6 May 2024

Bibi’s Moment

I listened to an interesting podcast this week from host Hugh Hewitt. I often wonder if Hewitt is “one of us” or if he is a shadow Deep Stater. He seems to crave approval from people I think are problematic, ranging from Chuck Todd to calling Mitch McConnell a living legend.

He does though generally say positive things about Israel, including advocating an invasion of Rafah to bring down Hamas.

Hewitt began by interviewing Israeli writer and speaker Michael Oren. On the subject of whether Ariel Sharon was right 20 years ago to pull out of Gaza, Oren said that Sharon publicly said that Israel would separate from the Palestinians, leave the entire Gaza Strip to them and if even one rocket was fired at Israel “we’ll go back in and take care of it.”

Except then 6,000 rockets were fired. Israel did very little in response, really.

Of course, Sharon then succumbed to a terrible stroke and passed from the scene. A relatively weak Ehud Olmert took over and continued the appeasement policies of Ehud Barak.

Benjamin Netanyahu waited in the political wilderness.

Bibi has always had a reputation as a hawk. Much of it deserved. Like Sharon, I think most of us don’t have a right to criticize men that have served their country in combat. Both these men did.

Bibi will be 75 this year. His brilliant family has made many sacrifices for the Jewish state. They are the kind of people that Herzl and Jabotinsky had in mind for the creation and maintenance of the Israel “experiment.”

It appears though that he is approaching the end of his career and wondering what his legacy will be.

Everything depends on how he finishes with Hamas.

The reports are that as the weekend approaches, the U.S. is forcing a demonic deal on Israel, effectively giving the win to Hamas. I cannot believe Netanyahu will agree to anything that doesn’t destroy Hamas; this was his pledge and has been his consistent message.

The fly in the ointment is whether Netanyahu the politican will make the decision, or Bibi the Zionist raised by Benzion and Cela Netanyahu will make the decision.

I am praying fervently that the latter will prevail.

Under a “deal,” Hamas survives, gets hundreds of terrorist prisoners released, and gets to bask in an historic psychological torture of Israel. It was bad enough when they nabbed Gilad Shalit years ago and held him for five years. It is bad enough we still don’t know the real fate of IAF pilot Ron Arad, shot down 40 years ago. Hezbollah cruelly never told his family what happened to him.

This is what demons do. Guess what else they do?

Placate and even help the terrorists. This is the model of the evil Regime in Washington. Flat out, the Biden Team has worked hand in hand with Hamas, grotesquely ignoring the rapes, kidnappings, torture of Jews. They will be judged harshly for this in the next life.

The latest word is that Hamas will “approve” the deal and some sort of short-term/permanent ceasefire will take hold and Washington will prevent Israel from going into Rafah and finishing the job.

This is unconscionable and a permanent stain on America, if it plays out that way.

My heart of course is counting on yet another classic Israel feint, such as the early morning hours of June 5, 1967. I hope Israel is playing rope-a-dope and will instead land a haymaker at the Hamas jaw.

Let Washington sit in shame.

The Lord God Almighty has said in His Word that He will not only defend Zion, but will smash her enemies utterly, and for all time.

Please, Lord.