19 Feb 2024

The Traitorous UN

It’s long been known that the United Nations overall is a bankrupt unit of morally questionable countries. Routine bizarre decisions like putting terror states on the Security Council makes one wonder if they are stupid and complicit, or just complicit.

No more is the grotesque nature of this body more evident than in the open sewer known as Gaza. For decades, the lethal threat coming from Hamasland has been ignored by the UN, which had kicked the problem down the road. One wonders just how much withering pressure the George Bush White House put on Ariel Sharon to turn over Gaza to the Palestinian Authority, which promptly lost it to the barbaric terror group Hamas.

Now we learn that UNRWA (The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees in the Near East) has actually helped Hamas slaughter Jews.

During the October 7 massacres, according to Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, 12 UNRWA employees have been identified as having “actively participated” in the slaughters. Included in this numbers are teachers at UNRWA schools!

“In addition to these 12 workers, we have significant indications based on intelligence, that over 30 UNRWA workers participated in the massacre, facilitated the taking of hostages, looted and stole from Israeli communities and more.” Gallant states. He added the agency “lost legitimacy and can no longer function as a UN body.”

Because of these new revelations, the IDF will no longer allow humanitarian relief to be passed off to UNRWA.

From the Times of Israel:

“According to Gallant, of the 13,000 UNRWA employees in Gaza, at least 12% are affiliated with the Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror groups. ‘1468 workers are known to be active in Hamas and PIJ. 185 UNRWA workers are active in the military branches of Hamas and 51 are active in the PIJ military branch,’ he says.”

These numbers are mind-boggling.

Thankfully, even as the international community continues not to care about Jews and Israel, the IDF will not participate in moving Palestinian refugees from Rafah to Egypt. It was also disclosed this week that the Egyptians are building a new and massive border wall with Gaza; they don’t want this riff-raff, either. Egypt has worked for decades to keep jihadist rabble from taking over its country. Remember, it was Muslim Brotherhood terrorists that assassinated Anwar Sadat in 1981. Since then, the spiritual children of the MB have murdered many in the region.

Gallant is aware of the tense political situation:

“’The State of Israel has no intention of evacuating Palestinian civilians to Egypt. We respect and value our peace agreement with Egypt, which is a cornerstone of stability in the region as well as an important partner,’ he says. Gallant says the IDF and defense establishment are ‘thoroughly planning future operations in Rafah, which is a significant Hamas stronghold.’

“’There were 24 [Hamas] battalions in Gaza, we have dismantled 18 of them. Now, Rafah is the next Hamas center of gravity,’ Gallant says. He says that ‘the IDF takes extraordinary measures to avoid civilian casualties, and is operating in accordance with international law.’”

Israel is preparing to soon launch a final ground operation in Rafah, the southernmost tip of the Gaza Strip. Having shattered Hamas to this point, Israel will finish-off the rats, including the Hamas brain-trust, if one can use that term.

Every day now, we are assaulted with life-altering news stories. It is difficult not to become disoriented. We must maintain our focus on God’s Word alone, if we are to maintain our sanity.

I know what God’s Word promises for the Jewish people: Israel will survive. Keep your mind on that. Pray for the hostages, pray for the IDF, and pray that we will all stand fast for the duration.