortable,’ ‘I am being harassed,’ or ‘I am in danger,’ prompting the immediate dispatch of trained mediators in response to their cry for help.

Western-supplied equipment was stolen in Ukraine
Some of the military equipment supplied to Ukraine by the US and its allies during the conflict with Russia has fallen into the hands of criminal groups, volunteer fighters and traffickers, a report by the Pentagon inspector general has revealed.

Deadly Fentanyl Variant, Fluorofentanyl, Found in San Francisco Overdoses
A new strain of fentanyl called flurofentanyl has been found in dozens of overdose deaths studied by local officials in San Francisco.

San Francisco Walgreens NOW resorts to CHAINING freezers to stop shoplifters in crime-riddled city swiping pizza and ice cream 20 times a day – as another branch completely boards up its windows
Theft has become so bad in San Francisco that some stores are now padlocking shut their freezers and tying metal chains to ensure the doors remain closed overnight.

India imposes major rice export ban, triggering inflation fears
India on Thursday ordered a halt to its largest rice export category in a move that will roughly halve shipments by the world’s largest exporter of the grain, triggering fears of further inflation on global food markets.

The Biden Administration Is Inducing Famine Conditions And Will Enforce Eo 13603 In Order To Eliminate All Resistance Through Planned Starvation
Henry Kissinger once admonished leaders that if they controlled oil, they would control nations. However, if one controls food, they control people! Bill Gates and China are doing irreparable damage to the farming industry and the climate change policies are closing the loop.

INFALLIBLE: Pope Francis Tells A Young Transgender Person That God Loves Them Just As They Are, Affirming The LGBTQIA Lifestyle And Agenda
Where does it take you if, your whole life, you are a good Catholic who follows the Catholic Church, prays to the ‘Blessed Virgin’, and believes everything they’re taught? It takes you straight to the pit of Hell because at no point during your Catholic life will any priest, bishop, monsignor or pope tell you how to get saved and become born again. The LGBTQIA+ affirming Pope Francis this week consigned a transgender soul to Hell after telling them they didn’t need to change, and that ‘God loves you just as you are’. What does the Bible say? It says the opposite. The pope is quite the liar.

Oregon girls under 15 can now obtain abortions without parental consent if they fear ‘emotional abuse’ 
Oregon’s leftist governor signed legislation recently that will allow some teenage girls to get abortions without parental consent.

UK Local Councils Ignite ‘Climate Emergency’ to Implement Dystopian Control of Public Life
In June 2023, two members of the public attended the Leeds City Council Climate Emergency Advisory Committee open forum.  The open forum allows members of the public five minutes to speak about matters relating to the “climate crisis.”

“We own the Science and We think the World should know it” – UN & WEF admit they CENSOR Search Results & pay Big Tech & Influencers to shape Public Opinion on Climate Change & COVID-19
The World Economic Forum held the Sustainable Development Impact Meetings towards the end of September 2022, convening at the same time as the United Nations General Assembly. In those meetings, UN officials declared that they apparently “own the science”. They also admitted to; among other things –

Xi Jinping’s ‘Vanished’ Foreign Minister Abruptly Replaced In Shake-Up
In a surprise shake-up coming within weeks of multiple US top officials making significant trips to Beijing, China’s foreign minister Qin Gang has been suddenly replaced by his predecessor Wang Yi on Tuesday.