24 Jan 2022

Jesus…A Palestinian…Martyr?

I learned more than 20 years ago that the Palestinian leadership discovered an effective, if bizarre, method of prying Christians away from Israel.

Since Yasser Arafat began describing Jesus as a Palestinian—perhaps the most absurd assertion in all of history—I assume he learned this kind of technique from his Soviet and East German handlers. They had used almost supernaturally effective propaganda techniques to great success for decades.

In Islam, there are such distortions of the person of Jesus Christ, one struggles to understand why. According to an article by Raymond Ibrahim (one of the very best experts on Islam) in one of the hadith’s (collection of Muhammad’s stories and sayings):

“But it is only when he returns in Islam’s version of the ‘end times’ that the Muslim Jesus truly shines.  According to Islamic teaching, he will return to ‘break the crosses, slaughter the pigs, end the jizya tax on non-Muslims, making warfare against the People of the Book (e.g. Jews, Christians, Zoroastrians, etc.) and others licit.’ In the midst of the final showdown between the forces of Allah and the forces of Antichrist (al-Dajjal), Jesus will first appear ‘praying behind’ an Islamic leader.  Then, ‘after Jesus finishes his prayer, he will take his lance, go toward the Antichrist and kill him.  Then Jesus will die and the Muslims will wash him and bury him.’

“In such a manner is he a ‘martyr’—no different, for many Muslims, than his supposed Palestinian kinsmen who blow themselves up in the service of Islam.”

This then is a theological distortion of who Jesus really is, but it plays out in practical ways, such as the motivations of Palestinian leaders to routinely try to influence “infidels” to believe their version of biblical history. Arafat used to use the “Jesus as Palestinian” line, at the same time he was not only meeting with Clintonistas in the White House, but also cleverly meeting with religious dupes. Like the leadership of the United Methodist Church in Washington.

Over time, I have heard even influential Pentecostals (Paul Alexander) call Jesus a Palestinian. I’ve written many times about Philip Yancey, the famous Christian author, referring to Jesus as a “Palestinian rabbi.” Even after I wrote to him challenging that lie, he refused to recant.

Ibrahim understands all this very well:

“Here, then, is yet another stark reminder that Islam’s appropriation and subsequent mutilation of biblical figures is not a source of ‘commonalities’ and ‘bridges’ between Islam on the one hand and Judaism and Christianity on the other, as the ‘ecumenists’ insist.  Rather, it is Islam’s way of manipulating the figures of Judaism and Christianity for its own agenda and precisely against Jews and Christians.”

By the way, one more way Muslim leaders muddy the waters, in order to fool uninformed Christians lies in their presentation of Jesus as a very holy man, a great prophet. Notice though: not the Son of God. Islam does not believe Allah has a son. Specifically, even though they acknowledge Jesus was on the cross, Islam claims that at the last minute, he was “replaced” on the cross by someone else.

Thus, no resurrection of Jesus.

As part of our advocacy for Israel and the Jewish state, we have to first be informed about our own faith, so that we can spot the counterfeits. And boy, is the Muslim “Jesus” a counterfeit!





17 Jan 2022

A Lifetime of Corruption

Predictably, the Regime in Washington, led by coup leader Joe Biden, is displaying outright hostility to Israel. I’ve written many times about the failed policy known as “Oslo,” the land-for-peace failure conjured up first by the globalist George Herbert Walker Bush and his foreign policy team. Hatched finally in 1993 by Clinton, we are now 30 years into the scheme to pressure Israel into surrendering her sovereignty.

Only a brief respite from Donald Trump has interrupted this hair-brained nonsense. Coddling the Palestinians leads to nothing but death for Jews.

So it was I almost yawned this week when I saw that “new envoy” Tom Nides forcefully said that he won’t visit any Jewish community in Judea/Samara. (Note: this sentence would read “any settlement in the West Bank.”)

Check out this lead from the Times of Israel:

“Breaking from annexation-backing predecessor, Tom Nides tells Hebrew paper he’s entering job with ‘no ideology,’ says unlike Trump, Biden believes US must care for Palestinians.”

The literally constant lies from Washington infuriate me. Of course Nides has an ideology; he just stated it when he said he wouldn’t visit a Jewish community. His ideology, like that of his handlers in Washington, is that Israel is illegitimate. Palestinians are mistreated. Et cetera. Nides’ boss, Biden, has been corrupt from the start; his poisonous ideology is shot-through with left-wing thought.

Nides even went so far as to respond “I absolutely will not,” when pressed on the issue of visiting.

That’s hardcore ideology, folks.

He goes on to say in an interview that (somehow) Israel will “be strengthened” by Washington’s insistence on coddling the Arabs. This is patently absurd and contradictory, so long as the PA/PLO insists Israel is illegitimate.

Chillingly, Nides said that Biden aims to support the two-state solution “in actions, not just words.” This way, they are telegraphing that they intend to seriously pressure Israel to give up land.

The new US Ambassador is also in the middle of a humorous situation involving his housing. For years, US envoys lived on an estate on the coast, near Herzliya. But Trump sold the property two years ago to Sheldon Adelson (LOL!), so it forces new diplomats to live elsewhere.

Don’t cry for Nides, though. Former Israeli Ambassador David Friedman lived in a suite at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem. I’ve stayed at the King David—a bucket list item if there ever was one—and the suite is probably two grand a night.

Anyway, Biden’s destructive, corrosive policies will lead to nothing but mischief.

Nides did go on to say Jerusalem is Israel’s capitol, a departure from previous left-wing regimes in Washington (see Obama, Barack). The truth is, everyone knows this, even the Arabs.

My late friend Moshe Aumann, an Israeli diplomat for decades, wrote in 1968, months after the Six Day War, that Israel planned for a population of 850,000 in the capitol by 2010. In actuality, by 2016, Jerusalem had 874,000! More Israeli precision in planning.

I believe Jerusalem will always be Israel’s capitol. I also believe Biden and Nides are liars and fervently hope to see a Palestinian capitol in the Golden City.

It will never happen. The Lord of Hosts has spoken.