12 Feb 2024

Biden vs. Amos 9:15

Like many of you, I get frustrated being forced to live under the psychopathic Regime in Washington.

This week, Biden rambled and ambled at a press conference, saying that Israel’s response to the Hamas barbarism of October 7 was over the top. Cover your eyes if you don’t want to read the next paragraph.

It was reported a few days ago that a 13-year-old hostage of Hamas had an abortion due to being raped by the demons. An exam of another Israeli woman revealed that she had been raped by 67 men.

Joe Biden is scum.

From a report in The Times of Israel:

“The White House clarified Friday that US President Joe Biden was referring to Israel’s military operation against Hamas when he described the conduct of the response in Gaza as “over the top” the previous day.

“’He was obviously talking about Israel’s conduct in Gaza,’ White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said when asked about the matter during a press briefing.

“’He’s been clear that the US wants to see the Hamas terror organization defeated. That is a shared goal that we have with Israel,’ she continued. ‘At the same time, the president has also been very clear that they must do so by ensuring that their operations are targeted and conducted in a way that they are protecting innocent civilians.’”

These people lie with every sentence. It’s breathtaking. The gaslighting is also breathtaking.

The IDF has been implementing legendary strategies to minimize civilian casualties in Gaza. Everyone knows this. Everyone. Biden knows it. The Arabs know it. The Washington Post knows it. Still, they all lie and defame Israel. God is watching.

Despite media reports, Israel appears resolute in marching to full victory. Full victory means only one thing: the death of Hamas and Gaza never being a base of terror operations again. I believe Netanyahu is withstanding withering pressure from the U.S. He knows the survival of his people is at stake.

On the “diplomatic” front:

The Saudi Arabian foreign ministry announced that diplomatic relations with Israel would not be established before the end of the war in the Gaza Strip, the withdrawal of IDF forces and Israel’s recognition of a Palestinian state with the 1967 borders. The announcement was received with approval by the PA and Hamas.

From the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center:

“The Palestinian media reported that Israeli attacks in Rafah were escalating for the third day in a row. According to the reports, in Khan Yunis the attacks continued in various neighborhoods. IDF armored vehicles were stationed in front of the al-Amal Hospital gate and the encircled Nasser Hospital. There were also reports of attacks in the form of “fire belts ” in the areas between Khan Yunis and Rafah. In Gaza City, it was reported that the Israeli Air Force carried out a series of attacks in the Rimal, Sabra and Zeitoun neighborhoods, as well as on al-Wahda Street, near the Fishermen’s Port and in the Tel al-Hawa neighborhood. Artillery was also fired at the Rimal and Sabra neighborhoods. In the central Gaza Strip, casualties were reported in attacks on two houses in Deir al-Balah.”

This means that Israel is operating where and when it wants to. In terms of full-scale operations, the battle for Gaza has ended. From now on, it will be a clean-up operation and the formulations of a plan post-conflict.

Slowly but surely, the IDF is hunting-down the demons of October 7. This week they found two more that took part in the massacre. In Khan Yunis, the IDF also found a tunnel more than a mile in length, in which hostages had been kept behind bars. Terror mastermind Yahya Sinwar, thought to be in the area with hostages, knows Israel is closing-in.

The fact is, our national leaders—illegitimate as they are—are as immoral and soulless as the Hamas demons. They care nothing about people.

I am eagerly looking forward to the Messiah coming to set things right. In His Word, God tells us that when He finally restores Israel to their land in the last days, no one will uproot them again (Amos 9:15). The powers of darkness, including Washington, are powerless to stop Him.