25 Feb 2019

Support from the Street

In 2018, there were 1,119 rocket and mortar attacks from Gaza into Israel. In the same period, Israeli security forces prevented almost 500 significant terror attacks!

One key aspect of the fight against Palestinian terrorists is that when terrorists did escape the Israelis, they were able to hide for weeks or even months in Judea and Samaria.

What does that mean?

Obviously, they are hidden by rank-and-file Palestinians, who support “the Resistance.”

As one of my sources said recently:

“The ability of the terrorists to evade the Israel security forces was admired by the Palestinian street and they became heroes and role models.”

I’ve seen the posters of the “shaheeds” (“martyrs”) in east Jerusalem, including in tourist areas in the Old City. It’s grotesque and out in the open. I remember several years ago, during the Second Intifada, when I passed Orient House, the de facto Palestinian “embassy” that was illegally maintained until Israel shut it down. On the street were Hamas posters.

Then idiot European tourists scooping up “Palestine” trinkets in the Old City were surrounded by “martyr” posters.

How sick.

In 2018, a Palestinian terrorist murdered two Israeli workers in the Barkan Industrial zone, and remained at large for nine weeks. A wave of sympathy for the killer appeared to produce “copycat” attacks.

A total of 74 Jews have been murdered since the beastly stabbing attacks began in October, 2015.

The bottom line is, these attacks are tolerated. They are tolerated by the PLO, obviously, but also by the West. U.S. officials, EU officials, the Russians, etc.

I decided a long time ago that my priority in such situations is the Jewish population. I no longer care about the inconvenience of Palestinians at checkpoints, etc. The only priority must be to protect Jews.

But relatively few agree. Last week I was very disappointed to see two of my friends on social media seem to give priority to Palestinian sensitivities. How disappointing.

I do not favor the lunatic “Two-State Solution.” I favor moving the Palestinians out of the country. Only that kind of separation will defuse the situation. Gaza, specifically Gaza City, is now such a dense urban warfare scene that it would be impractical to remove Hamas, especially since the local population does not rise up.

I know good Palestinians. I’m aware they exist. The problem is their paltry numbers. How many are humane? Five? A thousand? Ten thousand? No one knows. But not even one Jewish life should be lost while we try to figure that out.

As you are aware of by now, dear reader, I am also very frustrated with pro Israel organizations, particularly Christian ones. Specifically evangelical ones. They hold conferences and do what they do, but when it comes to truly rooting-out the enemy, including the many in our evangelical ranks, well, they don’t want to do that. Just as we find ourselves in a dicey situation politically (now tolerating sociopaths in Congress), we also are marginalized by evangelical sources that operate in the open.

What do I mean specifically? Evangelical “leaders” and rank-and-file not only tolerate Andy Stanley’s lunatic calls to sideline Scripture (we don’t need the Old Testament???), they lionize him.

What strange fire is this? The country is being dismantled before our eyes, and the Evangelical community is being turned into the State Church, but we don’t want to get involved.

I “got in trouble” a few years ago with some pro Israel Christian sources for too-blunt speech. I can live with that. I’d rather be alone than huddled with such.

I close this circle this week by coming back to where we are: in a place where Jewish life is cheap to the international community. I absolutely do see linkage between anti-Semitism and murder of Jews in the Middle East and the marginalizing of the Jewish scriptures by hacks like Stanley. It’s the same mindset that led to National Socialism in Germany.

But let’s not say anything. Let’s not give the enemy reason to turn his gaze on us. Maybe he’ll leave us alone!

Fat chance.