13 Jul 2023

Elon Musk thinks China is interested in an international AI framework
Billionaire Elon Musk said on Wednesday he thinks China is interested in a cooperative international framework on artificial intelligence, from conversations he had when he visited China a few weeks ago. Musk made the remarks in a Twitter Space event with two U.S. congressmen, Democrat Ro Khanna and Republican Mike Gallagher. “China is definitely interested in working in a cooperative international framework for AI regulation,” Musk said

Should the Godless Forces Succeed, this Nation Will Cease to Exist as One Nation Under God
As our society embraces ever-growing godlessness and lawlessness, hostility and hatred toward Christians will only intensify. Should the godless forces in culture succeed, this nation will cease to exist as one nation under God. Wherever Christianity flourishes, freedom flowers. Wherever it is marginalized, tyranny, despotism, and eventually anarchy will inevitably follow.

Peace Now: ‘Exterminate MK Sukkot’
A founding member of Peace Now called to exterminate Religious Zionism MK Zvi Sukkot. “Zvi Sukkot is one of the enemies of the state that needs to be exterminated.

Gallant departs for Azerbaijan: Iran carries out operations within Israel’s borders
“The visit comes against the background of a period filled with security challenges. I will accurately present to the Azeris the global danger of military nuclear weapons in the hands of Iran, I will detail to them the dangerous actions that Iran is carrying out within Israel’s borders and trying to carry out inside Israel and throughout the Middle East,” added Gallant.

Exhibition on Nazi Euthanasia inaugurated by Wiesenthal Center in Argentina
The Latin American Wiesenthal Center inaugurated an exhibition entitled “Nazi Euthanasia of people with disabilities. The first victims of Hitler” in Buenos Aires, the center announced on Tuesday. The exhibit exposed the Nazi program “Aktion T4” where Nazis systematically murdered more than 300,000 disabled people. What was Aktion T4?

TRUMP: ‘Say one good word about Israel, you’re out of politics’
President Donald Trump, in his speech Monday night … “I can say Israel is under siege politically. “Today, it’s almost like there’s a revolution against Israel in Congress, especially in Congress. The Senate’s not like it used to be, but at least it’s still there, but Congress between AOC and all these other lunatics, they’re lunatics. They hate Israel, they hate it with a passion,

Jerusalem Surgeons Reattach Arab Boy’s Head After Internal Decapitation
Surgeons at Hadassah Medical Center-Ein Kerem managed to reattach a boy’s head after a horrific accident left him internally decapitated.

Netanyahu caught between Washington and Beijing
McCarthy’s speech was dedicated to the strong ties between Israel and the U.S. and the threats faced by both nations. He also sent a message to the Israeli government and the assembled MKs. “While the Chinese Communist Party may disguise itself as promoters of innovation, in truth, they act like thieves. We must not allow them to steal our technology. I strongly encourage Israel to further strengthen its oversight of Chinese investment,” he said.

Iran’s shadow war
Tehran is adept at using proxies to fight its wars: Hezbollah in Lebanon, Shia militias in Iraq, and Houthi rebels in Yemen. Palestinian Islamic Jihad, a wholly owned subsidiary of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, has mainly operated in Gaza, in association with Hamas, the designated terrorist entity that rules Gaza. Hamas also receives arms, money and instruction from Iran, and now operates in Lebanon as well.

Biden will inevitably reassess the US-Israel relationship, says NYT columnist Thomas Friedman
New York Times foreign affairs columnist Thomas Friedman wrote on Wednesday that a reassessment of the U.S.-Israel relationship is “inevitable.” Friedman believes that next week, U.S. President Joe Biden will deliver a message of “tough love” to Israeli President Isaac Herzog during their upcoming meeting at the White House.

Rare snowfall blankets Johannesburg for the first time in over a decade, South Africa 
Johannesburg — South Africa’s most populous city, experienced its first snowfall in over a decade this week, transforming the city into a winter wonderland and sparking excitement among its residents.

Turkey’s Black Sea region hit by deadly flash floods and over 1 000 landslides 
Flash floods and landslides, triggered by heavy rainfall on July 9, 2023, have left at least one person dead and caused widespread destruction across various provinces in the Black Sea region of Turkey. The Turkish State Meteorological Service had previously issued an “orange alert” warning for the region, indicating a potentially dangerous weather situation.

Severe floods hit Russia’s Black Sea coast, causing massive damage and leaving 4 missing, Russia 
The city of Sochi in southern Russia was hit by a devastating flash flood due to torrential rainfall on Saturday, July 9, 2023, leading to the displacement of residents and massive disruptions. Approximately 200 homes were flooded and around 240 people were evacuated from the affected areas. The floods in the region continued through Wednesday, July 12, when local authorities reported 4 people went missing.

Historic rainfall triggers worst Vermont flood in nearly a century, U.S. – The Watchers
A historic downpour on Monday, July 10, 2023, unleashed a torrent of over 228.6 mm (9 inches) of rain across Vermont, leading to devastating floods, the worst the region has experienced in almost a century. The capital city, Montpelier, found itself in a precarious position as the Wrightsville Dam teetered on the brink of its capacity, a scenario unseen since its construction.

Extreme weather conditions trigger severe tomato crisis in India, prices soar by over 400%
Tomato prices in India have surged by over 400% due to a widespread shortage caused by severe weather conditions throughout this year’s tomato season. The steep increase, which occurred in recent weeks, has made this common ingredient in Indian cuisine largely unaffordable for many low-income households.

84% Jabbed Peru Declares Health Emergency After Guillain-Barre Outbreak
A health emergency has been declared in Peru amidst a Guillain-Barre syndrome outbreak. Guillain-Barre syndrome is a rare and dangerous neurological disorder, the increased development of which has been linked directly to COVID jabs. In Peru, more than 84% of citizens are reported to be “fully vaccinated” against COVID-19, raising the specter that the country’s embrace of the jab could be behind the Guillain-Barre outbreak.

AGENDA 2030: The USDA Approves Bill Gates Lab-Grown ‘Frankenfood’ Meat As Our Global Society Lurches Ever Forward Into A Dystopian Abyss 
Phase 2 of the Great Reset continues to go forward quite nicely as key elements of the soon-coming UN Agenda 2030 are locking into place. One of the things so despised by our New World Order masters are things, like food items, that God has created for us to eat and enjoy, are being replaced with disgusting Frankenfood made in a test tube. What’s on the menu in the kingdom of Antichrist? Test-tube chicken, test-tube steak, cricket flour and all sorts of creeping things. When you ‘follow the science’ it leads you straight to ‘meat in a test-tube’ companies like Upside Foods that are backed and funded by Bill Gates. Pay a visit to our Frankenfood archives and see for yourself what’s going on.

Over 4,500 baptized at California beach days after SoCal Harvest
Over 4,500 people were baptized on a Southern California beach during an outreach event overseen by Pastor Greg Laurie and Harvest Christian Fellowship in what the evangelist believes could be one of the largest mass baptisms ever.

WEF collaborators want to threaten us to ensure compliance with their climate change goals 
World Economic Forum (“WEF”) collaborators discussed using central bank digital currencies (“CDBCs”) to control what people purchase.  Not to be outdone in dictating to the world, “climate change” cultists discussed whether to threaten or incentivise people to “comply” with climate goals.  Unsurprisingly, the use of threats was preferred to ensure obedience.

The psychological war waged by the Five Eyes against the very civilians they claim to defend
In November 2020, GCHQ was ordered “to wage cyber war on anti-vaccine propaganda” and “to take out anti-vaxxers online and on social media.” GCHQ is Britain’s main eavesdropping agency and has a close relationship with the US National Security Agency, as well as the eavesdropping agencies of Australia, Canada and New Zealand in an intelligence alliance known as the “Five Eyes.”

IN-DEPTH: Summer Camps for Children Identifying as Transgender Open Across US
Across the United States, there’s a growing number of summer camps specifically for children who don’t identify with their biological sex. These overnight camps connect hundreds of children who identify as transgender, nonbinary, and gender non-conforming.