4 Mar 2024

Are the “Settlements” Illegal?

We’ve heard this one for years, haven’t we? The Left has repeated this assertion—that Israeli communities in the “West Bank” (Judea and Samaria) are illegal according to international law.

As if their malevolent meddling hasn’t done enough damage to Israel’s existential war against Hamas, the Biden Regime is now turning another knife in the Jewish state by claiming that upwards of a million Jews are “illegals”! This from a corrupt gang of criminals that have allowed nine million true illegals to invade our country in the last three years.

Again, it is unconscionable that the Regime is doing this in the middle of a hot war that Israel must win. Threats to withhold needed munitions, constant demands for a ceasefire (IE, a Hamas win), and threats of an unprecedented U.S. resolution against Israel in the UN—all this unleashed at the worst possible moment.

Biden is evil, always has been. But we all know Obama’s goons are in charge.

On the other side, one of my favorite people to have emerged for Israel the last several years is former ambassador David Friedman. He was with President Trump in 2018 when the U.S. embassy was moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Trump was the only president that didn’t lie by breaking his campaign pledge. It was a momentous event. Friedman proved to be a stalwart defender of Israel and a superb friend of the U.S.

Recently, a reporter for Axios, Barak Ravid, posted on X:

“BREAKING: Blinken overturns ‘Pompeo Doctrine’ and says Israeli settlements in the West Bank are ‘inconsistent with international law. The move comes a day after Israel announces thousands of new housing units in the settlements.”

Blinken of course refers to U.S. Secretary of State Tony Blinken, himself Jewish. It proves that one can betray one’s own tribe.

As I’ve discussed before, Israel deciding to build more communities in their ancient heartland is too much for the devils in Washington. Mind you, this was always the view of equally sinister operatives in the Clinton, Bush, and Obama regimes. But the time had not yet come to publicly betray Israel. Friedman had a classic reply on February 23:

“Blinken is 100% wrong. I researched this for over a year with many State Department lawyers. There is nothing illegal about Jews living in their biblical homeland. Indeed, Undersecretary of State Eugene Rostow, also the Dean of the Yale Law School (who negotiated UNSCR 242), stated that Israel has the best legal claim to Judea and Samaria. For Blinken to announce this in the middle of a war and when the Jewish Sabbath already has begun in Israel is unconscionable.”

By the way, I have always despised the label “settlements” that the Left came up with to demonize Israel. “Settlements” sounds illegitimate and aggressive on the part of the Jews.

And remember something else: Obama wants America to look weak. He worked on that during his two grotesque terms. Remember the downgrade in the U.S. credit rating? Remember pandering to Iran? So now we have “President” Biden appearing to be mentally impaired, and looking like a physical wreck that stumbles, ambles, and wanders. That’s why I say I’m not sure Biden is truly this way. Maybe he is, but the effect is going to be the same per Obama: push the vegetable out there every day not only to weaken America, but also to let Israel know: Washington ain’t with ya, anymore.

Then we have Elizabeth Warren, the chronic liar in the Senate, roasting Israel this week over the the trampling of dozens at an aid site in Gaza. She actually accused the IDF of shooting Palestinians! What a demon.

So official U.S. policy is using the military, media, and diplomacy to harm Israel.

God is watching. May He return soon to set things right.