8 Aug 2023

UFOs once took control of Russian ICBMs, nearly caused WW3 – testimony
Russian fighter jets once fired at possible extraterrestrial life forms after a pair of UFOs nearly caused World War III to break out, according to sworn testimony shared to Congress and obtained by Fox News. “UFOs appeared over the base, performed astonishing maneuvers in front of stunned eyewitnesses and then somehow took control of the launch system. The missiles were aimed at the US and were suddenly fired up.

Expert says new coronavirus strain has no ‘unusual ability to cause serious illness’
“The name given to it is ‘Eris’, and it is a descendant of the strains that currently rule the world – the XBB. The very speed with which it is spreading in England is definitely disturbing, but I want to reassure and say that in terms of complications and the ability to cause serious illness, we do not see anything unusual here.”

Facebook Files: FBI Lied About Extensive Meetings with Zuckerberg’s Platform About Hunter Biden ‘Laptop from Hell’
The FBI lied about the extent of its communications with Facebook regarding the Hunter Biden laptop story in 2020, newly disclosed communications from the tech company reveal. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) says that the FBI’s claim it only met with Facebook once about Biden’s “Laptop from Hell” are “completely false.”

Severe Storms Pound Millions In Eastern US
On Monday evening, a line of storms with damaging wind gusts, large hail, and heavy rain swept through the Mid-Atlantic region. Hundreds of thousands of customers are without power, and a large number of flight disruptions have been reported at major airports.

House Democrats Demand 1,000% Tax On Semiautomatic Rifles
Democrats in Congress reintroduced legislation imposing a 1,000% excise tax on the sale of “large capacity ammunition feeding devices and semiautomatic assault weapons.” US Rep. Don “Doug” Beyer, a Democrat from Virginia, and 24 other House Democrats introduced the bill on Friday. A similar bill was introduced by Beyer last year that would, of course, only mean wealthy elites and drug dealers could afford semiautomatic rifles.

Desertification threatens to turn Iran’s future to dust
The desertification of Iran is occurring at a staggering pace, with officials last month warning that more than 1 million hectares of the country’s territory — roughly equivalent to the size of Qom Province or Lebanon — is essentially becoming uninhabitable every year. The warning signs were on full display this month. Temperatures in southwestern Iran hit a staggering 66.7 degrees Celsius (152 degrees Fahrenheit), higher than what is considered tolerable for human life.

New pandemic vaccine for ‘Disease X’ in the works
The unknown potential pandemic has mobilized over 200 scientists at the government’s high-security Porton Down laboratory complex in Wiltshire, according to Sky News. Their mission is to anticipate and deter the next global health emergency before it even begins.

‘Global Warming’ Morphs Into ‘Global Boiling’ as the Global Climate Hoax Turns Up the Heat
the United Nations turned up the heat on the global climate hoax by declaring “the era of global warming” has now morphed into “the era of global boiling.” With typically hysterical rhetoric, The lying appears ubiquitous among government agencies monitoring the weather. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has “disappeared” an internet page that demonstrated that, 90 years ago, we experienced a far greater wave of heat than we are experiencing today.

PayPal debuts US dollar-backed stablecoin for payments
PayPal on Monday launched a stablecoin digital currency backed by US dollars to be used for transactions at its global online payments platform. PayPal USD is issued by Paxos Trust Company and backed by dollar deposits and similar cash holdings, the online payments giant said in a release.

Baffled Scientists Detect Massive Unexplained Radiation From the Sun, Study Reports
To their surprise, the HAWC researchers discovered the first solar gamma-rays that surpass a tera-electron volt (TeV), a unit of energy that is only seen in the highest-energy realms of the universe. The team said that their observations “deepen the mysteries of the solar-disk emission” and “highlight the need for a revised framework that can explain the anomalous excess of gamma rays from the Sun also in the TeV range,” according to a study published on Thursday in Physical Review Letters.

Ukraine says Jeddah talks are a ‘huge blow’ to Russia
A senior Ukrainian official said on Monday that the weekend’s talks in Saudi Arabia about the war in Ukraine dealt a “huge blow” to Russia and that the participants agreed to hold another meeting of political advisers within about six weeks. More than 40 countries, including China, India, the United States, and European countries, but not Russia, took part in the talks that were seen as an attempt by Kyiv to build a broader coalition of powers to support its vision of peace.

North Korean cyber group hacked top Russian missile makers
An elite group of North Korean hackers secretly breached computer networks at a major Russian missile developer for at least five months last year, according to technical evidence reviewed by Reuters and analysis by security researchers.

Crisis brewing? Israeli Judges Freeze Basic Law, to coalition’s outrage
The bombshell decision marks the first time that the Supreme Court has ordered an injunction against a quasi-Constitutional Basic Law, and coalition party heads said that the institution has clearly overstepped its authority by ruling on the matter. “The court does not have the authority to cancel Basic Laws and does not have the authority to determine that the Basic Law will enter into force at a later date,” read a media statement from the heads of the coalition parties.

Minnesota babies who survive abortions no longer entitled to lifesaving medical care
Minnesota abortion reporting forms no longer must note ‘whether the abortion resulted in a born alive infant’ or ‘any medical actions taken to preserve the life of the born alive infant.’
Babies who survive abortions will no longer be counted under a new Minnesota pro-abortion law that is now in effect. Babies who survive abortion also have fewer rights after the state’s Democratic leaders passed the legislation, in effect as of August 1, that lessens the medical care requirements for those infants.

Puppet Masters of the Pandemic, Part 2: CIA may be the most powerful organization in the history of humankind
Why would any American citizen want to believe that their country was intimately involved in potentially driving this whole COVID crisis? I can’t imagine that. And yet I keep seeing signs of our intelligence community and particularly Five Eyes alliance (with GCHQ in the UK) being deeply involved, and appearing to be the primary driver. For instance, MI6 (The Secret Intelligence Service of the United Kingdom which is involved with the covert overseas collection and analysis of human intelligence) being involved in the editing of Wikipedia including my own entries, as well as anything having to do with Ivermectin.

Conservative groups sue to block Biden plan canceling $39 billion in student loans
In a lawsuit filed Friday in Michigan, the groups argue that the administration overstepped its power when it announced the forgiveness in July, just weeks after the Supreme Court struck down a broader cancellation plan pushed by President Joe Biden. It asks a judge to rule the cancellation illegal and stop the Education Department from carrying it out while the case is decided. The suit was filed by the New Civil Liberties Alliance on behalf of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy and the Cato Institute.

32 vehicles found in Florida lake by divers working missing person cold cases
An effort that started with a private search company working missing persons’ cold cases led a team of divers to find nearly three dozen cars under water in a South Florida lake, police confirmed. Investigators Doug Bishop and Ken Fleming told local 7News on Sunday they found 32 cars while diving in a murky lake in Doral, Florida just west of Miami International Airport.

The Great Reset | “The Whole Agenda Is to Create a One World Government Where Everybody Has An RFID Chip Implanted In Them. All Money Is to Be In Those Chips. There Will Be No More Cash & This Is Coming from Rockefeller Himself.”
“The Whole Agenda Is to Create a One World Government Where Everybody Has An RFID Chip Implanted In Them. All Money Is to Be In Those Chips. There Will Be No More Cash & This Is Coming from Rockefeller Himself.” – Aaron Russo

7 Trends Which Indicate That Economic Disaster Is Approaching Very Rapidly
…Tax revenues are way down, demand for trucking services is way down, demand for cardboard boxes is way down, the money supply is shrinking at the fastest pace in modern history, and the Conference Board’s index of leading economic indicators has already declined for 15 months in a row.  At this point, anyone that cannot see what is coming has got to be willingly blind.

North Korea Says It’ll ‘Annihilate’ the U.S. This Century.
North Korea’s Foreign Ministry has promised to “annihilate” the United States through military power by the end of the 21st century. The pledge came during a meeting to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Korean War armistice earlier this week.

US Dispatched Destroyers As Russian & Chinese Warships Appeared Off Coast of Alaska
A large joint Russia-China military drill, described as unprecedented in size, took place off the coast of Alaska, sparking alarm in the Pentagon.

British Scientists Ordered To Create ‘Next Pandemic Vaccine’ Within 3 Months
British scientists have been ordered by the government to create a new emergency vaccine within 100 days of a deadly pandemic breaking out. Government scientists are working on a high-security project at Porton Down, the top-secret government laboratory, to develop prototype vaccines to tackle ‘Disease X’ when it strikes.

UK Gov’t Admit 92% of COVID Deaths Were From Triple Vaxxed 
The UK government has quietly admitted that the majority of COVID deaths are from people who received three or more mRNA vaccines for the virus.

WEF Orders Govt’s To BAN Public From Driving Cars To Fight ‘Global Boiling’ 
The World Economic Forum (WEF) has ordered government’s around the world to begin prohibiting members of the public from driving cars in order to combat ‘global boiling.’

The Algorithm
You can trust the algorithm to tell you the truth – not the truth you asked for but the truth you need…

Biden creates new ‘permanent’ Office of Pandemic Preparedness and Response Policy, signaling second round of medical martial law
Will Americans be duped again into complying with high-pressure masking, group-think, forced lockdowns, and repeated mRNA jabs?

Director of Bronx anti-gun violence org busted for drug trafficking scheme, gun possession
Investigators found that Bronx anti-gun violence activist Michael Rodriguez was hiding “in plain sight” when they seized illegal guns and drugs from his Yonkers apartment

Can Trump Get An “Impartial Jury” In DC? What The Law Requires
“The judge randomly selected to preside over this case has a long history of bias against Trump and his supporters…”

CDC Altered Minnesota Death Certificates that List a Covid Vaccine as a Cause of Death
Someone (who needs to remain anonymous) was able to obtain the death certificates from Minnesota for all deaths that occurred from 2015 to the present, which presented the opportunity to see if the CDC is being entirely honest about the US death data. Unsurprisingly, the CDC is not.

Pharma-funded Australian drug regulator grants full approval to Pfizer for its harmful covid injection
On 13 July, Australia’s drug regulator quietly granted full approval for Pfizer’s Comirnaty “vaccine.” This is the same product that currently has 81,361 reported adverse events, with 443 deaths. Why would the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (“TGA”) give full approval to a drug that has a bad safety profile?  Is it because the TGA receives nearly all its funding from the companies that it is supposed to regulate?

Police Investigating Shop Owner Who Took Down Armed Thief With A Stick
They’re treating criminal scum as if they are the victims…

‘Finish this fight’: Activists urge Ohioans to support Issue 1
Prominent activists are urging Ohio voters to support a measure that would require constitutional amendments to pass with 60% of the vote, warning that parental rights and the safety of minors hang in the balance as voters are scheduled to weigh in on a ballot question that would establish a right to abortion in the state.

Graphic novel that claims the Bible is corrupted, ‘watered down’ found in North Texas school libraries
Just days after over the discovery of sexually explicit books available to students in Texas schools, another book which depicts masturbation, pedophilia and anti-Christian ideology has been found in at least two school districts.