3 Sep 2023

Petition to Supreme Court: Prevent Dumping Garbage within Temple Mount Area
“Anyone who thinks that the garbage disposal is happening by chance in the Holy of Holies is deluding themselves. There is a deliberate attempt to degrade and humiliate. Preserving the sanctity of the place is a national interest. The Jerusalem police, the Jerusalem municipality, and the State of Israel cannot absolve themselves of responsibility for the actions of the Waqf on the Temple Mount.”

Nuclear Fusion Scientists Successfully Recreate Net Energy Gain
… scientists with the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s National Ignition Facility in California repeated a fusion ignition reaction. The lab’s first breakthrough was announced by the U.S. Department of Energy in December. While the previous experiment produced net energy gain, a spokesperson from the lab told the outlet that this second experiment, conducted on July 30, produced an even higher energy yield.

N.Korea fires ballistic missiles after US sends bombers
North Korea fired two ballistic missiles toward the waters off its east coast late Wednesday night in an apparent protest against the ongoing regular military exercises conducted by South Korea and the US.

Calls Grow For Staten Island To Secede From NYC As Illegal Immigrant Crisis Escalates
“The values of New York City are not in line with those of Staten Island and they haven’t been for a long time and that divide is only growing larger,” Staten Island Borough President Vito Fossella told the Epoch Times. “The people can see that the city is sinking, and unless we are okay with sinking too, there is a need to separate.”

“Remarkably Dishonest” DA Fani Willis Violates The Law
Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has gone from criminalizing court filings to committing crimes with respect to her own court filings.

The Left’s Relentless War On Donald Trump And Everyone Who Disagrees With Them
It’s never been about Trump… it’s about forcing Americans into submission…

Trump Was Right: Sweden Finally Cracks Down On Illegals With Mandatory Reporting
Sweden’s woke government clearly wants to keep their jobs. After encouraging a hoard of migrants to flood the country, some of whom are rapey and violent, they’re now cracking down, and have introduced a mandatory requirement for public institutions to report illegals.

‘Burning Man = Total Disaster’: 73,000 Attendees “Hunker Down” As Desert Party Transforms Into Muddy Hellhole
Heavy rains in the Black Rock Desert, where Burning Man is being held, have forced organizers to ban 73,000 attendees from leaving because “widespread muddy conditions created treacherous driving conditions,” according to the Reno Gazette-Journal. Even the tech cent-millionaires and billionaires that flew in on private jets to the party in the desert have no way of escaping.

Tropical Storm Jose Being Absorbed By Franklin’s Remnants while Gert is Re-Born
There’s quite the tropical cyclone traffic jam across the Atlantic Hurricane basin, with a variety of tropical cyclones or their remnants moving about. Tropical Storm Gert is in the process of being absorbed by what’s left of Hurricane Franklin. Meanwhile ahead of what’s left of Hurricane Idalia is Tropical Storm Gert, which re-formed into a tropical storm again after losing tropical storm status in August. … the National Hurricane Center is tracking a tropical wave moving off the coast of Africa that could become a tropical cyclone next week.

A Dire Warning: The US Plan To Make Ukraine Into Europe’s ‘Big Israel’
The GrayZone journalist then said of today’s Congress that “this chamber” not only “reeks of blood” but.. “they have wasted Ukrainian society on the mantle of anti-Russia hysteria” – as lawmakers in lockstep with the Biden administration continue to sink billions into Kiev. the real “victors” are the major US defense contractors

New Tropical Threat Beginning to Emerge in the Atlantic
The tropics are abuzz with activity as we enter the heart of the hurricane season. Two tropical storms, an invest and the remnants of Hurricane Idalia continue to fester. A tropical system just entering the Atlantic is likely to become a threat to the Caribbean next week.

Torrential rain sparks flash floods on Las Vegas Strip as major power outages leave more than 4,000 residents suffering blackouts
Flash floods have caused severe flooding on the iconic Las Vegas Strip this weekend. Fast moving thunderstorms and heavy rain hit the city and surrounding southern Nevada on Friday leaving cars stranded and thousands without electricity.

Tech mag ‘Wired’ says it’s ‘immoral’ to want biological children
Tech news magazine Wired  published a story, and made it an editor’s pick, on Thursday that claimed it was “immoral” to want children who share one’s genetic makeup and claimed that reducing biologism could be a way to “push back against the biological essentialism built into white supremacy.”

Texas Wildfire Rages Out of Control – Spreads to Over 3,800 Acres – Evacuations Underway
A Texas wildfire dubbed the “Game Preserve Fire” is rapidly spreading and has prompted evacuations. The wildfire at the game preserve in Walker County grew rapidly on Friday night and by Saturday afternoon it had consumed more than 3,800 acres. According to officials, the wildfire is 20 percent contained.

Burning Man festival soaked by monsoon downpours, leaves tens of thousands stranded in muddy mess
Heavy monsoon rainfall has caused flash flooding in the Desert Southwest, stranding tens of thousands of participants at the annual Burning Man festival in remote western Nevada who have been forced to remain confined to their respective camps, unable to venture beyond the muddy sludge.

Rain leaks into Allegiant Stadium as Las Vegas pounded by monsoon storms again
It’s been a soggy start to September in the Desert Southwest as the monsoon season gets in some final licks before autumn begins and the monsoon patterns fade.

Downed trees, twisted cotton: Georgia farms hit hard by Idalia
Early reports indicate the state’s pecan crop sustained the most damage. While some farmers are breathing a sigh of relief after Hurricane Idalia’s pass through the state, others in deep South Georgia were left with fields of mangled cotton, hundreds of downed trees and the prospect of a years-long recovery.

Islamic ‘Sharia-Compliant’ Banking Takes Root in Russia 
…Islamic banking distinguishes itself from regular banking practices in two major ways. First, it strictly prohibits the charging of interest in all monetary transactions in accordance with the Quranic commandment. Second, Islamic banks are supervised by a board of Islamic scholars and clerics who ensure compliance with Sharia law and receive compensation for approving businesses as Sharia-compliant.

DON’T KID YOURSELF – WAKE UP – The US Is Now a Communist Nation
The US has changed.  It has become a communist nation led by corrupt and evil tyrants. Only approved news is allowed in America today.  You have to push this news.  It involves any messaging that condemns President Trump, conservatives, the Bill of Rights, freedom, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Drought affecting Panama Canal threatens 40% of world’s cargo ship traffic
A severe drought is threatening shipping on the vital Panama Canal, which is responsible for moving 40% of the world’s cargo ship traffic. About two-thirds of the canal’s traffic is either headed for — or leaving — the United States.

Geek Squad employee says bosses mandated LGBT indoctrination, banned Christian symbols 
A Christian employee of Geek Squad, the tech support arm of major electronics corporation Best Buy, was reportedly rebuked and told that he couldn’t display evidence of his Christian beliefs after he objected to the LGBT flags and other paraphernalia adorning the office space.

I wonder who is the mysterious buyer and where is the radioactive gas going to end up…
On it’s way to Ukraine? Or maybe Iran? Last Friday, the Solothurn bankruptcy office in Switzerland sold 20 tons of radioactive gas from a company in Often, Switzerland at an auction. The unknown buyer paid 17 million CHF (19.3 million US dollars) for 20 tons of uranium hexafluoride a radioactive gas used in the process of uranium enrichment.

Google is suppressing the 2024 campaign websites of all serious challengers to Democratic incumbent President Joe Biden 
Google is suppressing the 2024 campaign websites of all serious challengers to Democratic incumbent President Joe Biden..Searching the web for ‘presidential campaign websites’ using Google returned results that did not include a single Republican candidate on the first page the day before the first Republican primary debate of the 2024 season,

“Queer” American Library Association head wants to destroy traditional family values by filling children’s minds with pornography depicting “gay people doing gay things”
The American Accountability Foundation (AAF) has published a shocking report about American Library Foundation (ALF) President Emily Drabinski, a self-described “queer” Marxist who has made it her business to subvert traditional family values and morals every change she gets.

National Australia Bank adds mean speech to debanking criteria
The National Australia Bank (NAB) updated its terms and conditions to inform customers they have a new relationship that resembles that of a schoolteacher and grade school student.

More evidence of covid vaccine harm emerges while politicians begin to push more covid vaccines
It takes time to design, fund, execute, and publish good studies, but a succession of very concerning results has recently been published in scientific journals. Will this change the drift of covid politics and media reporting? It should, but instead, we are being treated to yet more scare stories and vaccine talk. So, what are facts?

Bill Gates is funding a scheme to cut down 70 million acres of forests in North America
Bill Gates and other investors are betting Kodama Systems can reduce carbon dioxide in the air by chopping down and burying trees. The move will see 70 million acres of forests, mostly in the Western United States, cut down over the next decade. After cutting down the trees, Kodama plans to bury them – to reduce global warming.  However, “global warming” is a scam to enable the rich to become richer and the real reason for the destruction of forests is to reap saleable carbon offsets.

The Conspiracy behind the Huge Wave of Wildfires currently sweeping the World 
The whole world seems like it’s on fire. Fires are ravaging Maui, Canada, Greece, France—you name it. But when you dig deeper, something’s off. Government mismanagement, questionable land acquisitions, and even newly minted laws raise eyebrows. Are we witnessing a bad wave of natural, runaway wildfires, or is there something else going on?

German Government and Media Incites Violence Against Conservatives: Another AfD Politician Assaulted
Amid a wave of attacks on conservative politicians in Germany, Beatrix von Storch, an AfD lawmaker, was recently targeted by a violent left-wing protester who smeared her with dog excrement, following another brutal assault on AfD politician Andreas Jurca.

Amazon Introduces Sharia-Compliant Uniforms for Female Islamic Supremacist Employees
“The controversy revolves around the nature of Sharia-compliant clothing, which is associated with connotations of cultural and gender-based oppression within Islamic contexts, thus validating these aspects.