19 Jun 2023

Nevada Hit by Plague of [Mormon] Crickets
This week, millions of Mormon crickets invaded the town of Elko Nevada, a city of about 20,000 residents in northeastern Nevada. The swarm was so dense that the Department of Transportation had to plow crickets from area highways because they make for slick driving conditions. “Everybody’s like, ‘this is apocalyptic,” Colette told the New York Post. “It feels Biblical.’. And I have to agree.” (imagine that).

People ‘Up To Date’ With COVID-19 Vaccines More Likely To Be Infected: Study
Vaccinated people who received one of the updated bivalent vaccines had a higher risk of becoming infected when compared to people who had not—a group that included both vaccinated and unvaccinated people—researchers with the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio found. The higher risk held even after adjusting for factors such as age and job location.

The Uprising: Families Clash With Schools Over LGBTQ Propaganda
In a June like none other, where the LGBTQ agenda has been crammed at increasing velocity down the throats of unwitting Americans, everyday folks are reaching their limits. With two more weeks to go in “Pride Month,” this is bad news for the rainbow mafia. But it’s a sign of character and courage that the rest of us can take hope in—especially when demonstrated by families in the direct line of propagandistic fire.

Debased Minds & Suppression Of Truth: Romans One Is Being Manifested In Nearly Every Community
God’s wrath is not a subject that is on the lips of many people today, even in the church. Unfortunately, as the church has stopped preaching it, the unrepentant have stopped fearing it. Consequently, the majority of people are completely ignorant of it.

Fatah warns Israel against interfering in Samaria, Temple Mount
The Fatah movement’s central committee, headed by Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, sent a threatening message to the Israeli government amid reports of a possible extensive military operation in northern Samaria to eradicate Palestinian terrorism

Intel to build $25 billion factory in biggest-ever foreign investment in Israel
Prime Minister Netanyahu: “This is a great expression of confidence in the Israeli economy, in stark contrast to all the false reports against us.”

Australia’s Labor Party calls on government to recognize ‘Palestine’ – analysis
The Australian Labor Party (ALP) passed a resolution calling for the federal Australian government to recognize Palestine during a state event on Sunday. The Zionist Federation of Australia (ZFA) expressed its deep disappointment in the Victorian Labor state conference’s resolution on Palestine.

North Korea says failed satellite launch was ‘gravest failure’
North Korea has said its botched military satellite launch last month was the “gravest failure” at the ruling party’s latest key meeting, state media KCNA reported on Monday.

Magnitude 6.4 earthquake strikes the Gulf of California
An earthquake of magnitude 6.4 struck the Gulf of California on Sunday, the European Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC) said. The quake struck at a depth of 10 km (6.21 miles), EMSC said.

Meteor explosion over northern Israel has people looking to the heavens
A meteor exploded over northern Israel in an astronomical event that was heard all over the country on Saturday afternoon, at around 5:16 PM. The airburst was reported by the Israeli Astronomical Association. The IAA described it as a bolide, meaning an exceptionally bright meteor. The light is caused by the ionized atmosphere, heated up by the meteor’s impact…
seeing one from an inhabited place, in daylight, and over Israel is very rare,

Twitch resurrects AI Jesus
“The Ask Jesus livestream is an experimental channel allowing viewers to ask questions to an AI trained after Jesus and the teachings of the bible. Whether you’re seeking spiritual guidance, looking for a friend, or simply want someone to talk to, you can join on the journey through life and discover the power of faith, hope, and love.” AI Jesus explained the Sermon on the Mount, comparing it to a Taco Bell menu.

Israeli envoy to join Saudi celebration in Paris
Israel has conveyed a message to Saudi Arabia that it will support Riyadh’s campaign to host the Expo Conference, a huge international conference that Saudi Arabia wants to host in 2030.

Netanyahu sends message to Biden: ”No agreements with Iran are acceptable’
Prime Minister Netanyahu declared that Israel will not be part of the most recently emerging agreements between the United States and Iran. We have also made it clear to our American friends that even if the agreements are more limited – they are also unacceptable to us,” we will do everything we need to defend ourselves, on our own, against any threat.”

What’s behind all the giant hail that has pelted the South?
Significant storms across the South this week have produced an array of severe weather with tornadoes and wind damage reported across the region but hail likely cemented itself into the history books.

37 million from Texas to Louisiana under Excessive Heat Warnings as scorching temperatures bake the South
The relentless heat that has been baking Texas and parts of the South will continue on Sunday and at least into the first part of the workweek, with officials urging residents to take precautions to prevent heat-related illnesses.

IRONY: Maryland Governor Claims That Keeping Sexually Explicit Books From Children is ‘Castrating’ Them
Maryland’s Democrat governor has claimed that keeping sexually explicit books out of schools and children’s sections of libraries is “castrating” them.

Transgenderism: The New Religion – Believe it or Else!
Transgenderism is a make-believe religion that when taken seriously endangers the lives of all people, but especially children. Those who share the gospel with others according to the instructions given by Christ, known as the “Great Commission” (Mt 28:18-20) are committed to spreading the good news, but never by force or coercion.

Poll: Support for Black Lives Matter Movement Lowest Since 2020
American support for the Black Lives Matter movement has reached its lowest point since 2020, according to a poll released Wednesday.

Confidential Pfizer Documents confirm Deagel’s Shocking 2025 Depopulation Forecast is on Target & not just an Estimation
A controversial forecast by Deagel, a global intelligence and consulting firm, gained attention in 2020 for its startling prediction of a significant depopulation event across the Western World by 2025. This was a very bold claim to make. Your Government is trying to kill you’ is even bolder.

Bloody Confrontation: Escalating Conflict Between Syrian and Lebanese Families Rocks Germany, Leaving a Trail of Injuries and Violence
The recent clash between Syrian and Lebanese families in Castrop-Rauxel, Germany, involving roof slats, clubs, knives, and machetes, underscores the dangers posed by unchecked open borders and puts innocent citizens and law enforcement at grave risk.

By 2030 you will not eat meat and you will be allowed only three items of new clothing a year, report says 
A report published in 2019 and re-emphasised in 2023 recommends that by 2030 we will not be permitted to eat meat or dairy products, we will be limited to three items of new clothing per year and one aeroplane flight every three years.  It will start in countries that “consume the most.”

Massive military movements being reported in multiple states across the US 
Why all this sudden military activity on US soil? Are these drills? All taking place almost at the same time across multiple states around the US? Or is something bigger taking place?

Biden Baffles US Audience, Closing Speech With ‘God Save The Queen’
…and that wasn’t the nuttiest thing he said Friday

Armed ATF & IRS Agents Hit Montana Gun Store With “Soviet-Style Intimidation Raid”
“The current administration seems to be hell-bent on getting those guns out of the hands of average Americans.”

5 theologically conservative denominations that allow women to serve as pastors
At the Southern Baptist Convention’s Annual Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana, messengers voted last week to affirm an earlier decision to disfellowship churches that allow women to serve in the office of pastor. Here are five examples of theologically conservative Christian denominations that allow women to become pastors.

Fetterman struggles through press brief; Slammed for outfit…
He makes Biden look coherent! Stroke victim Senator John Fetterman mispronounces ‘infrastructure’ and ‘delegation’ after wearing hoodie and shorts to inspect collapsed Philly freeway with president