3 Aug 2020

I will write more about this in the coming weeks, but ahead of this week’s “Israel Watch,” I feel compelled to say to those of you afraid or stressed about the world right now: Be of good cheer! Yes, things are “bad.” Since January, every day feels like waking up in some Hollywood epic thriller. But the Christian has the Blessed Hope. Since the 1st century, believers have watched for this day! We are privileged by the Lord to live when we live. Let’s encourage each other this week!

Israel’s Genius Enemies

Proof that the enemies of Israel and the Jewish people have a satanic origin is the millennia-long network that always follows the same playbook:

Delegitimize the Jews.

As I’ve written many times in the last several years, the most dismaying plan of attack against the Jews is what I call the “Israel problem” for American evangelical leaders. In the last 20 years, since many of the “icons” of Evangelicalism have passed from the scene, the Church Growth Movement gurus—men like Rick Warren, Bill Hybels, and Andy Stanley—have injected their models into countless congregations. Like it or not, these models have totally changed once-great denominations like the Southern Baptist Convention. And none of the men I just mentioned are pro-Israel. Far from it.

(I am SBC, so feel that I have a right to say this!)

Even Pentecostal communities, including the Assemblies of God, have been hijacked when it comes to teaching Bible prophecy and the Jews’ role in history.

Right now, the dark forces seeking to change America (including and especially the Church) are laser-focused on evangelical Millennials, even “Baby Boomers.” This is done in myriad ways, but always with a smiling, attractive face.

I recently read a piece on the Catalyst website that illustrates this, and shows clearly the connection between Marxist/totalitarian agendas and Israel-bashing. Remember, these traits perfectly rest in Barack Obama, still so popular with young audiences.

This quote comes from Brenda Salter McNeil, and it appears at Catalyst:

“So I’ve been struggling to understand that, and articulate that, and I’m beginning to understand that we tend to stay in our own silos unless something shakes us out of them. They’re catalytic moments, and whether we like the black lives matter movement or not, it is hard to dispute that it was a catalytic event in our time. That it got our national and global attention. When I was in Ferguson, I met a woman from Palestine. I was shocked that people all around the world are watching us, and wondering how we’ll respond to the unrest and the injustice that’s around us.”

Let’s break this quote down a bit. First a quote from Frontpage:

“The Michael Brown case was arguably the fruit of the poisoned tree for the Black Lives Matter movement. Its hate rallies still incorporate the spurious, “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” slogan. The Brown case was so fundamentally fraudulent, built on propaganda and lies, that even the Obama DOJ ended up having to boot it and stop the persecution of a police officer whom eyewitnesses testified was clearly defending himself.”

Now, let’s look closer at McNeil’s statement.

Brenda Salter McNeil makes it clear that she aligns with the Black Lives Matter “movement.” She “went to Ferguson.” That means she went on pilgrimage to the town in Missouri where Michael Brown was killed by a police officer. Forensic evidence puts the lie to several points made by BLM activists, namely that Brown was just an innocent fellow murdered by the Establishment.

Next, McNeil oddly mentions that she “met a woman from Palestine.” You need to understand that Palestinian activists/terrorists journey to America and insert themselves into civil unrest, so as to agitate the situation. For a long time, PLO operatives have sought to get American blacks to identify with their “revolutionary” movement, ostensibly aimed at overturning “racial injustice.” Just as the Israel Defense Forces brutalize innocent Palestinians, so they say, American law enforcement is systemically involved in brutalizing minorities.

On July 31, McNeil tweeted this meme:

“I am convinced that we can no longer preach Jesus without JUSTICE.”

Of course, this is false teaching. We are to preach Christ crucified. That’s it! No tacking-on of pet issues from social justice warriors.

Among the left-wing, self-professing Christians touting McNeil are Fuller Theological Seminary President Mark Labberton, radical Shane Claiborne, Ruth Haley Barton, and Eugene Cho. She is published by mainstream Christian publishers Brazos Press and Intervarsity Press.

Point being, all these people move in circles that are anti-Israel to the core. McNeil visits “Palestine.”

Palestine hasn’t existed (even then it was a regional name, not a sovereign entity) since 1948. Why continue to call it “Palestine”? Why refer to “Palestine” as if it is a current sovereign entity?

Because leftists hope for that. They thirst for it. For them, it means the end of Israel. That is the goal.

And American evangelical celebrities are helping drive that bus.



27 Jul 2020

The Cedars of Lebanon

The beautiful country to the north of Israel—along the Mediterranean—is one known to biblical students of Israel. Lebanon, that grand land that produced the cedar for Solomon’s splendid First Temple, has unfortunately been on the frontlines of terror for generations.

In 1982, a tragedy that will last generations occurred when President-elect Bachir Gemayel was assassinated on the orders of Syrian dictator Hafez Assad. The 34-year-old attorney was on good terms with Israel, and in particular, in his memoirs, Israeli legend Ariel Sharon lamented the damage this caused to the region. He had worked very hard to establish a relationship with a sane Lebanese government.

Today of course, Lebanon remains in the grip of terrorists. In the 1970s and 1980s, the PLO decimated the country. Now, Hezbollah is established and has political seats in the government. The “military wing” (terrorists) have stockpiled weapons from Iran and others and estimates are that many tens of thousands of rockets are stockpiled. Hezbollah routinely threatens war with Israel and this week, the IDF moved to bolster its defenses. According to the Jerusalem Post:

“The Israeli military deployed troops to Division 91 of the Galilee Division and 210 Bashan Division along with artillery and intelligence troops. Iron Dome missile defense batteries were also on alert as well as Israel Air Force jets.

“IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Aviv Kochavi, who met earlier in the day with ‪US Army General and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley who landed in Israel to discuss Iran and its proxies like Hezbollah, will remain at the IDF’s Kirya Military Headquarters on Friday due to the tensions.

“Hezbollah has pledged in the past to retaliate for any fighter that is killed by alleged Israeli airstrikes in Syria and the IDF on Friday warned Beirut that it ‘holds the Lebanese government responsible for all actions emanating from Lebanon.’”

I do believe that a potential Hezbollah conflict, on a wide scale, would have Bible prophecy implications, since such a confrontation would involve war-like conditions. If Hezbollah can threaten Tel Aviv and Israel’s “breadbasket” in the area between the mountains and the sea, Israel would necessarily have to meet such a threat robustly.

We will watch this latest escalation. War with Lebanon in 2006 left Israel with a bad taste in its mouth, but recent comments by American officers familiar with the region left no doubt that such a war today would end badly for Hezbollah. No doubt it would, but taken collectively, all these enemies require a level of preparedness that few countries can achieve. Israel can, but we must intercede in prayer for the Jews of Israel.

I noticed a small-but-important item this week from the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center:

“Palestinian sources reported the detention of Adnan Ghaith, the governor of the PA’s Jerusalem district, at his home in the Silwan neighborhood of east Jerusalem (Wafa, July 19, 2020). On July 19, 2020, sources also reported the detention of the head of Palestinian general intelligence for the Jerusalem district, Jihad al-Faqih, while he was on his way home to the town of Qatana northwest of Jerusalem (official Fatah Facebook page, July 19, 2020).”

For anyone that’s visited Jerusalem, you’ve seen or perhaps even driven through Silwan (I would not). It is located beneath (on a hillside) the City of David, an archaeological area adjacent to the Old City.

What the above paragraph illustrates for you, I hope, is just how close Israel’s enemies are to her. Imagine that you live in Dallas and over in Plano, a deranged and vicious enemy lives. This is what Israel deals with on a daily basis.

Much is being made of the regional threats to Israel now, including Turkey, Iran and even certain African states. Then there is the terror threat from within Israel.

As always, I advocate being cautious when predicting that Gog and Magog is ready to break out, but pray like never before for the safety and security of Israel.

More than a few of us feel the Messiah’s footsteps approaching, and I think that’s legitimate, given the increasing pressure on Israel (which will spill over post-Trump) and the insanity that the global community has plunged into.

Look up, saints!