8 Jul 2024

Advantage Hamas

In a better world, the magnificent Israel Defense Forces would smash the demon group Hamas in a matter of weeks. If the hostages had not been a priority, the operation would have been over very quickly, and terrorists in the future would not have leverage anymore.

Harsh, yes, but reality.

But the IDF was forced to fight a modern war, one in which no one really wants to win against evil, but rather kick the can down the road. And kick it gently.

Factor-in an evil media, diplomatic corps internationally, and feckless politicians, and you have an advantage for Hamas. At least temporarily.

Incredibly, Israel’s Defense Minister Yoav Gallant is apparently equal to the prime minister. You have guys like him, and the mediocre Benny Gantz, undermining Benjamin Netanyahu with eager-to-boot-out-Bibi devils like Obama and Biden. Gallant is inserting himself into the decision-making, much more eager to accommodate Hamas.

First of all, it’s mind-boggling that these demonic murderers are being allowed to appear as statesmen and diplomats, engaging in “negotiations” in Qatar. They should be treated like the gang of criminals they are.

You know, though, this mindset from the West started really as World War 2 was winding down. Ostensibly to gain help from German scientists—against the backdrop of the new Cold War and the Soviets—the Americans and the British were willing to look the other way with some war criminals. Justice for the Holocaust victims was shunted aside in order to be pragmatic and this in turn led to a softening position up against really bad actors.

So it is that Hamas is treated as a diplomatic partner, just as Yasser Arafat was invited to stay in the Lincoln bedroom 13 times by Bill Clinton. PLO killers were cleaned up for the cameras and Arafat, that serial killer Egyptian dwarf, was lionized as a statesman. He even was given an Nobel Peace Prize, which I believe was the zenith of Western delusion and immorality.

As I write this, we are getting word that there might really be a deal. That only because the IDF’s incredible success in Gaza (barely covered by Media) has put enormous pressure on Hamas. Sinwar knows of course that the moment he hands the last hostage to Israel, he dies.

For this reason alone, it is highly doubtful the bulk of the hostages will be freed. If all negotiations collapse, and the IDF closes in, Hamas will kill whatever live hostages remain. After a year in the horror dungeons.

No matter what, we know that large-scale combat operations in Gaza are coming to a close, as efforts are turned northward against Hezbollah.

What none of can predict is how long the muck with Hamas will continue. I do believe Israel will not allow a malevolent force to take over the Gaza Strip. So when you hear international groups threaten Israel that they will accept something like the PA/PLO or some equally sinister party to take over, remember that even Gallant said in the days after October 7, “Gaza will never go back to what it was.”

That means an IDF presence in Gaza from now on.

Only then will we be able to scrape Hamas off the bottom of our shoes, as their advantage ends.