25 Oct 2023

Mike Johnson elected speaker of the House
Republican Rep. Mike Johnson of Louisiana secured the gavel on the first vote Wednesday after the House had been without a speaker for three weeks. “It is the honor of a lifetime to have been elected the 56th Speaker of the House,” Johnson wrote in a tweet. “Thank you to my colleagues, friends, staff, and family for the unmatched support throughout this process. It has been an arduous few weeks, and a reminder that the House is as complicated and diverse as the people we represent. The urgency of this moment demands bold, decisive action to restore trust, advance our legislative priorities, and demonstrate good governance. Our House Republican Conference is united, and eager to work.”

With World Focused On Israel, WaPo Boasts CIA Is Behind Brazen Assassinations Of Russians
At a moment the globe’s attention is by and large completely focused on events in Gaza, The Washington Post has this week published a bombshell report which vindicates Moscow’s worst fears. Up to now, any pundit daring to write that Putin’s accusations that the West has for years backed a covert campaign to destabilize Russia while stoking the 2014 (and after) civil war in Donbass, was smeared as a ‘pro-Kremlin propagandist’. But now, the D.C. establishment’s premier newspaper is openly admitting that the CIA is actively running covert ops inside Russia, which has included the killing of journalist and geopolitical commentator Darya Dugina, the daughter of Alexaner Dugin. Another “conspiracy theory” has been belatedly admitted as conspiracy fact.

Pentagon Belatedly Reveals Two Dozen US Personnel Were Wounded In Spate Of Drone Attacks In Iraq, Syria
The Pentagon revealed in a late Tuesday statement that in just the past week, US and coalition forces have been attacked at least ten times in Iraq, as well as three times in Syria “via a mix of one way attack drones and rockets,” according to Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder,

Associated Press instructs reporters to avoid ‘terror’ label for Hamas
The world’s largest news agency, the Associated Press (AP), instructs reporters and organizations that rely on its style guide to avoid referring to Hamas as a terrorist organization, according to a review of the organization’s standards.

France’s Macron Proposes Anti-ISIS Coalition Fights Hamas
French President Emmanuel Macron proposed on Tuesday that an international coalition fighting against Islamic State (ISIS) in Iraq and Syria be widened to include the fight against the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas in Gaza.

Fatah’s Terror Wing Brags It Helped Hamas in Massacre, Promises to Continue Terror
Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah Movement applauded the massacre and promised more terror via its terror wing, the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades. In a video posted by the Brigades, a spokesman, Abu Muhammad, thanks Allah for the massacre and for “humiliating and defeating the Zionists,” and brags that Fatah’s Brigades are “fighting” with the Gazan terror organizations and that they also carried out their own terror attacks “behind enemy lines,” meaning within Israel.

Israeli Military Says Hamas Stockpiling 500,000 Liters of Fuel While Aid Agencies Decry Shortage
Israel on Tuesday released satellite images depicting what it described as stockpiles of half a million liters of diesel fuel controlled by Hamas as UN agencies claimed that their operations were on the verge of ceasing for lack of power. “There’s fuel in Gaza to run hospitals and pump water,” Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesperson Lt. Col. (res.) Jonathan Conricus posted on X/Twitter. “But Hamas prefers to use the fuel to continue fighting Israel. All those who claim otherwise are whitewashing Hamas crimes against their own.”

Top Israeli Official Calls for UN Chief to Resign After Saying Hamas Massacre ‘Did Not Happen in a Vacuum’
“I will not meet with the UN secretary-general. After October 7th there is no room for a balanced approach. Hamas must be erased from the world!” Cohen posted on X . Israel’s Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan went further, calling on Guterres to resign. “The UN secretary-general, who shows understanding for the campaign of mass murder of children, women, and the elderly, is not fit to lead the UN,” Erdan said.

IDF strikes military infrastructure of the Syrian Army in response to rocket launches
IDF fighter jets struck military infrastructure and mortar launchers belonging to the Syrian Army overnight Tuesday. The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said the strikes in response to the launches toward Israel on Tuesday evening. On Tuesday, shortly after 8:15 p.m., sirens were sounded in the Golan Heights area.

Qatar must be held accountable for Hamas’s actions against Israel
Al Thani’s first words are correct, enough is enough. But what is enough is not Israel’s campaign to destroy Hamas’s military capabilities, but rather that Qatar – a state that provides diplomatic, media, and financial support to a barbaric terrorist organization that murders and mutilates men, rapes and kidnaps women, and burns to death entire families – is accepted unblinkingly in the family of civilized nations.

IDF kills at least 10 Hamas terrorists in attempted maritime infiltration
At least ten Hamas terrorists were killed in waters off the shore of the southern Gaza border town of Zikim after attempting to infiltrate into Israel, Israeli media reported on Tuesday evening. The IDF stated on Tuesday night that a Hamas terrorist cell exited a tunnel along the coast of the Gaza Strip and attempted to infiltrate into Israel off the coast of Zikim.

Massive rocket barrage rocks central Israel
The rocket barrage in Tel Aviv, which triggered sirens across all of central Israel, sent more than a million Israelis to the shelters and wounded five people in Holon, Tel Aviv, Kfar Saba, Be’er Yaakov, and Yavne.

State Department says ceasefire would benefit Hamas, not stop rockets
During the U.S. State Department’s press briefing on Monday, spokesman Matthew Miller was asked whether Washington would support a call from European leaders for a “humanitarian pause in what’s happening in Gaza to bring in some aid.” “There are rockets, as I said a moment ago, that continue to be launched from Gaza targeting Israel. Any ceasefire would give Hamas the ability to rest, to refit and to get ready to continue launching terrorist attacks against Israel,” he said. “You can understand perfectly clearly why that’s an intolerable situation for Israel,

For the first time in 2,000 years: Priests blessing soldiers going to war
“I am a Kohen,” Saul said. “Can I give you a bracha (blessing)? Saul asked. Saul placed his hands on the young man’s head and gave him a heartfelt blessing, The young man’s eyes filled with tears. Several other young men who were about to leave to fight in the war against Hamas gathered around, asking to be blessed. Word quickly got out … Within a few days, over 4,000 names of soldiers were signed up and over 300 Kohanim were assigned to bless them individually.

Israeli army ready for ground offensive against Hamas, IDF chief declares
A ground invasion is thought to be imminent for the IDF to destroy the Hamas terror organization in the Gaza Strip.“The goals of the war as defined for us by the Israeli government are the destruction of Hamas, the restoration of security to the residents of Israel, and a supreme effort to free the abductees and return them home.”

Under attack from Lebanon, Israelis in north tell me Netanyahu must attack Iran & Hezbollah hard, fast, first
Are Israeli leaders delaying launching an invasion of northern Gaza because world leaders, including U.S. President Joe Biden, are tying their hands? Or because they are planning something much bigger and completely unexpected – a massive preemptive attack on Iranian nuclear sites and on Hezbollah forces in Lebanon? Israeli war preparations in the north are clearly accelerating.

‘This fight against terrorism’ is a ‘matter of existence for all of us,’ says French President Macron on Israel visit
French President Emmanuel Macron made a solidarity trip to Israel on Tuesday following the Gaza-ruling Hamas terror organization initiated an unprecedented surprise assault on Israel on Oct. 7. The French leader conveyed sympathy for Israel on behalf of his nation following a meeting with French-Israeli families of hostages being held captive by Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Red Alert in Vanuatu, Lola becomes southern hemisphere’s earliest Category 5 tropical cyclone on record 
The center of Tropical Cyclone “Lola” approached the islands of Maewo, Pentecost, and Ambae in Vanuatu at around 12:00 UTC on October 24, 2023, with maximum sustained winds of 185 km/h (115 mph). Maximum one-minute sustained winds were recorded at 205 km/h (125 mph), gusting up to 250 km/h (155 mph). The minimum barometric pressure was 941 hPa.

October snow in Fairbanks almost doubles the seasonal average for this time of year 
On October 22, 2023, Fairbanks, Alaska experienced a notable increase in snowfall, with the National Weather Service (NWS) Fairbanks office recording 8.9 cm (3.5 inches) of snow on that day alone. The snow depth in the region has reached 22.9 cm (9 inches), pushing the seasonal total to a remarkable 36.3 cm (14.3 inches), which is nearly double the usual amount for this time of year.

Tropical Cyclone “Hamoon” makes landfall in Bangladesh
Tropical Cyclone “Hamoon” formed on October 23, 2023, as the 4th named storm of the 2023 North Indian Ocean cyclone season. Hamoon approached the coast of Bangladesh on October 24 while rapidly weakening, and made landfall north of Cox’s Bazar at around 16:00 UTC with maximum 10-minute sustained winds between 110 km/h (70 mph) and 120 (75 mph).

Gun Grab: State Democrats Pass Sweeping Gun Control Bill in Reaction to Recent Pro-2A Supreme Court Decision
Democratic politicians continue to abridge Americans’ Second Amendment right to self-defense despite the terrifying nationwide crime waves ignited by their soft-on-crime policies.

Canadian Military Chaplains Directed Not to Invoke God in Public Prayer Except on Remembrance Day: Report
Liberal members of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government have gone on the defensive after media reports that the nation’s military chaplains had been ordered not to pray.

South Korean Christians turn to AI for prayer
The word of God is reaching the ears of South Korean Christians through chatbots. Online church services using artificial intelligence are rapidly becoming an essential part of worship in Korea, where Christianity is the biggest religion, as tens of thousands turn to chatbots and audio bibles for spiritual sustenance.

More than 100 pounds of drugs worth $4M found in NYC pizzeria
Pizza isn’t all they were slinging. Three people were charged with running a drug ring out of a Bronx pizzeria after authorities allegedly seized more than 100 pounds of cocaine, heroin, fentanyl and other illicit substances — worth an estimated $4 million — from the restaurant.

Samson Option: Mark Levin Urges Israel to Consider Firing Off Entire Nuclear Arsenal If Threatened
Fox News host Mark Levin went on an unhinged rant Sunday urging Israel to consider the Samson Option — Israel’s plan to fire off all their nukes and initiate a global nuclear holocaust if their existence is threatened — and arrogantly scolded a fellow Fox News host for suggesting America stay out of Israel’s wars.

The Toxic Brew That Is Going To Create Endless Chaos In The Streets Of America
Really bad policies lead to really bad consequences, and our leaders have been making absolutely disastrous decisions for decades.  As a result, the streets of America are now teeming with thieves, drug addicts, prostitutes, violent criminals and sexual predators.  We have raised an entire generation of young Americans that has no moral foundation whatsoever, and every day we are adding even more immigrants from third world countries to the mix.

Skimpflation: When companies swap ingredients to lower costs
In addition to hiking prices and shrinking product sizes, some food companies have also been quietly downgrading ingredients to reduce manufacturing costs.

US troops in Middle East attacked 13 times in last week: Pentagon
U.S. troops positioned in the Middle East have been attacked 13 times in the last week with a mix of one-way drones and rockets, according to Pentagon officials.

UK government is monitoring teachers’ online activity and recording criticism of government policies and Ofsted
A startling revelation indicates that the UK government has substantially amplified its surveillance of the social media activity of educators. Ranging from leading education experts to teaching assistants and librarians earning modest salaries, the magnifying glass of surveillance closely monitors posts criticising education policies.

An Inquiry into Australia’s Excess Mortality: Independent professionals investigate the disturbing rates of death which began in 2021
Beginning in 2021, Australians have been dying at disturbing rates. Yet, political and medical authorities continue to ignore this, says a group of ethical doctors and scientists who have investigated what is killing so many Australians. The Australian Senate voted against holding an inquiry into this excess mortality but independent, committed medical professionals have conducted an investigation.

Mortality Rates per 100k prove Quadruple Vaccinated Adults are 104% more likely to die than Unvaccinated Adults
An analysis of data contained in a report quietly published by the UK Government department known as the Office for National Statistics has shockingly revealed that four-dose vaccinated adults aged between 40 and 49 are up to 104% more likely to die than unvaccinated adults based on mortality rates per 100,000 population. Meanwhile, one-dose vaccinated adults aged between 40 and 49 are up to 185% more likely to die than unvaccinated adults of the same age.