29 Apr 2024

The Temporary Triumph of Evil

I still believe Israel will finish-off Hamas in Rafah.

They have no other choice.

Now the clown show continues, with Hamas—incredibly—in the position of not just negotiating, but being mainstreamed by the corrupt international community. As of today, negotiations between Israel and Hamas are now being mediated by Egypt. The Land of the Pharaohs is like everyone else: they want the war to be over. Jewish life is cheap. The October 7 demon eruption is not seen as important by anyone else except Jews. In a sane world, the Hamas War would have been over within weeks.

But the world hasn’t been sane for some time now.

As of tonight, Israel is willing to accept 33 returned hostages (probably the only ones left alive from the 133 still-held hostages), in exchange there will be a pause in the fighting. Hamas chieftains want to live. That’s the sole reason for the slow-walk. They released a hostage video this week and the gruesomeness of this whole evil fiasco continues to escalate. The male hostage in the video is missing part of his arm. I’m convinced Hamas is about to wet themselves from joy and hilarity at the prospect of releasing more such videos, all designed to emotionally torture the entire Jewish state.

IDF operational plans for going into Rafah and finishing the job are complete. Reserves have been called up. The torturous path to this point has been paved by moral degenerates like Joe Biden and his team of Jake Sullivan, David Austin, and Anthony Blinken. The torture, including sexual torture, of Jewish hostages has been greatly enhanced by the diabolical meddling of the Washington Regime. The IDF would have finished this by New Year’s if Israel hadn’t been held back by the West.

Israel has been also coordinating with Egypt the safe travel of Gazans from Rafah, in preparation for the final confrontation with Hamas’s last four battalions still intact. Eighteen have been vaporized, thank God.

Even if any hostages are still alive, Israel cannot for much longer make them the sole priority. Easy for me to say, yes, but this is no way to prosecute and win a war.

Think about it: since the United Nations was formed, no Western nation has been able to fight a war to win. Devils congregate at the UN, and they do not want evil to be vanquished. The hapless Dean Rusk and Robert McNamara were running State and the Pentagon, respectively, under Kennedy and Johnson and my dog could have won the Vietnam War, but those two academics were clueless.

This is not dissimilar from how Israel is forced to wage war against Hamas terror masters.

In many ways, Israel has accomplished remarkable things so far. Their precision strikes and extraordinary methods with infantry units have kept civilian casualties to such a minimum, military strategists are astonished. Fewer than 1,000 IDF troops have been killed. In the 1.5 million-strong Gaza Strip.

It’s the diplomats and politicians that have mucked things up. In the end, the war will have taken the better part of nine months to finish. Heaping added suffering on all sides. All because the international community will not call Hamas what it is: a death cult that must be utterly destroyed.

But in our world, no one wants to confront evil. No one wants to save the innocent. No one wants to obey God and eradicate the Canaanites.

So evil is always left intact. To fight and terrorize another day.

I believe Israel will finish-off Hamas in Rafah. In addition to planning and approving military operations, Benjamin Netanyahu has to fend off myriad other threats, including the ICC threat to arrest Israeli officials, a satanic operation pushed by the Americans.

God will intervene. He sits in heaven and laughs.

The devils running things in our world will soon be gone.

May God…have mercy on them…?