18 Sep 2023

Russia expels U.S. diplomats
Russia announced Thursday that it was designating two U.S. diplomats as “persona non grata,” ordering them to leave within seven days due to allegations of “illegal activity” with a Russian national who was charged with collaborating with a foreign government.

‘Quickly turned horrific’: Family hears woman screaming as she’s euthanized!
After a short night’s sleep, I was woken up by a nurse who told me that Alexina was doing very badly,” Stulens said. “Then the doctor took some syringes and we were asked if we wanted to say goodbye.” Stulens and his daughter were told to wait outside, so they went onto the terrace, but what they thought would be a peaceful death quickly turned horrific: they heard screaming.

The Taliban Has Detained an American, and 18 Others, for Promoting ‘Christianity’
On Friday, the International Assistance Mission (IAM) confirmed that the Taliban had detained the American worker and 18 others after the radical group stormed its offices in Ghor, just 400 miles outside of Kabul.

Here’s China’s first step if war with US breaks out
The 2023 Department of Defense Cyber Strategy outlines how both nations are equipped to launch a series of cyberattacks targeting the U.S. critical infrastructure and defense networks in the event of war. The revelation underscores the escalating global cyber conflict and places added urgency on the United States to bolster its own digital defenses. According to the unclassified summary made public on September 12, the tactics intended by China and Russia aim to “target our critical infrastructure,”

Texas AG Sends Threatening Warning to Biden After Being Cleared From Impeachment Charges
On Saturday, Paxton released a letter to the Biden White House, telling the president to “buckle up” after defeating the “sham impeachment.” “The sham impeachment coordinated by the Biden Administration with liberal House Speaker Dade Phelan and his kangaroo court has cost taxpayers millions of dollars, disrupted the work of the Office of Attorney General, and left a dark and permanent stain on the Texas House,” Paxton’s letter read. “The weaponization of the impeachment process to settle political differences is not only wrong, it is immoral and corrupt,”

Humans to Achieve Immortality by 2030, Google Engineer Claims
Kurzweil spoke with the YouTube channel Adagio, discussing the expansion in genetics, nanotechnology, and robotics, which he believes will lead to age-reversing “nanobots.” These tiny robots will repair damaged cells and tissues that deteriorate as the body ages and make us immune to diseases like cancer. The predictions that such a feat is achievable by 2030 have been met with excitement and skepticism, as curing all deadly diseases seems far out of reach, the Daily Mail notes.

“We Dare Not Keep Silent”: ATF Releases Anti-Gun Rule For Public Comment
Earlier this year, the Biden Administration announced its intent to move the United States “as close to Universal Background Checks as possible without additional legislation.” After much speculation on how far-reaching the rule would be, it has finally arrived, and it’s worse than expected.

Macron Is Not Wrong About China, The U.S. Should Worry
Not so long ago, following French President Emmanuel Macron’s Beijing visit, many in the U.S. reacted to his expressed desire to avoid confrontation with China with indignation, labeling the leader a fool and a puppet. [T]he weight of Europe in the world is shrinking,” he acknowledges, claiming that “[t]he next two decades are going to be crucial because China will use them to become the first global power.”

Turkey Could ‘Part Ways’ With The EU: Erdogan
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Saturday that Ankara could “part ways” with the EU if necessary, following the release of a European Parliament report rejecting the possibility of Turkey joining the EU soon. The report instead suggested the EU explore “a parallel and realistic framework,” such as a customs union, to determine its ties with Ankara. “

Two Russians, American Reach Space Station
Two Russian cosmonauts and an American astronaut docked with the International Space Station on Friday after blasting off from Baikonur amid raging tensions between Moscow and Washington over Ukraine. Earlier Friday Roscosmos cosmonauts Oleg Kononenko and Nikolai Chub and NASA astronaut Loral O’Hara lifted off from the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan aboard the Soyuz MS-24 spacecraft.

EU may become as hooked on China batteries as it was on Russian energy
The European Union could become as dependent on China for lithium-ion batteries and fuel cells by 2030 as it was on Russia for energy before the war in Ukraine unless it takes strong measures, a paper prepared for EU leaders said. The document, obtained by Reuters, will be the basis of discussions on Europe’s economic security during a meeting of EU leaders in Granada in Spain on Oct. 5.

Iran’s Security Forces Out in Force a Year after Mahsa Amini’s Death
Iranian security forces cracked down on protests in Kurdish areas of the country on Saturday and briefly detained the father of Mahsa Amini, a year after the young woman’s death in custody set off some of the worst political unrest in four decades. The Revolutionary Guards detained a dual national suspected of “trying to organize unrest and sabotage”, the official news agency IRNA reported, one of several arrests of “counter revolutionaries” and “terrorists” reported.

North Korea’s Kim Heads Home after Week-Long Visit to Russia
Kim Jong Un was heading home by train on Sunday, Russian news agencies reported, after a week-long visit to Russia that included talks with President Vladimir Putin on closer military and other cooperation.

Shameful: UNESCO classifies ancient Jericho as ‘Palestinian heritage site’
The Heritage Committee of the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) announced on Sunday that one of the newest entries on the organization’s list of global heritage sites is Tel a-Sultan in Jericho. The UNESCO member states decided that the tel will be considered a “Palestinian world heritage site.”

Saudi Arabia halts talks on peace deal with Israel
In a significant setback to normalizing ties between Saudi Arabia and Israel, the government in Riyadh has reportedly informed the Biden administration that it was suspending all related discussions, an Israeli official from the Prime Minister’s Office revealed to the London-based Saudi news outlet Elaph on Sunday. The Arab news medium, which is viewed by many as a public broadcaster for Jerusalem and Riyadh, cited the anonymous official as blaming Israel’s “extremist” government led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Saudi Arabia also expressed concerns that the current Israeli government is obstructing a peace process with the Palestinians.

As Israel enters period of high holidays, Hamas threatens with new terror intifada
Saleh al-Arouri, deputy head of Hamas’ political bureau, threatened the Jewish state with a new terror intifada during a high-level meeting in the Lebanese capital Beirut on Saturday. Al-Arouri who met with Jamil Mazhar, deputy secretary-general of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) to coordinate attacks against Israel, vowed to “return to the intifada in order to achieve national unity and the settlement of the Palestinian home on national and democratic bases.”

First-ever ‘National Prayer For Life’ event in Israel to protect unborn babies to be held this Friday
One of the most heartbreaking things that Lynn and I have discovered since we began visiting Israel as a family in 2003, and then became Israeli citizens in 2014, is just how widely accepted abortion is as a form of birth control. And the number of unborn babies that have been murdered here over the past 75 years. Abortion was first legalized by the Knesset – Israel’s parliament – in 1977.

James Dickey: The flimsy legal theory seeking to keep Trump off the ballot
the recent petition filed in the Minnesota Supreme Court seeking to keep former President Donald Trump off of Minnesota’s 2024 primary and general election ballots, and also UMLC’s new case against the “Don’t Say Felon” speech code created by the legislature to shut down certain political speech in the days leading up to Minnesota elections.

Low Mississippi River limits barges just as farmers want to move their crops downriver
A long stretch of hot, dry weather has left the Mississippi River so low that barge companies are reducing their loads just as Midwest farmers are preparing to harvest crops and send tons of corn and soybeans downriver to the Gulf of Mexico. The transport restrictions are a headache for barge companies, but even more worrisome for thousands of farmers who have watched drought scorch their fields for much of the summer. Now they will face higher prices to transport what remains of their crops.

With over 10,000 still missing, Libya opens probe into devastating collapse of dams
Libyan authorities have opened an investigation into the collapse of two dams that caused a devastating flood in a coastal city as rescue teams searched for bodies on Saturday, nearly a week after the deluge killed more than 11,000 people.

Second US death reported as Lee lashes New England with high winds, dangerous waves
A second death related to Lee in the U.S. was reported Saturday as the sprawling storm pounded New England with damaging winds that left more 300,000 customers across both the U.S. and Canada without power during the peak of the cyclone.

Train car carrying toxic perchloric acid explodes in Nebraska rail yard: Evacuation orders issued for four mile radius as huge plume of smoke fills sky above North Platte
A train carrying toxic perchloric acid has exploded in a Nebraska rail yard, prompting evacuation orders to be issued, as huge plumes are seen engulfing the city.

California To Drop ‘Medical Misinformation’ Law After Judge Blasts ‘Dramatic Examples’
California has quietly announced it’s ditching Gov. Gavin Newsom’s draconian ‘Covid-19 medical misinformation’ law, which would threaten the licenses of doctors who don’t agree with “scientific consensus” on various issues.

Italy’s Great Replacement: Over 10,000 Military-Age African Men Invade the Shores of Lampedusa in Three Days
European Union elites are once again utilizing mass migration to replace European populations, resulting in shocking demographic impacts that profoundly affect European countries’ national and cultural identities. Migrants are being used by the left-wing elites and those posing as conservatives to dilute host cultures, ensure more votes, and seize power.

270 Maine properties suspected law enforcement of being used as illegal weed farms by Chinese nationals
A federal memo revealed that law enforcement officials have identified 270 properties in Maine that are suspected of being used for illegal marijuana grow operations by Chinese  nationals who are residents or in the US on asylum claims.

Publishers Discourage Submissions From White, Able-Bodied People.
Book publishers and literary agents are actively discouraging submissions from white and “able-bodied” people, preferring instead to support those from perceived “marginalized” or “under-represented” backgrounds, an investigation has found.

Oncologist warns Cancers are rapidly developing Post-COVID-19 Vaccination: “I am experienced enough to know this is not a Coincidence” 
Dr. Angus Dalgleish, a renowned oncologist practising in the UK, recently wrote an open letter to the editor-in-chief of the medical journal The BMJ, urging the journal that harmful effects of Covid injections be “aired and debated immediately” because cancers and other diseases are rapidly progressing among “boosted” people.

UN Secretary-General is unfit to be lecturing the world about hate speech and disinformation
The United Nations (“UN”) is developing a Code of Conduct for information integrity on digital platforms in preparation for the Summit of the Future in 2024. And, since February, Secretary-General António Guterres has been pushing this particular agenda at every given opportunity. Is António Guterres, who through his Portuguese political allies is implicated in the Casa Pia Scandal, even fit to suggest a “code of conduct” that would be imposed on the world?

Apocalyptic Catastrophe Awaits: Leaked Pfizer Data & Death Rates Solidify Deagel’s Terrifying 2025 Depopulation Prediction
A controversial forecast by Deagel, a global intelligence and consulting firm, recently gained attention for its startling prediction of a significant depopulation event by 2025. While initially dismissed as a speculative estimation, current events and emerging trends have led many to question whether there may be more to Deagel’s forecast than meets the eye.

Why are the Freemasons collecting the DNA of your Children?
The Freemasons have long stood at the epicentre of numerous conspiracy theories, their secretive nature adding fuel to the fire of speculation. Now the introduction of the MYCHIP (MasoniCHIP) program, dressed up as a benevolent child protection tool, has provoked further debate. But could there be concealed objectives beyond the surface?