22 Apr 2024

The Two-State Delusion

I wish I could take credit for such a great phrase. I heard it this week on a podcast, in which a discussion was taking place about the never-ending torture known as the Arab-Israeli conflict. As I’ve written many times, for 30 years-plus, the Left has pushed the fiction that the solution to the Middle East conflict is “two states, living side-by-side in peace.”

It was always a lie.

Since even before Israel was founded, the goal of the…let me call them what they ultimately are, satanists…was to destroy the Jewish people. That has been the goal since Genesis 3, when God set enmity—a state of war—between the serpent and the Seed of the Woman. That is the only explanation that makes sense for the millennia-long war against the Jewish people. Historically and biblically, we can trace it to the violence done to Abraham’s house, when he pursued thieves and kidnappers across the cities of the plain. To this moment, this type of irrational, psychotic hatred of the Jewish people has existed. Much of its base of operations today is located in the White House and various Washington institutions.

It’s truly astonishing that amid all the war and tense relations between Israel and the head of the snake, Iran, global leftists cannot or will not stop their obsession with planting an illegitimate Palestinian state on Israeli land. It’s like focusing on building death camps for Jews while your Nazi war machine is dismantled and destroyed by the Allies.

Notice this little gem from the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center:

“On March 31, 2024, the 19th Palestinian government was sworn in at Mahmoud Abbas’ office in Ramallah. It is headed by Dr. Muhammad Mustafa, and according to the announcement, the government ministers do not belong to any political party. Its platform emphasized that the government regards Judea, Samaria, east Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip as one political-geographic unit with the PLO as the source of its authority.”


These demons are the geopolitical equivalent of cockroaches. Zombies.

The ghoulish Mahmoud Abbas continues ostensibly as the head of this venomous snake, and incredibly, it basically supports Hamas:

“On March 28, 2024, Muhammad Mustafa, the new prime minister, presented the government and its basic outlines to Mahmoud Abbas, after having received an official mandate for its establishment from Mahmoud Abbas on March 14, 2024. Mahmoud Abbas issued a decree of confidence in the 19th Palestinian government and confirmed its establishment. Among the government’s objectives as presented to Mahmoud Abbas were an immediate ceasefire, a complete Israeli withdrawal-the introduction of urgent humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, security, economic and social reforms, and the reconstruction of Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip.”

No doubt, the PA/PLO relishes an opportunity to overtake Hamas head-on in the Strip, after being pushed out in 2007. But let’s be clear: if Israel is forced to accept a post-war quasi-government in the Gaza Strip consisting of PLO elements, the problem will not be solved.

A post-war solution for the Gaza Strip (short of giving the Palestinians living space in Saudi Arabia or the Sinai—something the House of Saud and the Egyptians would never agree to) would be a massive, years-long commitment from Israel, simply because their security is still at stake. A system similar to that of Judea/Samaria is plausible, in which the IDF has free-range, while some sort of civil government is established in the unlikely event a handful of Gazans aren’t permanently mentally destroyed by Hamas propaganda.

Already, the PLO propaganda machine rolls on, as they try to convince the international community that they are not radicalized. I say the propaganda continues, because four new ministers in the “new government” are from Fatah, the wing of the group that has sought to murder Jews for almost 60 years. It was Yasser Arafat’s wing of the PLO, for political purposes.

My own personal wish for the Gaza Strip is considered radical by even pro-Israel people. I’d like for Israel to re-establish its communities there and for the international community to find a new home for the Palestinians. As I said, that is considered radical and inhumane, but my first and hundredth priorities center on preserving Jewish life. It’s obvious virtually the whole world considers Jewish life cheap.

Years ago, I met and befriended a member of the Israeli Knesset that advocated for outright population transfer. I still think the idea is sound, but you can’t say it out loud. Perhaps my biggest frustration is pro-Israel Christians that still somehow support a Two-State Solution. I don’t see how the rising body count of Jews isn’t a clear signal to them that a Palestinian state alongside Israel is a blueprint for more murder of Jews.

Even now, former Israeli ambassador to the UN, Danny Danon, is floating the idea of Gazans being able to voluntarily emigrate to other countries. No doubt the Gazans would love that, but it won’t be allowed by the international cabal that runs things. They have an investment in the continued festering of poisonous conditions for Palestinian “refugees.”

In the end, it will always be a delusion, this hope that the Palestinians on their own will wake up one day and want to love on the Jews. Their entire history in this regard is the goal to raise an army of serial killers.

Those that advocate any solution that does not guarantee the physical safety of Israel are cowards and moral degenerates.

No matter where you find them.