1 Jun 2020

Annexation Threats

The international community’s propaganda machines are working overtime, as growing criticism of Israel’s intention to annex parts of Judea and Samara looms.

Benjamin Netanyahu has announced plans for Israel to annex all the Israeli communities established there since the 1967 war.

According to a report in the Times of Israel:

“According to the U.S. administration, Israel would be annexing around 30 percent of the West Bank. However, based on the maps presented by Netanyahu and the administration, experts estimate it would actually be 20 percent. This is in addition to the ‘exchange of territories and populations’ that appear in the plan in the Negev and Galilee area known as The Triangle.”

In conjunction with the Trump Peace Plan, the annexation is supposed to take place in July. At some distant point in the future, a very limited Palestinian state would be established. People on both sides of this divide know it wouldn’t be viable, but there is something else at play here, too.

Although he is the weakest presidential candidate in my lifetime, Joe Biden announced this week that if he wins the White House, he will reverse all of Trump’s Israel policies. This is no surprise. In fact, when the day comes that the “anti-Trump” resides in the White House, we will see a backlash and hatred of Israel never before seen.

The usual suspects in Europe, including the much-weakened European Union, are threatening Israel over annexation. They vow to step-up boycott activities.

Writing this week for the Jewish News Service, Melanie Phillips addressed this: “The E.U. has been mulling over punitive measures against Israel if it goes ahead with what its Western critics call “annexation of the occupied territories of the West Bank.”

She then identified the individual countries:

“A number of member states, headed by France along with Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Belgium and Luxembourg, are calling for a hard line.

“This is a serious misreading of international law. Israel is not ‘occupying’ these territories. In law, occupation can only occur if the land belongs to a sovereign power, which was never the case here…”

Isn’t that interesting? There in black and white is the crux of the matter, yet when one uses this argument, it is rejected out-of-hand by leftists. In effect, they are denying reality.

And that’s what makes this era so difficult to live through. Israel is vilified by the likes of Iran and Turkey, who are also working to (even on social media!) actively undermine the U.S. by supporting the anarchists rioting across the country in the wake of the George Floyd killing. That’s what leftists do, they work together to undermine and destroy people they perceive to be their enemies.

Remember, you can never appease leftist enemies by concessions. They demand more. And if you do unilaterally support your own interests, as Israel is doing, they will become even more unhinged.

There is a reprieve of sorts going on now with regard to Israel and her support from the U.S. But post-Trump, whenever that is, will see the attempted rollbacks of all Israel’s gains.

If that means a war to roll-back annexation, that’s what our enemies will launch.



25 May 2020

The Disingenous Geniuses

The Trump Era is pulling the curtain back on corruption at the highest levels, whether it be political, Media, etc. Although many suspected it for years, we are now seeing that leaders at all levels for a very long time have made lying into a tool to abuse the masses.

When members of the intelligence community and a White House administration are now seen to have lied to the public—but told the truth under oath, “no collusion”—it is jarring. But sometimes painful realities can lead to better outcomes in the future. We will see where America goes from here.

We also know of course that lying isn’t confined to Washington D.C.

The international community also hates the light. In addition to being immoral, they also believe they are our intellectual overlords, endowed with mental powers the rest of us mere mortals can only dream of. The outcomes of so many of their brainchilds have left devastation the world over.

Nowhere more than in the Middle East. This week, the EU’s Jean Asselborn, the foreign minister of Luxembourg, told Israel Hayom that Israel had better not think of annexing any “Palestinian territory.” He outlined his view of the issue:

“First and foremost, I am concerned that annexation will represent a lethal blow to the two-state solution. It could lead to the creation of one state founded on inequality and eternal conflict. Second, I am opposed to annexation as a matter of principle, anywhere in the world, because it is a gross violation of international law. In 2014, I opposed the illegal annexation of the Crimean Peninsula by Russia. Annexation will contribute to the collapse of the global order, based on a system of laws we constructed in the wake of the Second World War.”

In the wake of Israel forming a new government, still headed by Benjamin Netanyahu, there is legitimate talk of the Jewish State annexing at least 30 percent of Judea-Samaria (the West Bank).

I wish they would annex all of it. For a quarter-century, the catastrophic “Oslo” plan for “peace” between Israel and the Palestinians has brought death to Israelis. The Palestinian leadership has never been committed to even a slice of peace, but instead has used political gains to squeeze Israel and become what Yasser Arafat promised would be a new front in their long war against Israel.

In the interview, Asselborn made an amazing statement, one shocking even now in its brazen falsehood:

“The EU doesn’t support organizations affiliated with terrorism.”

The EU has from day one supported the Palestinians fully. The PA/PLO was, is, and will remain a prime terror entity. Asselborn knows this fully well, yet knows he has the support of the Media and most of the world’s political structure. I have no doubt that they laugh uproariously behind the scenes after making such statements as above.

The interview ended with this Asselborn statement:

“Israel is an important friend and partner of the EU in general and of Luxembourg’s in particular. I will be glad to contact my new Israeli colleague – Gabi Ashkenazi – the moment it becomes possible.”

The EU is no friend to Israel, but rather an implacable enemy, and everyone knows it! Everyone does the dance, including Israel’s diplomatic corps.

We do not live in the world we wish we lived in, which is the world to come. But the Israel Hayom interview with the EU enemy reminds us to be vigilant in our prayer life for Israel. When Trump is no longer president, the knives will come out for Israel as never before. It remains our duty to support our Jewish brothers and sisters, and the state of Israel, with our prayers and other support.

Stay vigilant, Dear Reader. The storm is coming before the Bright Dawn.