6 Dec 2021

The “Christian” Century

As I’ve stated over the years, one of the best sources for news about Israel—particularly media bias—is the Boston-based CAMERA (Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting and Analysis). My friends Dexter Van Zile and Tricia Miller there do terrific investigative pieces that won’t be covered by very many journalists.

Dexter recently wrote about the falsehoods peddled by The Christian Century, founded in 1884 and the go-to periodical for many mainline Christians. This outlet has consistently been anti-Israel and in this latest flap, shows that ignoring Palestinian violence is the norm. As Dexter writes:

“All too often, Christian news outlets that have historically downplayed or ignored Palestinian violence against Israel, work assiduously to highlight Israeli and Jewish violence in the Holy Land. One egregious example of this tendency appears in an article about Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett published in the Dec. 1, 2021 issue of Christian Century The article originally appeared on CC’s website on Nov. 15, 2021.”

The Christian Century article he cites makes these outrageous claims:

“One area the prime minister, for all his pragmatism, has failed to address is the settler violence against Palestinians on the West Bank. A relatively small section of settlers harass and attack Palestinians, unprovoked and for no reason, preventing them from shepherding their flocks or tending to their fields. While the settlements exist in defiance of international law, Bennett and others refer to these areas by their biblical names, as a way of claiming them for Israel. And the violence there—which is largely supported by the army and the border police—stands in the way of Israel creating a meaningful political solution to its current crises. Bennett and his coalition partners have yet to even acknowledge this issue.”

The Israelis most certainly have addressed these issues, and recently. One has a hard time believing these anti-Israel editors don’t know that.

Now I want you to notice specifics that Dexter brings up:

“[Mordechai] Beck editorializes by declaring  the attacks were ‘unprovoked’ and took place ‘for no reason.’ How would he know this? After all, he ignores the fact that numerous attacks – including deadly ones—were perpetrated by Palestinians against Israeli settlers over the past few years.”

James M. Wall, longtime editor of The Christian Century, died in March at 92. He was a United Methodist, which explains in part his anti-Israel bias. I corresponded with Wall 20 years ago about Israel, and his responses weren’t encouraging. He knew what he was doing.

In one of Wall’s last articles for the magazine, in 2008, he rejected the reality that Israel is the Jewish state!

“At Annapolis this became obvious when he [George W. Bush] declared that Israel has to be a Jewish state, a position that Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erekat immediately rejected. Erekat knows that officially declaring Israel a Jewish state when 1.5 million Arab Israelis are within its borders is a contradiction in terms.”

This kind of odious bias reveals much about the man’s heart. Israel has been the Jewish state for 73 years and will remain so. For Wall to deny that is bizarre and deeply disturbing. Tellingly, his views are identical to that of Millennial leaders, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her cohorts in Congress.

This you see is the troubling trend going forward. Some pro Israel Christian groups boast large membership numbers. Many are doing good work. But is the tide against us? What will the landscape look like in 20 years?

Whatever it looks like, researchers like Dexter Van Zile will not have to explain to a Higher Authority why they stood down when Israel was attacked.

Can you say the same?







29 Nov 2021

Israel’s Amazing Capabilities

 The psychopaths that run the Gaza Strip—Hamas—continue to do stupid things. Murderous things.

 Word is that the semi-legendary Hamas tunnels that bedeviled Israel for a time…cost $1 billion.

 A billion dollars!

 When one considers what good could have come from that money, it sickens us to think of it. And they’re not stupid. Ingenuity and innovation must accompany such an effort, the miles of tunnels designed to hide munitions, and even to burrow into Israeli homes.

 In order to escape detection from Israeli drones and planes, the tunnels were dug using hands and jack hammers. Stabilizing them required thought and planning.

 And all for the purpose of bringing chaos and death.

 Mohammad Deif was in charge of the Hamas tunnels, and he spent 20 years running from Israeli assassins. These new tunnels were sophisticated, even containing showers and launching sites for rockets. The aim was to emerge from the ground and surprise the IDF.

 For various reasons, Israel has had to rely on old-fashioned intelligence-gathering, relying on recruited spies. Then they began a plan to destroy the tunnels. From a report in the Jerusalem Post:

 “The IDF plan was in place by 2018, a joint operation planned within the Southern Command – responsible for the Gaza Strip – and IAF headquarters in Tel Aviv. Due to the size of the network and the need to surprise the enemy, the initial operational requirement spoke of the need for more than 100 aircraft that would drop more than 500 bombs within the span of less than 30 minutes. It was the kind of operation not seen before in the Gaza Strip.”

 Incredibly, Israel’s military planners have not been in sync on when to launch such an operation. Code-named “Lightning Strike,” it is designed to take out the entire tunnel system, much of which is located underneath homes in neighborhoods! Israel’s challenge is to destroy the system without collapsing whole city blocks.

 GPS coordinates were preinstalled, so that the planes didn’t have to leave their positions over the Mediterranean; the payloads were launched from there. Five hundred bombs—500—were dropped in Gaza that night.

 This happened on May 14, and I like that because it is the anniversary of Israel’s independence.  

 The precision Israel used in carrying out this amazing attack is something to behold. And a reminder that the God of the Bible continues to give them wisdom and strength for battle.