11 Sep 2023

World leaders announce railway that may bring pilgrims to Third Temple
Israel will be a “central junction” in this economic corridor, with Israeli railways and ports part of this new gateway, which will run from India, through the Middle East to Europe and back, the prime minister said. “This is a big deal,” US President Joe Biden said. “This is a really big deal.”
The proposal … is also seen as the latest indication that a historic peace deal between Israel and Saudi Arabia is likely in the months ahead.

Grand Solar Minimum: The Future Looks Cold
In recent years, the Sun has been at its weakest state in more than a century, with the two most recent solar cycles (24 and 25) on course to be the weakest pair in more than 200 years, since the Dalton Minimum. … these factors determine the severity of the accompanying ‘global cooling’.

New Delhi G20 joint statement… Except for Ukraine, both the US and Russia are satisfied.
On the 10th, the United States and Russia alternately praised the joint statement of this year’s G20 summit of advanced and emerging countries (G20), which was agreed upon on the evening of the 9th, the day before the closing date, but Ukraine expressed strong dissatisfaction.

Busload of migrants, the 12th sent by Texas, arrives in Los Angeles
A bus from Texas loaded with migrants from seven countries arrived in downtown Los Angeles on Monday morning, marking the 12th such transfer since mid-June.

Pardon Issued For Dad Who “Exploded With Rage” Over Daughter’s Transgender Bathroom Rape, School Coverup
Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin (R) has pardoned the Loudoun County father who protested his daughter’s rape in a school bathroom by a transgender student, and her public school’s attempted cover up of the incident, Youngkin’s office announced Sunday. The school covered up a crime. The justice system behaved in a flagrantly political manner. And the media was happy to participate in the politically-useful smearing, as usual. Morally appalling failures from top to bottom.

“Who Is Biden Working For?” Admin Under Fire For ‘Illegal, Reckless’ Cancellation Of Alaska Oil Leases
After canceling the Keystone XL pipeline project, draining the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to dangerously low levels (some of which was sold to a Hunter Biden-linked Chinese energy giant), and vowing “no more oil drilling” on US soil while America’s geopolitical adversaries – two of whom paid his family handsomely – beef up their own energy independence, the Biden administration has done it again. Last week the regime confirmed that it will cancel seven controversial oil and gas leases in an area of Alaska known as the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), which were legally awarded from a 2021 sale.

US and Vietnam ink historic partnership in Biden visit, with eyes on China
Joe Biden on Sunday secured deals with Vietnam on semiconductors and minerals as the strategic Southeast Asian nation lifted Washington to Hanoi’s highest diplomatic status alongside China and Russia. The U.S. has been pushing for the upgrade for months as it sees the manufacturing dynamo as a key country in its strategy to secure global supply chains from China-related risks.

Ukraine’s counter-offensive is stalling. The West must prepare for humiliation
Time is running out for Ukraine. After 18 months of war, it is no longer a question of if the Western alliance will falter, but when. Since the start, despite making many of the right noises and supplying some military hardware, France and Germany, in particular, have been reluctant partners. None of this will make a significant difference. No strategic adjustment can turn the war around without dramatically increased military aid. And whether or not corruption is tackled, Olaf Scholz, Emmanuel Macron and, most importantly, Biden will be exerting pressure on Kyiv to come to terms, sooner or later.

Intelligence services set to unmask China spies
British intelligence services are poised to unmask a number of Chinese spies in the coming months amid concern that a network of operatives is operating in Westminster. Whitehall sources said suspected foreign spies working in the Commons face being detained under new espionage laws after a parliamentary researcher was arrested on suspicion of spying for China.

Firestorms and Falsehoods Erupt After Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Protecting Religious Freedom
People of faith can breathe a little easier following two decisions issued by the United States Supreme Court in June. But not everyone is pleased with the outcome. First, in a 9-0 decision, the court ruled in favor of Gerald Groff, a postal carrier and evangelical Christian who refuses to work on Sundays for religious reasons. The Supreme Court’s ruling goes far beyond just granting Groff the right to observe a Sabbath day. It unanimously threw out a 46-year precedent and thus changed the standard for courts when considering religious freedom in the workplace. “Woke companies have been crushing people of faith. They now can’t do that because there’s religious freedom protection.

Thousands of notes removed from Western Wall before Rosh Hashanah
Officials began removing notes from the Western Wall on Sunday in the lead-up to Rosh Hashanah, in order to make space for new notes to be placed in the new year. More than 20,000 notes from 100 countries were sent from abroad to the Western Wall over the past six months, with the US, Brazil, Canada, and Colombia among the top ten countries. The process of removal is carried out according to halachic instructions, using gloves and disposable wooden tools.

Morocco was ravaged by an earthquake; Israel could be next – experts
Israel is located at the juncture of the African and Arabian tectonic plates and, therefore, faces an elevated seismic threat. Experts say a major earthquake is not a matter of if, but when. This sobering message was delivered by State Comptroller Matanyahu Englman

UK foreign minister to warn of Iran threat on visit to Israel
British foreign minister James Cleverly will travel to Israel and the Palestinian territories this week, where he will press for renewed dialogue on a two-state solution and commit to tackling threats to regional security, including from Iran.

Rampant crime in Arab sector fueling mass migration of Arab-Israelis into Jewish towns
‘The Arab elite is flee en masse,’ says Arab-Israeli official, warning that violent crime in Arab communities is driving mass-migration into Jewish cities.

First-ever official Israeli delegation arrives in Saudi Arabia
An official Israeli delegation arrived for the first time in Saudi Arabia on Sunday for a meeting of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. UNESCO director-general Audrey Azoulay told Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen during a recent meeting in Paris that the Saudis had signed a “host country agreement” with the U.N. body, allowing officials from all member states to attend the 45th session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee in Riyadh on Sept. 10-25.

Netanyahu hails ‘unprecedented’ infrastructure deal connecting India to Europe through Middle East and Israel
Joe Biden announced the signing of deal for an ambitious joint rail and shipping project with Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday. The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to link India to Europe via the Middle East, including Israel, was announced on the sidelines of the G20 summit in New Delhi

Paris mayor revokes PA chief Abbas’ honorary medal
Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo revoked the Medal of the City of Paris from Palestinian Authority (PA) head Mahmoud Abbas following his recent antisemitic comments and Holocaust denial. The PA chief was first granted the prestigious medal in 2015. In his recent remarks, Abbas insulted Jewish Holocaust victims by claiming that European Ashkenazi Jews are not “Semites” and therefore have no historical link to the land of Israel.

Baby’s eyes turn from brown to bright blue after COVID treatment
The brown eyes of a baby in Thailand turned bright blue after he was given a COVID-19 medicine that is commonly used in Thailand. “This case report highlights the need for monitoring of favipiravir therapy in children due to the potential side effect of corneal discoloration, which has not yet had its long-term effects identified,”

Steps of Siloam Pool, site of one of Jesus’ greatest miracles, unearthed in excavations
Ongoing excavations at the Pool of Siloam in the City of David have uncovered more steps from the pool, the site believed to be the location of one of Jesus’s healing miracles. According to the Gospel of John, Jesus instructs a blind man to wash in the pool to be healed.

Yair Lapid:The compromise proposal is too good to be true
“This is a proposal that is indeed not real. Its goal will not be to reach agreements, but to arrange for Netanyahu a meeting at the White House, and above all to create difficulties for the judges of the Supreme Court while they discuss the petitions.

Mossad director warns Iran: ‘Harm to Israelis will lead to strike in heart of Tehran’
Barnea declared that “until now, we only hit the commanders, the time has come that we take a different toll on Iran. Harm to an Israeli or a Jew, in any way, would lead to action deep in Iran and even in the heart of Teheran, from the executive level to the decision-makers. Iran continues its non-stop efforts to harm Israelis and Jews around the world through terror cells. They hide behind proxies. It doesn’t work with us,” he concluded.

Mass marine mortality event at Bang Phra Beach, Thailand

On Friday, September 8, 2023, Bang Phra Beach in Sri Racha, Thailand became the epicenter of a mass marine mortality event. An immense number of dead fish washed ashore, believed to be the aftermath of a recent monsoon affecting the sea’s conditions.

Medicane “Marquesa” makes landfall in Libya, causing severe flash flooding
Medicane  “Marquesa” — a Mediterranean tropical-like cyclone, made landfall in Libya at 01:30 UTC on September 10, 2023, causing severe flash flooding in Benghazi and neighboring regions.

Hurricane Lee to restrengthen as AccuWeather forecasters outline impacts for US, Canada
Hurricane Lee will ramp up once again to a major hurricane over warm ocean waters. As Lee tracks northward in the coming days, impacts are expected in eastern New England and Canada.

Details Of Saudi Arabia’s Shocking Plan To Divide The Holy Land
..As part of a blockbuster deal to normalize relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel, the Saudis want to achieve some sort of a diplomatic breakthrough for the Palestinians.  That won’t be an independent Palestinian state, because Benjamin Netanyahu would never accept such an outcome.  But the Saudis have floated another plan that might be acceptable to Netanyahu’s government, and it would result in a historic division of the Holy Land.

Preview of Upcoming UN High-Level Week
New Yorkers are gritting their teeth in anticipation of the massive gridlocks that will accompany the upcoming annual circus at the United Nations later this month, known as the General Assembly High-Level Week. As the 78th session of the General Assembly gets underway, about 145 world leaders will appear before the chamber, pontificate on a wide variety of global issues, and find reasons to avoid accountability for their own countries’ troubles and misconduct.

Electricity prices in Italy surge 30% in a week
Energy prices across the EU have been surging, raising the prospect of higher household bills as the bloc prepares for another winter with drastically reduced Russian natural gas supplies.

America Is Handing Tyrants Tyranny On A Silver Platter
Here it is: the biggest missed story of this century is the incredible dumbing down of the American public, to the point where a cripplingly large portion of the adult population  is no longer willing or able to exercise independent critical thinking in order to take decisive action on a wide range of isssues that shape the direction of our economy, culture, and personal freedoms.

BP Agent Reveals O’Biden Admin Gives $2,200 Per Illegal Immigrant Family Each Month, Plane Ticket, Housing, Food, Free Medical Services
It is alarming to learn that according to a Border Patrol Agent, the Biden administration is providing illegal immigrant families with $2,200 per month in taxpayer funds, plus plane tickets, housing, food and free medical services. This information supports the claims made by the legal immigration group ‘ALIPAC.’

It was all a HOAX: Over 80 Canadian Christian Churches burned down over a two-year media lie…
For two years, Christian churches in Canada have been set ablaze. The reason? A story pushed by left-wing activists and the media claiming that scores of Indigenous children were buried on the land where these places of worship sat.

The Problem with Smart Meters -Worldwide Testimonies 
On Tuesday 5th Sep 2023 the UK Parliament quietly approved a bill clearing the way towards forcing British citizens to have smart meters installed in their homes and for individual electrical appliances including; fridges, dishwashers, and washers to be fitted with smart functions. The key to smart functionality is that these appliances can be operated externally “in response to load signals” which means that smart meters will soon allow for your energy to be rationed remotely or even cut off completely according to the Smart Tyranny coalition.

They said it was “safe and effective”; covid vaccine contracts with the South African government show it was a lie
…It is worth noting that the HJI was launched in July 2020 in South Africa “to advocate for a more inclusive, equitable public health system, locally and globally, both during and beyond the pandemic.”  It was established using all the verbiage of the Globalist agenda. The founder of HJI is Fatima Hassan, a South African human rights lawyer and social justice activist. She is the former executive director of the Open Society Foundation of South Africa, founded by infamous globalist George Soros.