15 Apr 2024

Imminent. Sort of.

For the first time in my lifetime, I opened up the Jerusalem Post today and read an article outlining what happens to the human body after a nuclear exchange. The context of course is an Iranian strike on Israel.

That’s all over the news this week. In retaliation for an airstrike in Syria that killed several Iranian military operatives, the terror state is vowing revenge. (Technically, Israel has remained silent about the strike.) From the Post report:

“The Iranian threat is becoming a reality: Tehran has declared that it will hit Israel within the next 48 hours. Israeli hackers have already threatened to disrupt Iran’s cyber infrastructure tonight. Meanwhile, Israel is preparing for all possible military scenarios, whether in the north or south. According to The Wall Street Journal, Ali Khamenei, the Iranian Supreme Leader, has been presented with several plans for striking Israel, including a missile attack on Haifa, targeting the missile facility in Dimona, or deploying medium-range cruise missiles.”

Then there’s a whole technical, depressing, frightening analysis of what radiation does to the human cell. Short version: it’s gruesome.

As of now, Israel expects some type of Iranian attack within 48 hours. Fifty rockets from Hezbollah rained-down earlier today.

I am struck by how queasy many Israeli commentators appear to be; keep in mind, much of Israeli Media is left-wing, just like the U.S. When they’re not bashing Netanyahu, they seem afraid that the government isn’t being subservient enough to the Biden Regime (which is the biggest reason for all this escalation, if not for the October 7 massacre itself).

I did read one sensible op-ed though, from Zvika Klein, with one survey cited shows 87 percent of reservists support overthrowing Hamas…and maintaining total control over Gaza.

That would be my agenda, if I were in charge. I would have a much harsher approach. I’m infuriated by the sheer number of people that aren’t outraged by the raping, burning, murdering, kidnapping Hamas devils. Even Tucker Carlson this week interviewed the odious Munther Isaac, an “evangelical” Lutheran based in Israel. Isaac has long been an apologist for Palestinian terror, and Carlson gave him a huge platform to lie about Israel. Cross Carlson off your list.

So we have this unprecedented wave of anti-Semitic and terrorist filth endangering the State of Israel. As I said, American weakness from Washington (I think it’s on purpose) ensured Hamas was emboldened on the evening of October 6. They knew Biden, Obama, Blinken, and Austin would not go after Hamas. In fact, going back to 2011, when the Syrian Civil War erupted, the Obama-ites have worked hand-in-glove with jihadists in the Middle East. Their coddling of the Persians has brought the Middle East to the brink of nuclear war.

So is this it? Prophecy teachers keep telling us it is. This morning, I got a book of the shelf, an old book of my father’s. There between the pages was a yellowed newspaper clipping, an interview with a famous prophecy teacher 50 years ago. He was predicting the end was nigh. Why? Because Israel was engaged in the Yom Kippur War.

And here we are.

Look, the only truthful position here is that yes, the end might be nigh. Or it might not. How many times in the past 75 years has Israel been on the brink, only to be rescued by the Almighty. In all that time, I don’t remember Israel losing. Or disappearing.

In fact, I am anticipating another Israeli victory. God is always going to do something miraculous for His people. History—right up to this moment—proves this. As I’ve indicated, Israel faces unprecedented challenges. That includes the enemy within.

“This past week there were four terrorist attacks: a stabbing, two shootings and one combined attack. The Israeli security forces continued their counterterrorism activities in Judea and Samaria. According to reports, dozens of wanted Palestinians were detained and weapons were seized. Activities focused on Tulkarm, Nablus, Qalqilya, Jenin and Hebron. The security forces exposed a terrorist squad planning to kill the Israeli minister of national security and attack national institutions. The Palestinian Authority (PA) security forces exposed a squad of ISIS terrorists planning to carry out attacks.” (Keep in mind, the PA—itself a terrorist entity—has a Hatfield and McCoys relationship with rival terror gangs.)

So, Israel is faced with enemy invasion, terrorists living within its borders, and what I’ll describe as political terrorists in the West.

Ultimately, my position is this: We might be on the cusp of eternity, with these historic threats to the re-established Jewish state. Or it might be a ways off.

In the end, Israel’s mortal enemies might look threatening for a moment. But only for a moment. Then God will intervene and destroy them.

We should jettison the fear in our community and look forward to Israel winning.