4 Sep 2023


U.S.-China ‘de-risking’ will face stress test in election season
Washington and Beijing are not on good terms. The U.S. is on high alert, hoping to counter the Chinese government’s coercive efforts to project its economic statecraft by introducing new export controls on semiconductors and related high-end technologies, enacting the CHIPS and Sciences Act aimed at boosting domestic research and manufacturing of semiconductors …

Pope hails power of interfaith dialogue for peace in Mongolia
Pope Francis hailed religion’s power to resolve conflict and promote peace, … Christian leaders, as well as representatives of Buddhism and Shamanism, Islam and Judaism, Hinduism, the Russian Orthodox Church, Mormonism, Baha’i and others, attended. “Religious traditions, for all their distinctiveness and diversity, have impressive potential for the benefit of society as a whole,” the 86-year-old pontiff told them.

Turley: Biden’s Use Of Fake Names In Email Could Cost Him
Obama is now being asked to bail Biden out from another debacle of his own making, going back to his time in Obama’s administration. Various committees and private groups are seeking more than 5,000 emails from Biden in which he used an array of aliases during the Obama administration. For many Americans, it is understandably unnerving to learn that their president has more aliases than Anthony Weiner.

Reviving The PBY Catalina For Modern Warfare Is This Company’s Goal
A Florida company plans to turn an iconic World War II seaplane design into a modern aircraft it claims can perform airborne amphibious operations required by the U.S. military.

Russian drone attack hits Danube port infrastructure, Ukraine says
Russian drones hit Danube River port infrastructure that is critical to Ukraine’s grain exports, injuring at least two people in the attack on southern parts of the Odesa region on Sunday, Ukrainian officials said.

Where is the house sparrow? The bird vanished from our streets due to invasive species
The sad fact for the house sparrow is that in the last 15 years, their numbers are decreasing rapidly. Urban areas are expanding constantly – a fact that should help the sparrow because it prefers to live close to human surroundings.

White House visitor logs suggest Biden admin behind the prosecution of Trump
Jay Bratt, currently the “top aide” to special counsel Jack Smith who is responsible for overseeing criminal investigations into Trump, “was summoned to the White House twice in the fall of 2021 to meet with Joe Biden’s deputy chief of staff, Carolyn Saba, and an adviser to the chief of staff, Katherine Riley,” while serving as a Department of Justice (DOJ) official. These visits occurred while Trump was “negotiating with the National Archives” over documents kept at his Mar-a-Lago residence. According to Watters, Bratt “lobbied the Biden White House to raid Mar-a-Lago,”

Israeli government to consider deporting violent Eritrean rioters, says Netanyahu
According to the Prime Minister’s Office, one of the options being considered is the deportation of anyone who can be identified as having participating in the violent riots, a measure that Energy and Infrastructure Minister Yisrael Katz is calling for.

Hezbollah chief strengths anti-Israel terror alliance with Hamas and PIJ
Hassan Nasrallah, … reportedly met with Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) Sec.-Gen. Ziyad al-Nakhalah and the deputy head of the Political Bureau of Hamas in Lebanon, Ismail Haniyeh. The purpose of the high-level trilateral meeting was reportedly to strengthen the Iranian-coordinated terror alliance against Israel.

IDF faces unprecedented level of IED attacks believed to be part of Iranian strategy
Following the improvised explosive device attack that injured several Israel Defense Forces soldiers near Joseph’s Tomb on Wednesday, IDF commandos have warned that the IDF is not ready for a growing wave of IED attacks targeting its forces operating in Judea and Samaria.

Is the global heatwave God removing the sun from its ‘sheath’ for final judgement?
Israel, like many other regions of the world, is currently experiencing a heat wave. While global warming is the focus of political debate, Jewish sources relate that a drastic increase in solar heat is expected as the Final Redemption approaches and that it will play multiple roles in the end of days.

Taiwan suspends work, transport and classes as Typhoon Haikui slams into the island
Much of southern Taiwan came to a standstill Sunday as Typhoon Haikui churned over towns and farmland. Residents were urged to stay home and flights, rail transport, ferry services, classes and outdoor events were suspended, but there were no reports of injuries or serious damage.

Maui Fire: 385 Still Missing After Democrat Governor Indicated Number Would Drop
Three hundred eighty-five people remain missing after the devastating Maui fires, authorities updated Friday as recovery efforts continue.

Death reported at Burning Man festival in Nevada as thousands of attendees get stranded by monsoon flooding
Tens of thousands of people who were attending the Burning Man festival in remote western Nevada remain stranded and have been told to shelter in place after monsoon rains led to flash flooding, and local authorities confirmed that they are investigating at least one death that was reported during the rain event.

Direct Government Censorship Of The Internet Is Here
…On August 25th, a new law known as the “Digital Services Act” went into effect in the European Union.  Under this new law, European bureaucrats will be able to order big tech companies to censor any content that is considered to be “illegal”, “disinformation” or “hate speech”.

Pharmacists Continuing To Refuse Ivermectin Prescriptions, Raising Ethical Concerns
The continued refusal of pharmacists nationwide to fill prescriptions for controversial COVID medications has raised questions over medical autonomy and who ultimately has control over patient care, according to a prominent doctor.

“Screw Your Face Diapers!!” Mask Mandate Return Sparks ‘We Will Not Comply’ Trend
A number of people on social media have declared that “we will not comply” with COVID-19 mask mandates as some hospitals and businesses have moved to reinstate such rules in recent weeks.

Oklahoma School Hires Drag Queen Principal Once Arrested For Child Porn, Drugs
A “drag” performer arrested 22 years ago for possessing both child pornography and illicit drugs has been hired to be the school principal of an Oklahoma City elementary school, and the school district is defending its decision.

 ‘Mudpocalypse’ Hits Burning Man, 73,000 Trapped In ‘Toxic’ Lake Bed In Nevada Desert
As of Sunday evening, 73,000 attendees are still trapped in the toxic desert full of alkaline mud after a rainstorm transformed the dried-out lake bed into a swamp. Event organizers said, “The Gate remains closed. Please stay off of Gate Road — rain and mud make it impassable at the moment. We will update you when conditions improve. Stay safe!”

Not Just a Drop in the Ocean: China Bans Sale of Japanese Seafood Over Fukushima Radioactive Water Release Into the Pacific – Tokyo to File Appeal at the World Trade Organization
It all started in 2011, with a series of apocalyptic events: first came the ‘Great East Japan Earthquake’ with a magnitude of 9,0, that generated a large Tsunami that destroyed the Fukushima nuclear plant, causing three nuclear meltdowns, three hydrogen explosions, and the release of radioactive contamination.

Facial recognition-equipped robot dog to prowl US sporting venue
Mercedes Benz Stadium, located in Atlanta, Ga., has introduced Benzie the DroneDog, designed by Boston Dynamics and developed byAsylon Robotics. Benzie will autonomously patrol 11 acres and send back real-time video during 30-minute shifts. The video feed has 1080p color and night vision capabilities, business news publisher Atlanta Business Chronicle reports.

Civil servants rush to freeze £2 MILLION grant handed to mosque that has decades-long history of alleged extremism and hate speech, including an imam who gave sermon on how to stone women ‘correctly’
Birmingham’s Green Lane Mosque was awarded the grant to build a youth centre. This comes despite its imams being filmed giving sermons on stoning women

Four technocrats are pursuing projects that are an existential threat to the world 
Four powerful billionaires – Peter Thiel, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and Marc Andreessen – are creating a world where “nothing is true and all is spectacle.”  Together they have four projects to pursue their visions: Web3, cryptocurrency, interplanetary colonisation and transhumanism. These four projects together with artificial intelligence are an existential threat to the world.

CIA, DoD & Rockefeller Foundation exposed as Masterminds behind Deagel.com’s eerie 2025 Depopulaton Forecast & COVID Vaccine Death Data suggests they’re right on track!
In a world where reality often seems stranger than fiction, the machinations behind global events can be an enigma wrapped in mystery. One such intrigue revolves around Deagel, an obscure online entity known for its exhaustive data on military capabilities and eyebrow-raising depopulation forecasts for 2025.