24 Apr 2024

Congressman confronts Columbia Univ. Pres. with Genesis 12:3: “Do you want to be cursed?”
“Are you familiar with Genesis 12:3?” Allen asked Shafik, an Egyptian-born American Muslim. “Probably not as well as you are?” she answered. “Well, it’s pretty clear it was the covenant that God made with Abraham,” Allen continued. And that covenant was really clear. If you bless Israel, I will bless you. If you curse Israel, I will curse you. And then in the New Testament, it was confirmed that all nations would be blessed through you. So you do not know about that?” “Did you consider that a serious issue? I mean, do you want Columbia University to be cursed by the God of the Bible?”

North Korea fires short-range ballistic missiles toward east coast: South
North Korea fired several rounds of short-range ballistic missiles toward its east coast on Monday, according to South Korea’s military, three days after Pyongyang launched a strategic cruise missile to test a large warhead. South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) said it detected what appeared to be several short-range ballistic missiles launched from the Pyongyang region at 3:01 p.m

Russia Vows To Ramp Up Attacks On Western Weapons In Ukraine
A new statement by Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu additionally said “The Kiev regime has failed to achieve the goals of its counteroffensive prepared by NATO instructors” and that Russia has “dispelled the myth of the superiority of western weaponry” while its forces have clearly gained and held the initiative along the front lines.

COVID-19 Vaccine Emails: Here’s What The CDC Hid Behind Redactions
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) hid how a woman who suffered chest pain and other symptoms following COVID-19 vaccination received a shot because of a mandate at work, newly obtained documents show. The agency also redacted how multiple children were diagnosed with Kawasaki Disease after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine, according to the documents. Several other portions of the emails that are now unredacted show the CDC hid how multiple children, including a 2-year-old, were said to have suffered from a serious inflammatory illness called Kawasaki Disease shortly after receiving a shot.

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), one of the real heroes of the US Senate, announced a bipartisan Senate investigation into the origins of COVID-19. The investigation, co-chaired by Senator Gary Peters (D-MI), promises to once and for all settle the question about the origins of COVID-19. Additionally, as importantly the duo is pledging to take a hard look at threats posed by dangerous biolabs world-wide.

“Let Me Go Home, Okay?”: Mistrial Declared For Arizona Rancher Accused Of Killing Illegal Immigrant On His Property
A mistrial was declared in the case of an Arizona rancher accused of fatally shooting an illegal immigrant on his property near the US-Mexico border, after the jury failed to reach a unanimous decision following two full days of deliberation.

Powerful Anti-Trump Media Figures Exposed Holding Secret Weekly Meetings to Coordinate on Legal Cases
If it ever feels like television’s anti-Trump talking heads are reading from the same talking points, it turns out they are. A lengthy, report published Tuesday by the Inside-the-Beltway Bible Politico revealed that some of the best-known opponents of former President Donald Trump have been conducting weekly conference calls to compare notes on Trump’s ongoing legal battles. attendees include such viciously anti-Trump figures as George Conway, the partisan fool of a former husband to erstwhile Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway; NeverTrump “conservative” William Kristol; and the usual rogues gallery of leftist network commentators like Harvard law professor emeritus Laurence Tribe and CNN’s self-gratifying Jeffrey Toobin.

Minister for Social Equality: ‘UN an antisemitic, extremist and dangerous institution’
‘UN has become an antisemitic, extremist and dangerous institution that regards Israel as an enemy state and the sick Nazis in Hamas as natural partners.’

DFL state senator charged with first-degree burglary in break-in at stepmother’s home
Police found Mitchell in the basement of her stepmother’s home “dressed in all black clothing and a black hat,” according to the charges filed Tuesday. As she was being detained, she told her stepmother “something to the effect of, ‘I was just trying to get a couple of my dad’s things because you wouldn’t talk to me anymore,'” the charges state. Her father died last year.

Court Rules Nurse Can Challenge State Law Barring Abortion Pill Reversal Treatments
Finally, some good pro-life news out of Colorado! Judge Susan Prose issued an order last Monday allowing nurse practitioner Chelsea Mynyk to intervene (enter the existing lawsuit) in the case Bella Health and Wellness v. Weiser. The case concerns Bella Health and Wellness, which sued the state on religious grounds about not being able to offer anti-abortifacient pills.

UN Secretary-General excludes Hamas from conflict-related sexual violence list
Despite acknowledging the findings of Pramila Patten, António Guterres refrained from blacklisting the terrorist organization and called for further investigation into allegations of sexual violence against Palestinian detainees.

Illegal immigrants to be deported to Rwanda this summer
British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has announced that his government’s plan to deport illegal immigrants from the UK to Rwanda will begin in 10-12 weeks. At a press conference held by Sunak, he was asked how many would be deported during the summer, but refused to give a number, saying that “there will be many flights throughout the summer.”

Iran Threatens to Annihilate Israel Should It Launch a Major Attack
An Israeli attack on Iranian territory could radically change dynamics and result in there being nothing left of the “Zionist regime,” Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi was quoted as saying on Tuesday by the official IRNA news agency.

Hamas’s armed wing calls for escalation across all fronts
Abu Ubaida called for an escalation in the West Bank and Jordan calling it “one of the most important Arab fronts.”

IDF preparing for Rafah operation in the near future
Evacuation of Rafah population expected to last three weeks – unless Hamas prevents it, report says. Rafah ground operation expected to last six weeks.

Hamas murders aid workers, steals Gazans’ food: PA report
the Palestinian Authority reported that its bitter political rival, Hamas, is intentionally manufacturing a humanitarian crisis in Gaza by killing aid workers and stealing food meant for citizens.

After Iran killed 3 US soldiers, it promised to stop, now it’s attacking again
There’s an old proverb about bringing a long spoon when supping with the devil. The same is true about terrorists. Negotiating with Islamic terrorists in particular is a fool’s errand. Nothing they promise you is true and at best is nothing but a feint to keep you off guard while they plan their next attack

Majority of Israelis oppose defense deal with Saudis in exchange for Palestinian state
A majority of Israelis oppose agreeing in principle to the future establishment of a Palestinian state in exchange for a permanent regional defense agreement, according to the 15th “War in Gaza” survey published by the Israel Democracy Institute on Sunday.

Nvidia Reveals Blackwell: The ‘World’s Most Powerful Chip’ for AI
At Nvidia’s 2024 GTC AI conference, the company released the much-anticipated Blackwell platform. The platform consists of a new graphics processing unit (GPU), dubbed the “world’s most powerful chip,” the GB200 NVL72 rack-scale system, and a set of enterprise AI tools. Major cloud service providers have announced plans to utilize Blackwell to continue to innovate generative AI, deep learning, and cloud-based computing services. Nvidia Unveils the 208-Billion Transistor Blackwell GPU. Nvidia considers Blackwell a new class of AI superchips

Record-breaking rainfall in Guangdong, China leaves 4 dead, 10 missing 
Record-breaking rainfall affecting China’s Guangdong Province since Friday, April 19, 2024, pushed water levels in the Bei River, a tributary of the Pearl River, to exceed 50-year highs, causing widespread floods in which at least 4 people died and 10 others went missing. The floods caused extensive damage, including the destruction of 36 houses and severe damage to 48 others, incurring direct economic losses of nearly 140.6 million yuan.

Flooded uranium mines in Russia’s Kurgan Region raise radioactive contamination fears 
Severe flooding in Russia’s Kurgan region has inundated areas surrounding the Dobrovolnoye uranium deposit, leading to potential radioactive and chemical pollution in the Tobol River. This event was reported on April 21, 2024, by the investigative news outlet Agentstvo, citing local authorities and environmentalists.

Europe’s historic temperature shift, from summer to winter in just one day 
Europe has experienced one of the most rapid temperature flips on record in April 2024 — moving from numerous record-breaking summer-like temperatures at the beginning of the month to record-breaking late April records and frost. Climatologist Maximiliano Herrera said Europe has never seen a month like that extreme.

Lawsuit Seeks to ‘Ban the Jab’ in Florida — Declares Injections Biological and Technological Weapons
On March 3rd, 2024, Dr. Joseph Sansone filed a Writ of Mandamus in the Supreme Court of Florida seeking to compel Governor Ron DeSantis to prohibit the distribution of Covid 19 injections (nanoparticle injections/mRNA injections) in the State of Florida. The mandamus also seeks to compel Attorney General Ashley Moody to confiscate the vials and conduct a forensic analysis of their contents.

Haiti warlord ‘Barbecue’ orders gangs to ‘burn every house you find’ & storm presidential palace amid bloody coup fears
HAITI’S capital has been rocked by a fresh wave of violence as warlord Barbecue ordered his thug army to “burn every house you find.”

“Rat Urine” Disease Spreading In New York City
Health officials in New York City are seeing a jump in cases of a rare disease linked to rat urine. This news comes just one year after the rulers anointed a czar for its “war on rats.”

IDF destroys Hamas launchers, kills terrorists in Gaza Strip 
Israel Air Force fighter jets destroyed ready-to-launch Hamas rocket launchers in the southern Gaza Strip, while soldiers from the Nahal Brigade killed multiple terrorists in the central part of the strip over the last day, the IDF announced on Tuesday.

The Absurdity Of Lies Hasn’t Stopped People From Accusing Jews 
During the season of the Feast of Unleavened Bread and Passover, I am always reminded of the accusation that Jews, over the millennia, have used the blood of Christian children to make the matzah (unleavened bread) for Passover. This accusation is known as the “Blood Accusation” or “Blood Libel.” It is, of course, a false allegation, but this hasn’t stopped people from accusing Jews through the ages, and it has led to thousands of deaths.

Ben Bergquam Reports: Columbia Professors Come Out in Force to Support of Anti-Israel Protesters – Refuse to Condemn Hamas Killers – DISTURBING VIDEO
Ben Bergquam from Real America’s Voice was reporting at Columbia University in New York City on Tuesday. The staff on campus were wearing sashes in support of the Palestinians and against Israel.  From the video, it appears over two-thirds of the staff were wearing sashes supporting Palestinians. The sash read, “We support our students,” meaning the Columbia staff supports the anti-Israel mob that took over their campus.

Company unveils robot dog Thermonator — with flamethrower attached
A company has unveiled a robot dog companion — with a flamethrower attached. Throwflame says the Terminator is the first-ever flame-throwing quadruped robot dog.

‘Death to America’ fliers circulate at University of Michigan Gaza camp
Pro-Hamas students planted their flag at the University of Michigan Monday and began sharing anti-American propaganda. Students set up a “Liberated Zone” for Gaza on a Diag, a campus common area:

Florida Governor DeSantis: Satanists Can’t be Part of School Chaplain Program “We’re Not Playing Those Games in Florida”
On Thursday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed House Bill 931 into law. The law allows school districts and charter schools to “adopt a policy to authorize volunteer school chaplains to provide support, services, and programs to students as assigned by the district school board or charter school governing board.”

Major Banks Debanking Christians
Debanking has become a major issue in recent years as institutions feel the current government gives them leeway to discriminate against customers based on their political beliefs. This is happening throughout the Western world. Most recently, fifteen attorneys general sent a letter to Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan about his bank’s “troubling financial pattern” of debanking Christians. “Bank of America has a track record of de-banking religious organizations,” the letter states.“

Pro-Palestinian, Anti-Israel Protests Spread to Yale, UMichigan, NYU, and Across America
Several days of protests, assaults on Jewish students, and chaos at Columbia University in New York City have now spread to other American college campuses. Columbia has since suspended two Palestinian groups, and a local rabbi has encouraged Jewish students to flee the campus.

New Study Reveals Alarming Views Among Young Muslims: Almost 70% Favor Islamic Law Over German Law 
A recent study exposes alarming views among young Muslims in Germany, with a significant majority prioritizing Sharia Law over German law, prompting criticism of the left-wing government’s response and its open-border policies.

Dr Aseem Malhotra’s Testimony on Human Rights Violations against the Finnish Government Introducing COVID-19 Vaccine Passports
On 2024 April 12, Dr. Aseem Malhotra gave testimony to the Helsinki District court as an expert witness on the Covid Pandemic under pain of perjury in the case of Mika Vauhkala against the Finnish Government for Human Rights Violations through introducing the Covid pass and thereby coercing a pharmacological intervention in Finland.

Ex-TikTok Employee Says He Was Ordered To Send US Data to China
A former senior employee at TikTok said he was ordered to send American user data to Beijing-based parent company ByteDance, contradicting TikTok’s public claims of operating independently from China, according to a Fortune report published Monday.

António Guterres calls for UN to have the power to declare a crisis and dictate the response worldwide
Award-winning journalist Alex Newman, author of the popular book ‘Deep State’ and the new best-selling book called ‘Indoctrinating Our Children to Death,’ says the UN’s quest for total tyrannical control of your life is coming sooner than you could imagine.

Global warming, biowarfare, and Pandemic Treaty grifters congregate to raise funds
Last week, EcoHealth Alliance held a fundraiser to enable it to promote the Pandemic Treaty’s One Health approach around the world. Michael Mann, infamous for creating the “hockey stick graph” at the centre of Climategate, spoke at the event. “We are witnessing a convergence between the global warming movement, the biowarfare industrial complex, and the WHO Pandemic Treaty grifters,” says Dr. Toby Rodgers.

Professor Angus Dalgleish: The mRNA injections are an absolute disaster and should be completely banned
In a Hearts of Oak podcast, Professor Angus Dalgleish shared his insights on Covid injections, expressing concerns about their impact on cancer patients. He questioned the mRNA technology and emphasized the need for data transparency in the medical field. He also discussed the virus’ origins, indicating the evidence showed the origin was a laboratory, and criticized the government’s handling of the pandemic.