25 Mar 2024

Israel Alone

A couple years ago at Calvary Chapel Appleton Wisconsin, I spoke on the subject, “Israel Alone.” My point was that, yes, Israel is now being isolated internationally as never before. This includes the official U.S. position, which has now abandoned God’s People in their ancestral home. Make no mistake, America’s Regime in Washington is evil, and every bit an enemy to Israel as Hamas, et al. But if we believe the Bible, we know that in the end, Israel will indeed end up alone.

But for God.

Yesterday, Israel’s ambassador to the U.S., Ron Dermer, posted a comment for the ages on Twitter/X:

“When I was Israel’s Ambassador to Washington, I must have met more than 160 other Ambassadors. I never met the Ambassador of Babylon, never met the Ambassador of Imperial Rome and I didn’t meet the Ambassador of the 1,000-Year Reich. But there is an Ambassador of Israel. We will survive this enemy.”

That is beautiful.

Today, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had to issue a statement after meeting with Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. Netanyahu stated the obvious, that Israel has no choice but to eradicate Hamas.

If necessary, he said, “We will do it alone.”

In the latest issue of The Economist, we see the cover story:

“Israel Alone”

The image is simply an Israeli flag blowing in the wind. I know many people are worried about Israel. If enough people talk about the possibility of Israel disappearing, everyone begins to believe it’s possible.

It is not possible.

God has promised that He will preserve His people, and through the most difficult circumstances. He was with them in ’48 and ’67 and ’73. He was with them when Yasser Arafat rejected a Palestinian state on 98 percent of the West Bank. He was with them when Israeli jets destroyed Saddam Hussein’s nuclear reactor at Osirik in 1981.

On and on.

Only a handful of Hamas’s original 24 battalions exists, thanks to the IDF. The remaining ones are in Rafah, and I am elated that Netanyahu defied that demon in the White House. Israel knows this is an existential war and they cannot afford to lose it. They won’t lose it.

Only three days ago, the IDF’s shock and awe descended on Shifa Hospital, where hundreds of Hamas terrorists were holed up. Israel killed 170 and took 800 prisoner. Reports are that Hamas was stunned by the covert operation. This is but one indication of how good the IDF is, and how far ahead they are of their enemies.

Southern Command commander, Yaron Finkelman, said at Shifa that “We will end this operation only when the last of the terrorists is in our hands – dead or alive.” This is Israel’s answer to the corrupt Western diplomats and Media goons.

What makes this period different is the sheer number of attacks on Israel, from all sides. Don’t forget, Jordan’s King Abdullah is not all that strong, and agitators in Jordan make his tenure shaky. Iran is back of all this, and thirsts to gain a foothold at Israel’s doorstep. Can you imagine if that happened? If Jordan was a launching pad for terror? But though we can’t see the end of all this, we know that Israel will survive.

The Iranian octopus is at work everywhere. According to a report this week from the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center:

“Reuters reported that in February 2024, Qods Force commander Esmail Qaani had met with Hezbollah secretary-general Hassan Nasrallah to discuss the existing risk if Israel attacked Hezbollah. According to the report, Nasrallah told Qaani that if war broke out against Israel, Hezbollah would fight by itself and that he did not want Iran to be dragged into a war with Israel or the United States. According to Reuters, this was the third meeting between the two since October 7, 2023. The report further stated that the meeting between Qaani and Nasrallah had been preceded by a two-day meeting in Tehran attended by IRGC commander Hossein Salami, the Qods Force commander, and representatives from the ‘resistance front’ from Yemen, Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon. At the end of the meeting, all the participants agreed that Israel was interested in expanding the war and that it was necessary to avoid falling into the trap because it would lead to another American presence in the region. Following the meeting, Qaani instructed the Shiite militias in Iraq to stop their attacks against the American forces in the region. Two sources told Reuters that Iran and Hezbollah were aware of the difficult implications of an all-out war in Lebanon, including the possibility that Iran’s nuclear facilities would be attacked as a consequence of the expansion of the war.”

The point I want to make is that with all this firepower, all these terror tentacles, aided by the corrupt West, God is in control. He is in control of your life, too, so meditate on that this week.

Our Great God is above everything and everyone else!