26 Jul 2021

A Return to G[l]ory

Boy, there’s nothing like a coup in Washington to reignite a lunatic diplomatic effort.

During the Trump years, the Palestinian Authority steadfastly refused to negotiate with Israel or the Americans about anything. After a quarter-century of mayhem popularized by the stupid Oslo (“land for peace”) model, the Arab terror chieftains in the Middle East had gotten used to money and power. That their constituents lived in squalor and despair didn’t matter to them.

But just like that, with the Biden Puppet Regime in charge, lo and behold, the PA/PLO is ready to restart talks with Israel. It’s like the return of a chronic headache.

“Civil Affairs Minister Hussein Al-Sheikh is one of the leading figures in the Palestinian Authority hierarchy and is one of President Mahmoud Abbas’ closest advisers. Al-Sheikh is the point person to Israel in all security matters and chairs the dialogue between the Palestinian government and the United States administration.

“Al-Sheikh, who rarely gives public statements and has not given a full interview in some years, sat down with The Media Line’s Felice Friedson in his Ramallah office for this exclusive conversation that included the current political situation, the next steps in jumpstarting the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, and the American role in the conflict and internal security issues.”

Not surprisingly, Al-Sheikh is also a member of the PLO Central Council, and the Fatah Central Council. What that all means is that he differs from Hamas only by wearing expensive suits. In a recent interview with Media Line, Al-Sheikh revealed some disturbing things about the PA’s relationship with Biden:

“We went through a very difficult period under President Trump. I think that the main problem we had with the previous administration is the issue of repudiation of international legitimacy (meaning UN Security Council resolutions) and also the Trump Administration’s disavowing of all the previous American administrations’ views. Whether they were Republicans or Democrats, they mainly concentrated on international legitimacy and the two-state solution. Accordingly, when this new administration came, the administration of President Biden, and after the phone call that took place between President Biden and President Abbas, I think President Biden spoke about very important principles with President Abbas that we might consider to be a type of road map for us and for the Americans. This concerns how it is possible for us to move forward from now. He spoke about the status quo on Haram al-Sharif, Sheikh Jarrah, the residents of east Jerusalem, stopping settlement expansion, and stopping the unilateral measures. We agree on all these principles with President Biden; it will be a road map for us and the Americans with the Israeli side. And because of this, the new American administration gives us hope. We started now building a relationship and restoring the relationship with President Biden’s administration. We are in daily contact with the administration. There are committees formed between us and the new leadership. They have already started working.”

Daily contact. Funding restarted (our tax dollars going to pay PLO terrorists). Biden affirming anti-Israel measures.

It’s almost unreal how much the Palestinians blame others for their own problems. It’s Israel’s fault. It’s the Americans’ fault.

I think prophetically, this has some implications. People ask me all the time if I think Gog-Magog is about to break out. My answer is, I don’t know. It could and then again, it could some time off. What I do think though is that developments like the ones outlined here—American re-engagement with a lunatic terror group—tightens a noose around Israel.

And this is the single thing I believe proves that we are living in the last of the last days. A general intensifying of pressure on the Jewish state is the sign of the age. It makes every famous prophecy left to be fulfilled possible in the near term.

If, for example, the Trump policies had continued for many years, we would see Israel strengthened, almost impossible to be threatened. But now we see the opposite.

I believe Joe Biden, the puppet, cares nothing for anyone but himself. He doesn’t care if he says he supports Israel’s security, at the same time he threatens it. People that are soulless care only about their own agendas and appetites.

PA/PLO ministers spouting their pronouncements of what they see on the horizon for “Palestine” is not a good thing.

We are living in volatile times. I am dismayed to see America reach out to killers.

But then again, such developments remind us that this isn’t 1890. There is a lot going on internationally. Israel is, in human terms, in peril.

That is exactly what we would expect to see five minutes to midnight.





19 Jul 2021

The Ninth of Av

It is an historical fact that the destruction of Israel’s two temples, first by the Babylonians in 586 BC, and later in AD 70 by the Romans, happened on the same day of the calendar.

Jews the world over still remember these terrible dates, every year. It is fascinating to note that just recently, Israeli archaeologists found a new section of wall damaged near the Temple Mount, a remnant of that Babylonian invasion so long ago. Jewish history is everywhere in the Land—a fact that bolsters Israel’s territorial claims and rebuts their enemies’.

Now with Israeli festivities planned to mark the anniversaries, Hamas is there to muck it up:

“Hamas warned that Israel is “playing with fire” on Friday by allowing Jews to visit the Temple Mount and march around the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem on Tisha Be’av, which marks the day when the two Temples in Jerusalem were destroyed.”

The Jerusalem Post report highlights the intersection between two religions:

“This year, Tisha Be’av coincides with Eid al-Adha, known as the ‘festival of sacrifice,’ which coincides with the completion of the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca and commemorates Ibrahim’s (Abraham) readiness to sacrifice his son in order to demonstrate his dedication to God (Muslims believe that the son was Ishmael; Jews believe it was Isaac). In past years, clashes have broken out on the Temple Mount on Tisha Be’av.”

For decades, the Palestinians have been desperate to invent their own history, while denying that of the Jews. They do this in myriad ways and the emotional gymnastics they go through is a sight to behold.

I’ve walked among the ruins of the Babylonian invasion in Jerusalem’s Old City, yet I’ve never happened upon any type of “Palestinian” ruins or archaeology. At every turn, the Arabs and their international supporters undermine Jewish history.

When Yasser Arafat used to claim there was no evidence for the Jewish temples in Jerusalem, idiot politicians and diplomats from Bill Clinton on down pacified him. How outrageous!

And don’t forget, Christian leaders have joined in that diabolical scheme. More than 20 years ago, writer Phillip Yancey called Jesus a “Palestinian rabbi.”

So Hamas stirs up violence and dissension among the Jerusalem population today. Don’t expect the new government to oppose it. Just like the Biden regime won’t stand with the Jews.

But do you remember what happened after each Temple was destroyed?

History tells us that the Jews came back. And their Temple will be rebuilt yet again one day.

And no one will ever deny their history again.