1 Jul 2024

The Whole Nest is Infested

 We are all rightly watching closely the Hamas War, and the looming war in the north, against Hezbollah.

But we should not miss another lethal threat to Israel, this one squarely within its settled borders.

Judea-Samaria will need to be cleaned-out like the Gaza Strip has been. All of it was needed for decades, as Israel managed a low-grade war with the PLO, Hamas, and various other terror groups.

This week the IDF had a difficult go in Jenin, the long-time Hamas terror nest. As I’ve mentioned before, 20 years ago I visited the military cemetery at Mt. Herzl in Jerusalem. There was a fresh memorial and graves of soldiers killed in house-to-house fighting in Jenin in 2002. It was a grotesque reminder that terror has confronted Israel from the start. When I saw the memorial, everything was fresh off a putrid eight years of Bill Clinton, who propped-up Yasser Arafat—that murderous fiend—by playing around with the failed “Two-State Solution.” That diplomatic mirage benefitted only terrorists. It allowed the newly-minted “Palestinian Authority” (the old PLO after a shave and hot bath) to get its hooks into the West Bank. Armed, and in control of pieces of territory, the PA clamped-down on its own citizens, just like the perhaps even more ruthless Hamas did in Gaza. Difference was, the IDF was close by always.

According to the Times of Israel:

“The slain soldier was named as Cpt. Alon Sacgiu, 22, a sniper team commander in the Kfir Brigade’s Haruv reconnaissance unit, from Hadera.

“The Israel Defense Forces had been carrying out an overnight raid in Jenin aimed at arresting or killing members of a Hamas terror network in the city and adjacent refugee camp. It was part of a long series of counter-terrorism operations in the area, military sources said.”

And, as Armenia(!) recognized a Palestinian state, the PA made the routine decision of being an instigator and impediment to peace. Israel is facing a reality of terrorists right on their borders, and terrorists within her borders.

According to reports, on the morning of June 22, an Israeli civilian was shot in his car on a main street in Qalqilya, after which the vehicle was set on fire. The Israeli was transferred to the government hospital in Qalqilya and then taken to the IDF post, where he was pronounced dead. IDF forces then entered Qalqilya, initiated an investigation and searched for suspects. It is suspected that the motive was “nationalist,” but no final determination has been made. Palestinian eyewitnesses said that the Israeli security forces raided a residential building, interrogated the residents and confiscated security cameras that recorded the area. In addition, the forces blocked the road in and out of the city and examined the identity cards of passers-by Hamas welcomed the killing of the Israeli civilian, claiming “this is the way to deal with the crimes of the occupation and the settlers against the Palestinian people.” Hamas also called on the residents of Judea and Samaria to confront the security forces using “every popular and armed method.”

Just days before this, kibbutz Migdal Oz was the scene of an attempted stabbing. A 39-year-old Palestinian approached with a knife and was shot by security guards.

On the evening of June 23, shots were fired at the community of Bat Hefer from the Tulkarm region, after which two IEDs exploded near the wall separating Israel from PA territory. The IDF spokesperson stated that an IED was detonated on the Palestinian side of the area, hundreds of yards from the wall, to draw the security forces to the scene. No casualties or damage were reported. The Tulkarm Battalion of the Jerusalem Brigades, the PIJ’s military wing, claimed its operatives had ambushed IDF forces in Bat Hefer, which is located on the village of Shweike’s lands, and attacked them with IEDs detonated by remote control. The PIJ claimed that attack was carried out in support of the “resistance” in the Gaza Strip and in response to the “crimes” of the IDF in Judea and Samaria, and the IDF counterterrorism activities in Qalqilya.

Look, this is satanic madness, and there is no solution to Jews and Arabs living together on this patch of ground. No solution except the arrival of the Messiah. We wait for Him.

Until then, though my view is unpopular, I think Israel should be free of Palestinians. In this way, my only concern is to preserve Jewish life, and enable it to thrive. The constant, daily rate of attacks—going on now for more than 100 years—cannot be fixed. Decades of diplomacy and even some military attempts have failed to stop the Palestinian bloodlust. The deep, deep anti-Semitism.

This should be a zero-sum game, my friends. No excuse for even one Israeli death. No excuse for it. At all.

But because we live in unprecedented times of destabilization, radical solutions will be implemented. Cleaning-out Gaza is a radical solution that is necessary for Israel to survive.

So the equation has always come down to: how many Jewish deaths are too much? The world operates on this principle. Immoral as it is.

I say one Jewish death is too much. Whole families slaughtered. Individuals snuffed-out.

And the Palestinians skate.

I advocate population transfer. Saudi Arabia, Jordan, wherever.

The nattering nabobs of negativity evidently have some number of Jewish deaths that are too much; that’s why population transfer is considered evil and unrealistic and malevolent.

I consider beheading a Jewish baby evil and malevolent.

The world should too.