8 Jul 2023

Chilling advice for Putin: You can save Russia, crush West, with nukes
That frightening document, which published in late June, goes on for another 2,900 words to conclude using “God’s weapon of Armageddon” will prevent – not create – a worsening crisis in Europe. “The enemy must know,” he writes, “that we are ready to deliver a preemptive strike in retaliation for all of its current and past acts of aggression in order to prevent a slide into global thermonuclear war.” The word “nuclear” is used 27 times and “nuclear weapon” is used 10 times by Karaganov, a historian and political scientist.

El Niño is officially here and may cause temperature spikes and major weather events, scientists warn
For the first time in 7 years, El Niño conditions have developed in the Tropical Pacific, prompting expert to urge that preparation for extreme weather events will be necessary to protect lives and safeguard livelihoods.

State confirms plans to return Israelis to destroyed Homesh settlement
The state confirmed that it plans to return Israelis to the site of the northern West Bank settlement of Homesh — which it destroyed in 2005 — and in the initial flush will authorize a yeshiva there.

Robots say they won’t steal jobs, rebel against humans
Robots presented at an AI forum said on Friday they expected to increase in number and help solve global problems, and would not steal humans’ jobs or rebel against us. But, in the world’s first human-robot press conference, they gave mixed responses on whether they should submit to stricter regulation. The nine humanoid robots gathered at the ‘AI for Good’ conference in Geneva, Ai-Da, a robot artist that can paint portraits, echoed the words of author Yuval Noah Harari …

Archaeologists discover at least 50 ancient skeletons in Negev
Archaeologists discovered an ancient burial site containing numerous skeletons from 2,500 years ago, which may be the remains of trafficked women, in the Negev desert in southern Israel, according to a study published last month. The tombs contained artifacts from different cultures of the southern Levant, …

Israel: PA has allowed Iran to gain a West Bank foothold
The Palestinian Authority has allowed Iran to gain a foothold in the West Bank and has supported its terror activity there, Israel’s Ambassador to the UN in New York, Gilad Erdan, warned in advance of a closed-door UNSC meeting on Friday about the IDF’s Jenin campaign. “Not only does the Palestinian Authority take no action against terror, it also allows the emergence of Iranian terror strongholds in areas such as Jenin and Nablus,” Erdan said.

“Messianic Barbarism”: Leftist Israeli Journalist Won’t Mourn Fallen IDF Soldier
The rifts in Israeli society continue to deepen, threatening even the sacred pillars of support for the IDF and our young soldiers. … it involved an ultra-Orthodox progressive leftist.

Col. Douglas Macgregor warns the US ‘may not make it’ to the 2024 presidential election
Before moving on to his analysis, in which he argues that due to political and economic conditions that the next presidential election may not take place, the brief video opens with a recently released recording of President Donald Trump. In the segment, originally captured in a July 2021 CNN interview with the then president, we hear how the U.S. Army under General Mark Milley is alleged to have taken independent military action against Iran – and without the permission of the president.

Pope Francis picks notorious pro-LGBT clerics to participate in October Synod on Synodality
As such, a differentiation can be observed between the delegates chosen by their own local churches or bishops’ conferences to participate in the Synod, and those personally picked by Pope Francis. the notoriously pro-LGBT English Dominican Father Timothy Radcliffe is listed as one of two “spiritual assistants.” Fr. Radcliffe O.P. was personally invited by the Pope to lead a pre-Synodal retreat for the bishops; his long history of homosexual advocacy seems not to have been an inhibiting factor.

Raging flash floods hit Zaragoza, causing widespread damage to infrastructure and crops, Spain 
Hailstorms and torrential rain caused widespread flooding and significant damage in Zaragoza, Spain, on July 6, 2023. The extreme weather trapped people in their cars and homes, damaged infrastructure, and severely impacted the region’s agricultural sector.

Wuhan Whistleblower: ‘COVID Was A CCP Bioweapon’.
The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) deliberately engineered COVID-19 as a “bioweapon,” and conducted tests of coronavirus strains with human contagion in mind, claims Chao Shao, a former researcher at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV).

UK cashless society a step closer as more than 23m people abandon coins
More than 23 million people in the UK used virtually no cash last year, while notes and coins will account for just 6% of payments within a decade, a report predicts.

‘Retail apocalypse’ forces Walgreens to axe 150 stores by summer 2024 
Walgreens is set to shutter 150 stores after slashing its earnings forecast due to lessening demand for Covid-19 tests and vaccine shots.

Target is spending $5 BILLION on making three BIG changes to prevent store closures
Target is in the process of spending $5billion on its stores across the country as part of a strategy to keep them open and profitable

CNN Host: We Should Yield to Government Censorship Demands 
As a long-standing free speech advocate, the last few years have been alarming and, frankly, depressing. The censorship efforts of the government are, unfortunately, not new.  However, what is new is the support of the media and the Democratic Party in such censorship.

Billion Dollars And Counting: Riots Hit Thousand Buildings in France
…Not yet calculated as compounding that cost, the business confederation boss said, was the fact the frightening footage of rioting has been broadcasted around the world which will damage France’s reputation as a tourist destination.

Riot update: French right-wing influencer tells followers “do nothing” – let the Republic fall as it’s intended to… 
As riots continue throughout France following the police shooting of a North African teenager, with people losing their lives and sustaining serious injuries, there are unconfirmed rumors swirling around that French President Macron intends to shut down the internet to try to calm the chaos. Again, this is unverified, but if it is true, it’s probably less about quelling the “rioting” and more about stifling a certain very powerful voice who is speaking out right now in ways the Macron regime doesn’t like. The popular French right-wing influencer known as Papacito has come up with a rather intriguing strategy to topple the corrupt globalist regime: DO NOTHING while France burns.

Kiev Inadvertently Proved That China Is Militarily Neutral In The NATO-Russian Proxy War
Kiev’s foreign patrons would have certainly been aware of their proxy clandestinely procuring drones from China via its volunteers’ purchases, yet they turned a blind eye out of military convenience while simultaneously pushing false claims about that country arming Russian forces and thus not being qualified to mediate.

Dutch government collapses over deadlock on immigration 
The Dutch government collapsed Friday because of irreconcilable differences within the four-party coalition about how to rein in migration, a divisive issue that has split nations across Europe.

CDC Has ‘Lost All Credibility,’ Lawmaker Says as Agency Pushes ‘Chestfeeding’
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance for transgender individuals seeking to “chestfeed” their infants has some lawmakers concerned that the agency is prioritizing politics before patients’ health.

The puzzling rise of defendants too sick to stand trial in WA
…Washington isn’t the only state seeing this increase, and faced with a complicated mosaic of the fentanyl crisis, homelessness and mental illness, state officials and national experts wonder: What’s driving this uptick? Are people truly getting sicker — and if so, why?

Muslim Immigrants in France View Migration as ‘Recolonization’ in Response to Historical French Colonialism: “We Will Colonize Them for Life, Until Death, Until the End of Time”
When questioned about the significant influx of Muslim immigrants to France, despite allegations of rampant racism, the response took a historical turn. The immigrant made a bold admission, hinting at an impending long-term ‘colonization’ of France as a retribution to historical French invasions.

Ben & Jerry’s Parent Company Gets Its Stock Rocked After Ice Cream Maker Posts Nasty Woke July 4 Tweet
The New York Post reported that Unilever, the company that owns Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, has suffered a decrease in stock price and market cap after Ben & Jerry’s posted a tweet on Independence Day condemning the U.S. for existing on “stolen Indigenous land.”

Doctors Are Starting To Talk About ‘Long Vax’ Symptoms Plaguing People Who Received COVID Vaccine And Boosters
Doctors are calling it ‘long vax’ and it refers to people who took the COVID vaccine during the pandemic and continue to suffer ‘baffling symptoms’ and side effects

‘America’s Darkest Secret’: Sex Trafficking, Child Abuse, & The Biden Administration 
The criminal practice of trafficking and abusing hundreds of thousands of migrant children who cross the southern border is now, thanks to the open-border policy of the Biden Administration, apparently “normal” inside the US:

Wind and solar power overtakes coal for the first time ever in the US | Live Science
Wind and solar power has generated more electricity than coal for the first time ever in the U.S, according to new federal data.

Euthanasia group demands Catholic hospitals in British Columbia be forced to provide assisted suicide
The pro-euthanasia lobbying group “Dying With Dignity Canada” is pressuring the provincial government of British Columbia to mandate that Catholic hospitals in the province offer euthanasia as an option to their patients who ask for it.

French media says vigilante gang “zip-tying” rioters are ransacking the country, local officials say it’s a lie
The existence of a masked gang of young men tying up rioters in one town is discussed in French language publications, but the mayor insists no such thing exists and tells locals to call the police if they witness unrest.

AI Companies Negotiate Landmark Deals To Train Chatbots On MSM News
When the creators of AI chatbots such as ChatGPT or Google’s Bard want to ‘teach’ them about the world in order to accurately answer questions, they use various news and social media sources to ‘scrape’ content which then ‘trains’ said models. This is why Twitter owner Elon Musk just began throttling accounts which consume a massive amount of content on a daily basis – as it became a free and valuable resource for engineers.

Church of England Torn Between Liberals Who Embrace Gay Wedding and Conservatives Who Reject It – Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, Takes Responsibility for Steep Decline in Attendance
The Church of England (CoE) and the greater Anglican community is facing a dilemma: just how much should they embrace gay relationships? Should they ‘evolve’ with the times, or hold on to centuries of doctrine?

Unveiling the Perils of Dhimmitude and Eurabia: Bat Ye’or’s Urgent Call to Protect Judeo-Christian Culture in Europe
“Submission under Islam is not a mere act of surrender but a conditional submission. Those who refuse to adhere to Sharia regulations, which inherently seek Islam’s conquest and victory over non-Muslims, face severe consequences.”