8 Apr 2024

We’ve Been Down This Road Before

In a mere 75 years, Israel finds herself in peril once again.

This time—deep breath—it’s at the hands of the United States government.

Yesterday, Joe Biden threatened Bibi Netanyahu and the State of Israel by phone, demanding(!) a ceasefire in Gaza. Netanyahu no doubt took the opportunity for the thousandth time to explain things to the mendacious Biden, who always touted his “friendship” with his “good friend” Bibi, when it suited him politically. And, illegitimate though he may be, he becomes the first American “president” to betray and abandon Israel.

These days, I sound like a broken record, I know, but I have to remind us that while it appears that Israel’s enemies have her right where they want the Jewish state, Scripture is always our guide for truth. God will not allow Israel to disappear.

This, yes, despite the fact that Israel is now in a new landscape, in every way. Existential threats are everywhere. And there are layers and layers of nuance and complexity to this Hamas War.

Iran is hinting that it will launch missiles into Israeli territory. Hamas is showing everyone that something less than a conventional army from a conventional nation can make headway against the vaunted IDF, thus harming Israel’s vaunted deterrence capability. Jordan is becoming unstable, and Iran wants to take it over. The international community has a vicious hatred of Israel, with an uncommonly weak cast of characters like Biden, Macron, Trudeau, and Sunak. Until recently, it was unthinkable that the West would turn so harshly against Israel.

We must remember though that God is stronger than all these villains.

A leading Bible prophecy teacher posted the other day that there is a possibility Iran will attack Israeli interests, perhaps the nation itself, within 48 hours. I don’t dispute that this is a possibility, but it is always a possibility. I am seeing much hand-wringing from prophecy teachers, students, and pro-Israel people, but I see this a bit differently.

We don’t know exactly where we are on the prophetic timeline—we don’t—but we do know from Scripture that Israel survives and even thrives while her enemies go down to the pit with pharaoh.

We also can ask why it’s taking Israel so long to finish-off Hamas. To this question I answer that this current war is unlike any other in history. Complexities on top of complexities are in play. Urban warfare on a scale never seen before. Boobytraps are everywhere. Snipers. Tunnels larger than the London Underground.

Yet with all that, Israel is doing a superb job. As someone wrote this week, war colleges will study Israel’s tactics for years.

The issue at hand of course is Rafah, the last stronghold of Hamas. Israel and Netanyahu have repeatedly said they will go in and finish the terror group, that there is no other option. When the war started, Israel’s Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said that post-war, Gaza will “never be what it once was.”

Believe Israel.

Besides the fact that they have no other choice, the citizens are united in their demand to kill Hamas. Don’t believe the news stories, that are really Soviet-style propaganda pieces. Reality is much different.

As believers and pro-Israel Christians, we have an obligation to pray unceasingly and also to be a voice for Israel wherever we can.

And above all, we must believe God when He tells the world that He will preserve His people.

This week, the IDF canceled leaves in anticipation of some Iranian attack. Hezbollah continues to menace the north (albeit with withering IAF responses). Killers in Judea-Samaria try to distract the IDF.

These are too many responsibilities for my poor mind. But Netanyahu has been prepared for this moment. He’s not going to forget his brother’s sacrifice, nor his own combat experience to protect the people.

God is going to bring the victory.