16 Jun 2023

Southern states battered by severe storms, large hail, high winds, and tornadoes, U.S. 
A series of severe storms swept across the southern United States on Wednesday, June 14, 2023, leaving over 150 000 residents without power and causing extensive damage. The storms produced large hailstones, some bigger than softballs, and spawned multiple tornadoes in Alabama and Georgia.

Mexico grapples with a third heat wave of the season, six fatalities reported 
The ongoing third heat wave in Mexico led to six fatalities and over 400 cases of heat-related illnesses, affecting 26 out of the 32 federal entities in the country.

Strong M6.3 earthquake hits Mindoro, Philippines at intermediate depth
A strong earthquake registered by PHIVOLCS as M6.3 hit Mindoro, Philippines at 02:19 UTC (10:19 LT) on June 15, 2023. The agency is reporting a depth of 119 km (74 miles). USGS is reporting M6.2 at a depth of 112 km (69 miles), EMSC M6.2 at 119 km (74 miles).

Scientists Create Synthetic Human Embryos In The Lab Paving The Way For Soulless Non-Human Entities Created Without Sperm Or Egg 
When you read the book of Revelation, it’s a veritable cavalcade of end times entities that come bubbling up from the nether regions of the abyss, much of it of the non-human variety. Scientists have now figured out how to create a synthetic embryo in the lab that needs neither sperm nor egg to form. Let your imagination wander to just what type of spiritual things might want to inhabit these bodies. It’s all ‘par for the course’ in the coming Days of Noah.

New Yorkers sue Amazon, Starbucks over biometrics use in cashierless stores
The proposed class action (2:23-cv-00852) has been filed in the Western District Court of Washington. The named plaintiffs, Suzanne Mallouk, Alfredo Rodriguez Perez and Arjun Dhawan, claim their privacy rights were violated when visiting New York City stores that used Amazon’s One palm biometric scanners.

San Francisco’s dying downtown hit again as Westfield stops making mortgage payments on its mall
San Francisco’s struggling downtown has been dealt another blow as Westfield has stopped making mortgage payments on its massive mall due to crime and tanking sales.

Prestigious Johns Hopkins University erases women in woke new inclusive language guide
The prestigious Johns Hopkins University has erased the word ‘women’ from a newly produced ‘inclusive language guide’ in its definition of the term ‘lesbian’.

Muslim U.S. City Bans LGBTQ Flags From City Property: Clash of Islamic Beliefs and Leftist Ideologies
The reluctance to acknowledge Islamic homophobia among gay rights advocates, left-wing politicians, and the media poses risks to all non-Muslims and undermines the principles they claim to champion.

WHO makes bombshell announcement launching ‘digital health certification network’: Will the ‘mark’ soon be foisted upon the people of the world?
This is something I’ve been warning was coming for nearly three years and so it’s almost anti-climactic for readers of this site, where we weren’t afraid to shout it from the housetops early and often about the resemblance of the WHO’s “digital health certificate” to the biblical mark of the beast.

History teacher, 54, was ‘treated like a paedophile’ and faced classroom ban after giving science lesson about puberty that ‘upset’ children with gender dysphoria 
A senior teacher says he was ‘treated like a paedophile’ and faced being banned from the profession over a science lesson about puberty that upset children with gender identity issues.

The digitalisation of social interactions has enormous consequences for society
Our society is evolving at a record pace towards a digital cosmos – a society in which life is largely digital. In the digital society of the future – in some respects, the near future – people work, party, play and make love online, and even eat digitally printed food. The latest developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) are slowly preparing us to go even further. Not only are we replacing human interactions with digital ones; we are replacing humanity itself. The doctor, teacher, coach, psychologist, and so on can all be replaced by a computer.

BEWARE: “Catholic” Healthcare Network Facilitating Child Sex Changes: Satanists Mutilate Children
Genital mutilation surgeries are big business and make hospitals big money.
Founder of the Lepanto Institute Michael Hichborn is here to detail his groundbreaking story exposing CommonSpirit Health for organizing trans surgeries at Catholic hospitals.

HUSTON: Report: MLB Quietly Tells Teams to Ditch ‘Pride’ Uniforms
Major League Baseball has quietly told teams that they can stop forcing players to wear uniforms and hats adorned with gay pride rainbow colors during their “Pride Night” games.

City Officially Bans ‘Pride’ Flags from Public Property, Tells LGBT Objectors ‘You’re Already Represented’
A Michigan community has banned LGBT flags from publicly owned poles after a tense hourslong meeting Tuesday night.

Are Canadians being FORCED by planned ARSON into dystopian “15-minute cities” by Trudeau the Tyrant? 
…Now suddenly, out of nowhere, more than 400 massive wildfires ignited at the exact same time, across eleven Canadian provinces and territories, including Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, and Nova Scotia. How is this possible?

Why are all those racehorses dropping dead at Churchill Downs? Because, since April 29, they’ve all been wearing powerful WIRELESS monitors (called “STRIDESafe”)
The horses may be “vaccinated,” too—we’re looking into it—but these new high-tech gadgets (the sort of thing that thrills Bill Gates) are likely the main cause of death, as Arthur Firstenberg explains

Is Canada Ignoring an Islamic Protest to Gender Ideology Due to Fears of Violent Retribution 
Muslim parents in England have already exerted their influence by successfully protesting and pressuring schools to modify their LGBTQ curriculum, highlighting Westerners’ fear of angering them.

In First Month in Office Crime Jumps 38% Under New Chicago Mayor Johnson | The Gateway Pundit 
When Chicagoans voted out Lori Lightfoot and put Mayor Brandon Johnson in charge, they doubled-down on the progressive soft on crime approach and went full commie.

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Working On Futuristic ‘Sky Sonic’ System To Defend Israel Against Enemy Hypersonic Missile Attack • Now The End Begins
As usual, the regathered nation of Israel is head and shoulders above the other nations when it comes to military technology, and the latest project from Rafael Advanced Defense Systems is quite tantalizing. Defending against hypersonic missile attack, that is to say missiles sent through outer space to reach their target, and so far no nation including the United States has an answer to this pressing problem. The new ‘Sky Sonic’ system may just be that answer.

Putin says tactical nuclear weapons to be deployed in Belarus in July
Russia will start deploying tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus after special storage facilities are made ready on July 7-8, President Vladimir Putin said on Friday, Moscow’s first move of such warheads outside Russia since the fall of the Soviet Union.

Waymo self-driving taxi in deadly crash as driverless accidents have more than tripled since January
A SELF-DRIVING Waymo vehicle has struck and killed a small dog in San Francisco in an accident the driverless company claims was unavoidable.

Covid Related News: No intervention is “safe and effective” and covid era interventions have proven the opposite is true 
At the best of times, the mantra “safe and effective” is drivel.  But in the case of covid injections, it is an outright lie.  According to Dr. David Martin’s estimations at the end of last year, 300 million people could have already been killed or severely injured by the mRNA bioweapons marketed as “vaccines” against covid.

LGBT’ers Send Bomb Threats to Target Stores in 5 States
LGBT radicals have sent bomb threats to Target store locations in at least five states after a nationwide boycott forced the left-wing retail giant to slightly walk back its pride month promotion of homosexuality and transgenderism that openly targets children and has ties to satanism.

Send Aldi back to Germany and shutdown Yoti 
Aldi opened its first “contact-free” sensor-operated store in the UK in January 2022.  The store, known as Aldi Shop & Go, is located in Greenwich, a commuter town close to the centre of London and the Canary Wharf financial hub.  Business Insider described Aldi Shop & Go as a rival to Amazon Go.  But are they rivals?

America’s Infrastructure Is Collapsing Right In Front Of Our Eyes
America was once a country that built stuff.  Previous generations of Americans constructed the greatest highways, bridges, railroads, ports, dams and water systems that anyone had ever seen.  Magnificent new mega-cities were erected from coast to coast, and the rest of the world looked at us with envy.  Ultimately, the keys to all of this infrastructure were handed down to us, and we have really messed things up.  We don’t actually build much of anything these days.  In fact, we can’t even maintain the infrastructure that we have been given.  As a society we have become extremely lazy and extremely incompetent, and so the great civilization that our forefathers built for us is now crumbling right in front of our eyes.