17 Jun 2023

Scientists Create Synthetic Human Embryos
In a groundbreaking advance, scientists created synthetic human embryos by using stem cells and without the need for eggs or sperm. The model embryos don’t have a beating heart or the beginnings of a brain, but researchers say the cells could develop to form the placenta, yolk sac, and even the embryo itself.

School boards can now circumvent voters in renewing property tax levies
School boards just gained more control over your property taxes, thanks to a new law that took effect across Minnesota last month. Sen. Steve Cwodzinski, DFL-Eden Prairie, carried the bill in the Senate. That provision now allows a school board to renew an operating levy a single time by board action at the same level it was approved by voters 10 years prior, with an increase in dollar amount to adjust for inflation. When asked by his fellow legislators how many other states have enacted similar legislation, Frazier said he was unsure.

Senior Russian Official: Putin Has Green Light To Sever Undersea Commo Cables
Following reports attributing the September destruction of Russia’s Nord Stream gas pipelines to the Ukrainian or US government, the deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council has declared that President Vladimir Putin should feel free to sever undersea communication cables of the country’s “enemies.”

Proposed Bill To Give Russian Central Bank Assets To Ukraine
A bipartisan group of US lawmakers introduced a piece of legislation on Thursday that would give President Biden the power to confiscate frozen Russian Central Bank assets and send them to Ukraine. The Rebuilding Economic Prosperity and Opportunity (REPO) for Ukrainians Act was introduced in both the House and the Senate. According to the House Foreign Affairs Committee, … taking funds from the Russian Central Bank would mark a significant escalation of Washington’s economic war against Moscow.

RFK Jr. Says He Must “Be Careful” The CIA Doesn’t Assassinate Him
Rogan asked RFK Jr. what he thought would happen if he managed to get into office, to which Kennedy replied “I gotta be careful.” “I’m aware of that, you know, I’m aware of that danger. I don’t live in fear of it — at all. But I’m not stupid about it, and I take precautions,” he added. Kennedy spoke about his Uncle JFK being “at war” with the military industrial complex, and asserted that the intelligence agencies were “trying to trick him” into launching military excursions into Cuba and Vietnam. RFK Jr. again spoke about JFK eventually concluding that he must “shatter” the CIA “into a thousands pieces” and “scatter it to the winds.” “[JFK] learned very early on that the purpose of the CIA and the intelligence apparatus was to create a constant pipeline of new wars for them, for the military industrial complex,”

Student Loan Payments Will Restart Soon: Here’s The Timeline Borrowers Should Know
The U.S. Department of Education, which oversees a $1.6 trillion portfolio in federal student loan debt owed by about 43 million Americans, has posted a notice at the top of its student aid website confirming when borrowers should start paying their bills again. According to the notice, interest will kick in starting Sept. 1, but borrowers won’t need to make payments until October.

House Oversight Chairman Says There Is Evidence Of $20-$30 Million Of Illegal Payments To Bidens
Appearing on Fox Business, Comer stated “We have more bank records coming in but we’re gonna exceed $10 million this week but I think we’ll get up to $20-$30 million.” He further noted that it is becoming clear that the Bidens potentially engaged in bribery, influence peddling, and money laundering. “This is going to be hard for Biden to explain, this is not going to go away, and I think eventually the mainstream media is going to start asking the real questions,” Comer added.

Bill Gates Unveils $50 Million Partnership With Chinese University That Conducts Military Research
Liberal billionaire Bill Gates on Thursday announced a $50 million collaboration with a notorious Chinese Communist Party-controlled university that conducts research for the nation’s military.

As Russia Prepares To Use Tactical Nukes, Millions Of You Don’t Even Realize You Are Going To Die In A Third World War
Russia is deploying tactical nuclear weapons to Belarus, and there is lots of talk in the Russian media about using such weapons to bring a quick end to the war in Ukraine. The theory is that once the Russians show that they are willing to use tactical nukes, the U.S. and the other western powers will back off. But that won’t be what happens. ‘In the event of a Third World War, there will be no winners, including America.’

Xi Jinping meets Bill Gates in China, calls him ‘an old friend’
Chinese President Xi Jinping called Bill Gates “an old friend” and said he hoped they could cooperate in a way that would benefit both China and the United States, in Xi’s first meeting with a foreign entrepreneur in years.

Gallant to US Counterpart Austin: Israel Ready for ‘Prolonged’ Gaza Op
Gallant briefed Austin on the elimination of several senior PIJ leaders and detailed the imminent threats they had posed. He further noted “the IDF’s readiness for every operational scenario, including a prolonged, multi-front campaign.” Gallant emphasized that PIJ had launched more than 500 rockets indiscriminately at Israeli civilian centers since the conflict erupted on Tuesday morning. In response, the Israel Air Force has struck well over 100 PIJ terror assets in Gaza.

Russian FM: Russia may use nuclear weapons for defense
“Russia’s nuclear deterrence policy is strictly defensive. The hypothetical use of nuclear weapons is clearly limited by extraordinary circumstances within the framework of strictly defensive purposes,” she said. Zakharova insisted that Russia was intent on maintaining the principle that nuclear war was inadmissible.

Russia’s Putin attacks Jewish heritage of Ukraine’s Zelensky
Putin attacked Ukrainian President Zelensky’s Jewish roots on Friday, saying that some Jews considered him a disgrace to their faith. “I have many Jewish friends. They say Zelensky is not a Jew, he is a disgrace to the Jewish people,” Putin said at an economic forum in St. Petersburg.

Abbas wraps up China trip with expression of support for regime’s murder of Muslims, hope that Beijing will broker Palestinian statehood
Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas wrapped up a trip to China Friday that saw the octogenarian seeking economic aid and voicing support for Beijing’s repressive policies toward Muslim minorities in the northwestern region of Xinjiang.

Religion, State and How We Read the Bible
The present uproar in Israel over keeping religious coercion out of politics, which is echoed in similar movements in Europe and America, highlights a disconnect between the way we read the Bible and our desperate clinging to what we perceive to be the personal freedoms inherent in modern democracy. To hear secular folks express such concerns isn’t at all surprising. But it’s curious that so many Bible-believing Christians and Messianic Jews similarly seem to put progressive democratic freedoms on a higher pedestal than adherence to the Word of God.

PA Leader: Palestinian Neanderthals Lived on Mt. Carmel
While Fattouh’s claims sound absurd and have no supporting archaeological or anthropological evidence, they are common among Palestinian leaders. Israelly Cool, an Israel advocacy website run by David Lange, documented several other cases. He noted that Travel Palestine, a website described as “The Official Site For Tourism In Palestine”, claimed that “Palestine has a history that envelops more than one million years” and was the “crucible of prehistoric cultures”. Despite being a veritable font of such amazing facts, Travel Palestine is now offline.

Russia to Open Embassy Branch in Jerusalem
The Russian embassy and an Israeli foreign ministry official announced on Friday that they will open a branch in Jerusalem. The new branch of the embassy will be located in the western half of the capital on a plot that Russia purchased in 1885. Negotiations took several years and were finalized on May 18. The statement said that a complex of buildings will be constructed to serve the consular section of the embassy.

The Pentagon is glorifying homosexual pederast Harvey Milk as a hero for ‘Pride Month
The Department of Defense’s ‘educational’ material leaves out or distorts key aspects of his edgy sexual behavior and activist life. Milk, a promiscuous homosexual who had a sexual taste for young men – including a 16-year-old boy …

EU set to fine social media platforms that fail to remove anti-Semitic content
According to the European Union Digital Services Act, large media companies that fail to remove “hate speech” from their platforms could face stiff fines. While the DSA does not specifically mention anti-Semitism, the EU does define anti-Semitic statements as “hate speech.”