26 Oct 2023

Biden: War proves status quo not working, two-state solution way forward
Biden on Wednesday said that the war against Hamas following its brutal attack against Israel proved that a two-state solution was the only way to move forward. “There’s no going back to the status quo as it stood on October 6,” he said in a joint press conference with Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese. “That means ensuring that Hamas can no longer terrorize Israel and use Palestinians civilians as human shields.

Day 20: In limited overnight operation, IDF sends tanks and infantry into Gaza Strip
Israel Defense Forces announced this morning that it carried out a limited operation within the Gaza Strip overnight in an effort to prepare the area for the imminent ground invasion. During the operation, IDF troops targeted and struck several terror outposts, eliminated several terrorists, and destroyed Hamas infrastructure, including anti-tank positions. The troops returned to Israeli territory upon completion of the operation

Historic Gesture: Italy’s Move to Reunite Ancient Temple Treasures with Israel
In a heartening revelation, a prominent Italian parliamentarian has ignited excitement and hope by suggesting that Italy might hold certain ancient Temple vessels – and they wish to return them to their rightful home: Israel. The roots of these vessels date back to the destruction of the Second Temple, a pivotal event in Jewish history. Over the millennia, the fate of the Temple treasures became the stuff of legend, with many speculating their whereabouts.

UC Berkeley class offers credit for attending pro-Palestinian rallies
University of California, Berkeley offers extra credit to students who participate in pro-Palestinian protests on campus or push their local California district representative to criticize Israeli “occupation.”

Outrageous Bias: Reuters Mideast Visuals Chief Openly Supported Terrorism as a Pro-Palestinian Activist
Reuters’ regional head of video and pictures in the Middle East has publicly supported terrorists while working for a pro-Palestinian organization, demonized Israel, and criticized the US for providing military aid to the Jewish state, HonestReporting exposed on Monday in a revelation that calls into question his journalistic objectivity.

US House of Representatives approves resolution in support of Israel, 412 to 10
The resolution, titled “Standing with Israel as it defends itself against the barbaric war launched by Hamas and other terrorists”, passed by a majority of 412 to 10. Nine of the ten “no” votes were by Democrats: Reps. Cori Bush, Jamaal Bowman, Andre Carson, Al Green, Summer Lee, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Delia Ramirez and Rashida Tlaib. The lone Republican no vote was from Rep. Thomas Massie.

The World is Freaking Out Because Its Favorite Victims Suddenly Became Human Butchers
What do you do when you spend a lifetime fighting for the Palestinian cause, and then, overnight, it becomes associated with the butchering, beheading, raping and mutilating of 1400 people, including infants, babies, women, rave dancers, families and the elderly?
How do you spin that?

Squad of female IDF combat troops eliminated nearly 100 Hamas terrorists
Lt.-Col. Or Ben-Yehuda, the commander of this unit, now recounts her experiences in the southern Gaza Strip, where her battalion eliminated approximately 100 terrorists. She also has a clear message for those who question the capabilities of female fighters in the Caracal (Desert Lynx) and Tank Battalion.

Rashida Tlaib’s alleged links to the Hamas terror organization
The Canary Mission identified Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib’s connections with the Hamas terrorist organization in a new report. Canary Mission can confirm that @RepRashida has extensive fundraising ties to Hamas insiders, incl working w/Hamas activist Salah Sarsour who co-hosted a 2018 election campaign event. Tlaib’s Canary Mission profile: https://t.co/0XTmlE1akk pic.twitter.com/Stm3CObYHU

Gaza tunnels, terrorist infrastructure uncovered by Israeli geologist
The infamous Hamas tunnels have played a central role in this worrisome development. Prof. Joel Roskin, a geomorphologist and geologist at Bar-Ilan University’s geography and environment department, has followed the changes in the Gaza tunnels over the years, analyzed the conditions that allowed their formation and expansion and revealed what geological and security conditions have enabled their speedy development.

Hamas launches long-range rockets at Eilat and Haifa
Hamas has expanded the scope of its rocket attacks Wednesday, targeting the Israeli cities of Eilat and Haifa. One long-range rocket was launched from the Gaza Strip Wednesday, setting off the sirens in communities near Haifa, including in the towns of Daliyat al-Karmel and Kerem Maharal, the IDF says.

New Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson affirms God, rejects Marxism in first speech
‘I believe that Scripture, the Bible, is very clear that God is the One [Who] raises up those in authority,’ Speaker Johnson told the House.

New tool lets artists fight AI image bots by hiding corrupt data in plain sight
From Hollywood strikes to digital portraits, AI’s potential to steal creatives’ work and how to stop it has dominated the tech conversation in 2023. The latest effort to protect artists and their creations is Nightshade, a tool allowing artists to add undetectable pixels into their work that could corrupt an AI’s training data, the MIT Technology Review reports. Nightshade’s creation comes as major companies like OpenAI and Meta face lawsuits for copyright infringement and stealing personal works without compensation. Nightshade essentially works as a poison …

Storm Bernard impacts Morocco, adds to Spain’s abnormal weather patterns after record rainfall from Storm Aline
Just days after Storm Aline set rainfall records in Spain, Storm Bernard unleashed its fury over Morocco and Southern Spain on October 21 – 22, 2023. The storm caused extensive damage to Morocco’s key agricultural region of Larache and resulted in multiple fatalities and injuries in Spain.

Significant early-season winter storm brings heavy snowfall to portions of the Northwest, Northern Rockies, and Northern Plains
A long-duration, early-season snowstorm began Tuesday afternoon, October 24, 2023, across portions of the Pacific Northwest, Northern Rockies, and Northern High Plains. Moderate to heavy snowfall is forecasted for these locations over the next few days. Heavy snow bands will likely result in hazardous travel conditions and poor visibility.

Extremely dangerous Category 5 Hurricane “Otis” makes unexpected landfall near Acapulco, Mexico
Tropical Storm “Otis” explosively intensified into a Category 4 hurricane in just 12 hours and continued intensifying on its way toward Mexico where it made landfall at 06:25 UTC (00:25 LT) on October 25, 2023, as a Category 5 hurricane. This is now one of the fastest-intensifying hurricanes in the world’s history.

Calm urged as pneumonia cases in children increase
Hospitals in parts of China are seeing a surge in infections of mycoplasma pneumoniae — a pathogen that commonly causes respiratory illnesses among young children.

France Mobilizes 7,000 Soldiers Following Suspected Islamist Stabbing
France will mobilize up to 7,000 soldiers to increase security around the country after a teacher was fatally stabbed and three other people wounded in a school attack by a former student suspected of Islamic radicalization, the president’s office said Saturday.

NYPD Rescue Jewish Students at Cooper Union College Trapped by Menacing Pro-Hamas Mob 
Jewish students at Cooper Union college in New York City were terrorized by a menacing mon of pro-Hamas demonstrators who trapped them in a library and cafeteria, banging on the doors and windows and loudly chanting. New York City Police eventually rescued the Jewish students.

All-female Israeli ‘lionesses’ squad of 13 kill 100 Hamas terrorists in 14-hr gunfight to save base and families
AN ALL-FEMALE Israel defence squad of just 13 killed nearly 100 Hamas terrorists in a 14-hour gunfight in the southern Gaza Strip.

Israeli farming crisis spreads to the north 
Over two weeks have passed since the outbreak of the war, and agriculture in the northern Israel is now taking a hit after the severe damage to farms and agriculture in the Gaza border area. Many fields, groves and plantations in the north have been closed by order of the army, and entry to them is still prohibited today.

Israel-Palestine war: Israel will flood Hamas tunnels with nerve gas under US navy supervision
Palestinian resistance groups expect Israel to flood Hamas tunnels with nerve gas and chemical weapons under the surveillance of US Delta Force commandos as part of a surprise attack on the Gaza Strip, a senior Arab source familiar with the groups told Middle East Eye.

Government-Funded News Outlet Orders Staff Not to Call Hamas ‘Terrorists’ 
Government-funded news outlet Voice of America (VOA) management has ordered its employees not to refer to Hamas as “terrorists” unless they are quoting statements, National Review reported.

Turkey’s Erdogan Says Hamas Is ‘Liberation Group,’ Not Terrorists, Cancels Israel Visit
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Wednesday that Palestinian militant group Hamas is not a terrorist organization but a liberation group waging a battle to protect its land.

Biden calls for ‘concentrated effort’ toward future two-state solution for Israel, Palestinians
President Biden Wednesday called for a “concentrated effort” on the part of world leaders to work toward a two-state solution to the Israeli and Palestinian conflict, as Israel’s war with Hamas looks to reshape the region and leaves open questions to the future for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

Pope Francis Thanks Notorious LGBT Activist for His ‘Ministry’
Pope Francis recently wrote to notorious LGBT activist Stan “JR” Zerkowski to thank him for his “ministry” with gays, Catholic News Agency reported Wednesday.

AI Run Amok: Researchers Discover ChatGPT Can Figure Out Everything About You from Simple Conversations
Recent research has uncovered a worrying issue — AI chatbots, like ChatGPT, have the capability to discern sensitive personal information about individuals through casual conversations, like an evil cybernetic version of Sherlock Holmes.

Amazon begins delivering medications by drone in Texas
Amazon Pharmacy customers located in College Station, Texas, can now have their prescription medications delivered by drone, the company announced in a blog post Wednesday.

US records surge in anti-Semitism
The Anti-Defamation League claims there has been a 388% rise in anti-Semitism since October 7. Anti-Semitic incidents in the United States have surged by close to 400% in the weeks following the outbreak of war in the Middle East, according to the Jewish advocacy group the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).

EU states hoarding Russian fertilizer intended for poor countries
Nearly 100,000 tons reportedly remain blocked at ports in Latvia, Estonia, and Belgium Western countries have still not released Russian fertilizer cargoes intended as humanitarian aid for poor African nations, the Foreign Ministry in Moscow said on Sunday.

Oregon State Says Students Don’t Need to Know White Supremacist Stuff Like Reading, Writing, and Math
The State of Oregon’s miseducation establishment has finally gone to the logical extreme of woke leftism by ruling that school kids no longer have to learn to read, write, or do math because minorities aren’t capable of learning that boring old white supremacist stuff.

Top Banker: ‘Arrest’ WEF for ‘Democide’ over ‘Bioweapon’ Covid Shots 
A prominent former Swiss banker has called for the arrest of corporate elites and unelected globalist bureaucrats over allegations of “democide.” Top banker Pascal Najadi has joined forces with Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger, a seasoned health expert from Geneva, to demand criminal prosecutions of those behind Covid shots, which they describe as “bioweapons.”

Italy Becomes First Nation To Ban Bill Gates’ Fake Meat Due To ‘Serious Health Concerns’
Italy has become the first country to issue a total ban on Bill Gates’ synthetic meat products after numerous studies found that lab-grown fake meat products cause turbo cancers in humans. Meanwhile, in the U.S. the Biden administration has fast-tracked the controversial products for approval

UPDATE: Breaking: At Least 22 Dead, 50 to 60 Injured in Active Shooter Attack in Lewiston, Maine
Police in Lewiston, Maine are asking residents to shelter in place as an active shooter has targeted at least two locations in the city.