20 May 2019

Israel at 71

It’s staggering, when you think about it. Seventy-one years!

When David Ben Gurion stood at a mic on the afternoon of May 14, 1948 in Tel Aviv, he told the world that Israel had re-entered history.

The founders of the state weren’t even sure what to call the new state at first. Among the possibles: Zion.

Finally, they settled on “Israel,” and Bible prophecy rocketed forward at warp speed. Today, Israel is a vibrant miracle.

We know what the Romans did to the area 2,000 years ago. The expulsion of Jews from their ancient homeland has been an open wound ever since.

By 1850, there were about 10,000 Jews in Palestine. The village of Rosh Pinah (the “headstone” of Psalm 118) was established in 1882, the year of the largest influx of Jewish immigrants to the area. That began large-scale modern Jewish settlement in the Land of Israel.

Just days before statehood in 1948, Golda Meir made a clandestine trip to meet with Transjordan’s King Abdullah. A bit of their conversation is quite fascinating, as she told it:

“‘Why are you in such a hurry to proclaim your State?’ he asked me. ‘What is the rush? You are so impatient!’ I told him that I didn’t think that a people who had waited 2,000 years should be described as being ‘in a hurry’, and he seemed to accept that. ‘Don’t you understand,’ I said, ‘that we are your only allies in this region? The others are all your enemies.’ ‘Yes,’ he said, ‘I know that. But what can I do? It is not up to me.’ So then I said to him: ‘You must know that if war is forced upon us, we will fight and we will win.’ He sighed and again said ‘Yes. I know that. It is your duty to fight. But why don’t you wait a few years? Drop your demands for free immigration. I will take over the whole country and you will be represented in my parliament. I will treat you very well and there will be no war.’

“I tried to explain to him that his plan was impossible. ‘You know all that we have done and how hard we have worked,’ I said. ‘Do you think we did all that just to be represented in a foreign parliament? You know what we want and to what we aspire. If you can offer us nothing more than you have just done, then there will be a war and we will win it. But perhaps we can meet again— after the war and after there is a Jewish State.’”


And when President Truman recognized the new Jewish state hours after the Tel Aviv declaration, the world woke to a new reality. Very few understood the prophetic implications (fewer do now, I’m afraid), but the fact is, God had brought about the very thing He promised to do.

Let us celebrate with our Jewish and Israeli friends, and remember when we get down that God always keeps His promises.

Never let that thought leave your mind and heart.



13 May 2019

Palestinian Propaganda Rockets Forward

In the ongoing ideological war against Israel, the Palestinians are as usual lying about civilian deaths in the recent rocket attacks from Hamas, and Israel’s response.

From May 4-6, Israel responded to the hundreds of rocket attacks from Gaza; four Israeli civilians were murdered.

Of the 23 Palestinians killed, 17 were from Palestinian terror groups, including Islamic Jihad, Hamas, Fatah, and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).

Ashraf al-Qidra, a spokesman for the ministry of health in the Gaza Strip, reported that 27 Palestinians were killed, but he did not provide names or details. This was because when the terrorists (and their friends in global media) accuse Israel of murder, they do not want people to know the circumstances of those deaths. For example:

“The list issued by the spokesman for the ministry of health’s list also included a pregnant woman and an infant who were killed when a rocket fired by the terrorist organizations misfired (see below), and an unborn baby still in its mother’s womb when she was killed. (The mother belonged to the Hamas security forces).”

This information was provided by the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center.

In a notice released by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the eight men of this unit were pictured, under the heading “Men of the Victory.”

Needless to say, the whole affair was another disaster for the Palestinians, yet the mindless propaganda deludes the population into believing they “won” something over Israel!

Among the terrorists killed:

“Abdallah Abd al-Rahim al-Mahoun, 22, from western Beit Lahia in the northern Gaza Strip. Killed in an attack on his father’s house in the northern Gaza Strip (Ashraf al-Qidra’s Facebook page, May 5, 2019). Three civilians were killed along with him. The PIJ’s military wing said Abdallah al-Madhoun, from western Beit Lahia, was an operative in its ranks (Jerusalem Brigades website, May 5, 2019).”

Did you catch that? Three civilians were killed alongside him. This is the cult of death known as Gaza Strip society. One picture this week showed an Israeli man covering another and the man’s small child as rocket sirens blared. Here is the stark contrast between Israelis and Arabs: one side prioritizes life, while the other glorifies death and murder.

Here’s a short profile of another terrorist killed:

“Talal Atiya Muhammad Abu al-Jadyan, 46, killed in an attack on the Sheikh Zaeid Towers in the northern Gaza Strip (al-Quds, May 6, 2019). The PFLP issued a mourning notice for him, indicating he was member of the organization (PFLP website, May 6, 2019). He was detained in Israel during the first intifada. Worked as a security guard in al-Awda Hospital (affiliated with the PFLP) in the northern Gaza Strip.”

If he was detained during the First Intifada (in the 1980s), he was merely a teenager when he got involved in terrorist activities. This buttresses claims by Israel that Palestinians are raised on a culture of death from the cradle up. This is unconscionable, but the international community insanely blames Israel for the violence.

Finally, I would like to give you the name of Maria Ahmed Ramadan al-Ghazali, a four-month-old killed in an Israeli strike. She was put in harm’s way by her mother, Iman Abdullah Musa Asraf, an officer in the Hamas security forces!

Here in America, we are preparing to celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday. Most of us have wonderful mothers, and we honor them for their sacrifices and love for us. Yet in Gaza, a baby was put in harm’s way by her own mother, herself raised on a diet of hatred and death.

For those of us who are Christian believers, we can take solace in the fact that little Maria is now free from the grip of the demonic Allah, and now sees the face of the true God.

Like many of you, I long for the day when the Messiah will put down all this madness once and for all and usher-in righteousness in all the earth.

May it happen today, Lord.