25 Jul 2023

Letter signed by 20 Minnesota pastors calls on Gov. Walz to ‘repent’
Two of the pastors said they were granted a meeting with the governor where they hand-delivered the letter. A group of 20 local pastors signed a letter to Gov. Tim Walz written by Marshall, Minn., Pastor John Tramm, who called on the governor to “repent” for actions he took during the 2023 legislative session. “God has also declared judgment upon those ‘who call evil good and good evil’ (Isaiah 5:20). Three bills that you recently signed into law illustrate that this is exactly what is happening in our state currently,” the letter to Gov. Walz reads. “Repent, change your ways before it is too late!”

Hezbollah’s Nasrallah: ‘The worst day in the history of Israel’
In a sermon, Nasrallah stated, “This specific day is the worst day in the history of Israel, as some Israelis testify, and this day sets the country on a path toward disappearance.”

‘Unprecedented and Inappropriate’: Sen. Tom Cotton Slams Biden Statement on Israeli Judicial Reform
Senator Tom Cotton (R-AK) on Monday slammed … Joe Biden … “Joe Biden’s meddling in Israel’s internal politics is unprecedented and inappropriate,” Cotton said in a statement to The Algemeiner. “He has no business telling one of our most important allies how to govern their own country.”

In first, man who refused to serve in political protest is punished
Man who protested judicial reform by refusing to show up for reserve duty is tried and fined.

Olmert to British TV: We are going into a civil war now
Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert claimed on Monday that the country faces civil war following the approval in the Knesset of the bill reducing the use of the reasonableness standard. “There is a threat. It is a serious threat. It’s never happened before, and we are going into a civil war now,” Olmert said

Brigade-level IDF op: 17 terrorists captured overnight throughout Judea and Samaria
Seventeen wanted terrorists were captured and transferred to security forces for further interrogation during overnight raids throughout Judea and Samaria in a brigade-level operation, the IDF announced Monday. Soldiers, Border Police troops and Shabak intelligence forces worked together on the arrests.

Iran claims to have busted largest ever ‘Mossad terrorist network’
Iran’s intelligence ministry on Monday claimed that the regime had dismantled a “terror network” working for Israel, adding that it was the largest ever cell busted in the Islamic Republic. The arrests took place last week all over Iran, the country’s state-affiliated IRNA media reported, but did not mention how many arrests were made. Authorities also seized 43 powerful remote-controlled bombs among other weapons.

Shooting attack in Huwara: Israeli bus riddled with bullets
An Israeli bus sustained at least eight bullets when it was subjected to a terror shooting while driving through the Palestinian town of Huwara in Judea and Samaria on Monday evening.

Day of high drama in the Knesset
Netanyahu pushes for last-minute compromise with opposition, but is thwarted by a handful of ministers as “reasonableness” bill passes 64-0.

Nations’ Ninth of Av: Changing sadness to joy
According to Jewish tradition, Tisha B’av, the saddest day of the Jewish calendar and a fast day commemorating the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem, will be transformed into a joyous feast day in the Messianic era. Some rabbis argue that the day for this transformation has arrived, and the catalyst for this will be a powerful act of contrition by Christians being held in just a few days.

White House says it is ‘unfortunate’ that the Israeli government passed judicial reform bill without consensus
Conservative pundits criticize the Biden administration for having double-standard given the Democratic party’s attacks on the US Supreme Court

United Church of Christ issues resolution declaring abortion is ‘healthcare’
The denomination is committed to exploring and pursuing ‘all avenues for legal challenges to abortion bans.’ The United Church of Christ (UCC) passed a resolution earlier this month titled “Denouncing the Dobbs Decision and Proclaiming Abortion as Healthcare” as part of its 34th General Synod, which takes place every two years. According to a July 10 press release from the religious community, “the resolution passed with a vote of 611 in favor, 24 against and 13 abstaining.”

Sam Altman’s Eyeball-Scanning Global ID System Worldcoin Launches 
Editor’s Commentary: To those who have been looking for examples of technology that may tie directly into end times Biblical prophecy, this is it. I’m not saying definitively that this is the exact technology that will be used to usher in events from Revelation and other books of the Bible, but it’s certainly this TYPE of technology that the Powers and Principalities will use. And considering everything from the look and feel to the name to the implied uses of this technology all smell satanic, this is either the real thing or a very huge red herring.

Severe flash floods hit Lhuentse, Bhutan, leaving 6 people dead and 17 missing 
At least 6 people died and 17 remain missing after severe flash floods and landslides hit the Lhuntse District of north-eastern Bhutan on July 20, 2023.

Severe flash floods hit Afghanistan, leaving 31 dead, 600 homes damaged or destroyed 
Afghanistan is grappling with a growing crisis as heavy rains continue to pummel the central and eastern regions of the country since July 22, 2023, triggering devastating flash floods. The provinces of Maidan Wardak, Khost, and the area surrounding the capital, Kabul, have been particularly affected.

Subtropical cyclone implicated in unusually high penguin deaths in Uruguay
Around 2 000 Magellanic penguins have been found dead along the eastern coast of Uruguay over the past 12 days. The cause of the event is currently being investigated.

The Amazing Way That The Letter ‘X’ Is Used In Your King James Bible As It Relates To The Antichrist And His Soon-Coming, Short-Lived 7-Year Kingdom
Let’s do a quick King James Bible study on the many appearances and inferences of the letter ‘x’ in relation to the Antichrist and his coming kingdom

Damning Audit Shows New York Paid Up to $14,050 for Injecting ONE Covid-19 “Vaccine”
New York City health officials regularly overpaid a contractor to administer COVID-19 tests and vaccines, paying as much as $14,050 for a single COVID-19 vaccination, an audit shows.

Can anyone explain the alarming rise in disability in both the US and UK?
I just got off the phone with Ed Dowd. We both agree that the highly alarming rise in disability data in the UK and US is 100% consistent with the COVID vaccine being the cause. If we are wrong and there is a better explanation, why are all the health authorities silent?

Despite Massive Extended Protests, The Netanyahu Government Pushes Through Passage Of ‘Reasonableness Act’ Limiting Power Of Israeli Courts
There is big change happening in Israel right now, and it’s being led and championed by Israel’s longest-serving leader, and the people are….hopping mad. Called the ‘Reasonableness Act’, which sounds a little too much like the ‘Enabling Act’ from pre-war Germany, it passed by a vote of 64-0. What’s next? Some are saying nothing short of civil war. Oy, vey! Israel on the brink.

‘Barbie’ film ‘forgets core audience’ in favor of trans agenda and gender themes, Christian movie site warns
…”Warning: Don’t take your daughter to Barbie,” Movieguide, a Christian movie review site warned ahead of the film’s release July 21. The review criticized the film about the iconic doll of abandoning its core audience of families and little girls to instead focus on LGBTQ stories.

Majority of Canadians worried they will lose access to news due to internet censorship Bill C-18
While the act was initially feared to allow the government to censor what Canadians view online, it may backfire if large tech companies refuse to pay to publish content.

Warring Sides Vie For ‘Alternative’ Grain Export Plans As Russia Escalates With Strikes On Danube Port
Russia attacks key port very close to border of NATO member Romania…

Scientists Working on Merging AI With Human Brain Cells
A team of researchers just got a $600,000 grant from Australia’s Office of National Intelligence to study ways of merging human brain cells with artificial intelligence.

How They Are Destroying Millions of Lives 
Interest rates were kept absurdly low for years in order to trap businesses and homeowners into acquiring huge debts. As interest rates race up towards normal the cost of servicing loans and mortgages becomes impossible. Millions who bought overpriced houses and flats will become penniless slaves – forever doomed to pay off lifetime mortgages, student debts and mounting credit card debts while finding themselves in a constant fight against inflation – a fight they can never win.

The US Government’s New ‘Ministry Of Truth’: The Cybersecurity And Infrastructure Security Agency
CISA “has facilitated the censorship of Americans directly and through third-party intermediaries.”