28 Jul 2023

Heat wave expands to more than two-thirds of U.S. population
A heat wave that has stifled the southern tier of the U.S. for weeks has expanded into the Plains, Midwest and now the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast on Thursday, triggering heat alerts for over 227 million people, according to the National Weather Service.

Extreme rainfall shatters all records in Telangana, Chityal receives a massive 616.5 mm (24.3 inches) in 24 hours, India
A record rainfall of 616.5 mm (24.3 inches) in less than 24 hours hammered Chityal of Bhupalapally district in Telangana on July 26 and 27, 2023, with at least 50 locations across the state recording over 200 mm (7.87 inches) of rainfall. The torrential downpours disrupted normal life, leading to flooding in low-lying areas.

The Unsettling Rise Of Microwave Syndrome 
Courtney Gilardi’s 10-year-old daughter never had problems sleeping. But in August 2020, the morning after a 5G cell tower was installed within 450 feet of their Pittsfield, Massachusetts, home, she woke up complaining of headaches, dizziness, a buzzing in her head, and general malaise.

MEP Slams Islamic Takeover of the European Capital: ‘We Must Denounce and Fight’ 
…MEP Marie Dauchy, a member of France’s National Rally party, recently published a video that unveiled an unsettling reality within the European Parliament in Strasbourg. The clip portrayed the Islamic call to prayer, an undeniable indicator of growing Islamic primacy reverberating through the vicinity outside the parliamentary edifice.

Genetic Manipulation: 33% DNA in Covid ‘Vaccines’ Exposed by Dr. Chris Shoemaker in Exclusive Interview
The presence of DNA in Covid “vaccines” raises serious concerns about potential long-term health impacts, as it can influence the cell’s nucleus for years, turning our bodies into mRNA and spike protein factories.

Deep-sea Mining for EV Metals Can Slash Ocean Animal Populations by 50%, Study Says 
A study published last week in Current Biology adds to evidence that mining the deep ocean for minerals used to make electric vehicles and renewable energy components has harmful ecological impacts that must be weighed against the climate benefits of transitioning away from fossil fuels.

US citizens will need a visa to travel to Europe in 2024
Long gone are the days of spontaneous holidays overseas. Beginning in 2024, the European Union will require visitors to get pre-approval via the European Travel Information and Authorisation System — and that goes for summer jet-setters from the US.

UCC Filing for Entire NWO Financial System analyzed by Former Chief Justice of the Cherokee Nation 
Former Chief Justice of the Cherokee Nation, Dr. Three Rivers, and Howard Bertram join the program to review the UCC filing for, what appears to be, the entire United States financial system. The filing was conducted in 2011 with a map that appears to break the world into many regions. Dr. Three Rivers and Howard Bertram also explain the current case they file in Hawaii in July, 2023 on top of this UCC filing.

Population Control and Official USG Policy
Personally, I have been reluctant to wander down the rabbit hole relating to various “depopulation agenda” theories involving the COVID crisis. However, the odd concordance between a possible population reduction objective and the dysfunctional “public health” policies is obvious to all open minded thinkers.

The Biden Admin Will Sue Any State That Tries to Stop the Border Invasion
If only the Biden administration fought illegal migration half as hard as it’s fighting Texas. Thus far, the open borders regime is investigating efforts by Texas to prevent illegal border crossings after the state stepped in once the Biden administration had turned CBP into coyotes enabling illegal migration.

India’s rice export ban triggers panic buying at US supermarkets – sparking costs of 20-pound bag to soar from $16 to almost $50
India’s rice export ban has triggered panic buying at US supermarkets, causing the price of a 20-pound bag to surge from $16 to almost $50 in some stores.

NYC Planning to House 1,000 Border Crossers in Mental Hospital Parking Lot
New York City is planning to house up to 1,000 migrants in the Creedmoor Psychiatric Hospital parking lot in Queens.

9 ‘Dark Money’ Sources Funding CCDH: A Foreign ‘Digital Hate’ Group
…The list that follows are mostly UK-based ‘philanthropic’ foundations who provided funding to CCDH; all of whom contributed to suppressing the First Amendment rights of not just the 12 US citizens on the disinformation dozen list, but countless others who were affected by their censorship efforts, and as a result were deprived of the medical ethical principle of informed consent as a result.

Fake Asbury Revival Has Led To Unprecedented Cooperation Between Charismatics And Roman Catholic Church At ‘The Change’ Event In Lisbon 
We made a lot of people mad when we told you, and showed you, why the phony Asbury Revival was mostly nothing more than a marketing campaign, carefully conceived and craftily executed. One of the reasons this was so is because of something called the Catholic Charismatic Renewal which has been working since the late 1960’s to reunite wayward Protestants with Mother Rome. We even did a Podcast on that very same subject, warning you not to get involved with it.

Michigan teen, 19, who killed her dad by dousing him in drain cleaner sobs as she walks free from court after getting one year sentence with credit for time served
A teenager who fatally doused her sleeping father with a chemical drain cleaner which left him gravely ill until he succumbed to his injuries six months later, has walked free from court after only getting a one year sentence with credit for time served.

PfizerGate: Europe’s Child Deaths Soared in 2022, Confirming Covid-19 Vaccine Depopulation Fears
If we consider the substantial rise in mortality rates in 2020 to be a result of the supposed emergence of the Covid-19 virus, one could logically assume that the widely distributed vaccine, termed “life-saving” and administered multiple times to millions globally, would have significantly reduced the surplus death count worldwide. So why did 2022 stand as an unprecedented year for mortality across European nations?

50,000 Landscapers and Gardeners Threatened by the New California Law with Job Loss
50,000 Landscapers and Gardeners Threatened by the New California Law with Job Loss

New Zealand government funds project to discredit anyone who questions safety of vaccines
It’s not only the UK government that’s refusing to acknowledge excess deaths since the mass covid injection campaign began, the New Zealand government is doing the same.  Is it because they are afraid to admit that those who are raising awareness about the unsafety of the vaccines might be right?

The Startling Truth about Vaccination against Poliomyelitis
Doctors trying to promote vaccines often claim that the disease poliomyelitis was eradicated by the use of a vaccine. This is, to put it politely, a bare-faced lie. I know facts are unfashionable with the medical establishment these days but the hard evidence shows quite conclusively that the polio vaccine has endangered vast numbers of healthy people, still kills healthy people and played no part in eradicating the disease.

After Climategate I realised I had fallen into groupthink, climate expert said
After the revelations of Climategate, Dr. Judith Curry felt compelled to reassess the “groupthink” on climate change she had been drawn into and conduct her own independent assessment. Her independent assessment didn’t support the “groupthink” narrative.  As a result, the proponents of the climate change scam tried to silence her in every way they could.  But they haven’t succeeded.