29 Apr 2024

Germany’s ‘Reichsbuerger’ coup suspects go on trial
Nine men go on trial in Germany on Monday charged with high treason, attempted murder and plotting a violent coup d’etat aimed at installing an aristocrat as national leader and imposing martial law. The hearing in a maximum security courtroom in Stuttgart marks the start of three marathon trials of 27 people in total accused of conspiring in a plot foiled by authorities at the end of 2022. Together they amount to one of the largest legal proceedings in German history. Monday’s trial focuses on nine suspects, members of the Reichsbuerger (Citizens of the Reich) group, who allegedly aimed to impose harsh military law on Germany after carrying out a coup.

‘Must eliminate Hamas at any cost’: Israeli ‘shark’ voices opinion on Gaza war in post
Israeli tech entrepreneur Oren Dobronsky, who also appears as a “shark” in the Israeli version of the Shark Tank television show’s panel of judges, wrote a post clarifying his position regarding the possible military operation in Rafah and the hostage situation.

Republicans to JNS: Biden ‘willing to throw Israel under the bus’
Former U.S. senator and presidential candidate Rick Santorum told JNS that U.S. President Joe Biden is willing to abandon Israel to secure victory in the 2024 presidential election. “To him, it’s all about winning elections, and he is willing to throw Israel under the bus,” Santorum told JNS at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Budapest, Hungary on Friday.

France Pushes Efforts in Lebanon to Prevent War Between Hezbollah and Israel
France’s foreign minister said on Sunday there had been progress in discussions with senior officials in Lebanon aimed at easing tensions between Hezbollah and Israel and preventing a war breaking out. France has historical ties with Lebanon and earlier this year Foreign Minister Stephane Sejourne proposed Hezbollah’s elite unit pull back 10 km (6 miles) from the Israeli border,

Israeli Official to i24NEWS: ‘We’re Expecting Response from Sinwar Within 48 hours’
The Israeli delegation is expecting Hamas Gaza chief Yahya Sinwar to give a response to its latest offer regarding the hostage-ceasefire deal within the next 48 hours, an Israeli source told i24NEWS.

Iranian dissident promotes independence for Arab minority in Iran, calls to join hands with Israel
Hamid Mutasher, peace activist from the Ahwazi Arab minority of Iran, calls for unorthodox solution for Iranian expansionism, namely dismantling Iran into smaller nation states.

Hamas official: No major issues with Israel’s latest proposal
Hamas official says a delegation from the organization will arrive in Egypt on Monday to deliver the group’s response to Israel’s counterproposal: The atmosphere is positive unless there are new Israeli obstacles.

Iran mullahs speeding up nuclear weapons program: Anyone interested?
In the midst of the Hamas-Israel conflict — while the world’s attention is fixed on the war Iran and Hamas began — Iran’s ruling mullahs have seized the opportunity to advance their nuclear program. By backing, arming and training Hamas, Hezbollah and the Houthis, Iran launched a proxy war against Israel, leveraging the conflict in part to divert attention from its nuclear ambitions.

European Muslims call for global caliphate
Muslims across Europe are chanting Allahu Akbar and discussing ways to to form a global Sharia law by force.

“It’s like Chicago here!” Negev Arabs shocked by barbershop shooting
On Friday of last week, a security camera caught a young man approach the entrance to a local barbershop and open fire with the suspected intent of killing the proprietor. The shooting was reportedly an act of “revenge” by a customer displeased with the haircut he had received three days earlier.

Biden “blesses” abortions with sign of the cross
Joe Biden was on the stage in Tampa when Florida Democratic Party Chair Nikki Fried, the state’s former Democratic gubernatorial nominee, went on a rant, slamming an upcoming law restricting abortion to within six weeks of gestation. The president seemed to bless her comments by crossing himself in a Catholic gesture of devotion. Biden made the sign of the cross. Biden went on to “blame” former President Trump, pledging to install abortion as a “constitutional right”. Let’s be real clear: there’s one person responsible for this nightmare,” Biden said. “He brags about it. Donald Trump,” Biden told supporters. “It should be a constitutional right,” Biden said of abortion. “Life beginning at conception is not only a religious belief, but a scientific fact.”

Hundreds of terror targets were attacked during Passover
During the Passover holiday, the IDF attacked approximately 270 terror targets across the Gaza Strip, including more than 20 rocket batteries aimed at Israel. In the attacks carried out in cooperation between the Fire Control Center and the Intelligence Center of the Southern Command and the Air Force, the rocket launch sites were destroyed.

ADL head: Ilhan Omar’s claim Jewish students ‘pro-genocide’ a blood libel
Anti-Defamation League (ADL) CEO Jonathan Greenblatt accused US Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), a member of the far-left ‘Squad,’ of engaging in a “blood libel” against Jewish students during her visit to Columbia University to support the anti-Israel demonstrations on campus last week. “Watch this clip. It features @IlhanMN walking through @Columbia proclaiming that ‘Jewish students… should not have to tolerate antisemitism… whether they’re pro-genocide or anti-genocide,'” Greenblatt tweeted. “It is patently false and a blood libel to suggest that ANY Jewish students are ‘pro-genocide,'” he wrote.

Israeli official: ICC warrants against Israelis will not proceed without US support
A source in Israel said that if the US government expresses opposition to issuing arrest warrants against the Prime Minister, Defense Minister, and Chief of Staff, the ICC will not do so.

Multi-vortex tornado strikes China’s Guangzhou megacity, leaving 5 fatalities, 141 buildings damaged 
A destructive multi-vortex tornado, accompanied by heavy rain and large hail up to 12 cm (4.72 inches) in diameter, struck the Guangzhou megacity (population 18.6 million) at approximately 15:00 LT on April 27, 2024, leaving at least five people dead, 33 injured and 141 commercial building damaged. Guangzhou is located in south China’s Guangdong province and is one of the country’s three largest cities.

Why Are Billionaires Building Underground Bunkers?
Why are so many billionaire elites like Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Oprah – to name just a few – building secret underground bunkers in Hawaii? What do they think is about to go down? Why are they making sure to build outside of the continental United States?

Biden Is Importing Schistosomiasis 
Several weeks ago I wrote an article about how Biden’s “newcomers” were bringing in diseases America eradicated generations ago, such as TB and leprosy. During my research, I came across a new disease Biden’s Guests are bringing with them: schistosomiasis.

Another Bank Bites The Dust – So Who Will Be The Next Dominoes To Fall?
…A key program that was keeping U.S. banks afloat was allowed to expire last month, ..Friday, the FDIC quietly announced that Republic Bank had been seized and a sale to Fulton Bank had already been arranged.  Have you noticed that they often try to announce bad news like this on Friday?…And the FDIC probably assumes that most people will have forgotten all about this by the time Monday morning rolls around.  But this was a big deal, and it is inevitable that more dominoes will soon start to fall.

What Are They Not Telling Us About The Bird Flu?
What they are telling us about the bird flu just keeps changing. At first, they told us that humans were at no risk. But now the WHO says that there is “enormous concern” that H5N1 could potentially start spreading among humans…In fact, on Thursday an update that was posted on the official FDA website openly admitted that approximately one out of every five samples of grocery store milk that they tested had “viral fragments” in them…

New Jersey College Cancels ‘Bring Your Child to Work Day’ Drag Queen Story Hour After Staff Complaints
A New Jersey college canceled a “drag queen story hour” scheduled for “Bring your child to work” day after faculty complained.

MUST SEE VIDEO: Western Lensman’s Latest Release… “Warning to America: 25 Ways the US Is Being Destroyed – Explained in Under 2 Minutes”
A Warning to America: 25 Ways the US is Being Destroyed | Explained in Under 2 Minutes” The video includes the top 25 ways America is being destroyed from within. This is not by accident.

Germany’s redacted covid files provide political ammunition for pro-freedom parties
The German public health agency, RKI, received 2,500 pages of covid protocols from early 2020 to April 2021 but the files were heavily redacted, similar to state secrets concerning high diplomacy or military matters. German online magazine Multipolar has filed a legal action to enforce disclosure of the redacted parts, which amount to about one-third of the files but the legal battle will be lengthy.  In the interim, Multipolar has published what it has received so far and the questions it raises are proving politically explosive.

Covid vaccine death: “I didn’t know it was possible for a human to die so horrifically, so quickly”
A medical coder for an American hospital spoke out…When asked what she witnessed after the covid injections were administered, Zoe said: “I didn’t know it was possible for a human to die so horrifically, so quickly, before they rolled out the mRNA injections … [For] days, patients would be seizing, and no medications would stop it, and eventually they … kinda had to be put down.

When you were distracted by the “Where’s Princess Kate Conspiracy”, Deagel’s Depopulation Forecast was confirmed by Heavily Censored Pfizer Documents
For the past few months, the internet has been abuzz with absurd rumours surrounding Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales. So much so that the mainstream media is now involved and publishing story after story to heighten the conspiracy.

Israel will enter Rafah if Hamas does not accept hostage deal 
Israel warned Hamas it will carry out a major military operation unless the terrorist group accepts a deal on the table for the release of some, but not all, of the remaining 133 hostages.

Debunking Popular Lies About The Pre-Tribulation Rapture 
One of the most unpopular beliefs among Christians today is that of the pre-Tribulation Rapture. Many not only scoff at our expectation of meeting Jesus in the air, but also ridicule those of us who believe it could happen at any moment.

Netanyahu vows: No ICC decision will undermine Israel’s basic right to self-defense against Hamas
The International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague is currently probing the Hamas Oct. 7 attack against Israel, along with Israel’s military operations against Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip.

FLASHBACK: Christian Worship Breaks Out In The Trump White House
I thought it would be a good time to flash back to this…To remember what it was like in the Country and in the White House under President Trump…Remember this?