26 Apr 2024

Levites tune up for the Third Temple
On Thursday, the third intermediary day of Passover, Levites gathered in Jerusalem to reenact their musical role in the Temple. A group of about two dozen Levites gathered in the Old City to practice their singing while wearing garments designed for use by the Temple musicians in the Third Temple. In the days that the Temples stood in Jerusalem, the Levites sang on the 15 steps— corresponding to the 15 Songs of Ascent in Psalms 15 —that led from the Ezrat Nashim (“Court of Women”) to the Ezrat Yisrael(“Court of Israelites”).

Canada: Ontario parliamentarian asked to leave legislature for wearing a keffiyeh
A parliamentarian from the Canadian province of Ontario was asked to leave the legislature for wearing a keffiyeh on Thursday, CityNews reported. The move comes a week after the Speaker of the House, Ted Arnott, banned the wearing of the traditional Muslim scarves, claiming it appeared to him the keffiyeh was being worn to make a political statement.

IDF making final preparations for Rafah invasion, completing Gaza war
“Hamas should know that when the IDF goes into Rafah, it would be wise to raise its hands in surrender,” says senior IDF official. the incursion into Rafah will mark the final stage in the ongoing Swords of Iron War.

No green light from Washington for Rafah mission, US envoy says
the Biden administration has not given Jerusalem its approval of a military operation in Rafah—the southernmost city in the Gaza Strip—the U.S. State Department’s top Middle East diplomat said on Wednesday. “Absolutely not,” Barbara Leaf, assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern affairs, told reporters.

Report: Biden Admin greenlights ICC arrest warrants targeting Israeli officials
The International Criminal Court in The Hague would not be considering issuing arrest warrants for senior Israeli officials without the approval of the United States, according to a Channel 12 report on Tuesday, citing senior sources associated with the ICC. “The sources at The Hague said that it is impossible that the chief prosecutor would have decided on such a dramatic step, in a war that is still ongoing, with very little evidence, if he had not at least had a ‘green light’ from the Americans. If this is true, this is another and unprecedented low in relations between Israel and the U.S., at a very sensitive time, on the eve of the ground entry to Rafah,”

Secret Service Agent Assigned To Kamala Harris Hospitalized After Fighting Other Agents
“A US Secret Service special agent supporting the Vice President’s departure from Joint Base Andrews began displaying behavior their colleagues found distressing,” said Anthony Guglielmi, chief of communications. According to CBS News, “the agent spouted gibberish, was speaking incoherently and provoked another officer physically,” and “pushed the special agent in charge while they were near the lounge of Joint Base Andrews.” An initial medical evaluation concluded that there was no indication of substance abuse.

Judge Shoots Down Effort To Identify FBI, Undercover Police On Jan. 6
Mr. Pope most recently asked the court to compel federal prosecutors to identify all FBI special agents or other employees who were “material witnesses” at the Capitol on Jan. 6 and produce “all photographs, videos, and records related to their presence.” In that motion, Mr. Pope cited two suspected FBI agents who attended Jan. 6 events at the Capitol with former special agent John Guandolo, who once served as the Bureau’s liaison with U.S. Capitol Police.

Sceptical Supreme Court Could Hand Trump Partial Victory In Immunity Case
After two and a half hours, the Supreme Court has finished hearing arguments on whether a former president is immune from criminal prosecution.

Oklahoma man killed wife, 3 sons and himself — 4th son, 10, survived
Jonathon Candy, 42, was identified Tuesday as the shooter. He killed Lindsay Candy, 39; Dylan Candy, 18; Ethan Candy, 14, and Lucas Candy, 12, according to police. The couple’s 10-year-old son, who has not been publicly named, survived the shooting and called police, Cops had never been called to the home before and had no previous contact with the family, according to Knight.

National Hurricane Center Monitoring Atlantic System
The National Hurricane Center (NHC) is monitoring a system in the far eastern Atlantic Ocean for potential tropical cyclone development. An area of low pressure located about 900 miles northwest of the Cabo Verde Islands has been producing a small but persistent area of showers and thunderstorms to the east of its center since this morning. However, meteorologists with the NHC say the low is forecast to move southwestward at 10-15 mph into an area of stronger upper-level winds tonight and tomorrow

How Scientists Are Preparing for Apophis’s Unnervingly Close Brush With Earth
In about five years’ time, a potentially hazardous asteroid will swing by Earth at an eerily close distance of less than 20,000 miles (32,000 kilometers). During this rare encounter, Apophis will be ten times closer to Earth than the Moon and scientists want to take full advantage of its visit. Apophis is a on trajectory towards an Earth flyby on April 13, 2029. Private space companies like Blue Origin and startup Exploration Labs, or ExLabs, have come up with proposals for missions to rendezvous with Apophis before its anticipated flyby,

Intelligence sources confirm that Sinwar has left his tunnel
Intelligence sources have confirmed reports that Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar has left his hiding spot and walked the streets of Gaza, according to the Hostage Families Forum.

Calls for a double Holocaust at Columbia U
The recent anti-Israel and pro-Hamas demonstrations at Columbia University have seen calls for a double Holocaust – not a second Holocaust, but a double one. In footage that emerged from the Columbia hate orgy over the weekend, one of the protestors yelled at Jewish students and counter-protestors, “Remember the 7th of October! That will happen not one more time, not five more times, not 10 more times, not 100 more times, not 1,000 more times, but 10,000 times!” The massacre was celebrated by a member of Columbia’s own staff.

Hitler banned smoking
Hitler banned smoking and the Germans obeyed. In the West, it all began in 1995 when liberals got a cause, no smoking, sanctioned by the government. They went on from there. Been downhill ever since. The rats are out in the open. The good people are in hiding. As at Columbia U, where thousands there and elsewhere are staging an American Kristallnacht. Hitler never drank or smoked ….

Tens of thousands attend Priestly Blessing ceremony at the Western Wall
Tens of thousands of worshipers gathered Thursday morning for the traditional Birkat Kohanim (Priestly Blessing) ceremony during the Passover holiday at the Western Wall. The ceremony was led by Israel’s Chief Rabbis and the Rabbi of the Western Wall and Holy Sites. During the ceremony, prayers were offered for the swift return of the hostages, for the healing of the wounded, and for the well-being of the State of Israel, the IDF soldiers, and the security forces.

‘Anyone who boycotts people due to nationality is a Nazi’
Shai Glick, CEO of the B’tsalmo human rights organization, on Thursday penned a letter to European Space Agency Director General Josef Aschbacher, protesting the removal of Israeli researcher Prof. Tsevi Mazeh’s name from a press release about a ESA study.

US Federal Trade Commission announces ban on noncompetes
The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on Tuesday issued a final rule to promote competition by banning noncompetes nationwide, protecting the fundamental freedom of workers to change jobs, increasing innovation, and fostering new business formation. “The FTC’s final rule to ban noncompetes will ensure Americans have the freedom to pursue a new job, start a new business, or bring a new idea to market.”

Egypt to Israel: Freeze Rafah operation – in exchange for renewing hostage negotiations
Egypt on Wednesday presented to the Israeli delegation in Cairo a demand to completely freeze a military operation in Gaza, in exchange for renewal of the negotiations regarding a prisoner swap deal with Hamas, Al-Hadath reported. Al-Hadath claimed that “Egypt passed Israel an initiative to freeze its invasion into Rafah in exchange for restarting the negotiations.” Israel’s War Cabinet is currently meeting to discuss a possible deal. It is Hamas’ last chance: If there is no deal, the Rafah operation will be brutal.

Over 150 fatalities in Tanzania as heavy rains cause widespread floods and destruction
On April 25, 2024, Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa reported to Tanzania’s parliament that torrential rains have resulted in the deaths of at least 155 people, with 236 others injured since January. The severe weather has also led to significant damage to infrastructure and affected over 200,000 people across the country.

Dense smoke cloud from wildfires in Acapulco leads to school closures, Mexico
Due to severe smoke and ash produced by multiple wildfires, the Secretary of Public Education of Guerrero has announced the suspension of all academic and administrative activities in preschools and primary schools in Acapulco and Chilpancingo for Thursday, April 25, 2024. This decision affects schools in both morning and afternoon shifts and follows recommendations from the state’s environmental authorities.

Massive landslide washes away key highway linking India to China in Arunachal Pradesh
On April 23, 2024, a massive landslide struck Arunachal Pradesh, India, on April 24, 2024, washing away part of the Roing Anini Highway, the sole route connecting the Dibang Valley district to the rest of India and the China border. The landslide, triggered by recent heavy rainfall, caused significant disruptions along National Highway 313 between Hunli and Anini, posing severe challenges for local residents and security forces.

Record rainfall in UAE triggers severe flooding and waterborne illness outbreak 
On April 16, 2024, the United Arab Emirates experienced a historic weather event, receiving a year’s worth of rainfall in just 12 hours, leading to severe flooding across the nation, including disruptions at Dubai’s major international airport. Following the floods, health concerns have risen due to water contamination that has reportedly sickened residents with symptoms linked to contaminated water.

Emerging cicadas’ cacophony triggers calls to police in South Carolina from confused residents
The emergence of cicadas in South Carolina has caused a disturbance so loud that it prompted uneasy residents to call police for help. The Newberry County Sheriff’s Office said they had several calls Tuesday about a noise in the air that sounded like “a siren, or a whine or a roar.”

Tennessee Republicans Pass Law Allowing Teachers To Be Armed – Democrats Cry “Fascism”
Tennessee House Republicans on Tuesday passed legislation to allow some trained teachers and school staff to carry firearms despite aggressive opposition from Democrats and gun control advocates calling for the bill to be defeated.  The bill is all but guaranteed to become law within weeks, as Gov. Bill Lee can either sign it or allow it to become law without his signature. Lee has never vetoed a bill.

Pfizer ‘Chose Not to’ Tell Regulators About SV40 Sequence in COVID Shots: Health Canada Official
A senior Health Canada official says pharma giant Pfizer made a conscious decision not to advise regulators that its mRNA COVID-19 vaccine contained a DNA sequence from the Simian Virus 40 (SV40).

Significant Increases in Cancer Mortality After COVID mRNA Vaccination, Japanese Researchers Find
A Japanese peer-reviewed study found statistically significant increases in cancer mortality, especially after the third COVID-19 mRNA vaccine dose, according to John Campbell, Ph.D., a prominent healthcare commentator.

WHO, Media Drum Up Fear of Bird Flu Spreading to Humans
The World Health Organization (WHO) again sounded the alarm about bird flu last week, warning it has an “extremely high” mortality rate among humans.

US Births Alarmingly Slide To Lowest Level Since 1979, Failing To Exceed Replacement Rate Since Before GFC
“There are certainly some big risks that humanity faces. Population collapse is a really big deal, but I wish more people would think about…the birth rate is far below what’s needed to sustain civilization at its current level,” Elon Musk explained in a recent interview posted on X.

US Secretly Armed Ukraine With Long-Range ATACMS Last Month
The US confirmed on Wednesday that it had secretly sent Ukraine long-range Army Tactical Missile Systems (ATACMS) last month as part of a $300 million arms package. The long-range ATACMS can be fired from the HIMARS rocket systems and can hit targets up to 190 miles away, a range that marks a significant escalation in US support for Ukraine.

In First, 17 Nations Release Joint Statement Demanding Hamas Release All Hostages
Hamas has rejected an urgent formal plea from world leaders to release all remaining Israeli hostages, with the designated terror group telling the West “you can’t force us to do anything.” Earlier on Thursday the US was among a group of 17 countries which have citizens in Hamas custody that released a joint statement calling on Hamas to free them.

Why Are There So Many Americans That Can’t Find A Job Even Though They Are Desperate To Be Hired?
According to the absurd numbers that the government feeds us, the unemployment rate is very low and there are lots of jobs available.  But if what they are telling us is true, why are so many Americans not able to find work?…. Some people haven’t been hired even though they have literally applied for hundreds of jobs.  There seems to be an enormous disconnect between what is actually happening in the real economy and the economic narrative that they are constantly pushing.

Congress’ Latest Foreign Aid Package Emboldens Communist China 
On Tuesday night, the United States Senate advanced a foreign aid package that provides $95 billion in aid to Ukraine, Israel, and the Indo-Pacific after the legislation passed in the United States House of Representatives on Saturday. President Joe Biden is expected to sign the supplemental shortly into law.

This Is Why Everyone Needs To Prepare For The Day When Devastating Cyberattacks Take U.S. Power Grids Down
We should have never exposed our power grids to the Internet, and now we are incredibly vulnerable. During a recent congressional hearing, FBI Director Christopher Wray publicly admitted that Chinese hackers have been targeting our power grids…

Statement by PM Netanyahu
“What’s happening in America’s college campuses is horrific. Antisemitic mobs have taken over leading universities. They call for the annihilation of Israel. They attack Jewish students. They attack Jewish faculty. This is reminiscent of what happened in German universities in the 1930s. It’s unconscionable. It has to be stopped. It has to be condemned and condemned unequivocally. But that’s not what happened. The response of several university presidents was shameful.

Why Students Of God’s Word Aren’t Surprised By Russia, Iran, And Turkey’s Mutal Hatred Of Israel
..Setting The Stage For Ezekiel 38 The Bible, in Ezekiel 38 and 39, tells us that things need to move in this direction. These chapters speak of a future attack on Israel from the north with the three main players—Russia, Iran, and Turkey. Knowing this, we shouldn’t expect any warm relations between these countries and Israel.

ChatGPT pushes propaganda about covid vaccines
ChatGPT is an AI-powered language model developed by OpenAI.  OpenAI’s CEO claims ChatGPT is super intelligent and neutral in its political persuasion.  So, Patrick Wood put it to the test.  What he found is that ChatGPT pushes propaganda that comes directly from government public health agencies.  In other words, it is a propaganda tool.

Cross-dresser makes children chant ‘Free Palestine’ during reading session at Massachusetts art center – even though Hamas tortures gays.
Drag queen performer Lil Miss Hot Mess read stories to kids during the Queer Storytime for Palestine event at the Northampton Center for the Arts on April 14 in Massachusetts. While reading her book “If You’re a Drag Queen and You Know It,” [he] told the children: “If you’re a drag queen and you know it, shout ‘Free Palestine.'”

Australia’s eSafety commissioner and the Global Internet Censorship Network
American-born Australian Julie Inman Grant is a key architect of the multigovernmental ‘Global Online Safety Regulators Network’ to censor speech that politicians and government bureaucrats fear. The network includes censors from Australia, France, Ireland, South Africa, Korea, the UK, and Fiji.  Ofcom – the government-approved regulatory authority for the broadcasting, telecommunications and postal industries – is the UK member of this global internet censorship network.

Nikola Tesla, robots and the transhumanist cult
…Matthew Ehret believes those who credit Nikola Tesla as of father of AI to be more correct. Tesla had a very particular relationship with robots and explicitly considered these beings which he called his “Telautomata” to be nothing less than a new species that he himself had “evolved.” His use of the term “I have evolved” when describing what he treated as a new species should make anyone aware of the religious cult of transhumanism more than a little uncomfortable.

WHO is NOT backing down on its pandemic plans; there is no “major victory for freedom” 
Much has been made of the draft of the International Health Regulations released last week.  Although some changes have been made and some wording moved around, the World Health Organisation’s (“WHO’s”) plans are the same as they were before.