10 Sep 2023

Girl Scouts Can Now Earn a Sodomite Patch
The organization of mama bears called “One Million Moms” is exposing another low in the moral decline of the Girl Scouts. “The Girl Scout LGBTQ+ Pride Month Celebration Fun Patch is designed for Girl Scouts of all levels and their leaders to honor LGBTQ+ history, celebrate their diverse cultures and identities of LGBTQ+ people,

How “Fact Checking” Obliterates Truth
Truth is beauty and beauty is truth and it’s really beautiful when you can manipulate the truth to suit your own ends. Welcome to the world of PolitiFact – and every other “fact-checking” service operating today.

Rail Volumes Fall For Third Straight Month In August
“August was the third straight month in which total year-over-year U.S. rail carloads have fallen,” Association of American Railroads (AAR) Senior Vice President John T. Gray reported on Sept. 6. Total combined U.S. traffic for the first 35 weeks of 2023 was 16,173,208 carloads and intermodal units, a decrease of 4.9% compared to last year.

Rand Paul Blasts Pentagon For Role In Niger, Demands To Know How Many Boots On Ground
Sen. Rand Paul has sent a letter to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin demanding to know more about the Pentagon’s role in Niger, which recently underwent a coup wherein Niger’s US-trained military overthrow the democratically elected US-backed president. Naturally, the senator from Kentucky has some questions. The letter was sent Tuesday and subsequently obtained by Politico. Among Paul’s chief aims is to assess just how many American troops are still in Niger, which is now being ruled by a junta, which includes Brig. Gen. Moussa Salaou Barmou, who received training by elite US forces.

Full Authoritarian: New Mexico Governor Suspends Constitutional Gun Rights For Law-Abiding Citizens In Albuquerque
New Mexico State Representatives Stefani Lord (R-22) and John Block (R-51) called for the impeaching of Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) after she issued a public health emergency to strip the right away for law-abiding citizens to carry firearms in public in and around Albuquerque, the state’s largest city. “This is an abhorrent attempt at imposing a radical, progressive agenda on an unwilling populous. Rather than addressing crime at its core, Governor Grisham is restricting the rights of law-abiding gun owners,” Lord wrote in a press release shared on X.

British heatwave brings hottest day of 2023 so far
Britain recorded its hottest day of 2023 so far on Saturday, with provisional data showing a high of 33.2 degrees Celsius (91.8 degrees Fahrenheit) at London’s Kew Gardens. This year’s previous high was 32.6 C, reached on Thursday.

Governments Are Increasingly Serving Interests Of Globalization Rather Than The People
In Western nations, we have largely lived under governments whose mandate has been to serve the people. However, it is becoming increasingly obvious that many governments are no longer serving the people, they are serving interests tied to globalisation. Unfortunately, those who are leading these globalist entities do not value the virtues of representative democracy but instead prefer to operate under technocracy.

Biden Unveils ‘Historic’ Transport Corridor Running Through Saudi, Israel
A broad alliance of states on Saturday unveiled ambitious plans to create a modern-day Spice Route linking Europe, the Middle East and India, boosting trade ties with potentially paradigm-changing geopolitical implications. The United States, Saudi Arabia, the European Union, the United Arab Emirates and others launched the initiative to link railways, ports, electricity and data networks and hydrogen pipelines on the sidelines of the Group of 20 summit in New Delhi.

The World Caliphate as a business project
What the communists could not do, the globalists did. And Islam steps in.
Of the past let us wipe the slate clean Slave masses, arise, arise The world is about to change its foundation We are nothing, let us be everything…(“The Internationale”) It was a dream come true. What the communists could not do, the globalists did.

California law could make parents lose LGBT children
A new bill in California would allow the government to remove children from parents who do not affirm the child’s gender choice.

Morocco earthquake: 2,012 dead, all Israelis contacted
Turkey, where powerful earthquakes in February killed more than 50,000 people, said it was ready to provide support to the North African country. The magnitude 6.8 quake struck in Morocco’s High Atlas mountains late on Friday night.

Senate Democrats lobby Blinken to bar Israel from visa waiver program
15 Senators pen letter to top Biden administration officials, urging them not to allow Israel into visa waiver program.

Israeli Knesset members to contest UNESCO declaration of Jericho as ‘Palestinian World Heritage’ site
Israeli Heritage Minister Amichai Eliyahu said Jericho’s connection to Jewish history is clear to any person with biblical knowledge. “Not a single person in the world who has read the Bible can think for a moment that Jericho can be disconnected from the heritage of the Jewish people,” Eliyahu stated.

The Rise of Christological Heresy
The most important question ever is who is Jesus Christ? Is he the eternal Son of God or just a created being like us? Well, a 2022 survey showed that professing Christians’ understanding of the Lord Jesus is slipping, as more than half held heretical views about him. An astonishing 73 percent agreed with the statement that “Jesus is the first and greatest being created by God.”

Hundreds killed and injured after shallow M6.8 earthquake hits Morocco
A strong and shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.8 hit Morocco’s High Atlas mountains at 22:11 UTC on Friday, September 8, 2023, leaving nearly 300 people dead and 150 injured. The quake hit at 23:11 local time at a depth of 18.6 km (11.5 miles). EMSC is reporting M6.9 at a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles).

Unprecedented rainfall causes catastrophic flooding in Greece, leaving massive damage and at least 10 dead
A powerful storm dubbed Daniel dropped exceptionally high amounts of rain over parts of central Greece on September 4 and 5, 2023, resulting in widespread flooding, destruction, and the tragic loss of at least 10 lives. Experts label this as the country’s worst storm since records began in 1930. The worst affected was the Thessaly Region, particularly its Magnesia prefecture.

Hundreds killed and injured after shallow M6.8 earthquake hits Morocco
A strong and shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.8 hit Morocco’s High Atlas mountains at 22:11 UTC on Friday, September 8, 2023, leaving nearly 300 people dead and 150 injured. The quake hit at 23:11 local time at a depth of 18.6 km (11.5 miles). EMSC is reporting M6.9 at a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles).

Uncle Sam’s Making Me Get The Covid Jab To Be A US Citizen
Nearly a million legal immigrants became American citizens last year, the third-highest number in history. One angle missing from the news coverage: Every single one of those immigrants was required, as a precondition of citizenship, to get a Covid booster.

Firestorms and Falsehoods Erupt After Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Protecting Religious Freedom
People of faith can breathe a little easier following two decisions issued by the United States Supreme Court in June. But not everyone is pleased with the outcome.

They’re Sexualizing Children: LA School District Launches Virtual Gay Club for Kindergarten Through Age 11 Students
They’re sexualizing the kids. They’re forcing them to think about sex – in kindergarten. How is this beneficial to the child or society in any way?

Is Belief In The Pre-Tribulation Rapture Driven By A Fear Of ‘Going Through The Tribulation’?
Periodically, as I peruse seminary journal articles on prophecy, I encounter snarky criticism of the pre-tribulation rapture view. Often, it is manifested in statements suggesting that the primary reason for the strong adherence to the pre-tribulation view among many, is a fear of “going through the tribulation.”

Hospital Insults Christians Everywhere, Ditches Christmas Eve as Paid Holiday for Juneteenth
At its core, wokeness means sacrificing traditional Christian values to the new god of diversity, equity and inclusion.

California adds ‘Transgender History Month’ to the LGBTQ calendar 
California became the first state in the nation to make history with the trans-identifying community on Wednesday by officially recognizing the month of August as Transgender History Month.

Oklahoma District Hires Drag Queen Who Was Previously Arrested for Child Porn as Elementary School Principal
Shane Murnan, who performs under the name “Shantel Mandalay” when doing drag, was hired at the John Glenn Elementary School in Oklahoma City over the summer.

Klaus Schwab Calls for Governments to ‘Merge’ with Unelected Corporate Elite
World Economic Forum (WEF) Chairman Klaus Schwab has called on governments around the world to begin merging with the unelected corporate elite to usher in his agenda to end “the era of capitalism.” Schwab made the comments during an address at this week’s Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit.

NYC public schools inundated with immigrant students on first day: ‘Angry and concerned’
New York City public schools are facing a wave of new students on the first day of the school year Thursday as the nation’s largest district grapples with a massive influx of immigrants.City officials were reportedly scrambling to enroll an estimated 19,000 immigrant students into the city’s public schools, often while exempting them from vaccine requirements typically required of students

Square Outage Means Millions Of Businesses Can’t Charge Cards
An estimated 64 million small businesses use Square to facilitate credit card transactions, pull sales reports, review profit percentages, and manage inventory. A disruption that began midday on Thursday, however, left those customers without the ability to run their businesses effectively unless clients paid cash.

INDOCTRINATION: University of Arizona is Teaching Future Nurses to Start Asking Patients About Gender Identity as Young as Three Years Old
If you ever wondered just how far academic institutions are willing to push the boundaries for ideological indoctrination, prepare yourself for this jaw-dropping revelation. According to Chaya Raichik, the person behind the LibsofTikTok account, the University of Arizona nursing school is teaching its future nurses to start questioning pediatric patients as young as three years old about their gender identity.

Vaccination – A Clear and Present Danger
..A new vaccine campaign is just days away and despite the fact that the “safe and effective” tag line has been shown to be a complete lie over and over again since 2020, there will no doubt still be some takers of the toxic, dangerous jab. However, “Very few people realize that the worst “epidemic” ever to hit America, was the Spanish Influenza of 1918 was the after-effect of the massive nationwide vaccine campaign.” which is claimed Eleanor McBean, and as an “on the spot observer” her research and books should certainly make them change their minds.

Energy Bill Authorises “Reasonable Force” to Install Smart Meters that Allow Authorities to Turn Customers’ Energy On and Off
You probably know that a massive Energy Bill is being rushed through Parliament by our fake ‘Conservative’ Government in the first two days of our parliamentarians’ return from their generous summer break. The Bill is 446 pages long and written in dense, largely-incomprehensible-to-any-normal-person legalise.

Why some people are immune to AstraZeneca and J&J covid “vaccines”
mRNA injected into our bodies without a vector would likely be quickly broken down by our bodies and eliminated.  However, injecting mRNA with a vector is a different story.